8 Best CS:GO Players in Germany


For quite some time now, eSports has been steadily gaining popularity and it shows no signs of slowing down. Examining the trajectory of CS:GO in Germany makes it clear why this phenomenon has become so widespread according to Profilerr. The game has truly piqued the curiosity of the nation, and Germany has actively engaged in it and in the Pro CS settings competitions over an extended period of time.


Naturally, this trend naturally sparks questions about the identities and expertise of the nation’s top players. Fortunately, this piece by Volodymyr Huda provides us with the names of six of the nation’s finest as well as details regarding their success. It also looks at what gives them their rank. So let’s look at the famous players who have amazing skills and expertise.

Who makes it on the list?

Just so no one’s confused, we should go through what qualities determine who makes it on the list we’re about to get into. The players on the list have done rather well in the last year or so and most importantly, their level of play across all competitions will be looked at, both remotely and LAN-wise. All this is figured out by the following:

  • Win percentage in 1v1 clutches
  • Rating, knowledge and skills
  • Number of recent tournaments won

It’s also worth noting that at the pro level, playing events can be incredibly lucrative. As such, properly analyze not only the skill levels of players of the game but their career earnings. For example, the competitive game provides users with an assigned skill rank that is determined by a Glicko rating system.


This ranking system ensures that game-players are matched with and against others properly. It helps to check and compare if they have a similar level, providing a balanced and competitive gaming experience and a fair game.

Top 6 of the Nation’s Finest

With everything discussed in mind, we might as well get into the top 8 best players of this particular game in Germany. This is as of the beginning of 2023 and may change by that time next year. Without further ado and in no particular order, let’s get into the following list:

David Hesse

With above 170 maps, rated at 1.06, and possessing a truly stellar +67 percent 1 on 1 clutch win rate, BIG Academy’s rifler “prosus” is rather impressive, to say the least. Despite having a relatively short career, at around three years, it has seen him win several key events.


Last year’s Y-games pro series are among them. The 20-year-old’s still elite by all metrics and though his win rate in 1 on 1 clutches has taken a dip, a 58 percent headshot percentage is nothing to sneeze at.

Elias Stein

We might as well continue the journey through BIG by looking at another star rifler, “sin”, whose 1.11 rating allowed him to rest comfortably at the pinnacle of the team. He didn’t have a standout 1 one 1 win clutch percentage at 51 percent, but his AK-47 skills make up for it, allowing him to win several tournaments, including last year’s Y-games pro series $14,200.

Johannes Wodarz

The journey through BIG’s reigns proceeds with the in-game leader and battle-tested veteran “tabseN”. His leadership has led to not only great team success but well over 426,000 US Dollars in career earnings.


At the tail end of last year, he was rated 1.09, with a win rate in 1 on 1 clutches being at a fantastic 70 percent at over 180 maps. This allowed the 28-year-old to win several tournaments as well, including the Roobet Cup $150,000.

Fritz Dietrich

The mind-blowing +683 K/D difference across over 270 maps “slaxz-” possesses surpasses those of other German players, meaning that he more than deserves to be written into this piece. Team Sprout’s AWPer’s very position limits how high his headshot percentage can be, but this allowed him over 3100 kills. As such, he too, won numerous tournaments including the ESL Meisterschaft Spring $10,750 last year.

Florian Rische

While not possessing the AWPing stats of the previous entry, “syrsoN’s ” +484 K/D difference is more than respectable. A model of consistency, over 180 maps, he was rated 1.11, while also holding a +57 win percentage in his 1 on 1 clutches. This allowed him to win the aforementioned Roobet cup along with his BIG teammates as well as a host of other tournaments.

Josef Baumann

Let’s be honest, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the name of “faveN”, the then 22-year-old player with great numbers across the board. These, of course, included an astonishing rating of 1.12 over 180 maps as well as a +430 K/D difference. These numbers as well as a +56 percent win rate in his 1 on 1 clutches and his amazing weapons skills turned him into BIG’s centerpiece.


To say the 23-year-old star is accomplished is quite an understatement and the tail end of last year saw him be victorious in several events. This included the ESEA Season 39: Premier Division – Europe $20,000. In addition to his career earnings having reached close to $200,000 as of mid this year, cementing his place on this list.

Final thoughts

Esports is continually expanding in Germany. The expansion of the game in question reflects that. Additionally, Germany, renowned for its rich history and contributions to diverse niches, is also leaving its imprint on the esports market. It reached US $268.6 million in 2023, this German niche is also about substantial growth. The projected annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.67% indicates a market volume expected to reach US$361.0 million by 2027.


Moreover, the players listed in the piece certainly proved themselves to be the cream of the crop in the space and we’ll be following them to see how this list shapes up next year. Placements on such lists say that you’re beyond accomplished with decent money coming in. Though it’s definitely true that the space is quite lucrative, it probably means more to the players than that.

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