Congratulations Jiyambi! WoW-Pro's first moderator!

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Everyone please give your congratulations to Jiyambi for reaching the status of Moderator!

After months spent writing top quality guides, posting insightful comments and pretty much helping me out with the site in many ways, Jiyambi finally broke the 200 Karma Points barrier and became our very first Moderator!

This means that she'll be able to be even more helpful to the community than she used to! Comments in moderation queue should get approved faster. Karma points should be attributed faster, mistakes should be corrected faster, etc!

I'm confident we'll see more Moderators in the future, and that's great because they'll help us make this site a more enjoyable place for the community.

Who will be our next 4 moderators? The Karma Race is open!


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What happens if Ji reaches

What happens if Ji reaches the 1000 Karma points? Which seems to be likely to happen by the end of this week Laughing out loud

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What happens is we'll have a

What happens is we'll have a RL meeting somewhere and build a statue for her!

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Jiyambi, can i haz ur babiez?

Gz Sticking out tongue

Tag. Smiling

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Thanks again everyone for

Thanks again everyone for the nice messages Smiling

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Grats Jiyambi, well deserved

Grats Jiyambi, well deserved ! Laughing out loud

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Way to go! Congrats!

Way to go! Congrats!

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Well, nothing different from

Well, nothing different from the others except the language:


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keep on the great work. Smiling

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Grats Jiyambi!

Very well deserved ^_^

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Congratulations, you

Congratulations, you deserved it Smiling

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Grats, Jiyambi

Grats, Jiyambi Eye

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Congratulations! After all

Congratulations! After all the effort you've put into this site, you definitely deserve it.


Ding u just hit mod lvl LOL


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Oh Em Geeeee!

Oh Em Geeeee!

Hah, thought I would need to come out with another guide before I got mod status Eye Thanks a ton everyone, I hope I can be active and help out even more!

Actually, my school work load is pretty light this week so I hope to release my map making guide by this weekend! Smiling

PS: Jame, I am probably gonna need a crash course in how to use my new-found powers! }:)

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Better than a crash course,

Better than a crash course, we've got a secr3t admin/mods page ^^

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Ah come on you don't need a

Ah come on you don't need a crash course. Just click around a bit and see what happens Eye

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Congratulations Jiyambi!

Congratulations Jiyambi! Smiling

Enjoy working your ass off even more Sticking out tongue

As goes for the next 4 moderators, it's most likely going to be the already 4 exalted ones. The gap between me, aswell as dark_fanboy, and the 5th ranked member (black_cat), is quite big.


Gratz Jiyambi. You have deserved this

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Congrats, Jiyambi, I think you deserve it Eye

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I'm 25 min too late, Jahwo was faster than me Sad but still... gratz!!!! Smiling You see you finaly got the firt moderator Eye even while having work to do, you're ... imba? Laughing out loud (lol)
Btw, this blue stars really look nice (much better than gold Smiling)

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Yaay Congratz Jiyambi

Yaay Congratz Jiyambi Smiling *party*

Gratz Jiyambi ))