Hunter: Do you want to level one?



Hi there, and welcome back to my “Do you want to level one” series of Guides, aimed at players who have yet to step foot into WoW, or those struggling on whether to play a certain class! This time, I am to help you decide on whether or not it’s a good idea to level up a Hunter.

The first thing I think that I should inform you of is what exactly a Hunter is. the tricky thing is, that a Hunter is a different ‘thing’ at different levels – for ease, I’ll split it up into two categories – levels 1-10 and 10-80– but I will only cover the leveling of the Hunter.
So, let’s begin!

Levels 1-10

Some people are frankly put off by these levels. Here you essentially shoot something in the distance, and then struggle to kill it as it gets within melee range of you! Do you really want this? I say yes. You have some tools that really help you, such as Concussive Shot for increasing the time in which the mob takes to get to you, and Aspect of the Monkey and Raptor Strike for when it does. It really isn’t all that difficult if you learn to ‘strafe‘ – essentially moving sideways and backwards at the same time. (Moving backwards slows your movement speed by 75%!!!)

Levels 10-80 – the true Hunter.

If you’ve never leveled anything before, this is cool. If you’ve ever leveled a Warrior, you’ll cry. This is so easy, it’s untrue. “E-Z Mode“, you’ll hear it referred to. No joke, combat goes something like this :

Sent pet -> Attack from far away -> kill mob. Repeat.

Seriously though, at this level, your pet will have a similar amount of armor and health points as an average-geared warrior. You won’t often take the aggro off of an enemy – as in, it won’t attack you no matter what! And you can go, using a basic ‘shot rotation’ – or series of spells in a set order – for almost all of eternity without having to stop to eat or drink.

You can easily solo elites thanks to certain spells that help you heal your pet, and basically level faster than any other class when played right. Sounds good huh? Well, here are the cons.

– Some people won’t take you seriously, or lightly. There are so many ‘bad‘ Hunters out there, to them, that they are all the same. Sucks.
– Difficult to find a group. Why take a ‘Huntard‘ when you could have a Mage?
Boring! It’s so easy, it really can be sometimes boring killing mobs over, and over, and over again.
– Difficult at first to define a role for a Hunter – perhaps you’ll have trouble getting into a raiding Guild later on??

That’s it. Make your own mind up! As in my last guide, I’m now going to cover each of the races and why you should/shouldn’t pick them for your Hunter!!!

Blood Elf (Horde)


Arcane Torrent
“Activate to silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. In addition, you regain 6% of your Rune Power, energy, mana or rage.”

– A great ability, regaining mana and helping to silence healers and other spellcasters.

Arcane Affinity
“10 point skill bonus to Enchanting (note, this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting). “

– Absolutely rubbish. No, not really! It’s OK, provided you take enchanting – if you do you can instantly make a profitable item, Lesser Magic Wands.

Magic Resistance
“Reduces the chance to be hit by spells by 2% (as of Patch 3.0.2) “

– You shouldn’t really be getting hit by spells! But when you do (and you will really), I suppose this is quite useful. rather have a
CoS though 😉

Dwarf (Alliance)


“While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increases by 10%. Lasts 8 seconds – 3 minute cooldown”

– Obviously a pretty cool PvP talent here, enabling you to get out of a Rogue’s poison effects and be immune to them for the next 8 seconds. Aslo removes things like a Warrior’s Deep Wounds which is cool. Useful talent.

Gun Specialization
“Your chance to critically hit with Guns is increased by 1%”

– Sweet talent! Since you are going to be doing the first 10 levels without a pet and with a gun, this 1% increases critical hit chance means you are going to kill some of those mobs quicker. Goes without saying, cool talent!

Frost Resistance
“All Dwarves get +10 Frost Resistance”

– Hmm. Some say a good PvP talent, because of Frost Mages. I think it’s rubbish. Your choice really.

Find Treasure
“Activate to see treasure chests on mini map – lasts until canceled – no cooldown”

-It’s OK for the first few levels, really. But with your tracking (And hopefully your gathering professions ^^) you won’t really find much use for this. (Though it is occasionally useful for quests – don’t ioverlook it as I have done in the past!)

Mace Specialization
“Expertise with One-Handed Maces and Two-Handed Maces increases by 5.”

– Wasted. You can’t use maces anyway!!!

Draenei (Alliance)


Gift of the Naaru
“Activate to heal your target for 35 + 15 per Level over 15 sec – 40 yd range – 1.5 sec cast – 3 min cooldown. The amount healed is increased based on the caster’s Spell Power or Attack Power, whichever is higher. This ability does not loose casting time from taking damage. (At level 1 it heals 50 health, and 1235 at level 80)”

This is a great racial for any class, if you ask me. A big free heal? Cool!!! Works as a free mend pet, anyway.

Heroic Presence
“Increases chance to hit by 1% for you and all party members within 30 yards.”

– A cool passive ability here. After all, you’re going to be shooting from afar nigh on the whole game – increased hit cannot hurt you!!!

“5 point skill bonus to Jewelcrafting (note, this also raises the cap by 5 at each level of jewelcrafting).”

– Are you going to take J/C? If you are, look forward to things like Titanium Impact Choker 5 levels sooner. If not, a wasted racial. Simple!!!

Shadow Resistance
“Reduces chance to be hit by Shadow spells by 2%.”

– – I suppose this is another one of those racials which doesn’t hurt – you’re 2% more likely not to get hit by shadow spells. Again, not a great one, though.

Night Elf (Alliance)


“Activate while immobile to enter stealth mode. Movement, damage, using consumables, attacking, or using skills other than Lifeblood cancels Shadowmeld.”

– This is a great talent for a Hunter. Here’s a tip for a technique –

– Grab aggro off of your pet by accident. NOO! I have to melee! No you don’t!
– Wait for pet to regain good aggro – 3 seconds or so after the ‘Growl
– Resume onslaught, damage free!!

“Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while Shadowmelded or Stealthed.”

– Really just goes hand in hand with the last one

“Reduces the chance that melee and ranged attackers will hit you by 2%.”

– Sweet! Less damage? Bring it on!`

Wisp Spirit
“Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%.”

– Chances are, if you are unfamiliar with this class you will die before level 10. An extra add? Uh oh. So this is.. well, it’s just great. Corpse run in an instance? First there = first to regain mana. Killed in a BG? Go get your corpse back, it’s quicker!!

Nature Resistance
“Your resistance to Nature spells is increased by 2%.”

– I’m not a big fan of these racials. Quite why they can’t just give us an instant heal for 75% of base health I don’t know 😉

Orc (Horde)


Blood Fury
“Increases your spell power by 5. Lasts 15 sec.”

– Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Your ranges Attack Power is modified by AP, so more of this = your bow hitting harder.

“Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 15%.”

– I can sum this up in two statements here. PvP – priceless. PvE – worthless. ‘Nuff said!

“Damage dealt by Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.”

– Read it. And again. Still can’t figure out why this is good? Quit WoW! Just joking, but really… nah, I’m not going to explain.

Axe Specialization
“Expertise with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5.”

– Can’t grumble with this one. After all, you will be using axes in the starter zone, when you have no real ranged duration – so this helps cut through the mobs that much quicker.



War Stomp
“Activate to stun opponents – Stuns up to 5 enemies within the area for 2 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.”

– :O I’ll say that again. 😮 !!!! This is an absolutely amazing talent, you will use it every 2 minutes. That’s an order. At the end of the day, you’re stunning an enemy so he can’t hurt you or run away. Get it done!

“Base Health increased by 5%.”

– A good one here. More health = increases survivability – I don’t hear anyone moaning!

“15 point skill bonus to Herbalism”

– Are you taking Herbalism? Yeah? Cool, this is good for you. But you’re not? O.K, it’s rubbish for you.

Nature Resistance
“Reduces chance to be hit by nature spells and effects by 2%.”

– I’ve already said it, but heck I’ll say it again. These talents are WORTHLESS! (Opinion.)

Troll (Horde)


“Activate to increase attack and casting speed for 10 seconds. Speed is raised by 10% at full health, increasing as health is lost to a maximum bonus of 30%. 3 minute cooldown.”

– It’s a good racial, obviously gets better the worse you play! Really, you’ll hardly notice!

“Increase health regeneration bonus by 10%. Also allows 10% of normal health regenerate during combat.”

– Definately a good one. You get health back quicker, and get some back in combat – you’ll basically be continuously regaining more health than anyone else after you get your pet. Cool!

Beast Slaying
“5% damage bonus to Beasts.”

– Beasts dominate Azeroth. You dominate beasts. You dominate Azeroth? No. Good racial though!
(Works on Druids too! Die, enlarged – Night Elf – Bear.. thing!”

Throwing Weapon Specialization (No WowHead link… :*( )
“Increase Throwing Weapon crit chance by 1%.”

– How do you say… useless.

Bow Specialization

“Increase Bow crit chance by 1%.”

– The last one was useless, this one rocks. It’s fantastic!

Da Voodoo Shuffle
“Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. Trolls be flippin’ out mon!”

– I like this one. Not only the cool name and description – Blizz do have a sense of humour you know – but it’s really good. There is nothing more annoying, in the world, ever, than movement impairing effects. Fact!

…Conclusion. (Is this an essay?)

So, you’ve made a Hunter. What happens now?
Well, first off head on over to this page and learn how to kite with your Hunter – this is essential.
done that? O.K. Head on over to Zerinj’d fantastic Hunter Leveling Guide and Tips, and get to it!
Need help? Then get yourself over to the 1-80 Leveling Guides offered by this site! Good luck!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my guide. If it helps one person create a Hunter and be happy, then it has done its job. (If it makes many Hunters… well, don’t blame me. I didn’t know, I swear!!!)

Oh yes, a thought. My reccomendations are as follows –

Best Looking Hunter

– Orc, every time. It’s the shoulders that get me!!

Best Hunter to Level

– Troll, I think. A good starting area – though I’d probably go over to Eversong Woods at level 6 – and a good, balanced set of racials.

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    Oct 20, 2010 @ 11:42 am

    Needs an updateThis guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it is still useful as is and will be left up in the hunter section. If anyone would like to adopt this guide and update it, please leave a comment.

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    Aug 14, 2009 @ 20:02 pm

    Well this converation isWell this converation is maybe over but i HAVE to agree the points in the guide…
    In my 3 looooong years of playingo wow AS a hunter i find tons of player without a pet or tanking? YES i went to a party with 2 hunters (me and another one) and the the other hunter not only wanted to tank but had his/her pet in passive!!

    In my opinion yes we could be the bests DPS on the group ( i managed to be first on the dps meter vs a mage with better equip AND a rogue with 2 tier parts). So i think i can do the job well done.

    Yea i didnt have problems getting groups together mainly becasue i always went with a healer (my boyfriend is a shammy) so i grouped a lot with him..but that doesnt count i was kicked off the party for other dps if they were avaible so i know very well when you say that almost all take you [b]lightly[/b] more because im a hunter+ a girl!
    But that didnt stop me and my hunters are well respected in my guilds…

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    Feb 6, 2009 @ 16:54 pm

    I’ve never really botheredI’ve never really bothered with it, but I’ll put that in the guide, thanks 🙂

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 6, 2009 @ 15:17 pm

    On Dwarf Find TreasureWhile it is true that it doesn’t seem incredibly useful to some, I have found the find treasure ability from the dwarven racial very helpful. I used it a lot just recently in Tek forest when I was looting the Olemba Seeds for the quest of the same name. Seems things like this can be tracked as lootable objects like chests now 🙂 very helpful for quick completion of those quests.


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    Feb 6, 2009 @ 0:50 am

    It’s fine: I realise thatIt’s fine: I realise that you weren’t going out of your way to be negative and I tried to explain my points incase you got the wrong end of the proverbial stick. I apologise that my own points seem so harsh, looking back!!

    And yes we have different views. Blizzard have done a better job than anyone could imagine then, if we agreed I think it would be a linear game and not one I would be playing!!

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 6, 2009 @ 0:45 am

    I apologize, I did notI apologize, I did not intend to have my earlier comment so negative. This is a really great guide, I just thought that the cons you made may deter newer players from rolling a hunter and possibly reinforcing the stereotype. If played right, a hunter can and will do the highest dps of anyone there, even against mages, and are a valuable addition to any group/raid, at least in my experience.

    Also, I don’t grind either but there are allot of grinding quests out there, so either way you’re going to be grinding. Whether it’s for a rare quest drop or just X amount of mobs, grinding happens. In Wrath, Blizz has done allot better with those kinds of quests. The Nessingwary quests in Sholozar don’t even feel like your grinding because your doing at least one other quest at the same time and the drop rates aren’t to bad either, but I digress.

    It’s obvious that we have very different views about the hunter class, so lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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    Feb 5, 2009 @ 22:05 pm

    Aye, true mate. What I Aye, true mate. What I [i]meant[/i] was that at low levels it is difficult to define a role, or for those not used to raiding – I didn’t really intend this guide to aim towards raiding as I have no knowledge of it (Or at leastn, not first hand 😉 )

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 5, 2009 @ 15:31 pm

    I do appreciate, and enjoy,I do appreciate, and enjoy, criticism. However, it feels that there may be an underlying sense that this isn’t criticism, as there are no positive points. I will point out exactly what I meant by some of the statements.

    “- [b]People won’t take you seriously, or lightly. There are so many ‘bad’ Hunters out there, to them, that they are all the same. Sucks.”[/b]

    – I stick by this. Remember that this guide is not aimed
    at raiders, but at new players/re rollers. A good 50% or above likely won’t ever see a raid, or get good enough gear for it. I can assure that, from my perspective, a lot of people are wary of Hunters.
    [b]”but the way your guide reads it sounds as if hunters might get a group once a week if they’re lucky.”[/b]

    – No, it doesn’t. It merely poses a question that a lot of raiders and good PUGs ask – why should we bring this hunter when we have this mage? A mage has superior CC and DPS (Especially at low levels, mages own hunters in DPS in my experience:D ).
    [b]”Grinding mobs is boring no matter what class your playing. period. How “easy” it is doesn’t matter.”[/b]

    I disagree. Let me make an analogy. Running for me is boring. Running with music isn’t. But I’m still running. This is similar to playing a Hunter – because it’s so easy it can get boring. However, if I play my Prot Paladin I don’t get bored, because when I AoE mobs I’m thinking all the time. And I don’t grind – I quest.
    [b]”Why not bring/play a hunter?”[/b]

    [i]Mages can sheep and slow, warlocks can fear and slow, a lot of classes can stun and take care of trash. So hunters are not a unique class in its entirety.[/i] Now I don’t agree with this – but I’m sure it’s a possible view for a raid.

    [b]I will also note that the “EZ-MODE” you speak of is mostly BM,”[/b]

    any Hunter trying to level to get into raids, as you seem to link back to a lot, will either level BM or know nothing about Hunters!!! Haha no but really, Hunters are easier than any class to level IMO. And as this is my guide, I think my opinions may be in it somewhere 😉
    [i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 5, 2009 @ 1:09 am

    I have a few disagreements[quote]- People won’t take you seriously, or lightly. There are so many ‘bad’ Hunters out there, to them, that they are all the same. Sucks.[/quote]

    this may be true in the early levels but I think for the most part if you take the time to get to max level, and have gear appropriate for your level and class (ie. not wearing lower level gear with str or SP on it), then most will let you in a group.

    [quote]- Difficult to find a group. Why take a ‘Huntard’ when you could have a Mage?[/quote]

    I don’t have to much trouble finding a group, whenever i log-in(daily) I can get into at least one pug, which is what leads me to my point above. Now, that may or may not be low compared to other classes (my highest level of another class is a 60 DK), but the way your guide reads it sounds as if hunters might get a group once a week if they’re lucky.

    [quote]- Boring! It’s so easy, it really is sometimes boring killing mobs over, and over, and over again.[/quote]

    Grinding mobs is boring no matter what class your playing. period. How “easy” it is doesn’t matter.

    [quote]- Difficult at first to define a role for a Hunter – perhaps you’ll have trouble getting into a raiding Guild later on??[/quote]

    How could it be difficult they’re DPS, there’s a blizz forum for it. Aside from that they can be back up CC with [url=]Freazing Trap[/url] and [url=]Freazing Arrow[/url], and have nice party/raid buffs [url=]Ferocious Inspiration[/url](BM), [url=]Trushot Aura[/url](MM), and [url=]Hunting Party[/url](SV). Add in [url=]Misdirection[/url], their other traps, and group aspects and you’ll have not only an awesome DPS but some pretty good utility. Why not bring/play a hunter?

    I will also note that the “EZ-MODE” you speak of is mostly BM, MM and especially SV have much more going on that you have to pay attention to in order to play them well, “play them well” being the operative phrase.

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 18:38 pm

    Best Looking Hunter

    BloodBest Looking Hunter

    Blood Elf females get my vote. Adds a little “class” to the ragged and wild aspect of hunters in general. 😛

    Once upon a time, I had an [url=]iWin button[/url]

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 15:54 pm

    Yeah! Get ’em rated!

    “WiseYeah! Get ’em rated!

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 12:21 pm

    Don’t forget to rate guides!Guys, don’t forget to rate guides. Not only it is an important feedback tool, but it also allows us to sort out which are the best guides of each category.

    All you have to do is click on the stars at the top of the guide. And you can RE-VOTE if the guide gets updated in the future.

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 11:36 am

    Nono that’s a completelyNono that’s a completely different concept so you’re right, I’ll change [i]that[/i] now!! Thanks!

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Feb 3, 2009 @ 10:22 am

    Great guide mate, just oneGreat guide mate, just one small thing.

    You said it was hard to define a role for hunters end game. I know of several times when groups have asked for hunter specifically, especially after them getting Frost Arrow making them a useful Crowd Control class. Also hunter misdirection really is priceless in dungeons and raids. Add that to some awesome DPS that they can put out and no raid should be without one. 😛

  • img
    Feb 3, 2009 @ 7:14 am

    Ah, it’s actually +2%, notAh, it’s actually +2%, not just +2, but that’s really nitpicky on my part.

  • img
    Feb 3, 2009 @ 5:26 am

    Thanks, updating now.Thanks, updating now. 🙂

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

  • img
    Feb 3, 2009 @ 5:24 am

    Just one thing, the NightJust one thing, the Night Elf Nature Resistance is “Reduces chance to be hit by nature spells by 2%.” not the +1 to resist you have listed. Not that that’s any better, but still.

  • img
    Feb 3, 2009 @ 5:01 am

    aye, it’s a terrible

    aye, it’s a terrible stereotype. Hopefully i did something to dispell some of this!
    Anyway, Druid next so look out for it hehe. will be a lot shorter I think!!

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

  • img
    Feb 3, 2009 @ 4:34 am

    – Difficult to find a[b]Quote:[/b]
    – Difficult to find a group. Why take a ‘Huntard’ when you could have a Mage?

    I completely agree. I wasted 2 hours waiting to get a group for the heroic daily!! I do about 2900 DPS but NOBODY CARES!!!! They really do think all huntards are the same!!!



    It’s too bad Deea no longer has an [url=]iWin Button[/url]

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