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These are the release dates for the upcoming guides, it will be updated regularly, so keep checking it! I will do my best to stick to those deadlines, but they might not always be respected. Sometimes they will be delayed, but they can also be published before the deadline. So if you want to get the guide as soon as possible, my advice is to check the front page every morning.

Anyway, here are the current release dates:

Wed. 5th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61) (Alliance) [RELEASED]

Thursday 6th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61) (Horde) [RELEASED]

Friday 7th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (70-72) [RELEASED]

Saturday 8th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (70-72) [RELEASED]

Sunday 9th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (72-74) [RELEASED]

Monday 10th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (72-74) [Preview Here]

Tuesday 11th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Dragonblight (74-75) [Preview Here]

Wednesday 12th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Dragonblight (74-75) [Preview Here]

Thursday 13th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76) [Preview Soon]

Friday 14th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Grizzly Hills (75-76) [Preview Soon]

Saturday 15th November: Will be announced soon

Sunday 16th November: Will be announced soon

Why publish them so close to the release? I have a good reason for it, explained in this Blog Article.

Please note that these release dates are bound to change, and by that I mean I will release some of those guides sooner. So stay tuned, keep checking our front page for news and follow my Blog for the latest updates and previews of my guides.

3rd October: Update about my 70-80 leveling guides, check this blog article.
21st October: List updated with many changes. Read this Blog post to explain the changes.
24th October: Latest changes explained in this Blog Post.
28th October: Sneak Peak at one of my Howling Fjord Circuit | Xp/hour = 560,000 | Check this Blog Post for more information
5th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61)(Alliance) RELEASED!
6th November: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide (55-61)(Horde) RELEASED!
7th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Borean Tundra (70-72) RELEASED!
8th November: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (70-72) RELEASED!
9th November: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Howling Fjord (72-74) RELEASED!
9th November: Dragonblight XP Rate = 620000XP/hour


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Nah, I just meant the couple

Nah, I just meant the couple of Dalaran Attunement quests, sorry for the confusion ^^

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Hey Jame

Hey Jame, GREAT job! One question, though. What do you suggest to do in the time in between guides not released? Would love to know! Smiling

Comment me on my blog.

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Hello Kostada , let me

Hello Kostada Smiling, let me suggest you to run some dungeons while you wait for the guides! If you are already level 75 then you can join groups for several instances, the drops-rewards are nice and the xp from quest is good. You will have fun and maybe you'll end ahead of the guides, which is GOOD.

You should also take some time for leveling a crafting profession, if you have one, or just PvP a bit if you don't care about the /played time. Oh, another thing, you can always roll a Death knight and start leveling him in the outlands!

Bye ^^

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Just Saying Thanks

Hey Jame,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your guides! Keep up the good work.

"Beer is the answer, anyone remember the question?"

"Beer is the answer, anyone remember the question"

I mentioned your guides to

I mentioned your guides to Ciderhelm at TankSpot and they are now in his post on the frontpage. I hope you don't mind. I forgot to ask for permission but I hope you see it as good advertisment.

And again thanks for the guides!

Please release the last few guides as a group

Hi Jame,

I am begging you to release the Grizzly Hills guides sooner, or at least release the Horde at the same time as Alliance. Reason being, is that I am in Australia and planning on speed levelling to 80. And with the dates that you are going to be releasing the last guide for Horde, I won't get that until Saturday morning, and given your projected XP rate, I will be at level 75 on Friday night and would have to wait until Saturday morning to continue levelling. I know I'm just one person, but I would love to be able to just keep on levelling without having to break.


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Trust me I would if I could.

Trust me I would if I could. But the Grizzly hills guides are nowhere near done, I will probably have to postpone the release dates actually :/

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Hope they will posted soon,

Hope they will posted soon, ty for all the hard work mate Smiling

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Can't wait

Very looking forward for your new guides, Jame !

Been a wow-pro addict for a long time now, leveled ALL my characters to 70 with the help of your guides. I can never thank you enough for all the hard work you've done.

I <3 this website !

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Beta closed

Beta has been closed down. is this going to cause problems for creating the 74-80 guides?

Hmm the server just shutdown

Hmm the server just shutdown for me but I can't find any announcement anywhere saying that it's shut down for good. Any link?

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Yes, but I knew it was gonna

Yes, but I knew it was gonna happen. My guides are done up until Grizzly Hills, that will take most people to level 76. The rest will be released a few weeks after the release, I'll have to level my characters quickly and then write the guides for the last 4 levels.

yikes!! so 77-80 is going to

yikes!! so 77-80 is going to be total chaos!! lol.

im only planning on taking a week or two to get to 80 for my main Smiling
It will be a bit to late for the main but will be pleasure to use the 77-80 guides for my alts!

Thanks + Question

Hey Jame,
First off want to express my thanks for your guides; they have made levelling a toon a whole lot easier and so much less of a headache...greatly appreciated!!

I had a quick question about your WotLK guides: How come you are releasing them like a week before the expansion goes on sale? Won't that allow dodgy websites to rip them off in time for the launch as well?

Keep up the awesome work and all the best,

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The reason is that I want to

Initially the reason was I wanted to try to spread the traffic rush over several days, instead of releasing everything on the same day and ending up having a slow site or worse, a crash Sticking out tongue

This is no longer relvent though, with my new host it should remain smooth no matter how many people hit the site. But anyway, I'm still releasing them one by one so people have something new everyday while waiting for that last week before WotLK release Smiling

I'm not too worried about the ripoffs, people will come here first and they won't look elsewhere (why would they go look for my guides on some shady website anyway? Sticking out tongue) and if any other website copies my guides, they'll get taken down shortly after.

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Death Knights!

For my whole entire life that I played WoW, the only class I was playing was the Paladin. Why? I don't really know. I made a lot of different classes and the only one I didn't "delete" from my list was the Paladin. Hunters were pretty damn cool, though, they have a pet, can solo everything without problems, etc. But Pallys were more awesome! Sticking out tongue
But now, things are different... I'll say it in two words:
1. Death
2. Knights Jawdropping!

Death Knights do a lot of damage, eat and drink as much as Hunters (that means they don't drink and eat at all). I really think they're overpowered, and you said, Jame, on your blog, that you will put them to do things in your guide that other classes couldn't do. And I saw a lot of videos with DK killing like 5 mobs at the same time, and they were almost at full Health. Death Knights are now something more than Paladins (for me Sticking out tongue).
Now here's somebody that I really appreciate Smiling. He is a site owner, has a lot of blogs, writes guides, and we all love him for his great work! Yup, you guessed, Jame, it's you Eye ! I could never enjoy WoW without your guides. And especially that you're working very hard for us right now, writing the guides for Northrend and DKs. You make our lives easier in WoW with your great guides! We all love you for your great job, keep up the good work Smiling Eye !!!


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Thank you

Thank you Smiling

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My Mistake

I guess I worded it badly so let me have another go at it Smiling

Why do you currently only allow your "viewers" to preview the guides? My question is if the guides are finished then why not release the full guides?

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1. They are not exactly

1. They are not exactly finished. Still not fully text formatted and still no circuit map
2. Not fully copyrighted yet, anyone could copy paste my guide and then publish it somewhere and pretend it's his own, and then I'd have to spend a lot of my time on legal battles (no thanks)

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A Few Things to Say

I think this is the second time I have posted, originally on your blog asking about the market and such, but anyway I'll get right to the point. I simply had a few questions for you, I'll go ahead and list in a numbered matter.

1. Why do you only allow members to preview the guides currently, If the guides are finished then why not allow members to begin viewing or possibly testing them if they happen to be in the beta?

2. Would you prefer to be referred to as Jame or James?

And lastly, it's kind of become a requirement for every poster to mention how much they love your guides, so I love your guides!

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1. Everyone can preview the

1. Everyone can preview the guides. I just logged out and tried and I could see the previews. The preview is just the start of the guide by the way, very few lines.

And about members testing them, that would be nice, but right now I don't know anyone in the beta who could fit that role. Either they don't have the time, either I don't know them well enough to trust them with my guides.

2. Jame

And lastly, thank you! Sticking out tongue


Can I tell you that you are my hero??? I used to absolutely hate leveling (only had one 60/70 for the longest time), but since i have discovered your guides I have leveled 3 other toons. Thanks for the awesome work! I was worried that I would be without a guide for leveling to 80, but you do not fail me Eye I can now look forward to the xpac thanks to you! Just wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated Smiling Keep it up!


James remember dont push yourself too much. Its fine that you are making all those guides, but please do not push yourself too much.


Priest = Best Smiling

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Thank you for your concern

Thank you for your concern Nuggi, I appreciate it. But don't worry, I'm ok. Actually having fun writing these wotlk guides Smiling


Well that sounds nice Smiling

Good luck making the guides!

Priest = Best Smiling

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I don't quite get it...

I am sooooo happy we're having new guides from you!! I can't thank you enough for you're great job. There are a lot of people that sell their guides and they aren't as good as yours Barf! !!!
Just a little thingy that I don't quite get it around here on the Internet:
Why every blog poster, guide writer, site owner, etc. that is about wow is in the BETA? Cuz Blizzard chose RANDOM accounts for testing WotLK...
Anyway, keep up the good work, and I can't wait till the new expansion! I want that DK quicker!!!!
Don't forget to copy/paste bunny to help him achieve bunny world domination Eye

Well, Blizzard actually

Well, Blizzard actually never said that beta invites were only sent out randomly. The have made several random invite waves from the opt-in pool (and stupidly random at that. People without a single char above level 50 got invites), however they seem to have also targetted certain groups with extra invites, like top guilds, addon authors and probably also guide creators etc, which makes sense in a way. It wouldn't be that great if many of the popular addons like FuBar or Bartender could only be adjusted to Woltk after release. I'd hate to play for several weeks with the default interface Laughing out loud

Jame's picture

My guess is that these

My guess is that these people have friends/contacts linked to Blizzard in one way or another Sticking out tongue

Asheley's picture

Unfair, Blizz, I'm getting mad at you!! :(

Yeah, I was thinking about the same crappy thingy... But what about the others??? What if, for example, someone has 3 full realms of 70s (I don't think that's really possible, but it's just an example) and he wants to join the BETA, and, on the other side, let's say, Derek Bleacher (it's just an example, Blake, nothing personal) has only one 60 char that's staying there just to jump from the Orgrimmar mailbox to the bank thingy, eh?
It's not that I'm jealous on the people in the BETA, guys, I think this is unfair, it's a discrimination, for god's sake!!! Barf!

Don't forget to copy/paste bunny to help him achieve bunny world domination!

James - You rock

Seriously i think you are the best world of warcraft "Guide Maker" Ever. You fucking rock. i have used your guides since i started and i get to lvl 70 so fast. Maybe its a bit boring some times but you get people to lvl 70 so fast!. I just wanted to tell you that. Keep it going Smiling Laughing out loud
PS: You own Smiling


Priest = Best Smiling

WIGGLES! I just hit 70

WIGGLES! I just hit 70 about .... hmmm, maybe a week ago. I hit 70, put on all my farmed pvp gear from 69 bgs, and set out to finish Blade's Edge, Netherstorm, and whatever else was left of your guide. (note, I took so many breaks, I had rest exp all the way to 70 since level 65,) ... so I've made probably 1000 gold just doing those quests (sadly spent on gems and other items of nonsense) ... and the expansion rears its ugly head. Maybe I'm just too dependent on someone telling me where to go or what to do, since that's essentially what you've done with these guides.

In any case, I wish/hope/need/WANT guides to shadowmoon and the rest of Netherstorm.... but I realize my desires and hopes are minimal and insignificant. I recognize you're busy, you're most likely stressed (ionno), and you've got deadlines to meet. But I thought I'd just .. eh, toss in my two cents.

Laughing out loud

Man, people can be pretty stupid.
But then, so am I.

Jame's picture

And your two cents are most

And your two cents are most welcome Sticking out tongue

No worries, I will do the SMV and Netherstorm extra circuits in the future, we'll just have to be patient.

You are awesome!!


Do you get paid for it, you are so bussy with it, its just awesome how you make guide before the release!! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! You are really awesome, and its even free!! the best
The best!!!!

Jame's picture

Hehe thank you. But to be

Hehe thank you. But to be honest with you, I'm gonna have a really hard time sticking to all those deadlines, it's more work than what I expected Sticking out tongue

In any case, I'll release a full 70-80 Wotlk leveling guide at some point, no matter how much time it takes.

Rep grind, etc, warnings in new guides?

Love your guides. If I might make a suggestion - it would have been great if the earlier guides had had rep grind warnings, like, "if you are a feral druid, consider grinding unidentified plant parts now before doing any cenarion expedition quests."

If there are such "warning points" in 70-80 for rep or for achievements or whatever, if you could insert something in the guides that would be great.

Good luck on your release dates - very ambitious!

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Yes, this is a good idea and

Yes, this is a good idea and I'll implement it, but not in my general leveling guides, I don't want to overload them with any extra infos relevent to only one class.

This kind of info will be included in my class specific leveling guides, which will come later this year Smiling

Warriors in Wotlk

Hey, Jame
I love your guides and have used them on my toons a lot.

I would like to know if you remember anything about the warrior part in wotlk? Should I be pvping and getting 2x 2h weapons from honor or will there be good weapons in the start of leveling in northrend? I don't want to waste all that time on 54k honor and end up replacing my weapons in a few levels. Also, how good is the armor dropping in the first few levels like 70-72, etc.? Is it worth spending time trying to get good gear at 70 or will there already be good gear from questing in northrend?
I have tried Wowhead and other sites like them but they don't seem to really show which quest the weapon or armor comes from or the weapon is usually acquired at like level 74~.

Thanks again for the great guides and I hope to continue using them. Laughing out loud

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There are quite a lot of

There are quite a lot of good upgrades in the starting zone. At least one good piece of armor for each slot before you finish the first zone.

For example, if you're Horde and start in borean tundra, the first few quests you do will get you the following items:

Mightstone Legplates
Mightstone Breastplate
Combatant Greatsword

And there's much more of course, that's just from the first 5 quests you do.

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DK vs Other 55-60

I'm curious to know if there's a difference in leveling speed between 55 to 60 for a DK versus the old classes. Are the DK quests more efficient or on par with your old guides?

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From 55 to 58, the quests

From 55 to 58, the quests are the bomb and you have to do them anyway, there's no way around it.

From 58 to 60, I've revamped my plaguelands circuits and adapted them to DKs, and the result is a much better XP/hour rate than for other classes, partly due to how much DKs own at this level (and full blue set helps too), but also thanks to the self teleport to the Ebon Hold, which is right above Light's Hope Chapel, and I've abused it to the max in my guide to save travelling time.

DK guide?

I must admit that i'm a bit confused Jame. Eye

Here you've announced that you are publishing your DK lvling guide, but on your blog, you have devided into several parts..

Will the fully guilde (55-80) be released the 7/8th of November, or just the first part (55-60,5) ? Smiling

Thx in regards.

Jame's picture

Just the 55-60.5 part will

Just the 55-60.5 part will be released before WotLK. The rest will come after. Sorry for the confusion!

Just a llittle bit confused

Okay before I begin I'd like to say that your guides are great, ive used them to level to 70 twice now,

Anyhow I'm confused as to how you can release the guide before WotLK is released. Are you in the beta or something?

Jame's picture

I'm in the beta, of course

I'm in the beta, of course Smiling

Jame, was thrilled to find

Jame, was thrilled to find out you're going to have guides ready for expansion.

I've used your guides to level 5 of my 6 70s, and I've found nothing that compares to them. I've even got an addon (won't say which one) that shows me all the locations for quests and quest objectives - and whenever it conflicts with your guide, it gets ignored.

Excited to see what you have for Northrend. To anyone who might be new to Jame's guides - this is the best you'll get, hands down.

*cough cough* Questhelper

*cough cough* Questhelper *cough cough* What? I was just coughing!

Jame, I guess the


I guess the Netherstorm + SMV money making guides are postponed?


Jame's picture

Aye, sorry. For now they

Aye, sorry. For now they are. I'll see if I can squeesh them in before the release of WotLK though.