40-45: Thousand Needles (Horde)


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Recorded by Jiyambi. Anyone who would like to use this outline to create a full paper guide, please leave a comment!

Note: This should be fully ready to be used by anyone in the addon now – it includes prerequisites, lead ins, and ranks, as well as detailed notes, and the normal stuff the recorder grabs. It does need to be tested by someone of the appropriate level, however.

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘JiyTho4045’, ‘Thousand Needles’, ‘Jiyambi’, ’40’, ’45’, ‘JiyTan4550’, ‘Horde’, function()
return [[

T Warchief’s Command: Dustwallow Marsh!|O|QID|28549|M|31.42,13.32|N|To Krog.|
T To the Summit|O|QID|25478|M|11.12,11.33|N|To Kanati Greycloud.|
A The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25487|M|11.12,11.33|N|From Kanati Greycloud.|
A Looming Threat|RANK|3|QID|27062|M|11.15,11.21|N|From Kanati Greycloud. Take this if you’d like to do the Razorfen Downs instance.|
C The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25487|PRE|27062|M|10.56,8.51|N|Make your way down to the beach below, killing Grimtotem as you go.|
T The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25487|M|10.56,8.51|N|To Motega Firemane.|
A Two If By Boat|QID|25489|M|10.56,8.51|N|From Motega Firemane.|

f Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|RANK|1|QID|25489|M|79.13,71.93|N|Once you arive at the speedbarge, pick up the flight point at Zazzix Boomride.|
T Two If By Boat|QID|25489|M|75.94,74.68|N|To Pozzik. He can be found at the very top front room of the barge.|
A Do Me a Favor?|QID|25505|PRE|25489|M|75.94,74.68|N|From Pozzik.|
T Do Me a Favor?|QID|25505|M|77.16,74.47|N|To Razzeric.|
A Down in the Deeps|PRE|25505|QID|25516|M|77.16,74.47|N|From Razzeric.|
A Bar Fight!|RANK|2|QID|25518|PRE|25489|M|78.06,73.71|N|From Zamek.|
B Bottle of Grog|RANK|2|QID|25518|M|76.55,74.58|N|Go inside and buy a Bottle of Grog from the bartender.|L|54746|
C Bar Fight!|RANK|2|QID|25518|M|76.55,74.58|N|Use the Bottle of Grog on a gnome in the bar to start the fight.|U|54746|
T Bar Fight!|RANK|2|QID|25518|M|78.04,73.66|N|To Zamek.|

A In the Outhouse|QID|25526|PRE|25489|M|79.59,75.04|N|Swim down to the outhouse under the lake – don’t worry, you have a buff that lets you breathe underwater here.|
K Treasure Hunters|QID|25526|L|54821|M|79.58,75.03|S|N|Kill treasure hunters until you get the crowbar.|
C Down in the Deeps|QID|25516|M|81.80,77.15|N|The rocket car parts are scattered all around the lake floor.|
K Treasure Hunters|QID|25526|L|54821|M|79.58,75.03|US|N|Kill treasure hunters until you get the crowbar.|
C In the Outhouse|QID|25526|U|54821|M|79.58,75.03|N|Use the crowbar on the outhouse.|
T In the Outhouse|QID|25526|M|79.58,75.03|N|At the outhouse.|

T Down in the Deeps|QID|25516|M|77.10,74.45|N|To Razzeric.|
A Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25533|PRE|25516|M|77.10,74.45|From Razzeric.|
C Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25533|M|79.18,76.61|N|Head to the dock and talk to the goblin there. He’ll give you a boat that will act as a pet. Use the main ability to extinguish the fires – it’s pretty difficult, just pe patient and aim for the base of the fires.|
T Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25533|
A Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25543|PRE|25533|
C Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25543|N|This one’s much easier, just use the cannon on the boats that are circling the barge.|
T Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25543|M|77.18,74.41|N|Hit the exit vehicle button, then turn in your quest to Razzeric. Congradulations on getting your very own river boat!|
A Quiet the Cannons|QID|25586|PRE|25543|M|77.18,74.41|N|From Razzeric.|
A Where’s Synge?|RANK|2|QID|25596|PRE|25543|M|78.06,73.68|N|From Zamek.|
A A Little Payback|RANK|2|QID|25589|PRE|25543|M|78.21,73.60|N|From Rugfizzle.|
A Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp|RANK|2|QID|28042|PRE|25543|M|78.21,73.60|N|From Griznak.|
A Negotiations|QID|25745|PRE|25543|M|75.94,74.69|N|From Pozzik.|

C A Little Payback|RANK|2|QID|25589|M|91.69,79.25|S|
C Quiet the Cannons|RANK|2|NC|QID|25586|M|91.69,79.25|S|N|Right-click the cannons to destroy them.|
T Where’s Synge?|RANK|2|QID|25596|M|91.69,79.25|N|Put your new river boat on an action button, then head for Southsea Holdfast. Find Synge and turn in the quest.|
A Sunken Treasure|RANK|2|QID|25610|PRE|25596|M|91.69,79.25|N|From Synge.|

C Sunken Treasure|RANK|2|NC|QID|25610|M|84.76,66.51|N|The treasure is located all around the area on the sea floor. Don’t worry about the whale shark – it’s dead.|
T Negotiations|QID|25745|M|88.65,54.91|N|To Riznek.|
A Get Koalbeard!|QID|25757|PRE|25745|M|88.65,54.91|N|From Riznek.|
A The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|PRE|25745|M|90.13,53.08|N|From Skycaller Vrakthris.|
C Get Koalbeard!|QID|25757|M|86.84,51.48|N|Attack the dwarf until he becomes dazed, then click on him again to get the item.|
T Get Koalbeard!|QID|25757|M|88.57,54.96|N|To Riznek.|
A Fool’s Gold|QID|25775|PRE|25757|M|88.57,54.96|N|From Riznek.|

T Sunken Treasure|RANK|2|QID|25610|M|91.69,79.22|N|Head back to the Holdfast and turn the quest into Synge.|
A Two-Tusk Takedown|RANK|2|QID|25628|M|91.69,79.22|N|From Synge.|
C Two-Tusk Takedown|RANK|2|QID|25628|U|55158|M|95.14,79.50|N|Use the gold on the ogres to make them stop fighting you. Then go after Tony – be careful, he’s tough!|
T Two-Tusk Takedown|RANK|2|QID|25628|U|55158|M|91.62,79.23|N|To Synge, back outside.|
A Haunted|RANK|2|QID|25660|PRE|25628|M|91.62,79.23|N|From Spirit of Tony Two-Tusk.|
T Haunted|RANK|2|QID|25660|M|96.81,72.39|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A With a Little Help…|RANK|2|QID|25661|PRE|25660|M|96.81,72.39|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
C With a Little Help…|RANK|2|QID|25661|M|91.04,68.95;88.44,72.88;87.88,76.00|N|Head to each of the pirate ships and kill the captains.|
T With a Little Help…|RANK|2|QID|25661|M|96.94,72.45|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A Carcass Collection|RANK|2|QID|25672|M|96.82,72.50|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|

C Carcass Collection|RANK|2|QID|25672|NC|M|83.37,82.65|QO|Creature Carcass: 5/10|N|You’ll find five turtle carcasses floating on top of the water. We’ll finish the quest in a bit.|
T Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp|RANK|2|QID|28042|M|83.37,82.65;69.95,85.18|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
A The Greatest Flavor in the World!|RANK|2|QID|28045|M|69.95,85.18|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
A We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|RANK|2|QID|28051|M|69.86,85.09|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
C We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|RANK|2|QID|28051|M|71.10,81.79|S|N|Right-click the dead employees to attach the rope to them.|
C The Greatest Flavor in the World!|RANK|2|QID|28045|M|69.42,80.11|N|Swim down to the bottom of the lake and kill Silithid.|
C We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|RANK|2|NC|QID|28051|M|71.10,81.79|US|N|Right-click the dead employees to attach the rope to them.|
T The Greatest Flavor in the World!|RANK|2|QID|28045|M|69.86,85.09|N|To Brivelthwerp, back on the surface.|
T We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|RANK|2|QID|28051|M|69.89,85.11|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
A Freezing the Pipes|RANK|2|QID|28047|PRE|28045;28051|M|69.89,85.11|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
A That Smart One’s Gotta Go|RANK|2|QID|28048|PRE|28045;28051|M|69.89,85.11|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
C Freezing the Pipes|RANK|2|QID|28047|U|62912|NC|M|65.98,86.38;65.29,86.92;64.95,84.52;64.94,85.62|N|Swim down under the lake, you should find a cave. Use the I-Scream Cryocannon on the pipes.|
C That Smart One’s Gotta Go|RANK|2|QID|28048|M|63.85,86.26|N|At the back of the cave, you’ll find the Controller.|
T Freezing the Pipes|RANK|2|QID|28047|M|69.87,85.09|N|To Brivelthwerp, back on the surface.|
T That Smart One’s Gotta Go|RANK|2|QID|28048|M|69.87,85.09|N|To Brivelthwerp.|

C Carcass Collection|RANK|2|QID|25672|NC|M|83.37,82.65|N|Finish up this quest on your way back – the five turtles should have respawned by now.|
T Carcass Collection|RANK|2|QID|25672|NC|M|96.80,72.40|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A The Mad Magus|RANK|2|QID|25704|PRE|25672|M|96.80,72.40|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
C The Mad Magus|RANK|2|QID|25704|U|55230|M|97.20,72.14;85.19,91.72|N|Click on her portal to teleport over to where the magus is, then kill him and use the stick on him.|
T The Mad Magus|RANK|2|QID|25704|M|86.24,92.11;96.81,72.42|N|Click on the portal to get back to Holdfast. Turn in to Ajamon Ghostcaller.|

C A Little Payback|RANK|2|QID|25589|M|90.64,79.30|US|
C Quiet the Cannons|RANK|2|QID|25586|M|90.48,80.38|US|N|Right-click the cannons to destroy them.|

C Fool’s Gold|QID|25775|M|44.03,37.31|S|NC|
C The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|U|55986|M|44.03,37.31;42.02,31.54|N|Get on your boat and head out. The cave entrance is at the lake floor level. Use the torch on the brazier at the back of the cave, then kill the elemental and loot the flame from him.|
C Fool’s Gold|QID|25775|M|44.03,37.31|US|NC|N|Finish gather pyrite, it can be found all around this area.|

T Fool’s Gold|QID|25775|M|88.60,54.93|N|To Riznek, back at Splithoof Heights.|
A Fake Gold for Black Gold|QID|25779|PRE|25775|M|88.60,54.93|N|From Riznek.|
T The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|M|90.08,53.06|N|To Skycaller Vrakthris, up above.|
T Fake Gold for Black Gold|QID|25779|M|86.77,51.55|N|To Khan Blizh.|
A Back to Riznek|QID|25791|PRE|25779|M|86.77,51.55|N|From Khan Blizh.|
T Back to Riznek|QID|25791|M|88.61,54.91|N|To Riznek – be careful, the centaurs will be hostile now!|
A Eminent Domain|QID|25797|PRE|25791|M|88.61,54.91|N|From Riznek.|
A Defend the Drill|QID|25799|PRE|25791|M|88.61,54.91|N|From Riznek.|
C Eminent Domain|QID|25797|M|87.43,50.48|S|
C Defend the Drill|QID|25799|U|56011|M|90.16,51.56|N|Clear the area, then use the oil drilling rig next to the oil pool. Defend it until you complete the quest.|
C Eminent Domain|QID|25797|M|87.43,50.48|US|N|Kill any remaining centaur you need.|
T Eminent Domain|QID|25797|M|88.61,54.92|N|To Riznek.|
T Defend the Drill|QID|25799|M|88.61,54.92|N|To Riznek.|
A Go Blow that Horn|QID|25814|PRE|25799;25797|M|88.61,54.92|N|From Riznek.|
C Go Blow that Horn|QID|25814|M|89.44,46.97|N|Right-click the horn to summon the elemental, then kill him.|
T Go Blow that Horn|QID|25814|M|88.58,54.94|N|To Riznek.|
A Deliver the Goods|QID|25826|PRE|25814|M|88.58,54.94|N|From Riznek.|

T A Little Payback|RANK|2|QID|25589|M|78.23,73.60|N|To Rugfizzle, back on the barge.|
T Quiet the Cannons|RANK|2|QID|25586|M|77.16,74.46|N|To Razzeric.|
T Deliver the Goods|QID|25826|M|75.94,74.69|N|To Pozzik.|
A Free Freewind Post|QID|25836|PRE|25826|M|75.94,74.69|N|From Pozzik.|

T Free Freewind Post|QID|25836|M|46.42,57.77|N|Get on your boat and head to Freewind Post. Turn in the quest to Thalia Amberhide.|
A Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25870|PRE|25836|M|46.42,57.77|N|From Thalia Amberhide.|
A The Brave and the Bold|QID|25872|PRE|25870|M|46.75,56.04|N|From Rau Cliffrunner.|
C Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25870|M|42.73,51.05|S|
A Horn of the Traitor|QID|25874|M|44.59,49.95|N|From Montarr.|
C Horn of the Traitor|QID|25874|M|46.07,51.44|N|Kill the tauren inside the inn.|
C The Brave and the Bold|QID|25872|NC|M|45.17,50.11|N|Right-click the brave to free him.|
C Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25870|M|42.73,51.05|US|
T The Brave and the Bold|QID|25872|M|46.78,56.09|N|To Rau Cliffrunner.|
A Together Again|QID|27276|M|46.78,56.09|N|From Rau Cliffrunner.|
T Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25870|M|46.34,57.69|N|To Thalia Amberhide.|
T Horn of the Traitor|QID|25874|M|46.34,57.69|N|To Thalia Amberhide.|

T Together Again|QID|27276|M|42.23,48.54|N|Climb back up the cliff and head across the bridge. The brave will appear – turn the quest in to him.|
A No Weapons For You!|QID|27311|PRE|27276|M|42.23,48.54|N|From Freewind Brave.|
A Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27313|PRE|27276|M|42.23,48.54|N|From Freewind Brave.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27315|PRE|27276|M|42.23,48.54|N|From Freewind Brave.|
C No Weapons For You!|QID|27311|M|33.66,37.19|S|N|Right-click weapon racks to burn them.|
C Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27313|M|33.35,37.69|S|
A The Rattle of Bones|QID|27317|PRE|27276|M|43.35,43.43|N|The brave will be your companion for the rest of these quests. Head across the bridge and find a rattle on the ground outside a building.|
T The Rattle of Bones|QID|27317|M|43.35,43.43|N|To Freewind Brave.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27315|M|43.60,43.73|N|Inside the tent, kill Isha Gloomaxe.|
A The Writ of History|QID|27321|PRE|27317|M|43.60,43.73|N|From Freewind Brave.|
A The Drums of War|QID|27326|M|PRE|27317|43.60,43.73|N|From Freewind Brave.|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27315|M|43.60,43.73|N|To Freewind Brave.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27319|PRE|27315|M|43.60,43.73|N|From Freewind Brave.|

C The Writ of History|QID|27321|NC|M|38.74,41.81|
T The Writ of History|QID|27321|M|38.75,41.91|N|To Freewind Brave.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27319|M|39.01,41.15|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27319|M|39.01,41.15|N|To Freewind Brave.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27324|PRE|27319|M|39.01,41.15|N|From Freewind Brave.|

C Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27324|M|34.10,40.03|
C The Drums of War|QID|27326|NC|M|34.01,37.03|
T The Drums of War|QID|27326|M|33.95,36.75|N|To Freewind Brave.|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27324|M|33.95,36.75|N|To Freewind Brave.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27328|PRE|27324|M|33.95,36.75|N|From Freewind Brave.|
C No Weapons For You!|QID|27311|US|N|Right-click weapon racks to burn them.|
C Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27313|US|N|Kill any grimtotem you have left.|
T No Weapons For You!|QID|27311|N|To Freewind Brave.|
T Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27313|N|To Freewind Brave.|

C Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27328|M|37.88,26.66|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27328|M|37.88,26.60|N|To Freewind Brave.|
A The Captive Bride|QID|27358|PRE|27328;27321;27326|M|37.88,26.60|N|From Freewind Brave.|
T The Captive Bride|QID|27358|M|39.12,25.84|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Invoking the Serpent|QID|27330|PRE|27358|M|39.12,25.84|N|From Lakota Windsong.|

C Invoking the Serpent|QID|27330|U|61043|M|38.09,35.40|N|Head out to the summoning fire and use the artifacts to summon Arikara. Kill the tauren when they appear, since they’ll make Arikara stronger.|
T Invoking the Serpent|QID|27330|M|39.15,25.85|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Trouble at Highperch|QID|28085|PRE|27330|M|39.15,25.85|N|From Lakota Windsong.|

T Trouble at Highperch|QID|28085|M|12.77,33.91|N|Get in your boat, and head to Highperch. Turn in the quest to Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|PRE|28085|M|12.77,33.91|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|PRE|28085|M|12.77,33.91|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|NC|M|11.00,36.76|S|N|Right-click the baby wyverns to free them.|
C Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|M|10.38,33.91|N|Kill and loot the trappers.|
C Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|NC|M|11.00,36.76|US|N|Right-click the baby wyverns to free them.|
T Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|M|12.74,34.02|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
T Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|M|12.76,34.00|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|PRE|28086;28087|12.76,34.00|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|17.93,41.00|N|Kill the Twilight’s Hammer NPCs around Heartrazor to free him.|
T Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|12.76,33.98|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|12.76,33.98|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|19.40,48.68|N|RIght-click Heartrazor to get a ride up to whre the skymaster is. Fight him – when he reaches zero hit points, you’ll get to see an especially cute brand of justice!|
T The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|16.02,45.71;12.81,34.03|N|Ride Heartrazor back down to Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A On to the Bulwark|QID|28124|M|12.81,34.03|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|

T On to the Bulwark|QID|28124|M|30.44,49.21|N|Get on your boat and head to the Twilight Bulwark. Turn in your quest to Lakota Windsong.|
A Something to Wear|QID|28125|PRE|28124|M|30.44,49.21|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
A Break Them Out|QID|28127|PRE|28124|M|30.44,49.21|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|29.56,58.32|S|
C Break Them Out|QID|28127|M|30.17,57.63|N|Kill the jailors next to the cages to release the prisoners.|
C Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|29.56,58.32|US|N|Keep killing and looting until you complete the quest.|
T Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|30.46,49.31|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
T Break Them Out|QID|28127|M|30.46,49.31|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|PRE|28125;28127|M|30.46,49.31|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
A Behind You!|QID|28136|PRE|28125;28127|M|30.43,49.31|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C Behind You!|QID|28136|U|63071|M|29.87,54.32;27.93,57.32;31.26,59.74|N|Use your disguise, then speak with the three named NPCs.|
C Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|M|31.09,59.78|NC|N|Loot the code from the spinning device.|
T Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|M|30.43,49.31|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
T Behind You!|QID|28136|M|30.42,49.22|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A The Elder Crone|QID|28140|PRE|28139;28136|M|30.42,49.22|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C The Elder Crone|QID|28140|M|35.95,60.68|NC|N|Just click on the device in front of Magatha.|
T The Elder Crone|QID|28140|
A To the Withering|QID|28142|PRE|28140|

T To the Withering|QID|28142|M|50.15,62.62|N|Head east along the ridge until you reach the Twilight Withering. Turn in to Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|PRE|28142|M|50.15,62.62|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Unbound|QID|28158|M|50.15,62.62|PRE|28142|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|52.79,58.53|QO|Twilight Element of Water: 1/1|NC|
C Unbound|QID|28158|M|53.33,59.27|QO|Bound Fury unbound: 1/1|N|To “unbind” the elemental, just kill it.|
C Unbound|QID|28158|M|57.40,60.98|QO|Bound Vortex unbound: 1/1|N|To “unbind” the elemental, just kill it.|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|57.59,59.57|QO|Twilight Element of Air: 1/1|NC|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|60.49,64.48|QO|Twilight Element of Fire: 1/1|NC|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|53.21,63.62|QO|Twilight Element of Earth: 1/1|NC|
T Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|50.15,62.51|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
T Unbound|QID|28158|M|50.15,62.51|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
A The Doomstone|QID|28159|PRE|28157;28158|M|50.15,62.51|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
C The Doomstone|QID|28159|U|63104|M|54.60,62.69|N|Use the nullifier on Animus, then kill him and loot. Don’t let him explode!|
T The Doomstone|QID|28159|M|50.22,62.57|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Spread the Word|QID|28161|M|50.22,62.57|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|

T Spread the Word|QID|28161|M|75.96,74.67|N|To Pozzik. Congradulations on an awesome reward!|
A Tanaris is Calling|QID|27447|M|75.94,74.68|N|From Pozzik. Pick this up if you’d like to head to Tanaris next.|



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