A Guide to Paladin AoE


A Guide to Paladin AoE

What is Paladin AoE?

Ahhh, Paladin AoE. A topic that really, really gets me interested – it’s something I have a large passion for. It’s essentially – and very basically – the ability to round up multiple enemies, say six or seven on average, and kill them all at the same time.

Why Should I Bother? Isn’t Ret Faster?

Retribution DPS tends to be limited to single target enemies. It used maximum DPS on one enemy – then moves on to the next. If that’s what you’d rather do then yes, it is faster.
However, if you’d rather show ten enemies the rear end of a titanium spike, and kill these in about the same time it would take a Retribution Paladin to kill two or three, then carry on reading this guide.

The Pros and Cons of Paladin AoE

OK, so here we go.


– You can take on a lot of enemies. A lot.

– When farming you are gathering mats faster, when questing quests are completing quicker and so on.

– Oh my god! You can’t be killed! No really, try duelling a Protadin (unless you’re a caster!). Good luck even breaking through his shield.

– Solo group quests.


– Sucky single target DPS> Yes, really bad. But again, you aren’t killing single targets!

– Difficult with casters.

– PvP can be difficult, if that’s what you’re into.

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