WoW-Pro 2.6.4 Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, Achievements and Professions Release Notes

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Current Version: 2.6.4
Last Update: Aug 17, 2013
Next Update: Sept 10, 2013

This update includes:
  • Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are > 173 guides, of which 13 guides had updates.
  • A promise to update the guides frequently.
  • A few bug fixes.

The updated guides include:

  1. Alliance Burning Steppes
  2. Alliance Hellfire Penninsula [*[ Alliance Terrokar Forest
  3. Horde Mulgore
  4. Horde Dustwallow Marsh
  5. Horde Western Plaguelands
  6. Horde Thousand Needles
  7. Horde Blade's Edge
  8. Argent Crusade
  9. Shattered Sun
  10. Tailoring Profession guide errors fixed.
  11. New shopping lists for Cooking and Leatherworking recipes.

We have many fixes/enhancements this update:

  1. Fixes a problem with missing functions when skipping or unskipping steps

We have 2 known bugs this release:

  1. Guide resets across load screens needs to be better.
  2. Errors in Achievement module when accepting Blingtron quest!

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our "Troubleshooting Page" first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our "Friendly Chat Room"!

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Good to see the new update

Good to see the new update here. The previous one had some troubles I hope those problems are not here in this 2.6.4

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broken feature - map coordinates

There used to be a feature that if you right click on a step it gave you two options - map coord and make sticky.  This no longer exists.  I don't know when it went away.  It was still there when I did the order of the cloud serpent guide. (and I counted on it for finding the onyx eggs)  Also, that step is being entirely skipped now, since you pick up the eggs before you pick up the quest.  I have it as a "C" step, perhaps It should be changed to an "N". 

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Missing make it sticky

Hmm, sounds like there was custom code in the module that I did not copy over right.

I'lll add this to the stack to check out this weekend.

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Missing Map Coord/Make it sticky

Not to cause trouble ... but, did you get a chance to look at this, is it fixable?

I have been running an abandoned character thru the guides, (I gave up mining on my main and had to level someone else so they could fly in Pandaria -- Mining on foot sucks) and I wanted to test out this new auto flight thing, (which by the way I REALLY LIKE, major KUDOS! Unfortunantly there was only ... 2 places or so it applied in Jade Forest/V4Winds).  Well my DK is now 89 and just entering Krasarang, its amazing what rested XP will do.  I don't know if I will test the later guides or not, since once she hits 90 its off to timeless isle and all those myriad other things a new 90 needs. 

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Re: Missing Map Coord/Make it sticky

Whoops!   Slipped my mind.

The code was there, I had gotten as far as making sure that all the right components where there, but that the menu was not showing up for some reason.   Then I got distracted.

On the list now!

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ReRe: Missing Map Coord/Make it sticky

OK.  Fix is checked in.  It is also supposed to open up the quest log to the corresponding quest when you left click!

Need to test this part still.  But the right click now should let you sticky/unsticky, set map coords, and share quests.


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Re: Missing Map Coord/Make it sticky

Does it actually open the quest log proper--which includes the "complete" button for the turn in to UI quests.  Or does it open the single pane description of that quest which does not include that essential button?

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ReRe: Missing Map Coord/Make it sticky

It now opens up the full QuestLog panel.

I don't have one of those UI quests on a toon to test that the complete button is there, but the code I looked at indicates it should.