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WoW-Pro is a platform for the World of Warcraft community, to share guides and exchange knowledge and experience about the game.

You can access the result of our work for free here:

**Do you like our guides? Whether you do or not, please consider contributing, the more guides we can share the better.**

There is three ways you can help:

  • Write a guide! (this can be about any aspect of the game, the guide doesn’t have to be written by you, you just need to have a permission to post it on our site)
  • Submit a correction. (see something that’s wrong with a guide? Or want to add something? Submit what you’ve found by selecting “correction” in the above mentioned form)
  • Submit a news post. (if something interesting happened recently, let us know about it by making a news post)

Please keep in mind that your guide doesn’t have to be complete, you can always submit work in progress and come back at a later point to edit.

If you have any other contributions you want to make, e.g. you want to help on developing the website or you’d like to write an Addon, please use our contact form and select “website feedback”.

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