[Horde] WSG, AB, EOTS and AV Guide for Dummies.


—-A guide about WSG/AB/AV And EotS for dummies.

1. The reason why I’m writing this guide is because I cant stand the fact that every single time I get into a horde side Battleground there are atleast 5 players not knowing what to do.
This guide is to get a few normal and simple ways to win Battlegrounds.

2. Alterac Valley (AV)
This battleground has 40 Alliance and 40 Horde players.

– What to do in this battleground :
Kill Vanndar. This is the main boss inside Alterac Valley once he is killed the game ends and the Horde wins.
– Survive. This battleground is the only battleground with Reinforcements. Which are your resurrections. If you run out of them you lose.
You will lose these reinforcements by letting Guard towers get destroyed and letting Generals get killed such as Galv he resides in the Iceblood Garrison.
– And Defend. This is quite simple. Most players will run off to Balinda then camp the road towards IP and Aidstation. Players with a clean way of thinking and listening to others will mostly do this. I’m not saying your not supposed to attack but without defence your pretty much doomed.

A game such as Alterac Valley starts in a cave. (Usually defended by leechers.)
This is where everybody able to buff..should costs no mana so you can keep on going without having to drink, Mages should try and make a table and Warlocks Healthstones.

This is also the part where everybody should get arranged and know what to do.
There are always a few shouting out stuff like “G1-3 Defend Galv” Meaning that if you are in G1-3 you should go and defend him. This is seriously not a bad thing to do cause this will keep the alliance back and most of the time they lose.

– The Towers
These are attacked by the alliance in order to get your reinforcements down fast.
Defend those at all costs. (Blizz should seriously re-moddel those cause they are quite weak)
The ones inside your main base where Drekk resides will also get attacked frequently by stealthers just cause they can.

– Graveyards. When a group runs off to Balinda 2 people should try and get SH GY.
The best way to do this is by one of them running through the guards training them away and the other one just tags it. This will keep the alliance away and will help out greatly.

– Bunkers : These are your best way of getting the alliance there reinforcements down.
There aren’t allot of them but as our towers are our main prio so are the bunkers for the alliance.
Try and keep about 4 man to defend it till they are destroyed.
The more you destroy these the higher the chance becomes that you win this BG.
You will also be greatly rewarded with honor points.

– Abbreviations :
IB G : Iceblood Garrison
IB GY : Iceblood Graveyard
IB Tower : Iceblood Tower
Drekk : Drekk’Thar main boss in AV for the horde
Vann(darr): Main boss of the alliance in AV.
Galv : Horde Genaral If killed alliance gets about 67 honor points and you lose reinforcements.
Bal: Alliance General if killed horde gets about 67 honor points and loses buff’s/reinforcements
(and 300 more. Usually just short terms of Graveyards and Bunkers)

Arathi Basin (AB): This battleground has 15 alliance and 15 horde players.

– What to do in this battleground :
– Tag : In this battleground you will find several bases
Such as : Farm , Goldmine , Lumber mill ,Blacksmith and Stables.
By tagging these bases you will start getting recourses these will make you win as soon as you manage to get 2000 of them.
The more bases you get the faster your resources start coming in.
The less you have the slower you will get them as well.

– Defend : Once you managed to get hold of a few stables. Make sure you got more than the alliance else its no use.
You start defending. Try fighting at the flag as much as possible. The closer you do damage near a flag the higher the chances that you can keep the alliance from taking it from you. Sometimes you find yourself defending alone. Do not be scared to call out for help.

– Help out : If you find yourself fighting at flag tagging them and moving on and someone calls out for help, Help him or her then!
You are more beloved when you are helping then when you are in there for Honorable Kills.

– Abbreviations :
ST : Stables
GM : Goldmine
BS: Blacksmith
Farm : Just the farm
LM: Lumber mill

*-Big tip : LEAVE STABLES-* Its damn useless and you wont be able to hold it unless you’re a well arranged fixed group.

Warsong Gulch (WSG) : This Battleground has 10 alliance players and 10 Horde players.

– What to do in this battleground :

– Steal the flag: This battleground will make you play Capture The Flag. Its quite simple take the flag run to your home base and get one point. You will need to steal 3 flags in order to win. Most horde players run off to get the flag and hope for the best.That’s not really my kind of thing. Cause it takes a whole lot of time because then you wont be able to take your own flag when it gets stolen and you’ll be searching your ass off for an hour or so.. at least that’s how it feels and it gets damn boring then.

– Defend your flag : At the start you’ll have a minute to prepare. Buff up and all that hand out food/healthstones and what not. As I said most horde players just run off to get the alliance flag and hope for the best. This is where you step in and be a defender. What you do is keep the alliance from taking your flag. They usually get a buff from the cave. Charge in take the flag and run and slow them down! Every class has a capability to do so.
Once the flag did get out of your reach don’t freak out. Wait patiencely for one of your team members to bring in the alliance flag ones its on your base make sure you defend him further on.
The rest of the party will continue with getting your own flag back. Do this in a large group otherwise you will not stand a chance. The alliance flag carrier should only be defended by 2 players and himself in the base.

– Defend the flag carrier : The flag carrier is the person that managed to get the flag.
I usually like druids cause they can heal themselves and become a bear and have a whole lot of health/armor. Which is good cause they wont go down that fast then.
They can run rather fast as well and won’t have to deal with crippling effect’s.
This doesn’t mean that when you are capable of healing you don’t have to heal him. Keep him up at all costs.
Once the flag carrier managed to get back to the horde base you do not have to stay with him with 10 man. I’d say 2 people + himself are enough. The rest should get our own flag back if it got stolen by the alliance.
For the 2 people that are needed to defend the Flag Carrier I’d go for a healer and a ranged DPS. Such as a mage or Warlock in order to fear/sheep the attackers.

– Abbreviations :
FC : Flag carrier usually shouted out cause he’s under attack
Ramp : A small ramp leading up to the horde/alliance bases. To point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going
Tun : Tunnel to point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going
GY : Graveyard t to point out directions where the FC of the alliance/horde is going

Eye of the storm (Eots) : This battleground has 15 alliance players and 15 horde players.
What you do in here is kind off the same as what you do in Arathi Basin.
You have 4 bases and 1 flag. Your goal is to reach 2000 Resources before the alliance does.
– What to do in here

– Tag : You have 4 bases consisting of : Dreanei Tower , Mage tower , Felreaver and Blood elf tower. The fastest ones possible to tag are Bloodelf and Felreaver. These bases are there to be able to place your flags in.

The more bases you have the more resources you will get. So a big boost to get some resources is to run to the mage or dreanei tower as soon as you captured the Belf/felreaver tower. This will make the alliance a bit slower with getting resources and a bigger chance for you to win!

– Defend : If you are only holding 2 bases it means the alliance will try and take it from you because you are in a weaker position. Defend these bases. The only way of not letting them taking it is to kill them because the way of getting those bases is by standing near them. You will also have a flag carrier. Usually someone able to run fast. If he is in a sticky situation such as a warrior or a mage on them try and help him out.

– Capture the Flag : The reason why you will be capturing flags is to boost your resources income. The more flags you capture the faster you will win. There is usually one or two people capturing after each other. This will go nice and fast cause as soon as one has the flag the other one should be running back from the base to the middle of the spawn position of the flag this is a nice way to keep up the pace.

– Abbreviations :
FR : Felreaver usually shouted out because is under attack
DR: Dreanei tower shouted out to attack it or to defend it
FC: Flag Carrier mostly used to shout out for help or to kill the alliance FC
Mage: Mage tower shouted out to attack it or to defend it
Belf: Bloodelf Tower usually shouted out because is under attack

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    Jan 25, 2012 @ 14:23 pm

    Handy! I just started doingHandy! I just started doing random BG’s and have no clue what the objectives are half the time. The calling out of abbreviations is annoying as well, Im sitting there going WTH?! Unfortunately people get too caught up in telling us how badly we stink instead of offering helpful suggestions,lol.Good Job, thanks!

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    Nov 21, 2008 @ 17:35 pm

    Nice, but…It could use some BB coding and some pictures. But otherwise cool guide 8)

    Aiming for mod[/i]

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