Death Knight Shopping List (55-70)

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What's the purpose of this guide?

This is a list of items you can buy before creating your Death Knight to help speed up the leveling process. Please note that this list is made to be compatible with Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guides, and that means the glyphs are chosen with an Unholy Talent Spec in mind. This list is however optional and depends on how much gold you have at your disposal. I will however try to organize this list in two categories: Highly Recommended and Optional

That way, if your finances are on the low side, you can focus on the Highly Recommended List primarly and ignore the Optional one.

Help me make this list better

Right now, I don't have the time to make all the research myself, so I need your help!
It would be great if we could put this list together as a joint effort. What really needs work is the Equipment list.

So I'm awaiting your suggestions on items for each slot. Keep in mind the following criterias:

  1. Item must be a significant upgrade over the previous one
  2. Item must not have an equivalent easily acquired from a quest at this level range
  3. If possible, item must be cheap

If you got a suggestion, please post it.

Highly Recommended


♣ = Starting Gear

Weapon - Greatsword of the Ebon Blade

Head - Greathelm of the Scourge Champion

Neck - Bladed Ebon Amulet

Shoulders - Blood-soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders

Back - Sky Darkener's Shroud of Blood

Chest - Saronite War Plate

Wrist - Plated Saronite Bracers

Hands - Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command

Waist - The Plaguebringer's Girdle

Legs - Engraved Saronite Legplates

Feet - Greaves of the Slaughter

Finger 1 - Valanar's Signet Ring

Finger 2 - Keleseth's Signet Ring

Trinket 1 - Soul Harvester's Charm

Trinket 2 - Signet of the Dark Brotherhood


Level 55

Level 70

Items for Quest Turn ins

Light's Hope Chapel Turn Ins:

Cloth Donations:

Aldor Turn Ins

Where do I farm that?

Daemun's Farming Guide



♣ = Starting Gear

Weapon - Greatsword of the Ebon Blade

Head - Greathelm of the Scourge Champion

Neck - Bladed Ebon Amulet

Shoulders - Blood-soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders

Back - Sky Darkener's Shroud of Blood

Chest - Saronite War Plate

Wrist - Plated Saronite Bracers

Hands - Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command

Waist - The Plaguebringer's Girdle

Legs - Engraved Saronite Legplates

Feet - Greaves of the Slaughter

Finger 1 - Valanar's Signet Ring

Finger 2 - Keleseth's Signet Ring

Items for Quest Turn ins

Light's Hope Chapel Turn Ins:

  • 2 Thorium Bar (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 1 Golden Rod (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 8 Hi-Explosive Bomb (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • 8 Unstable Trigger (for [60] That's Asking A Lot)
  • [/]

    Thanks Dhannek for this list! (Dhannek's Guide can be found here)


    (Work in progress - suggestions welcome)


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    Outdated in Cataclysm

    This guide will no longer be relevant when the expansion is released, since many of these quests will be removed from the game. When the expansion is released, this will be moved to the archives section.

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    Equipment for Northrend

    I love your equipment list but it only goes up to level 70, so I thought I would add a bit based on my experience leveling my DK in Northrend.

    A lot of the quest gear is not too bad, but at level 70 you can get Cobalt Armor pieces for every slot. While Cobalt is not a real set (with set bonuses) like the Fel Iron Armor set, it has AMAZING stat boosts and higher armor levels than any quest reward plate pieces in Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord.

    The instance quest rewards for The Nexus were a slight upgrade for me from Cobalt...I never did Utgarde Keep, but I imagine it might be true for it as well. So it may not be worth it to you to invest in Cobalt if you plan to run instances from the get-go. But if you don't like them, aren't in a guild, put them off, etc.--Cobalt is the way to go until at least around 74-75. It is made by blacksmiths, so you can either make it yourself or ask a guildie to help you out. The materials might cost a bit if you don't mine, but if you are good at gold-making you can usually just buy most of the armor pieces themselves on AH for fairly reasonable cost.

    Quest gear gets much better starting in Dragonblight, though it seems to mostly weight toward DPS-type stats, so if you are built to tank it might not work as well for you. For tanks, I would recommend the Tempered Saronite pieces (blacksmith crafted). Some pieces you can wear as low as level 74, and they go up to level 80. Again, I feel this set is probably superior to quest gear except for instance-related gear.

    At level 80, if you don't raid much or do much PvP, you will want to look into the Savage Saronite set, another crafted armor group. I have gotten conflicted info on whether it has actual set bonuses or not, but the stats on the combined pieces is awesome. It is designed for PvP, with crit rating and resilience rating bonuses...but with enchantments, neck slot, finger slot, and trinket items to round it out, this could also be a great DPS set for PVE.

    Another source of good gear in Northrend is through faction quartermasters. The Kalu'ak Quartermaster has two excellent breastplates available at Honored level rep - one is good for tanking, the other for DPS, and they don't cost an arm and a leg. There is also an excellent polearm weapon available at Revered level. I am sure that some of the other factions have good options, but I haven't gotten high enough yet with any other faction to make recommendations. I just wanted to mention it as another option.

    The only downside to crafted armor or rep-vendor items is they are not socketed. Instance-related gear is your best bet if you want socketed gear. I find that socketing higher level gems in an item can make it stretch a few levels longer than a similar level item without sockets, so it can be good for a frugal player. Smiling

    Hope this info is helpful for someone out there.

    Iron soul clompers are realy

    Iron soul clompers are realy good for dk

    blade of Misfortune

    I just wanted to let that the blade of misfortune on my server is going for 770g not 100g i just thought that this would be helpfull Smiling

    Defender's Gauntlets

    According to Ratingbuster, the Defender's Gauntlets you can get as a quest reward for The Rock Flayer Matriarch are better than Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command.

    +30 health
    +0.04 crit
    +0.04 dodge

    It's not much, but every little bit helps.


    Jame, I did some research about which Sigil a DK should use pre-Naxx, and I was suprised to learn that if you are thinking the EoH Sigil is the best I saw some research on either thottbot, or wowhead, that the starting sigil acually gives more DPS then the extra 3.76% crit chance from the Sigil of Haunted Dreams. Also I didn't compare the ones from Venture Co., like Sigil of Wild Buck, but they don't much better. So, in short, keep that level 55 blue sigil until you get the 25-man Naxx one, or the one from Arenas.

    Also IMO, and I couldn't stress that enough, Blizzard made the best sigils Unholy. For example Also, I know this is irrelevant, and I am long-winded, the only 213 item level sigils are unholy-based.
    "Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

    "Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

    Good lvl 66 thow handed candidates

    It was already said by others but there is a sword you can get at lvl 66 in Halaa(Nagrand) if you don't find a group to do Ring of blood:

    It all depends if your faction is in control of the Halaa in Nagrand:

    for the Alliance:
    sold by Aldraan

    for the Horde:
    sold by Coreiel

    Both are in limited stock so if you hear your faction captured the halaa run like hell and get one ^_^

    Hope it helps Smiling


    Adamantite Battlegear
    Chest 67
    Gloves 66
    Bracers 66

    Socket with +12 Str/+24 AP gems

    Legs, Inkling's Leggings from
    Whelps of the Wyrmcult
    Level 65

    Necklace of the Deep
    Level 65 societ with 2 +12 str gems

    "The most passionate kiss leaves a bleeding chestwound."

    "The most passionate kiss leaves a bleeding chestwound."

    Later Lvls

    Are you going to make a list of gear that best for the DK for lvls 71-80

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    No, there's just no need.

    No, there's just no need. While following my WotLK guides you'll complete quests and get upgrades, it will be very obvious which one to take so there's no need for a guide.

    And once you reach level 80, just check our Death Knight section for "Gearing up for raids" guides. They've got nice lists there.

    just an obsevation

    i noticed that if u r n battle u cant mount (duh) but can use Death Coil 2 heal ur ghoul. the thing is when outta battle mount up and then un-mount 2 fully restore any missing health from ur ghoul (as long as its still alive [duh]). not sure if it works with poisons and other stuff like that on them but @least u nvr have 2 use bandages or RP 2 restore health on it outta battle.

    DW 0:32:37 at 78

    At 78 I changed my spec to 32:37 for dualwielding.
    I used the 1h maces that you could get from the Horde exhibition in Vengeance Landing!


    [Murkblood Avenger's

    [Murkblood Avenger's Legplates] can obtained at the same time as the chest in the same area. At this level Critical strike rating is a fine trade off for a few strength. And you if you lazy like me and got the whole Fel Iron Plate set you will still get both set bonuses.

    How about the instance loot!!!

    Has anyone a similar Guide for instance loot only, since this is a great guise but in my honest opinion i can and most likely will be running instances through my leveling specially if there is a loot there i want?

    Amaan's Signet Ring?

    This may sound really, really whiny, but there is a better ring then Keleseth's Signet Ring. For the quest, Cleansing the Waters, from Amaan the Wise you can get Amaan's Signet Ring which has the EXACT same stats as Keleseth's Signet Ring except that the Amaan's Signet Ring has 1 more hit rating. Laughing out loud You should probably mention that in your guide. Awesome DK guide btw and keep it up!

    If you say plz because it is shorter than please, then I will say no because it is shorter than yes.

    If you say plz because it is shorter than please, then I will say no because it is shorter than yes.

    Gems can be improved

    Hi Jame,

    I love your guides and have been using them to level my Death Knight through BC.
    I have a suggestion for improvement of the gems mentioned in the shopping list.
    The new Northrend green gems go for 5g or less on the AH on my server, so I would suggest getting the following for the Circle's Stalwart Helmet :

    Bold Bloodstone +12 STR

    Inscribed Huge Citrine +6 STR +6 Crit

    Sovereign Shadow Crystal +6 STR +9 STA

    If you have some more cash to spend, you can buy Perfect cut quality versions of these gems, to give you +2 extra stats on each gem.

    With these gems, some other equipment also becomes very nice to have.
    I just picked up Fearless Girdle in Zangarmarsh yesterday for instance (quest The Terror of Marshlight Lake). With the above gems, this gives +30 STR +25 STA +12 Def +6 Crit +3 Hit, a big improvement over the starting Girdle and much better than the Fel Iron Plate Belt if you ask me.

    So my tip of the day: for leveling in Outland, look for gear with sockets and put Northrend gems in them !



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    There is a cheaper and

    There is a cheaper and almost as great alternative to the Blade of Misfortune , Hellreaver Illidan - Level 70 Hunter, OJman

    Illidan - Level 70 Hunter, OJman

    Glyph of Death's Embrace

    Hi. Very nice and useful guide! Thanks.
    I have 1 question. Is the Glyph of Death's Embrace a good choice really? Because I still don't get the idea about the healing effect of Death Coil?! When does it heal? Who does it heal? I mean... friendly Undead?! Is it suppose to heal the DK when he uses his Lichborne talent (Frost)? Cuz that makes you undead? And if it is so then I don't think this glyph is a good choice because I'm not speccing in Frost nor does your guide tell to. If it's not relevant to the Lichborne talent then what's the purpose of Death Coil and also the Glyph of Death's Embrace?

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    It's for healing your ghoul.

    It's for healing your ghoul. Your ghoul is undead Sticking out tongue

    And I actually love this glyph, whenever I do some AoE'ing I send my ghoul to fetch mobs left and right, and it gets damaged a lot.

    With this glyph it's very easy to heal the ghoul back to full HP.

    I also recommend using a macro to heal your ghoul, check Shikamaru's DK Macro Guide.

    With this macro I can basically heal my ghoul in the middle of a tough fight without having to bother myself with targeting.

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    Now that Wrath is out, is it

    Now that Wrath is out, is it still worth collecting these items?

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    I wouldn't bother gathering

    I wouldn't bother gathering all the cloth anymore, it's pricy and it's a pain.

    On the other hand I'd say that the Light's Hope Chapel items are very much worth it. They're still rather cheap at the AH and it's an extra 40K xp on the way.

    But it's optional, don't forget that. It was mostly for preparing before the release Eye

    Bone Fragments?

    Isn't there a turn in for bone fragments in Light's Hope Chapel? Is there a reason they weren't included?

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    We farm them while doing

    We farm them while doing other quests in my 55-61 DK Guide, so no need to buy them Sticking out tongue

    Ah, maybe I should read

    Ah, maybe I should read before I comment.

    Not entirely

    Not entirely true, Jame. You don't need to be a Smith to wear these although you DO need to be a level 350+ Smith to get the 2/4 hit rating boost. I have these shoulders on my 70 Paladin and he has never picked up smithing, ever.

    Thanks for the great guide though, Jame. I look forward to using it to level my DK Smiling

    Dark Iron US

    Death Strike Glyph

    So before you have Scourge Strike you use Death Strike in your dps rotations, after you get it would it be a good idea to change out the Death Strike glyph and get the Scourge Strike one?

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    If you aoe mobs you will

    If you aoe mobs you will still use DS.
    If you solo elite mobs you will still use DS.

    Besides SS glyph is good for long term dps not burst damage, so get it at 80 really unless you will be leveling mostly in instances.

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    Possible upgrades in Outlands

    Sorted by "power" and I didn't (I hope) included those on list already and tried to find only stuff up to level 67 or so because everyone will be 70 in Nagrand/BEM anyway. I also avoided long quest chains.

    1) Head:
    [64] (quest)
    [62] (BoE)
    [62] (quest)

    2) Neck:
    [64] (quest)
    [60] (quest)

    3) Shoulder:
    Nothing big enough to mention.

    4) Back:
    [62] (BoE)
    [62] (quest)
    [59] (quest)

    5) Chest:
    Noting better than blue chest already in guide. Doing that elite quest is strongly recommended as it will last you to Northrend - just drop +6 stats on it.

    6) Wrist:
    [65] (quest)
    [63] (BoE)

    7) Gloves:
    [64] (BoE)

    Cool Waist:
    [63] (BoE)

    9) Legs:
    [61] (quest)
    [64] (quest)

    10) Feet:
    [61] (elite quest)
    [60] (BoE)
    [63] (quest)

    11) Finger:
    [63] (elite quest)

    a) Many items have good chunk of hit rating. Remember that over hit cap (we can assume 5% for leveling) this stat is useless and item may loose its goodness.
    b) Yes I included some leather and mail items. NEVER pass on good leather/mail, armor is weak stat.

    If anyone is wondering those are values I used:
    Strength=2.3, Agility=0.8, Stamina=0.5, HitRating=2, CritRating=1.1, Ap=1, ExpertiseRating=1.4, HasteRating=0.6, ArmorPenetration=0.5
    + green gems with mostly STR on it (unless socket bonus was better)

    Please note that:
    - those values may be incorrect, DK is new class after all
    - those values was made for Unholy, mostly that means that Blood and Forst will most likely use different values
    - you can use Pawn mod to automatically count and show total item stat value in tooltip, makes gearing easier but remember to not trust it blindly (values I posted may be incorrect, you can be on hit cap etc.)

    Level 66 Alliance Weapon

    I hit 66 last night on my human DK and picked up a Halaani Claymore (80.3dps, +28str, +42sta, +27crit) from the Halaa blade merchant for about 15g. It was quite the upgrade for me and I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. Keep up the good work Jame!

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    Nice Smiling

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    One trinket to let you know

    One trinket to let you know about Jame is Death Knight's Anquish. ( )

    It's a reward from the second part of a 4 part quest line in Borean Tundra, (req lvl 68 to start) found here:

    Also, the final part of the quest rewards Death Knights with the Axe of Frozen death ( ) which I think makes a fantastic upgrade from the Honed Voidaxe.

    The quest up to Death Knight's Anguish is easily soloable at 68. The final part of that chain, however, is a group quest that I did at about lvl 72 with another low 70s priest backing me up.

    Basically, in beta my DK had his Soul Harvester's Charm and Signet of the Dark Brotherhood up until I replaced the Charm with the Death Knight's Anquish at about lvl 70. The Axe of Frozen Death replaced for me the lvl 66 Halaa sword since the Honed Voidaxe quest was impossible on beta, and capturing Halaa was super easy (both because of population: no people to help with Voidaxe quest, no horde to defend Halaa from being bombed)

    Hope that helps.

    "Victims, aren't we all?"

    Glyph of Death Strike bugged

    Nice guide, thanks!

    Just wanted to mention the following, in case its not fixed in the live version on release day, since you've got Glyph of Death Strike on the DK shopping list:

    As of the last beta build, Glyph of Death Strike was bugged if you take the Rage of Rivendare or Tundra Stalker talents

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    Same for Glyph of Plague

    Same for Glyph of Plague Strike and possibly other similar ones from what I know. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

    Crusader Enchant

    I'm not sure but wouldn't the crusader enchant be the best choice before 60 and perhaps even after until 65(with 65 the procc will still give you 80Str)? It's procc gives you 100Str and with each lvl beyond 60 you lose about 4% if I'm not mistaken. The good thing about this enchant is that even your ghoul will benefit from it (at least I think he will if not nvm me ;( )

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    Isn't Rune of the Fallen

    Isn't Rune of the Fallen Crusader better (and free)?

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    Yes, but you only get it at

    Yes, but you only get it at level 70.

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    I have no idea how crusader

    I have no idea how crusader works anymore, but if what you wrote is still true, then you're right, it's probably the best option.

    Regarding crusader: Just

    Regarding crusader: Just tested it and at lvl 70 you'll get 60Str (although the buff still states 100str)which translates into a 40% (10x 4% decrease) loss in power. So I think that I can confirm the 4% decrease whith each lvl.

    I'll definitely get this for the DK weapon and for my Blade of Misfortune. Not sure though if I would keep it beyond 65 when you get the Honed Voidaxe (I'm not that good at theory crafting ;/).

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    Oh I'm pretty sure the Honed

    Oh I'm pretty sure the Honed Void Axe would be better. A 20 dps difference on the weapon is kind of a big deal Sticking out tongue

    Perhaps I'm really bad at

    Perhaps I'm really bad at phrasing my sentences ;P I meant the crusader enchant of course. Getting the Honed Voidaxe is obviously the way to go but I'm not sure if I would still enchant Crusader or something different ;D

    English is not my mother tongue. So sorry if I'm not clearly enough ;(


    I was wondering what you think about the ragesteel set?

    A good option!

    This is a good set i guess for DKs, and about the issue of wearing it, please people the BS requirement is for the 2 piece set bonus not the item, all it does is, if u dont have BS skilled up to 350 u wont get the +20 hit rating 2 piece set bonus... Laughing out loud

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    It's nice but requires you

    It's nice but requires you to level blacksmithing up to 350 to wear, so that's only for people who're willing to powerlevel their professions before leveling Smiling

    Aldor / Scryer

    What is the reason you chose Aldor and not Scryer ?

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    Because farming 8 Dampscale

    Because farming 8 Dampscale basilisk eye is easier than what you have to farm for the opposite faction switch quest. Smiling

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    Updated consumables section.

    Updated consumables section. Amount was calculated on estimated time it would take to go from 58 to 80, but maybe it's not enough.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Different chest option.

    Just bought a Demon-Forged Hauberk of the Soldier.
    It's mail but has 475 Armor +24 Strength, +24 Crit Rating, +37 Stamina - Avg Buyout Price: 50g. This is a bit better than the Beast plate imo because the crit rating translates to more melee crit and also functions as spell crit.

    Upgrade for cloak at LvL 70

    Cloak of Darkness
    Binds when equipped
    101 Armor
    +23 Strength
    +25 Stamina
    Blue Socket
    Socket Bonus: +2 Critical Strike Rating
    Requires Level 70
    Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 24 (1.09% @ L70).

    I can make this cloak, probably with the +stam enchant and a Balanced Nightseye. It's not that expensive to make since nethers are on the AH now and the primal shadows can be farmed while doing dailies and quests in Nagrand and Netherstorm. If you run Kara you can get the soul essences for your friendly tailor to make the soulcloth, or just buy it directly.You might want to check which is cheaper, the essences or the soulcloth. I worked out a trade with a tailor friend to supply netherweave and we both got essences so she could level up her tailoring. She then sold the bonus soulcloth.

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    Added to the optional list.

    Added to the optional list.

    Upgrade - Helm [Best in slot for Power Leveled Engineers]

    Well I just finished gathering all my mats for the engineer grind to 375 so I guess it's safe to post that the -best in slot- helm for levels 62-70+ is the engineer helm crafted at lvl 62 with 350 engineering

    Furious Gizmatic Goggles

    It is a bit expensive and stupid to level out engineering for this alone, but for those that are leveling engineering anyway or going for a hog [like me] this is a very nice upgrade and will last a modest 10~ levels. It gives engineering levels (reagents give levels too) and with todays nether prices it is relatively cheap compared to the 50g~ per level khorium power cores you are already going to be making anyway.

    Can't find any green plate helms from wotlk on wowhead at mo so the next best thing would be a level 77(obtained at) blue helm? probably better in a green I'm sure?