Alliance Leveling Guides


Great Work

Been using these guides for a while now to level various characters. Would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the ahrd work you all put in for this website and the guides. 

I have a question


I have a question. Can't ALL the Alliance leveling guides be put on this page? (Or can someone make a new page with ALL the Alliance leveling guides?) I mean, now the guides are spread out, you have guides over here ( and guides over here (at this page) and some guides are at the bottom of other guides (the guides at this page with an arrow I mean, have guides at the bottom). And is it possible that the guides are ranked, that the best guides are atop?

If I'm asking too much, please say it, but yesterday I was so confused, searching and searching for (the best) guides. Sticking out tongue

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You are very correct, these

You are very correct, these pages all need a revamp. I'll work on it when I have time Smiling