Dungeon and Raid Awards Conversion (4.0.1)



Welcome to another 4.0.1 guide. Hopefully this may better prepare you for the new Dungeon and Raid awards system going live today (12th Oct 2010).

This guide is intended to be very brief and a quick reference for you on how to maximize your awareness of 4.0.1 mechanics. First of all, I would like to say a fond farewell to every kind of general dungeon badge; and hello to the new Justice Points system. Justice points are quite simply a points system similar to that of the Honor point system already in play, just specific to PVE. This means, we will no longer have to convert badges X amount of times to get the specific item we need. However, one word of warning, Justice points do have a seemingly low cap on them, currently 4000 justice points (around 345 badges worth). One of the burning questions on your mind is probably “What badges convert to what?” Conversion Badge of Frost x 11.58 = Justice Points Badge of Triumph x 11.58 = Justice Points Badge of Conquest x 5g 50s = Currency Badge of Valor x 5g 50s = Currency Badge of Heroism x 5g 50s = Currency Badge of Justice x 1g 83s 30c = Currency (Source: Nethaera – Blizzard Poster) It was reported in May that a Triumph / Frost badge would be 2.75 Justice Points however on the 15th of September this figure was revised to 11.58 Limits In 4.0.1 there will be a soft cap for justice point conversion, this is 4000 as previously stated.

This means if you have more than 4000 points, you will have to spend them to get under this cap, before you are able to accumulate them again. In the final patch before Cataclysm (4.0.3) this will become a hard cap. Any Justice points over the 4000 mark at this point, will be converted to 47s 50c per point. Acquisition

Objective Points
WotLK Level 68-80 daily normal mode dungeon run 12 Justice Points
WotLK Level 80 Heroic mode dungeon boss encounter 16 Justice Points
WotLK daily Heroic dungeon run 23 Justice Points
WotLK Level 80 raid boss 23 Justice Points
Cataclysm daily dungeon run 75 Justice Points
Cataclysm heroic mode dungeon boss 75 Justice Points

Cataclysm raid bosses will issue Valor points.


Objective Points
Cataclysm daily heroic mode dungeon run 75 Valor Points
Cataclysm 10-player raid boss 75 Valor Points
Cataclysm 25-player raid boss 75 Valor Points

Cost Sadly I do not have the FULL list of items available to me at this time, but as of 25 th September 2010 the PTR was selling T10 Legs, Chest and Helm, for 1100 Justice points Gloves and Shoulders were 700 Other useful info If tackling a dungeon that is below current content level for your character, you will be issued a nominal amount of gold (I.e. Running BC dungeons at level 80) You do not LOSE Justice points if you keep below 4000 points, but if you are at 4000 points after Patch 4.0.3 you will not be awarded points or money for points otherwise earned. Justice points WILL be used in Cataclysm, so if you are keen to get gear up for raiding in the next leg of content, going into Cataclysm with 4000 JP earned from WotLK dungeons is acceptable (unless they reset the JP, though I really can not see them doing so) Update Champions Seals and other specific tokens to given dungeons remain in their current form. Stone Keepers Shards will now be converted and issued as 1.6 honor points per shard, see my PVP Conversion flashcard for more info.

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    Quick AnalogyA friend and Wow-pro user just IM’d me asking about Valor points… to make it more clear, at 85, Justice Points will operate similar to how Triumph Badges did before the patch, and Valor points will act like Frost Badges did before the patch.

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