[Leveling] Taralom's Night Elf 1-12 Guide

Taralom’s Night Elf 1-12 Guide

• Locations in coordinates.
• Quests
• Mob’s or items.

1. Always kill some mobs while moving to a quest or location.
2. If you log out do it in the inn in Dolanaar or in Darnassus, don't do this while you're in shadowglen.
3. Use shift while looting so you instantly take all loot of a creature.

-Titan panel: for the coordinates, or any other add on that gives you coordinates.
Download this and other add-ons you like at http://www.curse-gaming.com/
-Teldrassil map http://wow.gamona.de/worldmap2/map_teldrassil.html

Special thanks:
Jame [for making a fantastic guide for 30-60]
Caelestis[for making a fantastic 12-20 guide]

About, and things to say:
I made this guide because Lillufy didn't finish her night elf 1-10 guide and i decided to make one for 1-12 and to make it somewhat more clean and clear and easy to use. I made it a 1-12 guide because simply when you do a starting zone completly you will end up at level 12 and I heard about people having problems with it.
In this guide i'm not taking in Class quests because it will be a mess to put it into the guide because to make it optimal I would have to put in the quests at different moments. As soon as you get to level 10 spend your talent point so you do the most damage, this because it's much better for soloing.

Step 1:
Create a Night Elf, click enter world and watch the intro movie.

Level 1

Step 2:
Take the quest The balance of nature given by Conservator Ilthalaine right in front of you and start killing 7 Young Nightsabers+4 Young Thistle boars. After you have killed them finish the quest at Conservator Ilthalaine who gave you the quest. You are surely level 2 by now.

Level 2

Step 3:
Get the following quests at Conservator Ilthalaine:
• The balance of nature[Part 2]
• [Class Depending] Sigil
Sell thrash and repair and walk to your trainer finish your quest and learn your new abilities.

Step 4:
Move to (59;36) and there should be plenty of Mangry nightsabers and Thistle Boars around there, kill 7 of both and return your quest at Conservator Ilthalaine. And again sell and repair.
You should be level 3 by now and about half way to level 4.

Level 3

Step 5:
Get those quests around Aldrassil:
• The woodland protector
• Webwood Venom
• A good Friend

Step 6:
Move to (54;32), and find Iverron finish the quest and obtain the next part
A friend in need. Move out of this mountain path and start killing the spiders around the place keep killing them till you have 10 Webwood Venom Sacks.

Level 4

Step 7:
Learn new abilities at your trainer, sell and repair.
Return to Aldrassil and finish A friend in need and Webwood Venom.
Obtain the following quests around Aldrassil:
• Iverron’s Antidote
• Webwood egg

Also finish The woodland protector and obtain the follow up.

Step 8:
Move to (55;45) and kill grell’s, if it is really busy here just move up further to the north there are plenty of camps containing grell’s or grellkins out there.
Keep killing grells until you have reached these objectives:
-Reach level 5
-Obtain 8 Fel Moss
-Obtain 7 Hyancinth Mushrooms

Level 5

Step 9:
Obtain 4 Moonpetal Lily’s near the lake’s and move back to the cave you must have seen when you killed spiders earlier.
Move into the cave and kill everything on your way at the end of the cave you can pick up a Webwood Egg. If you haven’t found Webwood Ichor yet keep killing spiders till you do. Kill your way out of the cave and get back to Aldrassil.

Step 10:
At Aldrassil finish the quests Iverrons Antidote, Webwood Egg and The woodland protector.
Don’t forget to repair and sell.
Obtain the follow ups:
• Iverrons Antidote
• Tenaron's Summons

Beware! Iverrons Antidote has a 5 minute timer!
Finish Tenaron’s Summons by going to the top of the tree where you’ll obtain the follow up.

Step 11:
Now go to (59;33), fill the vial in your backpack while standing in the water and move to Iverron (54;32), finish Iverrons Antidote, then hearthstone back to Aldrassil. Repair, sell, finish the quest Crown of the earth [and ofcourse take the follow up]. Buy new skills at your trainer as you should have reached level 6 by now.

Congratulations you have completed Shadowglen and all it's quests.

Level 6

Step 12:
Now move south out of shadowglen just before you leave shadowglen there is a man standing on the side of the road he gives you the quest Dolanaar Delivery, take the quest and move on and keep following the paved path until you see a satyr on the right side of the road, obtain the quest Zenn's bidding. Keep following the road till you reach the town Dolanaar. In Dolanaar talk to the innkeeper (56;60) and finish the quest Dolanaar Delivery, also make this inn your home. Move on out of the inn and finish Crown of the earth and take the follow up.

Step 13:
In Dolanaar learn the following skills: -First aid
After you learned cooking you can obtain the following quest: Recipe of the Kaldorei.
Also make sure you obtain those:
• Denalan’s Earth
• A troubling breeze
• The emerald dreamcatcher
• Twisted hatred

Step 14:
Move to (63;58) and kill as many as possible Nightsabers, Webwood Lurkers and Strigid Owls as you can. When you arrive at the moonwell use your jade vial [in your backpack] while standing in the water.

Step 15:
Now follow the small road leading from the moon well to the east, and enter starbreeze village. Kill all the gnarlpines on you way to the top of the inn (66;58). Talk to the man lying on the ground and finish A troubling breeze, and obtain the follow up Gnarlpine corruption.

Move out of the inn and go into a small house right click on the closet and obtain the Emerald Dreamcatcher.

Step 16:

Move out of the village and keep killing Nightsabers, Webwood Lurkers and Strigid Owl’s until you have:
-3 Strigid Owl Feathers
-3 Nighsaber Fangs
-3 Webwood Spider Silk
-7 Spider Legs

After you got those items move to Zenn(60;56) and finish Zenn’s bidding.
You should be level 7 by now.

Level 7

Step 17:
Move back to Dolanaar and finish all you quests, sell and repair.
Now obtain the following quests:
• The Relics of Wakening
• Ferocitas the Dreameater
• Seek Redemption!

Step 18:
From now on keep looking for Fel Cone’s

They’re lying on the ground near trees.
Now head to (60;68) and finish Denalan’s Earth.
Now take the new quests:
-Timberling Seeds
-Timberling Sprouts

Step 19:
Now start killing all Timberling’s around you, and don’t forget to take the Sprouts, after you reached the quest requirements for both of the quests return to Denalan and finish them.
You should level up to 8 now.

Level 8

Step 20:
Go back to Dolanaar, buy new skills, repair and sell.
Now move to (69;53) you will have to fight the mobs around it otherwise they’ll attack you all. Now kill the boss and loot his necklace. As you may have noticed you’ll also have to kill 7 Mystic’s.

Step 21:
Now move to Zenn(60;56) and finish Seek Redemption!.
[I expect you to have found 3 Fel Cone’s by now, if not get them!]

Step 22:
Head to (54;52) enter the cave. Stick to the right and you'll find Menelas. Kill him and loot his head.
[If this is too hard for you get yourself a group].

Step 23:
Get out of the cave and go back to Dolanaar, finish your quests, sell and repair.
[If you wonder why you can’t finish the Ferocitas quest it’s because you still need to take the jewel out of the necklace.]
You should have reached level 9 by now, if not kill some more mobs in the cave you left earlier.

Level 9

Step 24:
Move out of town by following the road out of town to the east.
While moving on this road you should encounter a patrol of Night elfs.
One of them gives you the quest The Road to Darnassus take this quest.

Step 25:
Go to (49;55) and start killing Gnarlpine Ambushers, for the quest you need to kill 6 of them but a little more ain't a wrong thing!

Step 26:
You might need a group for this!
Now move to (44;57) and get into the den.
Fight yourself throught this den and obtain the 4 quest items needed for The Relics of Awakening. While being busy obtaining those items you should move to (44;61) inside the den and speak to the druid you find. Obtain the quest The Sleeping Druid.
Now look for a Shaman Voodoo Charm, which can drop from any Gnarlpine Shaman. As soon as you get it get back to the druid, finish the quest and obtain the follow up.
Now move to (45;59) and kill rageclaw, after you killed him return to the druid and finish the quest.

Step 27:
Now hearthstone back to Dolanaar and finish The Relics of Wakening.
Obtain the follow up Ursal the Mauler
You should be level 10 by now.
Learn your new moves, sell and repair.

Level 10

Step 28:
Move to Darnassus[just keep following the road west out of Dolanaar] and don't forget to finish The Road to Darnassus when you see the patrol.

Step 29:
In Darnassus move to (38;21) and finish the quest and obtain the follow up quest: Tumors. Now move to (36;85) and take the quest Tears of the Moon.

Step 30:
Get out of the city and go to (38;34), now get the quest The Enchanted Glade. Now move a little west and start killing those harpys until you have gained the required quest items for the quest you just obtained, after you're done return to the questgiver and complete the quest.

Step 31:
Take the follow up quest Teldrassil.
Now move east to the river and start killing the elementals around it, till you have 5 Mossy Tumors
Now go to (47;25) and kill Lady Sathrah and loot her Silvery Spinnerets.

Step 32:
Go back to Darnassus, go to the Cenarion Enclave and finish the tumors quest, get the follow up: Return to Denalan. Move further north to (35;9) and finish Teldrassil, don’t take the follow up.
Go south to the Temple of the Moon and finish Tears of the Moon, take the follow up, jump down into the water and right click the item you just received in your bag, move up again and finish it. Don’t forget to sell and repair while you’re in Darnassus.
You should be level 11 after this step.

Level 11

Step 33:
Move get out of Darnassus and move south to (42;67) and fill your Tourmaline Phial at the Moonwell.
Now move further south to (42;75) and right click the strange fruited plant, to obtain the quest The Glowing Fruit.
Run southwest to (39;80), actually you’ll have to fight yourself to that position. As soon as you get there kill Ursal the Mauler.

Step 34:
Now move east back to Denalan (61;69) and turn in the two quests, take the follow up quest: Oakenscowl.
You might need a group for this!
Move southwest to (53;74) and kill Oakenscowl don’t forget to loot his Gargantuan Tumor.

Step 35:
Return to Denalan and finish the quest, then move back to Dolanaar. In Dolanaar finish Crown of the Earth and take the follow up.
Now finish Ursal the Mauler, and don’t forget to sell and repair.

Step 36:
Move to (38;34) and fill your vial, now hearthstone back to Dolanaar. Finish Crown of the Earth and take the follow up. Now go to Darnassus.
At (71;44) in Darnassus take the quest Nessa Shadowsong. Go to (34;8) again and finish Crown of the Earth.
You should be level 12 now, if not don’t worry there’s some more free experience coming your way. Don’t forget to buy your new skills.

Level 12

Step 37:
Now use the pink teleporter in Darnassus at (39;41) to get to Rutheran Village. Follow the road and finish your quest at Nessa Shadowsong, take the follow up. Go run to the hippogryph master (58;93) and finish the quest, take the follow up and buy a hippogryph ride to Auberdine.

Step 38:
In Auberdine walk into the inn finish the quest and take the follow up, now turn around and run back to the hippogryph master, buy a flight to Rutheran Village now. In Rutheran run to Nessa Shadowsong and finish your quest.

Step 39:
The Travel to Ironforge
Run to the hippogryph master again and buy a flight to Auberdine again.
In Auberdine walk into the inn and go up the stairs to the left, now you will enter the docks. Get to (32;43) on the docks and wait for a boat to arrive. As soon as the boat arrives get on it.
You boat sails to Menethil Harbor as soon as you get there get the Flight path and then follow my maps.
Now here is how you have to walk and what you have to do from of this point:



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good guide

overall good guide but it only gets u to lvl 12 if u are constantly killing, for getting to ironforge u could take ship 2 stormwind from auberdine then go through tram

Good guide, players below full of CRAP

While the guide is not "perfect" it is a good guide to get to level 12 in a relatively short amount of time. It optimizes questing with grinding, the only things I didn't like was the relics quest and its follow up (ursla the mauler).

I started my first hunter with this guide and he couldn't do the relics quest by himself. I also didn't want to waste half an hour finding a group to do the quest either. So I grinded a little harder then what the guide says too making it take slightly longer to level up. I found that when it said I should ding level five for instance that I was like 3 bars short.. and like 5 bars short when it said level 8 and almost a whole level short when it said I should ding 12.

It leaves out a few quests here and there although nothing major.

The guys who claim an hour and a half to level 12 are nuts. Unless your always fully rested and have the friend recruit add on bonus exp and even then thats knowing exactly where to go and finding the quest loot fast. 4 and half to 5 hours is average with little to no rested exp, soloing and a little time wasting.

Great Guide, One Flaw

This guide is great, and I have used it for two toons so far. Everything is perfect accept in the Level 7 Section. At the end after you kill the Timberlings, you did not say to accept the follow up quest that you are offered after turning in the Timberling Seeds quest. I read it realy carefully and saw that it didn't say to accept the quest, so I didn't and then when I got to level 10, and I got to Darnassus I realised I didn't have the quest to turn in. But thanks for the guide, I can tell you put alot of hard work into it, and I think it is a great guide, which I will recommend to my frends and guildies in the future!

Le même en français ?

Le même en français ? existe t' il ?

Jame's picture

Malheureusement pas. Mais tu

Malheureusement pas. Mais tu peux faire une demande par Private Message à Souricette ou Kwaice (ils ont déjà traduit beaucoup de chapitres en Français).

momokaachan's picture

Travel to Ironforge

...and now with the new pre-WotLK patch you don't have to run through the Wetlands/Loch Modan/Dun Morogh to get to Ironforge - you just take the boat from Auberdine to Stormwind City and take the tram to Ironforge from there. Smiling
Still - I think you are missing something if you don't do at least some of the Darkshore and even Bloodmyst quests before you go over to the Eastern Kingdoms -- especially if you are playing a druid and certainly if you are enjoying the Nightelf storyline.

--Azeroth is more fun than Oz!

--Azeroth is better than Oz!

Jame's picture

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. I hope Taralom reads this and updates his guide soon Smiling

Helpful addition

I tend to not use coordinates when I play. This is sort of hard to do when trying to follow your guide because in some parts, only the coord is given. A helpful addition to this guide, for players who don't use coord systems, like myself, would be more maps.

Other than that, the guide is awesome. Smiling

I agree,

I agree, the only reason I knew how to get to some places is because I have had other Night Elf characters and I knew the basic idea of where to go. Now with the updates I can't get any add-ons to work so titan panel is useless for me right now. Maybe if you could say go southeast from Dolonaar to get to Relics Of Wakening or something like that it would help out a lot in the guide. Smiling


This is a wonderful guide Taralom and I love it. Noght elves are my favourite class and I leveled many of them so I know Terdrasill quite well and my quest circuits are similar to yours.I wanted to write a night elf starting guide myself, but no use since you already did good job...Maybe I will write a guide for Darkshore...Anyway, here are some suggestions:
-Don't do Relics of Wakening Until level 10 if you are a hunter or druid. It will be nearly imposible.
-THere are two quests you haven't discovered and they perfectly fit in your circuits. First one is like Glowing Fruit.You will find a same plant at (35,29) and recieve a quest " The Shimmering Frond".The other one is a bit harder and requires you to kill a silver timberling around (43,28).You loot his heart and take the quest from it. Both quests are turned in at Denalan and have a followup which is done in the soil next to him. These quests should be done while you are there doing tears of moon(The Timberling may be hard for that level, I soloed it with a level 10 druid, but it is still an orange mob...).You will also recieve some useless things from those quests Laughing out loud

I hope you add these as they are easy XP. Anyway, great job Taralom!

Tyanator's picture

Awesome guide, Nice jod Taralom!

World of Warcraft is awesome. Period. Ok?

Hey, I have just finished Taralom's 1-12 night elf guide. It just took me about 6 hours, and when I level without the guide, I had a level 11 rogue with 14 hours!
so as you can see, that is a huge improvement. Thanks and nice job Taralom!

World of Warcraft is awesome. Period. Ok?

Just wanted to mention...

On your lvl 4 guide where you say "Also complete The woodland Protector" just would like to thro these coords up here, kinda hard for some people to find (57,45) lol took me 4 ever runnin around tryin to figure out where she was. Jawdropping!


Nice work
Fairly easy to follow
Except for that you confused me with the directions
(I think you meant west when you said east, and vice versa Sticking out tongue)


I created a new character to try this guide out and could not believe how fast I leveled. I reached level 12 just over 3 hours of play time and still had time to go to Popeyes in between! Muy Fantastico!!! Smiling

A Walk in STV is like a walk in the park...Dangerous

fantastic! It worked

fantastic! It worked beautifully for my druid. Thanks for your work, especially giving being thorough with the coordinates.

great guide, it worked

great guide, it worked really well.

Annoying thing about teldrassil is that there are tons of areas near the harpies that no one ever explores, even though they have good loot and treasure chests.

I also found an interesting mob on one of the large branches you can reach. I don't remember the name but it was a satyr, and i think it was part of a druid quest, or maybe it was just there. Thing is, when I attacked it, it spawned some doubles, and it dropped quite good loot and XP. If anyone knows what the coordinates are, it might be something to mention.


@ drakefallen, the satyr at

@ drakefallen, the satyr at the branch is there for a roguequest they need to pickpocket it and return to their questgiver Eye, but it is pretty much work to put in all the class quests and I'd rather keep the guide universal Eye.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.


not that good :/

its not working for me at all, i've got 6 and a half hour played time now, and im lvl 10 only. if i do it my own way it goes even faster this is only getting slower for me.


thanks for making this it helped me alot i got 1-12 in 5hours wich is fast for me
the only thing wrong with it was i didn't have cords so that made it hard but that wasn't your fault so yeah good job


Thanks for your feedback and for those quests. I will include them as soon as possible, once I get home.

other parts

Dude where did you posted them other parts from 12-god knows where Sticking out tongue and btw thx for thisone used it and aproved ^^



Sorry but I don't really understand what you mean Ferius?, Btw I currently have no time to update the guide if someone else feels like fixing in this part[the stuff thisone mentions] just send it to


I mean Eregho not thisone Sticking out tongue i thought ferius mentioned the guy that wrote this extra information.


ow sry m8 i read
25-30 Added
and 31-39 too. Basically it's finished!

so thought you posted them on the website my mistake
Laughing out loud


Any Feedback

As it says above.


Snowflake's picture

Very nice Taralom, would

Very nice Taralom, would rock if you could upload the picture you've used to our site instead though, for that you just have to scroll down while editing an click on "file attachments" Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

Guide Will be Finished

This weekend i'll probably finish the guide. Today I added step 18-24, Yesterday I added 14-17. And in the weekend I have some more time and it'll probably be done. Cool

Thanks for the tip btw. Didn't know the website had such hosting functions Smiling .


Very new

25-30 Added Cool
and 31-39 too. Laughing out loud Basically it's finished! Smiling

Snowflake's picture

Beautiful work

Beautiful work Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin


Thanks Snowflake, I made this because certain people find it hard to level to 12 in a starting zone, and I believe teldrassil is the hardest starting zone too[if you could call starting zone's hard Sticking out tongue ], Anyway thanks.


About to give this a try

Hey Taralom - thanks for taking the time to create this guide - I am fixing to give this a try i will have more feed back for you in a few hours i guess - Cya then

What is a hotkey?


Cool thanks for the feedback allready, I won't be responding to anything said or asked here for the next 8/9 days because of a vacation to Austria, skiing XD.


2 things missing.

2 quests near the harpy's aren't included in the guide, both are very easy and can be done along with the harpy quest without hardly going out of your way.

At 31, 32 you'll find a cat called Mist who you simply need to take to the night elf standing next to the moon well nearby, the same NPC for the harpy quest. It's an extremely easy escort, the cat follows you rather than typical escorts where you slowly follow the escort where they want to go.

Also at 35, 29 you'll find a Strange Fronded Plant, which gives you the quest Shimmering Frond. You take the Shimmering Frond to the same place as the Glowing Fruit, so it can easily be handed in at the same time when you go back to do Oakenscowl.

The easiest way to do these 3 quests is to go to the place you mention for the harpy's until you have about 4 bloodfeather belts, afterwards move north and start the start the Mist quest, since the cat is guarded by about 6 harpy's hopefully you'll get the remaining belts during that. Afterwards just go north-west with the cat following you and collect the shimmering frond, if more harpy belts are needed there is a small camp of harpy's just near the shimmering frond also. Once you done all that just run down to the Night elf and hand in Mist and The Enchanted Glade.

Only a small thing really, but I think it's worth including, Mist isn't a very well known quest, but there's nothing wrong with it other than that it's in a location nobody really looks.

Other than those 2 missing quests however it's a very nice guide, very similar to my leveling steps in Teldrasil, and I've done the place over 30 times.

great guide :]

great guide :] Laughing out loud

Shotgunhr's picture

faster way to ironforge

The faster way to ironforge would be to take the boat from the long wash to stormwind,and go to the deeprun tram in the dwarven district

Proud player of world of warcraft!