Needed Guides and other news

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Hey guys, just a quick news post to announce what's coming up on wow-pro!

  • I'm cleaning up the whole site. Outdated guides are being unpublished. More about this in my latest blog article.
  • The Needed Guides list is now a wiki page, which means that every registered user can help to keep it up to date. This will help tremendously.
  • A new theme is being designed for the site. It looks very promising, the site will look ten times better and it will also come with new cool features

So stay tuned Eye

And if you have any suggestions, leave a comment here on on my blog!


Hey Jame, Great site. Its

Hey Jame, Great site. Its been a great help for me.
May i offer a suggestion? Im not a web designer or anything of that nature, but was wondering if there is a way you could implement a bookmark, or page marker system? Something that the user can make a note on, maybe its kept in the cookies on that machine, but i play several characters at different levels, and factions. It would be nice to be able to mark the spot i left at with a note "WOOTE 12-17-08". When i come back to the guide in a few weeks(if it hasnt changed) the mark will be there.

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I'll see what I can do

I'll see what I can do Smiling

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Add the US sticky issue!

Add the US sticky issue! Smiling

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Seems like really great changes, especially with un-publishing really outdated guides. Can be really confusing when looking for relevant information.
Really great changes, too a really great website!