November 2008 Karma TOP 10!

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#1 Souricette - Karma: +81

#2 Shikamaru - Karma: +79

#3 Jiyambi - Karma: +62

#4 Hosho - Karma: +24

#5 Tsmith - Karma: +23

#6 Benhir - Karma: +22

#7 Dhannek - Karma: +21

#8 Tarciryan - Karma: +17

#9 Zerox - Karma: +16

#10 Trollvink - Karma: +15

Would you like to become an important member of the wow-pro community? Want more of those yellow stars under your avatar? Tired of waiting for your comments to go through the moderation queue? Interested in gaining more user priviledges on wow-pro and helping this website become the best out there?

Then you should probably read my Blog Post about our Ranking System and find out about the Karma Sheet.

Who knows, you might end up being the first wow-pro member to reach the status of Moderator:

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October 2008 Karma TOP 10



Congratulations to all those on the list for last month.

People that are on that list are what makes this site such a great place to come to.

And of course there are also many people that are not on the list that make this place a great place.

Congratulations to all of you.

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Thanks Jame, I am working on finishing up my guides that are in the work in progress state. Sorry that its been a while since a good post was added by me, got really into WOTLK with your guides Eye

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Congratulations to all people on the list, you truly make this website what it is with your contributions Smiling

For all those members who is not on the list, i wonder, is there any way we can look how many Karma points we have? Maybe a exp bar on the right side under our account would be cool.

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That's one of the features

That's one of the features we'll have in the future yes Eye For now, you can ask me how much karma points you have by private message, as long as you don't ask me 5 times a week it's all good Sticking out tongue

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Not yet, but maybe it will

Not yet, but maybe it will be possible in the near future Smiling

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That is great Smiling The comunity is growing bigger and bigger Eye

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Congratulations and thanks

Congratulations and thanks to those who are on the list, you are a huge help to the community Smiling
It would be nice if you could see which guides an author has written by looking on their profiles as it would be easier finding people's guides that way.

-Because I can, the only reason I need

-Because I can, the only reason I need

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I thought the same thing as

I thought the same thing as soon as I started contributing here. Jame told me it was planned for the future, as are a lot of site updates, but his Northrend guides are top priority atm.

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Yeah, Jame never seems to

Yeah, Jame never seems to have enough time Sticking out tongue

-Because I can, the only reason I need

-Because I can, the only reason I need

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Gratz all! I made it in the

Gratz all!

I made it in the Top10, yay! Smiling

I hope my contributions to WoW-Pro will continue helping you out Jame. Best of luck for the rest of your Northerend guides.

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Thanks for the update Jame! And congrats everyone! Smiling

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Thanks to all of you for

Thanks to all of you for contributing so much to wow-pro. And also thanks to all those I couldn't include in the list.

Starting next month, I'll make that list bigger and include the TOP 20 Contributors instead of TOP 10. That should motivate you all to try to enter the list Eye

Keep it up guys, wow-pro really has one of the most friendly and helpful community out there, if not THE most friendly and helpful.

So once again, thank you!

Grats to all those that made

Grats to all those that made the list. I am new to this community, but I thought I would give you some quick feed back on your guides that my wife tougth was funny.

Your guides are written so well, that our 10yo boy with ADHD and hates reading, was folloing your guides right on and was leveling with no problems. He was happy and we were happy that he was reading and was able to follow the flow of things as well as he was. Thats a big hats off to you.

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Wow, that's a huge

Wow, that's a huge compliment, thanks!