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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range please check out this page.

If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


Outland guide - starting at 60 not 58?

I don't think he should start it at 58, it's much easier in Hellfire Penninsula at 60 to level further than when you arrive there at 58, so it's more efficient to get to 60 in Azeroth and then move to Outland. Plus: it's less work for Jame Smiling



It would be so nice to see your Guide in Tour Guide,

New Guides

Dear Jame,

I was wondering about the New Guides. I have been using the current guides, and reached Chapter 2 yesterday. But, will the new guides have to be followed from the beginning like the current ones, or will you still be able to pick up from your place in the guides at the time of the release of the new ones?

Please help me!
Anonymous Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide User
Thran-Azuremyst Server-Echoes of Infinity Guild
Level 41 Human Paladin

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You'll be able to pick up

You'll be able to pick up midway through the guides, no problem.

Leveling in Outlands really

Leveling in Outlands really isnt that difficult. Just do quests like crazy. And if it's taking you till Dec 10 from now, you aren't doing that great a job.

Nice Guides James

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It's true it's not that

It's true it's not that difficult. However for people who have little time to spend on wow, my guide will save them a lot of time Eye

Any minor itty bitty little hint on the 65-70 Guide ETA?

Hey Jame, First off your guides are absolutely amazing, keep up the great work mate, and i have a confession.. I am madly in love with you!! Jawdropping! <3

Aside from that, the main reason for this post is i'm curious if you may be able to give some what of a hint on when myself and i am positive many others who are dieing to feast their eyes on your sacred orgasmic exp writings *snaps back to reality* can expect your 65-70 guide? I have managed to bring myself to just about half way through 66 by the time i reached the end *cries* of the 60-65 guide and i'm really hoping the "before December 10th" could somewhat just maybe possibly be sooner? I would really like to continue on with your guide to 70, instead of doing it myself via mindlessly running around in my own "routes" or by solid instancing *begins to rip handfuls of hair out at the thought of it* as i had done with my Horde Priest. If you could at least give us an itsy bitys tiny weenee hint on when we can expect it, you would take the step from my hero to my god. And i would love you so much and yeah i'll stop myself there. It would just be *greatly* appreciated. Sticking out tongue


After you rewrite the guide to make up with the new patch changes, could you please post a link or something to a Download of the full 31-65 Guide that is on the net now ? ty in advance:)

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The current guides will

The current guides will simply be replaced by the new ones, so they will be right here, on this page Smiling


<3 jame

XP re-vamp

With patch 2.3, Blizzard has made it much faster to level in Azeroth and also added a large number of quests. Now, people who follow your guide will find themselves outleveling the guide. Will there be a re-write?

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Yes. It has been said on the

Yes. It has been said on the news frontpage already before patch 2.3 was even live.

Please read the news post people, so we don't have to answer the same question 10 times. Sticking out tongue

Current form

First of all: Thanks for a fantastic guide Jame. But will there be a copy of it in it's current form? It would really be great, as I tend to cut corners here and there, and also skip the most sucky quests. Or maybe that's what you intend to cut out? Eye

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Well, the new version will

Well, the new version will be even more efficient than the old one. I won't add any "time waste" quest, so the old guide will not be as good as the new one and thus will be replaced.

Love it

Great guide Jame. Use it all the time. Enjoying the game much more after I started using this guide. I was always hesitant to take quests that sent me to other zones since organizing them to be time effective was always a confusion. This guide points the way.

Thanks a lot.

Great guide, ive used your

Great guide, ive used your guide for 3 characters now. Just wondering if you had any plans on putting an alliance 20-30 section in. For most classes its simple grinding/questing, but as a shaman it seems to be a pain to get to 30 without windfury Sad

Anywho , good job on your work, its appreciated!

leveling guides

Has anyone ever tested how long it takes /played to time to get from 1-65 with these guides.

1-60 in 9 days /played with

1-60 in 9 days /played with my shaman, albeit I used a resto build for maximum survivability so my damage output was obviously lower. This time also includes getting jewelcrafting, mining, and secondary professions to 300.

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1-60 in 6 days /played on my

1-60 in 6 days /played on my priest. Without any exp bonus.


Hey James,
You have an an amazing guide. GREAT JOB! Smiling may have said this but where does instancing fit in all this? Not all but a lot of good wepons come from instancing. Will doing instances throw the whole guide off? Puzzled

Thanks alot,

I pown Chuck Norris's face

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Almost every instance is

Almost every instance is included in my guides. I always recommend to do the instances and my guides make you do the pre-quests to most of the instance quests.

Doing more instancing than my guide recommends is a good thing, it means you might not even need to grind at all. So by all means, instance as much as you like Smiling

things about your guide

hi thank you very much for this guide it rocks
but i what i missed in this guide is more details
yea imagine someone playing wow and he did not do anything
unless its in ur guide someone like me i was really searching for the fast way to lvl and ur guide can do that
if it have the details about quests u can say in some steps take like 10 quests but it would save a lot of time if u said this NPC have quest #1 and quest #2
get it from him and then go to NPC that have quest #3 and quest #4
coz in ur quest i missed about 5 or more quests coz i couldn't find them and they have a follow up quests so i have 2 search the quests i missed and do it which was gray to me to keep track of the new quests
some picture about the guy who give the quest will be super gr8
thx for ur gr8 guide

vibrant plumes

james how are u going to get all the vibrant plumes they only drop 5% and i have to get 25 somehow which is the quickest way to get them Smiling

vibrant plumes

you should just skip that part and continue with the guide. Trying to get all those plumes almost made me want to quit the guide Sad .

Still great!

"# Kroc Says:
Fri, 2007-01-26 09:50

Yo Jame, will there be a 60-70 Alliance levelling guide?

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# Jame Says:
Fri, 2007-01-26 18:37

Yes there will be a 60-70 alliance leveling guide, and then a horde counterpart. No ETA yet! Smiling"

Well, honestly, I didn't find that in Outlands I needed a guide as much as I did before.

On the other hand, everyone I've passed the links to these guides to has been very grateful. They really rock.

I did use the alternate to STV that runs you through Desolace (it is in the guide section), but was able to pick up quickly.

Just wanted to drop by and say thank you again.

level 52

I am level 52 and I have no idea where to start cause so many of the quests are interwoven with each other...can someone please help me.

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Just start with the 50-60

Just start with the 50-60 guide and get all the quests that Jame tells you to get. If he mentions some quests that are follow-ups of his previous guide, leave them out.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin


As the title explain your guide rocks. In fact, it was too good. I could not finish it and i went into outland when i was at about lvl54 of your guide.
But James, please, make a guide for 60-70. Have it out before the next expansion please.

Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud

for the rogue!

Quote:[37] Water Elementals

[37] Water Elementals at Baron Revilgaz on to of the Inn. Get follow up [37] Magical Analysis.

Hey James, could you do us a small favor and bold and yellow the italized quest please? I just got done with southshore and I missed that quest in BB cause I didn't see it. Sad

Lol me too! Completely

Lol me too! Completely missed this and had to take a few more trips from booty bay to southshore Shocked
Great guide though! Gief 60-70 guide!!

Great Guide, Helped Me a Lot

This was a very helpful guide. I used it when levelling my second character - a Paladin. I got him to 30, picked up the guide, and followed it almost religiously from 30-50. At that point, I followed it loosely, but I divereged a bit because I headed straight fo Outlands at 58.

It certainly pointed out a lot of zones and quests that I didn't do the first time around, and gave me a good benchmark of when I should head to each zone. Levelling was faster and easier this time around. Use the guide if you want to level quickly and get on with the real content.

Writer's Desk - Guides, Articles, and Tips for World of Warcraft

Writer's Desk - Guides, Articles, and Tips for World of Warcraft

Great guide

Loved the guide it was really clear and fast, any thoughts for a guide from 60-70 James?


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I am currently working on

I am currently working on the level 60-70 guides, but no ETA yet, sorry Smiling

I look forward to that!

I look forward to that! Great guides. Some quests I really hate (like the escort quests or the quests involving the little houses in Western Plaguelands), I just skip them, I am ahead of schedule so no probs.

Women also play!

Great Guide

It helped me level from 30-50 in 2 weeks, although i had a few problems in areas where i started following the guide to a location later realizing i didn't have the quest, the benefits out wieghed the draw backs 10 fold, and since everyone is asking for a 20-30 guide, maybe you should just throw up a list of zone and in what order, for instance redridge(20) ashenvale(23) wetlands(25) darkshire(27) ect. just a suggestion =D

I love this guide so much...

I love this guide so much... I've used it on about five or six characters so far -- it helped my druid from 30-65, my other druid (hehe) from 20-40 (and I'm still working on him), my warrior from 30-70, and a bunch of other characters who have just started The Grind.

I only wish I'd known about it when I was leveling my paladin when I first started playing. Smiling

I've now started using it for my new shaman and my brother started a new warlock. We recently got to 30 so we're starting on the guide and I can't wait. Laughing out loud


works for duos too

My son (human Paladin) and I (NE Hunter) are duoing through these guides. We started when we were both level 31, and keep skipping the "now grind till you're xxx bubbles from yy level" thinking that the guide will catch up to us, but it never does, we're still one whole level ahead (at 46 atm).

Awesome guide Jame!


Leveling and STV

Jame, I've got a lot of people telling me to do Western Plaguelands (WPL) instead of Azshara and Ungoro at level 52, because of the intense pvp on my server.

Do you have any comments or advice for those of us in this kind of situation, other than taking a high level with us?

Unlike many, I have the option to run with a 61 druid and one to two 61 paladins, but I realize not everyone has that luxury.

Also, on a side note, I would recommend that at 51, everyone take a break from Leveling and do ALTERAC VALLEY (AV) Battleground for at least one afternoon.

Pick up ALL the quests for the BG at the AV cave above Southshore and complete as many as you can for great xp (around 6000+ per!) and get yourself one of the great items for winning one BG.

Hunters especially will want the Ice Barbed Spear which will boost your necessary hunter stats massively.

I also HEARTILY recommend you pay attention and do *ALL* the available quests for SUNKEN TEMPLE, when Jame calls for them as the Helm of Exile you can get hold of is really nice for Battlegrounds, boosting your mana and some other stats.

Kudos on a great series of guides, Jame, and Im looking forward to Outland =D

There's something wrong with this guide!

Hello Jame! I have just 2 remarks to make about this guide:
1) At some point you actually forgot to put the Y part of the coordiantes! (Big deal.. actually had to work my brain for a change..)
2) I'm constantly almost 1 lvl above the guide, is it jsut me or is this guide simply too good to be true?
3) Ur amazing... Great asset to the WoW community, and a very very nice and beloved person!

I've tried to lvl from 60-70 with Brian Kopp's guide which actually costs money (I know some ppl who know some ppl who rob some ppl so that's no problem for me) and I would like to tell you that yours is much better.. The language is very nice, comprehensible and amusing to read (Sometimes I had to read the same sentence from Brian Kopp's guide 2-3 times in order to understand what to do which is rather hard when I have 2-3 mobs pounding on me), the maps are alot easier to understand, and basicly, U rule all! All praise Jame
/bow Laughing out loud Eye

Great guide Jame, I leveled

Great guide Jame, I leveled my warrior to 60 without it and it was brutal. I have now leveled a priest, and a warlock to 70, a hunter to 60, and am about to start a rogue and a mage using your guide again. I have posted links to it in my guild forum and recommend it anytime I have a chance.

Brendoc, I found that I had the same thing happen to me, I was alway 1-3 levels above the guide and never had to do any non quest related grinding (I would do instances when I could or just skip those parts and the guide would catch up to me a little).

Great job again Jame, look forward to maybe seeing a 60-70.

28-57 in 2 weeks with casual

28-57 in 1 week with casual game play.
Playing a Demonologist Warlock with no pet(Demonic Sacrifice buff)

Nice guide, but...

I'm sure this guide will help some people, but I found it to be incredibly annoying at times. There are a few key issues that make playing by this guide completely impractical for me:

Professions - For the most part, this guide completely ignores professions. Granted, it would be hard to write a separate section for each of the professions, but SOME mentions of certain things could be considered. For example, making note of various teachers for things such as first aid and fishing, or even the consideration that having ANY of the major professions is going to put a strain on bag space. Professions are there to help the player with stat boosts, armor, weapons, or to provide a means of making money. Simply getting to 60 is sort of pointless if you have to then go back to square one, nearly broke, and work up a profession.

Grinding - Right from the get-go, Jame has us grinding. Not that it bothers me to occasionally pound away mindlessly on mobs, but I found myself grinding more than HALF of the first two levels for... nothing but xp. Come on. If you're not grinding for a quest, it's a WASTE of time. I could be elsewhere doing even simple quests for three times the xp I made killing several hundred harpies.

Banking - There is only an offhand mention of what items should and should not be placed in the bank. It would have been really nice to know that I didn't need certain items on my person until I would turn them in three levels later. I could have saved four or five slots in my bags just carrying around useless quest items. This becomes especially critical in STV, where traveling up and down the whole zone repeatedly just so I can empty my bags and turn in quests and those damn pages is seriously time consuming and frankly DANGEROUS. You have to pass mobs 8 and 9 levels higher than you EACH TIME. Come on... Want to really slow yourself down, get killed by a Mistvale Gorilla in the middle of STV... repeatedly.

Quest Level - Yes, it's always better to try and do quests that are yellow or better for higher xp, but some of the ones Jame has chosen just seem like a bad call. The Venture Co. Geologists are some of the fastest casters in the whole damn game. Fighting them three levels down gives you a HUGE aggro range and will almost certainly cause caster adds. Finding the ones on the fringes wastes TIME, which is the whole point of the guide. Sometimes, it's actually faster to fly to a different zone and do an easier quest than to stick with a single zone and grunt through something that gets you killed multiple times. Not to mention repair costs.

Easier Mobs - There are several points where a simple note that there are easier versions of certain mobs just over in X direction would have seriously helped. Sure, the turtles around the racetrack drop nice scales, but the level 35 ones will chew up a warrior or rogue in record time. Having to spend a potion or a cooldown for each and every one is wasteful, especially when he could have mentioned that there are level 31 turtles wandering just to the Northwest that drop the same scales.

Umm..your an idiot?

Incase you didn't notice, this guide is a leveling guide marinda, not a guide on telling you how to make the best of your character by getting what professions and where to level them so the guide can hold your hand through your entire WoW experience, but simply a guide that will show you an easy way (and yes it is really, really easy) to go from 30-60 quickly.

For your grinding complaint, it's proven that grinding is FASTER leveling than it is to quest. That is, if you know how to grind and are a good grinding class. If you don't want to grind, then go run an instance or something, you don't NEED to grind where it says grind. Jame's even said that at the beginning.

Honestly, if you are so stupid that you don't think you should bank and need someone to tell you "hey, maybe you should put the STV pages in the bank for awhile until you gathered them all up", then you should just quit WoW now so you don't make even more of an idiot of yourself. Shocked

I've leveled now 3 70's using Jame's guides from 30-60, and to be honest, these "creatures" that are "so high level" never, ever appeared to me. Maybe you read the guide wrong and were too busy looking for lines that said "bank this" or "there's a herb at 54,39 for you herbalists out there!" to notice the actual leveling guide. And again, you probably screwed up if you were facing creatures too tough for you.

/end rant the real reason I got back my account lol..

I find that Jame's leveling guide is more useful than anything I have used before. I first made a post when I had a 46 Hunter and 42 Priest, now that Hunter and Priest are both 70, and I have leveled a Gnome Warrior to 70, and currently am leveling my Human Rogue to 70, who has just hit the 30, thus I came to this guide.

I even recommend it for the good players, because this guide WILL help you level tremendously faster than if you tried doing it on your own. Smiling

Thanks James

Would finally like to thank you for making this guide. I have used your guide to level 3 alts. A hunter, priest, and a Shaman. About to use it for a third time for a rogue.

Thanks again for a great guide. It actually makes leveling fun. Only thing that sucks is making it to L30, but then its a breeze.

Very nice guide ;)

I followed this guide from lvl 30-60 and i must say that this guide is better than the ones you actully pays money for. I leveled a Draenei Male hunter and my mate levled a Draenei Male Paladin. we both got to lvl 60 quite fast Eye
the guide is clearly recommended ;>

I'm now lvling another draenei hunter, female this time Eye still following the guide ;>


I gotta say its a great guide. During spring break (1 week)i leveled a hunter from 1-42. This is after doing all the instances to get the loot i wanted. For a hunter this guide was great as hunters are great soloers and can kill mobs 1-2 levels higher than them with a much easier time than other classes. But with a warrior there is alot of flaws in the guide. I often have to get 1-2 levels before i can do the quest guide because some of the mobs are to high lvl. From what i understand you did this as a rogue, i think you should re-evaluate your guide based on other classes, as most mobs higher than the character arent worth killing. I know as a fact that priests, mages, warriors, and shaman, would have a hard time following your guide word for word, especially noobs. I also think the alliance guide should have a 20-31 section just like horde does. I usually use the other guide(youri i think is his name) but its pretty undescriptive and overall a horrible guide.

problem at the beginning

Hi there
I just started to use this guide as i hit 30 lvl. Now i am lvl 31 and doin part in shimmering flats. Drop rate was good for me, i have these turtle meet and now i should grind to reach lvl 32 acording to this guide. But the problem is that i have more than half way to lvl 32. It would take around 2 - 2,5h of hardcore grinding. I haven't dinged 2 times since started to use this guide and i am already sick of grinding. First harpies in 1k needles now this... Is it really faster than doin another quests? I'm starting to think if i shouldn't go further on my own...

Sorry for my english and ofc thanks for great and hard work you made doin this guide

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Hi Grochu, all depends on

Hi Grochu, all depends on your spec and how you grind. Normally it shouldn't take that long for you to ding and not everyone dislikes grinding, as it is sometimes more relaxing than questing (matter of taste).

If you want, post your spec and explain how you kill mobs and what type of gear you choose and maybe some improvements can be made so grinding becomes easier and faster for you.

Furthermore this part of the guide is indeed heavy on the grinding, but it will become less soon. It's just that in that level range not many good quests are around.

WoW-Pro Admin

It looks like this... i have

It looks like this... i have a mage lvl70 and it took me kinda long time to lvl. Now i created warrior alt. Ppl say that they lvl from 43-50 in 11 days reading this guide so it is very good coz as i remeber it took me 2-3 days on each lvl (40+). I am warrior (arms speced). This character is kinda twinky coz i give him money from my main but i dont want to buy blue items for 100g each time i lvl... i buy greens for wise prices. my gear is usualy around 2-3 lvls different from my lvl so it is good.

You said that this guide will be less-grinding-like l8er so i will continue using it.. will see.. thanks for answer.

Now back to grinding Eye

Not a bad guide, but...

This isn't a bad guide, but I had a few issues with it. It tells you to go through STV during your low 30s, and then head to Hillsbrad/Alterac/Arathi at 35, and while I understand that doing it this way is theo more 'streamlined' way of questing, I prefer doing it the other way around, seeing as many of the MOBs in STV are 40-41 and will greatly hinder any low 30s toon from doing effecient questing there. But, that being said, it's still a great guide for the quests themselves