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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘BitAra2025’, ‘Arathi Highlands’, ‘Bitsem’, ’25’, ’30’, ‘filler’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

T Into Arathi|QID|26139|O|M|39.92,48.73|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Captain Nials.|
T Hero’s Call: Arathi Highlands!|QID|28573|O|M|39.92,48.73|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Captain Nials.|

A Northfold Manor|QID|26093|RANK|1|M|39.91,48.71|N|From Captain Nials.|
A The Scarlet Monastery|QID|26982|RANK|1|M|39.91,48.71|N|From Captain Nials. If you wish to do Scarlet Monastery.|

f Refuge Point|QID|26093|NC|M|39.85,47.34|N|Get the flight point for Refuge Point from Cedrik Prose.|

A Quae and Kinelory|QID|26113|RANK|1|M|39.99,48.17|N|From Commander Amaren.|
A The Battle for Arathi Basin!|QID|8105|RANK|1|M|39.96,46.93|N|From Field Marshal Oslight. This is a PvP quest.|
A Worth Its Weight in Gold|QID|26035|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|

A Shakes O’Breen|QID|26336|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Levixus the Soul Caller|QID|10253|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Death to the Traitor King|QID|13167|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Death’s Door|QID|10910|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|

A Search and Rescue|QID|12037|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Man on the Inside|QID|24792|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A The Foreman|QID|27756|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Prisoner of War|QID|11973|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|

A Disarmament|QID|13205|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto. If you’re going to do Utgard Keep.|
A The Stone Shards|QID|26341|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto.|
A Home Sweet Gnome|QID|26943|RANK|1|M|40.34,49.03|N|From Skuerto. If you wish to go to Gnomerigan.|

A Wanted! Marez Cowl|QID|26024|RANK|1|M|40.24,49.06|N|From Skuerto.|
A Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest|QID|26079|RANK|1|M|40.24,49.06|N|From Skuerto.|

C Northfold Manor|QID|26093|M|25.13,30.48|
C Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest|QID|26079|M|19.64,66.62|
C Wanted! Marez Cowl|QID|26024|M|22.41,66.05|

A Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|M|27.75,83.17|N|From Captain Steelgut.|
T Shakes O’Breen|QID|26336|M|26.03,83.93|N|To Shakes O’Breen.|

A Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|PRE|26336|RANK|1|M|27.50,83.13|N|Escort quest. From Professor Phizzlethorpe.|
C Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|PRE|0|M|27.60,83.13|N|Escort him to the cave and fight off elementals while he charges the goggles.|
T Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|M|27.60,83.13|N|To Doctor Draxlegauge.|

A Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|PRE|26050|RANK|1|M|27.60,83.13|N|From Doctor Draxlegauge.|
C Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|S|M|27.60,83.13|N|Equip the Goggles. Find gems while killing Daggerspine Raiders and Sorceresses.|
C Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|M|15.77,87.11|
C Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|US|M|17.88,88.92|N|Finish collectihg Gems. Re-equip your other head gear.|

T Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|M|27.64,83.30|N|To Captain Steelgut.|
T Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|M|27.55,83.08|N|To Doctor Draxlegauge.|

A Speak to Shakes|QID|26052|PRE|26051|RANK|1|M|27.55,83.08|N|From Doctor Draxlegauge.|
T Speak to Shakes|QID|26052|M|26.05,83.84|N|To Shakes O’Breen.|

A Death From Below|QID|26628|RANK|1|M|26.05,83.84|N|From Shakes O’Breen.|
C Death From Below|QID|26628|NC|M|25.75,83.16|N|Go up onto the ship and use the cannon to kill incoming naga.|
T Death From Below|QID|26628|M|25.86,83.95|N|To Shakes O’Breen.|

H Refuge Pointe|QID|26024|NC|N|Hearth or run back to Refuge Pointe.|

T Wanted! Marez Cowl|QID|26024|M|39.89,48.75|N|To Captain Nials.|
T Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest|QID|26079|M|39.89,48.75|N|To Captain Nials.|
T Northfold Manor|QID|26093|M|39.89,48.75|N|To Captain Nials.|

A Stromgarde Badges|QID|26095|PRE|26093|RANK|1|M|39.89,48.75|N|From Captain Nials.|
C Stromgarde Badges|QID|26095|M|19.99,66.47|

R Refuge Pointe|QID|26095|NC|P|1|M|39.97,48.83|N|Run or Hearth back to Refuge Pointe.|

T Stromgarde Badges|QID|26095|M|39.91,48.75|N|To Captain Nials.|
T Quae and Kinelory|QID|26113|M|54.76,55.33|N|To Quae.|

A Just Like Old Times|QID|26110|PRE|26113|RANK|1|M|54.76,55.33|N|From Quae.|
C Just Like Old Times|QID|26110|M|51.34,63.70|N|Find the courier on the trail and kill her.|
T Just Like Old Times|QID|26110|M|54.74,55.28|N|To Quae.|

A Quae Trusts You|QID|26114|PRE|26110|RANK|1|M|54.74,55.28|N|From Quae.|
T Quae Trusts You|QID|26114|M|54.85,55.34|N|To Kinelory.|

A Kinelory Strikes|QID|26116|PRE|26114|RANK|1|M|54.85,55.34|N|When you’re ready to do the escort quest. From Kinelory.|
C Kinelory Strikes|QID|26116|NC|M|54.62,55.32|N|Protect Kinelory down into the Farm and back. Waves of Orcs will attack.|
T Kinelory Strikes|QID|26116|M|54.70,55.35|N|To Quae.|

A For Southshore|QID|26117|PRE|26116|RANK|1|M|54.70,55.35|N|From Quae.|
C Worth Its Weight in Gold|QID|26035|M|59.90,71.01|N|Kill Witherbark Trolls for the drops you need.|

H Refuge Pointe|QID|26035|NC|CC|M|40.35,49.14|N|Hearth or Run back to Refuge Pointe.|

T Worth Its Weight in Gold|QID|26035|M|40.27,49.05|N|To Skuerto.|

A Wand over Fist|QID|26036|PRE|26035|RANK|1|M|40.27,49.05|N|From Skuerto.|
T For Southshore|QID|26117|M|39.94,47.73|N|To Commander Amaren.|

C Wand over Fist|QID|26036|M|47.94,79.38;49.03,83.69|N|In the back of the cave. Kill Kor’gresh.|
T Wand over Fist|QID|26036|M|40.35,48.99|N|To Skuerto.|

A Trelane’s Defenses|QID|26037|PRE|26036|RANK|1|M|40.35,48.99|N|From Skuerto.|
C Trelane’s Defenses|QID|26037|M|11.08,71.08|N|Kill Boulderfist Shaman until you get the Azure Agate.|
T Trelane’s Defenses|QID|26037|M|12.95,69.32|N|To Apprentice Kryten.|A Attack on the Tower|QID|26038|PRE|26037|M|12.95,69.32|N|From Apprentice Kryten.|

A Attack on the Tower|QID|26038|PRE|26037|RANK|1|M|12.95,69.32|N|From Apprentice Kryten.|
C Attack on the Tower|QID|26038|M|11.32,70.28;11.18,70.02;11.29,71.08|N|Follow the arrow, up the tower and to the chests. Loot them. Kill the ogres that attack you.|

H Refuge Pointe|QID|26038|NC|M|40.35,49.14|N|Hearth or Run to Refuge Pointe.|

T Attack on the Tower|QID|26038|M|40.22,49.07|N|To Skuerto.|

T The Stone Shards|QID|26341|M|57.03,34.61|
A The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|PRE|26341|RANK|1|M|57.03,34.61|
C The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|M|78.49,36.69|
T The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|M|79.83,31.62|

A Stones of Binding|QID|26041|PRE|26039|RANK|1|M|79.83,31.62|
C Stones of Binding|QID|26041|M|61.73,30.38;46.56,52.11;18.93,31.00|N|Follow the arrow to activate the three stones.|
T Stones of Binding|QID|26041|M|30.06,59.18|

A Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|PRE|26346|RANK|1|M|30.06,59.18|
C Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|M|43.40,66.26|
T Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|M|30.11,59.74|

A Myzrael’s Tale|QID|26346|PRE|26042|RANK|1|M|30.01,59.18|

H Refuge Pointe|QID|26346|NC|N|Hearth or Run to Refuge Pointe.|

T Myzrael’s Tale|QID|26346|M|40.26,49.07|N|To Skuerto.|
A The Princess Unleashed|QID|26049|PRE|26049|RANK|1|M|40.26,49.07|N|From Skuerto.|
C The Princess Unleashed|QID|26049|U|4472|M|57.56,34.99|N|Use the Scroll of Myzrael to summon her. Defeat her and loot. You may need another player to assist. She’s a level 30 Elite.|
T The Princess Unleashed|QID|26049|M|57.26,34.61|

R Refuge Pointe|QID|26542|NC|P|1|M|39.97,48.83|N|Run or Hearth back to Refuge Pointe.|

A Hero’s Call: The Hinterlands!|QID|26542|RANK|1|M|40,48.8|N|If you’re going to the Hinterlands. From Captain Nials.|


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