1-20 alliance guide (all races)


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Lets cut to the chase.

Titan Pannel
KTD/OMEN (helps in instances or group quests)

Few rules:-
In every starting placeyou have to grind to level 3 this will only take a few minutes and gives you a chance to get used to your character and class. Also other guides say kill anything that is in your way when running to a quest, i agree in part with this statement but only if the thing in your way is not a quest mob or anything that drops a quest item. I don’t want you to get caught up on doing another quest.

Right on with the show!

So the first race is Draenei.

So you should be level 3.

Get the quest from Megelon You Survived!(82,43), now run down the path. Right hand in the quest to Proentinus and get the quest Replenishing the Healing Crystals and now head west to Botanist Taerix and get the quest Volatile Mutations. Now start with the quest Replenishing the Healing Crystals the drop rate is good so you should only have to kill 8-10 Vale Moths. Now kill the Voltaile Mutaions you only need 8 of these.
Hand in your quest to Botanist Taerix and get the follow up and get the quest from Apprentice Vishale now hand in your first quest.

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