[62-64] Coilfang Reservoir – Slave Pens


Welcome to the Coilfang Reservoir home to 3 individual 5 man instances and one 25 man raid encounter. It is located in Zangarmarsh in Outland and is home to a lot of Naga and the layout is similiar to that of Blackfathom Deeps. This guide will have information on each mob and a few tips and hints on taking out each boss. Anyway let’s get on with the show.

In this guide i will be explaining what you expect when you enter the ‘Slave Pens’, a level 62-64 wing of the Reservoir.

First of all it is home to 3 bosses, Mennu the Betrayer, Rokmar the Crackler and Quagmirran.

An average run nets you around +650 reputation with Cenarion Expedition and a Heroic gives you around 1850rep.

To get there, Horde parties can fly into Zabra’jin while Alliance parties fly into Telredor. At the center of Serpent Lake is the Coilfang Reservoir. Dive beneath the water at the center of the pumping station and look for the drain. Swim through the drain and surface within the Reservoir. The Slave Pens is the western most instance portal.

Expected Time to Complete: 2 Hours

Here is a list of the monsters you will encounter while hacking your way through the dungeon:
Bogstrok – 62 Elite
Abilities:Piercing Jab (139-161% weapon damage and reduce’s armr by 15% for 20sec.)

Coilfang Champion – 62 Elite
Abilities:Intimidating Shout, Cleave. Immune to CC in Heroic Mode

Coilfang Collaborator – 62 Elite
Abilities:Cripple (Reduces movement speed by 50%, increases swing time by 100%), Enrage

Coilfang Defender – 63 Elite
Abilities:Spell Shield (reflects magic attacks when active)

Coilfang Enchantress – 62-63 Elite
Abilities:Frost Bolt, Entangling Roots, Lightning Storm

Coilfang Observer – 62 Elite
Abilities:Immolate, Accompanied by Coilfang Ray

Coilfang Ray – 64 Elite
Abilities:Psychic Horror (6 second Horror)

Coilfang Scale-Healer – 63 Elite
Abilities: Heal, Holy Nova

Coilfang Slavehandler – 63 Elite
Abilities: Rend, Hamstring

Coilfang Soothsayer 62 Elite
Abilities:Decayed Intelligence (Magic, Intellect reduced by 25%, Area of Effect, lasts 15 seconds)

Coilfang Technician – 62-63 Elite
Abilities:Rain of Fire

Greater Bogstrok – 62 Elite
Abilities:Decayed Strength (Disease, Strength reduced by 25)

Wastewalker Slave – 63 Elite
Abilities:Amplify Magic, Fireball, Frost Bolt

Wastewalker Taskmaster – 63 Elite
Abilities:Cripple (Reduces movement speed by 50%, increases swing time by 100%)

Wastewalker Worker – 62 Elite
Abilities: None

—————End of List—————-

Important Information and Fighting Strategies

Bokstrok are considered Humanoid, this means they are CC’able by skills/spells such as Polymorph, Freezing Trap, Blind and Fear (not advised).

When you meet groups of Wastewalker Workers and a Coilfang Slavehandler make sure you kill the Slavehandler first because the slaves only fight while he stands. Because the Slavehandler is elite make sure to CC the slaves in order to reduce damage on the tank. Concentrate fire on the Slavehandler and after he falls the slaves will thank you and run off.

When you meet Coilfang Champions make sure to pull them back to ensure their Intimidating Shout doesnt result in more adds.

When you start to meet groups further up such as: a Coilfang Observer, two Coilfang Champion and one Coilfang Scale-Healer. Make sure to CC the champions and run around corners to pull the observers and scale-healers. From there ensure you take out the Scale-Healer as its Holy Nova heals its allies as well as inflicting damage. Then take out the Coilfang Ray as this annoying creature fears a member of your party who does NOT have aggro. Then finish off the Champions.

Coilfang Enchanteresses use heavy AOE attacks so make sure to spread out when attacking them to ensure least damage taken.

Boss Tactics

Mennu the Betrayer

Mennu the Betrayer paces up and down a ramp. There are groups of Coilfang Collaborators and Technicians at the bottom of the ramp. When Mennu is at the top of the ramp, pull the first group into the corridor. Deal with the Technician first because the Collaborators enrage at low health. When they have been killed rest up for Mennu.

Mennu uses many of the same abilities as Shamans. He has a number of totems with various effects ranging from healing to AoE damage. Have a Hunter, or melee member (who isnt the tank) keep totems destroyed during the fight. Keep the tank’s Health well above half as Mennu has a number of instant spells that can inflict a lot of damage quickly. Hold your interrupts for his heals. Without his totems and his heals interrupted he turns into a standard tank n spank.

Rokmar the Crackler

Rokmar is huge, deals huge damage and has huge health. His spells cannot be interrupted and has a powerful bleed attack that can only be removed by healing the victim to 90% health or higher.
He uses a move called ‘Water Spit’ it is a Frost based attack that hits your entire party for moderate damage.

Luckily Rokmar doesn’t have any incapacitating abilities so your tank should be able to keep aggro. Give him a few seconds to build it up and then start the damage. Try to keep Entangling Roots off your tank to make his job easy if someone else manages to aggro Rokmar. Key thing to note is that his ‘Water Spit’ isnt a cone effect so it doesnt matter where you are you will get hit by it. Be ready to use potions, bandage and anything else to help out your healer. It is important for the healer to heal quickly and effectively as Rokmar likes to Spit two times in succession. Often killing unaware targets pretty quickly. When he dies collect your loot and ready on for the last boss.

By speaking to Naturalist Bite you begin a scripted event in which you are ambushed by a Coilfang Enchantress, Champion and a Soothsayer. Finish them off and then get ready for Quagmirran.

To simply put it, Quagmirran is a mountain of slimy mold. And its no surprise then that his attacks are Nature Based. He also has a nasty AoE poison bolt. This does a lot of poison damage upfront and then even more after time. To counter this be ready to use abilities such as Cure Posion, Abolish Poison or Poison Cleansing Totem. He also has a spit attack that harms those in front of him so make sure the tank if fighting him away from the rest of the group. Having Nature Resistance skills such as Nature Resistance Totem and/or Aspect of the Wild will greatly help.

This entire fight is a race. Quagmirran hits very hard and use Cleave. Any melee DPS should stand behind Quagmirran or risk taking damage very quickly. As the tank will have priority for heals make sure you have potions and if possible Healthstones ready. His final two abilites are Uppercut and Acid Geyser. His Uppercut damages the target and has a knockback effect and the Acid Geyser is a channeled ability which rains poison (surprise surprise :P) on nearby targets and inflicts nature damage the entire time.

There are no fights after Quagmirran so if you’ve been holding any timed abilties or trinkets for a rainy day now is the time to use them. With his damage output your healer will run out of mana so kill him ASAP (even if your tank dies keep on blasting away at him).

With a huge mountain of mold decaying, collect your loot and make your way out by following the tunnel back to Rokmar’s room and jumping into the water on the left.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to do Slave Pens.

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    This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it still has enough useful information that it will be left in it’s proper section as-is.

    If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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    Feb 7, 2009 @ 2:11 am

    great guide!thanks this guide really helped my group (we whiped like 4 times :jawdrop: )… anyways, anyone else notice blizzard put ‘nagas’ in the ‘slave pens’??? 😉

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    Thank you, but I didn’tThank you, but I didn’t write this guide 😛 Maybe you intended to post it elsewhere?

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    Thanks Jame :)Thanks Jame, You’re awesome. I seriously appreciate your amazing effort at making WoW stress free for the noob like me 🙂 I can’t tell you how thankful I am.

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    Nice guide, i would add theNice guide, i would add the fact that the champions are inmunne to CC efects (at least in heroic mode).

    Good work

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