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As mentioned in this news post, all of Jame's Leveling Guides will be revamped, to adapt to the changes that were introduced with patch v2.3.

Since many have been asking, I'm going to list approximate release dates as I'm in charge of testing the guides and adapting them. I'm currently running through the horde guides with a Blood Elf character and making leveling guides for blood elves at the same time, because they were lacking.

  • November 22: Release of Guide to Ghostlands (12-21) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • November 28: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (21-30) (Done: Guide can be found here (url didn't change))
  • December 10: Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (31-40) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • December 29/30 : Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (41-50) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • January 19 : Revamp of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (51-60) (Done: Guide can be found here)
  • January 23: Release of Draenei Leveling Guide (1-12)
  • January 25: Release of Snowflake's Alliance Leveling Guide (20-30)
  • February 10: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (30-40)
  • February 25: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (40-50)
  • March 5: Revamp of Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide (50-60)

After that I'll publish release dates for the Alliance guides. The revamp will also include writing of a guide from 20-30 for Alliance which has been a popular demand since a long time.

The more help we get the faster we can release the updated versions, so if you can/want to help out, shoot me a Private Message.


hey, my hunter alt got 31

hey, my hunter alt got 31 and ended the 1st horde guide a few hours ago...

I'm wondering - if you are online now snowflake - if the new revamped guide will be relseased later today ? Or couple of days later as I realize it says approximate release dates..

Should I be keep hitting the F5 key or can you give more info =P


Good job working on the Horde guides...i know it must be hard getting this close to the holidays.
I was wondering when the Alliance might be coming out, in a few weeks maybe? a month or two?

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I have two guides still left

I have two guides still left for horde which means maybe about 10 days for each with a bit of luck (can be more)... but then I'm starting with Alliance right away. I think I'll definately start with the Alliance guide within a month from here.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

notes on important quests?

Little late with suggestion i suspect, but would it be possible to make some kind of note if a quest is important, ei. leads to a chain of quests or leads to an instance or similar.

Reason i ask, is that i been doing the alliance guide with a hunter, and the excelerated xp gain + going outside the guide a few times (getting hunter pet skills, solving quests not in guide for hunter gear) - has placed me at lvl58½ when i should be lvl 52. (LFG for sunken temple sucks in the new LFG tool).

So i have a hard time figuring out which quests i can skip to get back on track.

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At the moment that would

At the moment that would unfortunately add too much workload. Priority is to revamp the guides first, but it's definately something to add in the future.

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WoW-Pro Admin


so the lv65-70 guide for the alliance is coming about few weeks Jawdropping! ?

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Looking good for the second

Looking good for the second chapter of the horde guide. It's completely done with new quest circuits in Dustwallow Marsh and Hammerfall (the Stromgarde quests that were elite before). Both big grinding sessions at the start and the end of the guide (harpies and rock elementals) have been removed and replaced by quests.

The only thing left to do is the text formatting and maps which should be done tomorrow in time for release.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

I was just curious if you

I was just curious if you can post a specfic date on the 20-30 guide for alli

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I really can't, I'm

I really can't, I'm overwhelmed with work currently and it's more and more difficult to find time for the revamping. On top we received a complaint about the already revamped guide which was apparently completely made up, but we still had to double check if it was the case. So that threw us back as well... All in all really stressful at the moment.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Love you guys at wow-pro

Love you guys at wow-pro Sticking out tongue Keep up the great work! Looking forward to chap 4 horde guide revamped! =]

Great guides as always Jame.

Great guides as always Jame. Can I make one small request though Smiling

For those of us eagerly awaiting the 65-70 guide (alliance, but they should both be about the same), can you provide us with some quick benchmarks for each zone. I think you are trying to get two levels per zone.

60-62 Hellfire
62-64 Zangar
64-66 Terokkar
66-68 Nagrand
68-70 Blade's Edge

This way you have Netherstorm and Shadowmoon for pure money making purposes. Is this close to the way your pacing the final 65-70 guide?

Thanks again for your guides.

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60-62 Hellfire 62-64

60-62 Hellfire
62-64 Zangar
64-66 Terokkar
66-67 Nagrand
67-69 Blade's Edge
69-70 Netherstorm

I will have to include a few circuits in Netherstorm to reach level 70. Keep in mind I am writing my guide with zero rested bonus, so it was a little too hard to reach level 70 without touching Netherstorm and SMV at all. Smiling

I was wondering, do you

I was wondering, do you think that a post 70 questing guide, to finish the quests in Netherstorm and SMV is needed?
And BTW, great guides as always jame, keep up the good work!

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I don't think it's really

I don't think it's really needed, but I might do it in the future when I have time. However for now, the priority is doing the 60-70 guide for horde Smiling

Is chapter 4 not being

Is chapter 4 not being rewritten?

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It will be rewritten, just

It will be rewritten, just no release date yet.

currently on chapter 4, was

currently on chapter 4, was going to wait for it to release, but i have a feeling i can level it to 50 before the release date. i have a couple other characters i could level through the freshly revamped guide though.

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New version of Jame's Horde

New version of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter 1 (21-31) is up now. You can view it here.

  • Introduction section shortened to contain the important info only
  • Addon section updated
  • Kill everything on your way rule has been more or less lifted, unless you lack experience compared to the guide's progress
  • Numbers in images now correspond to paragraphs
  • Grinding sessions have been removed
  • Guide doesn't assume you did Hosho's Barrens Guide before, neither does it assume you leveled in the Barrens before, it's now perfectly usable for Blood Elves and people who leveled in Ghostlands etc.
  • Quest from Blood Elf NPCs that were added with TBC have been integrated
  • New quest circuits, new (clearer) maps and additional pictures were added
  • Several minor errors have been corrected and patch v2.3 changes to simplify certain quests and encounters have been integrated

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin



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Little update on this: there

Little update on this: there is more adapting and redoing to do than I thought, especially for blood elves that didn't do quests in the Barrens before... I progressed a lot and a good chunk is done but I'll need a day or two more time. It will be worth it though as ALL the grinding will be removed from the guide.

About old guides: yes they'll still be available and we'll link to them inside the guides.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Thanks for the Update!

I can stop wearing out my F5 key now Smiling

Take your time, and make it good Smiling

Old Guides still available ?

Hi these guides are wonderful, I use them for a year now but I wonder if the old guides will be left on the site or not ? Because they are still great and could be useful. Thx Smiling


I have been waiting to start using your guides for a long time.. so now that i find out you're revamping, I'm very excited. Smiling
I'm just wondering, though, If i was to start a Blood Elf Warlock (which I just did) would the guides be written in a space of time that I didnt have to wait for a while before the next is finished? Just Wondering, and great guides from what I've read.

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Blood Elf starting guide as

Blood Elf starting guide as well as Ghostland 12-21 Guide are done. If you are going to start a Blood Elf anyway it would be awesome if you could try them out and leave feedback.

About the other horde guides: I think they'll all be revamped till December 10. Which is about the time where Jame starts to write the 61-70 guides for Horde. Not sure if the 61-70 guides are going to be ready before you get there, but all the other guides probably will.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Sure thing

as soon as i get through with ghostlands, i will be more than happy to comment on the guide!

im doing atm

yes Im doing that atm, hope you get the other one out before I hit level 21!


Cool, that means I'll be starting a BE tomorrow. Thanks Snowflake.

No need to revamp if you ask

No need to revamp if you ask me. I'm doing the guide right now and it work's wonderfull the grinding sessions are a lot smaller than they were before 2.3 and anything else works totally fine!

There are many many things

There are many many things that need revamped in the guide, such as flight points that have actually been in the game for a long time now (Ratchet and Un'Goro), NPC's that have been moved, newer FPs like Rebel Camp and Emerald Sanctuary, and of course the 3 levels or so worth of new quests added to Dustwallow Marsh.

i agree , there is no need

i agree , there is no need to revamp , the changes in 2.3 just eliminate the need for grinding in jame's guide , which means that you can progress as usual , except u can omit the grinding parts now cause its no longer needed


I never followed the guides point for point, instancing whenever I could, and was still always a good level or two above the guide. Now I'm cutting out entire sections I don't want to do, like the Desolace quests, and a few quests here and there. Most quests that required groups or were very difficult have been nerfed to the point of oblivion. One example is the harpies in Thousand needles. Summoning Grenka instead of bringing 3 waves of 3 harpies each, now just brings her. I was severely disappointed at how easy some of this game has gotten.

You're wrong

The exp in 2.3 comes in faster and faster the higher you level. If you follow the current leveling guides your levels will start getting too high for the quests in the late 20s/early 30s or so. You'll be doing quests lower level than you could, or in other words, getting much less exp than you could be by doing higher level quests.

Leveling guides need to be updated because of that to maximize efficiency and speed.

Using the old guides right now

Got a lvl 51 Mage ally side and 2.3 came out when I was 48. I have had to drop certain quests along the way to keep things eficent 3 times now. The old guides won't work too well if all you can do is follow directions. But if you know enough to drop the quests furthest out of the way and with no follow-up and rewards you can still use them. I, however am still quite looking forward to the updated versions. Anyone who was playing through this game the first time would have no clue and end up spinning their wheels doing lvl 48 quests when they are already lvl 54.

please bold what had been

please bold what had been added to the guide, i'd like very much to know what elite quests can be soloble in v2.3

revamp is 2 in need lol

Small revamps are needed dude, because with 2.3 the min lev to accept some quests has changed as well as some npc locations, for example Fiora Longears is now in Darkshore on the docks instead of in menethril at the inn, and the quest highperch venom's min lev has changed to 31 therefore the very first quest in the alliance lev 30-40 guide is wrong not only in location but also level this changes alot in the first circuit. Sidenote, James Alliance guides are the very best source for fast leveling, I have used them on 4 chars and used theses guides solely and the speed of leveling is amazing, Keep up the good work, and cant wait for the new updates, just wish you were doing alliance first lol Smiling

Alliance should be first =D

Yeah, I saw Jame's guides just as i hit lvl 30 and i tought WOW!! I gotta follow that guide!
But then I was like hey? Didn't they just release the 2.3 patch?
So I looked twice a day every day for a revamp and now you are doing horde first =(

But for great guides like these, I'm willing to wait a while ^_^.
I started the 30-40 alliance guide non-revamped anyway, and I just skipped the first quest, because I couldn't find Fiona Longears either =D

old guides still work

you can still use the old guides and they work quite well. if you go through them strait up you'll end up not haveing any grinding sessions and probably still out level the guide. I'm useing it now and what I'm doing is folowing the guide and ignoreing any grind till you reach X (usaly beyond the cutoff anyway) I'm ignoreing most of the instance runs and I'm also cuting out several quests that are basicly grinds in disguise (badlands regent run for example) I'm still about a level ahead of the guide at this point but I figure I can always cut out one or two quests that I dont feel like doing later to make up for it.

Not saying I wouldnt like the new and improved optomized guide but this works for now. this is my 4th toon to follow the guide in one way shape or form. Thanks Jame I love your work.