Cataclysm Gear Guide for Kitties


Gear lists

Several options will be listed for each slot and the lists will be ranked, with the optimal gear piece on top.

When you acquire gear it will help you much if you take this into account: gear pieces, with the exception of trinkets, of same item level in their respective slot will feature the exact same amount of base stats (strength, agility, intellect etc.), so equipping whatever gear piece you can find of the same item level as the optimal gear piece in that slot, will get you very close to BiS DPS wise. This is due to the fact that agility comes so far ahead of all other stats.


Pre-heroic gear list

This is the pre-heroic BiS list and does thus feature the best possible gear available before heroics (and raids for that matter). This does not include pieces obtained through Justice Points (since you will most likely not have gained a sufficient amount before you start with heroics), random world drops, PvP pieces or WotLK pieces. Values are derived with relative stat values from item level 333 gear.

Halls of Origination (Temple Guardian Anhuur)

Value Item Source Description
642.405 [Helm of Secret Knowledge] Dungeon quest Kill the Courier (Grim Batol)
619.74 [Shocktrooper Hood] (H) / [Dunwald Winged Helm] (A) Quest Krazz Works! / Doing It Like a Dunwald (Twilight Highlands)
578.626 [Chain Reaction Hood] Quest Do the Honors (Uldum)
523.744 [Helm of Numberless Shadows] Normal dungeon The Stonecore (High Priestess Azil)
471.512 [Helm of Earthination] Quest Troggzor the Earthinator (Deepholm)
411.801 [Brazen Elementium Medallion] Crafted Jewelcrafting (525)
405.03 [Entwined Elementium Choker] Crafted Jewelcrafting (525)
388.898 [Acorn of the Daughter Tree] Reputation Guardians of Hyjal (Revered)
342.466 [Pendant of Victorious Fury] Quest Battle of Life and Death (Twilight Highlands)
332.556 [Mouth of the Earth] Normal dungeon Halls of Origination (Earthrager Ptah)
452.916 [Clandestine Spaulders] Dungeon quest Targets of Opportunity (Lost City of the Tol’vir)
384.3 [Cult-Hide Spaulders] (H) / [Aledrinker Shoulderpads] (A) Quest Dressed to Kill / Anything But Water (Twilight Highlands)
376.194 [Powderburned Spaulders] Quest Fire From the Sky (Uldum)
356.941 [Troggbreaker Shoulderpads] Quest Mystic Masters (Deepholm)
353.011 [Caridean Epaulettes] Normal dungeon Throne of the Tides (Commander Ulthok)
388.647 [Razor-Edged Cloak] Crafted Leatherworking (525)
375.626 [Softwind Cape] Reputation The Earthen Ring (Revered)
342.558 [Kaleki Cloak] Normal dungeon Lost City of the Tol’vir (General Husam)
338.28 [Cloak of Beasts] Crafted Leatherworking (495)
322.432 [Drape of Neferset Destruction] Quest The Fall of Neferset City (Uldum)
772.566 [Assassin’s Chestplate] Crafted Leatherworking (525)
676.87 [Sly Fox Jerkin] Reputation Guardians of Hyjal (Honoured)
665.197 [Hieroglyphic Vest] Normal dungeon Halls of Origination (Setesh)
627.75 [Vest of Misshapen Hides] Normal dungeon Grim Batol (Erudax)
532.376 [Rivetproof Chestguard] (H) / [Camp-Cleaner Chestguard] (A) Quest Everything But the Kitchen… / Somethin’ For the Boys (Twilight Highlands)
333.656 [Poison Fang Bracers]
303.308 [Buildingblast Bracers] (H) / [Flarefire Bracers] (A) Quest Call in the Artillery (Twilight Highlands)
289.62 [Dragonheart Bracers] (H) / [Whirlpool Bracers] (A) Quest Dangerous Compassion / Any Portal in a Storm (Twilight Highlands)
280.278 [Bandit Scourge Bracers] Quest The Bandit Warlord (Uldum)
272.776 [Splinterproof Bracers] Quest Just the Tip (Uldum)
605.501 [Liar’s Handwraps] (H) / [Stormbolt Gloves] (A) Reputation Dragonmaw Clan / Wildhammer Clan – Exalted
398.283 [Gloves of Haze] Normal dungeon The Vortex Pinnacle (Asaad)
394.3 [Heth’Jatari Battlegloves] (H) / [Blackscale Wraps] (A) Quest Blast Him! / Naga Reinforcements (Twilight Highlands)
393.38 [Throat-Slitter Gauntlets] Quest Coup de Grace (Twilight Hihglands)
379.019 [Brainrot Grips] Quest A Disarming Distraction (Uldum)
578.142 [Belt of Nefarious Whispers] Crafted Leatherworking (525)
540.1 [Quicksand Belt] Reputation Ramkahen (Revered)
456.046 [Red Beam Cord] Normal dungeon Halls of Origination (Rajh)
405.004 [Blade-Dodging Girdle] (H) / [Machine-Linker Girdle] (A) Quest Unfamiliar Waters (Orgrimmar) / Missing Parts (Stormwind City)
385.489 [Stonecore Belt] Dungeon quest Wayward Child (The Stonecore)
665.403 [Leggings of the Imptenitent] (H) / [Swiftflight Leggings] (A) Reputation Dragonmaw Clan / Wildhammer Clan (Honoured)
609.142 [Garona’s Finest Leggings] (H) / [Shaw’s Finest Leggings] (A) Quest Skullcrusher the Mountain (Twilight Highlands)
535.522 [Leggings of Fragmented Hope] Quest The Middle Fragment (Deepholm)
529.25 [Crushchest Leggings] (H) / [Spear-Impaled Leggings] (A) Quest Precious Goods (Twilight Highlands)
499.959 [Leggings of the Unforgiving Tomb] Quest Punish the Trespassers (Uldum)
460.914 [Crafty’s Gaiters] Normal dungeon Lost City of the Tol’vir (Siamat)
452.381 [Boots of the Hard Way] Dungeon quest Penetrating Their Defenses (Halls of Origination)
397.463 [Hearstone Treads] (H) / [Flameproof Treads] (A) Quest Paint It Black / Magmalord Falthazar (Twilight Highlands)
378.432 [Mirror-Polished Boots] Quest The Great Escape (Uldum)
309.122 [Ballast-Laden Footpads] Quest Quicksilver Submersion (Deepholm)
440.082 [Signet of the Elder Council] Reputation The Earthen Ring – Exalted
422.971 [Elementium Destroyer’s Ring] (you can wield two of these!) Crafted Jewelcrafting (525)
396.889 [Band of Blades] Crafted Jewelcrafting (525)
388.125 [Terrath’s Signet of Balance] Reputation Therazane (Revered)
345.476 [Ring of Blinding Stars] Normal dungeon Halls of Origination (Isiset)
632.141 [Tia’s Grace] Normal dungeon Lost City of the Tol’vir (Siamat)
620.289 [Unsolvable Riddle] Reputation Hellscream’s Reach (H) / Baradin’s Wardens (A) (Exalted)
575.363 [Left Eye of Rajh] Normal dungeon Halls of Origination (Rajh)
538.533 [Skardyn’s Grace] Normal dungeon Grim Batol (General Umbriss)
506.149 [Key to the Endless Chamber] Normal dungeon The Stonecore (Corborus)
490.328 [Schnottz’s Medallion of Command] Quest Firing Squad (Uldum)
423.188 [Juju of Nimbleness] (H) / [Blood-Soaked Ale Mug] (A) Quest Night Terrors / Once More Into The Fire (Twilight Highlands)
383.138 [Grace of the Herald] Normal dungeon Blackrock Caverns (Corla, Herald of Twilight)
356.721 [Gear Detector] Quest Fixer Upper (Deepholm)
Main Hand
2517.717 [Elementium Poleaxe] Crafted Blacksmithing (525)
2484.751 [Spear of Trailing Shadows] Reputation Hellscream’s Reach (H) / Baradin’s Wardens (A) (Revered)
2224.499 [Seliza’s Spear] Normal dungeon Lost City of the Tol’vir (Genereal Husam)
2221.257 [Torth-Slayer’s Staff] (H) / [Staff of Draconic Pacification] (A) Quest Fury Unbound / Nakrall, The Drake-Tamer (Twilight Highlands)
1931.818 [Blacksoul Polearm] Quest The Binding (Deepholm)
285.879 [Silver Inlaid Leaf] Crafted Inscription (525)
240.431 [Relic of the Waywalker] Quest The Wrong Sequence (Deepholm)
237.903 [Exhausted Flashgrowth Mote] Quest Breach in the Defenses (Twilight Highlands)
225.597 [Scarab Leg Talisman] Quest Just a Fancy Cockroach (Uldum)
221.524 [Sandshift Relic] Normal dungeon Blackrock Caverns (Ascendant Lord Obsidius)


Change log
[22-02-11 20:01] Changed general text, redid the entire gear list and added a value column and more options for each slot, and put the current gear list in its own section (pre-heroic gear list).
[11-12-10 12:33] Put items into a table for a more ordered structure, and to make it look less messy.

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    Thank you for yourThank you for your suggestion. It’s a good idea and I will see what I can do for the next update, which should also contain a pre-raid gear list.

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    Thank youFor the update on this guide, Feral Druids always are facinating creatures for sure.  If you get some time, it would be awsome to see your input on Stat weights and what makes the gear good for the class etc.

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    UpdateThe guide has now been thoroughly updated. Please notify me should you find any mistakes or errors of any sorts.

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