Addon – Searing Gorge for Alliance


WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘CraSea4850’, ‘Searing Gorge’, ‘Crackerhead22′, ’48’, ’50’, ‘CraBur5052’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

A Hero’s Call: Searing Gorge!|QID|28582|M|62.93,71.53|Z|Stormwind City|N|Pick up from the Hero’s Call Board. May or may not be there depending on your level (disapears if your level is too high).|
H Dragon’s Mouth.|QID|28582|N|Hearth back to Dragon’s Mouth.|
R Follow the arrow.|QID|28582|CC|M|9.79,51.31|Z|Badlands|
T Hero’s Call: Searing Gorge!|QID|28582|M|68.54,53.59|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A A New Master… But Who?|QID|27963|M|68.54,53.59|N|From Jack Rockleg.|
A The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|M|68.54,53.59|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
A Lunk’s Task|QID|27956|M|68.77,53.31|N|From Lunk.|
C The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|S|M|61.90,59.92|N|Kill Dark Iron Geologists or Watchmen, and Tempered War Golems.|
C A New Master… But Who?|QID|27963|M|63.75,59.21|
C The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|US|M|61.90,59.92|
C Lunk’s Task|QID|27956|M|62.98,64.43|N|Finish getting the rest of the “Tempered Flywheel”s that you need.|
T A New Master… But Who?|QID|27963|M|68.52,53.49|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|68.52,53.49|N|From Jack Rockleg.|
T The Fewer, the Better|QID|27960|M|68.52,53.49|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
A Out of Place|QID|27961|M|68.52,53.49|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
A A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|68.52,53.49|N|From Burrian Coalpart.|
T Lunk’s Task|QID|27956|M|68.94,53.50|N|To Lunk.|
A A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|68.61,53.38|N|From Prisanne Dustcropper.|
A Lunk’s Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|60.27,55.13|N|Once you kill a spider, Lunk will appear out of nowhere. Get his quest.|
C Out of Place|QID|27961|S|N|Grab the chickens as quickly as you can. The spiders will kill the chickens.|
C Lunk’s Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|59.50,65.62|N|Get the spiders about halfway down, then Lunk will jump on them. And laughs will be had. Click on Lunk to get the venom after he is done riding the spider.|
T Lunk’s Adventure: Spider Rider|QID|27959|M|59.50,65.60|N|To Lunk.|
C A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|60.21,67.72|N|Get whatever you need left.|
C Out of Place|QID|27961|US|M|63.59,72.99|N|Finish gathering what you need.|
C A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|70.63,73.24|
T Out of Place|QID|27961|M|68.48,53.50|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
T A Lumbering Relic|QID|27962|M|68.48,53.50|N|To Burrian Coalpart.|
T A Proper Antivenom|QID|27958|M|68.59,53.44|N|To Prisanne Dustcropper.|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|27964|
R The Cauldron|QID|27964|M|70.11,39.80;65.53,38.36;62.84,38.85|
C Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|54.93,45.64|N|Kill Dark Iron Excavators and Footmen until Dig-Boss Dinwhisker appears. After you kill him, loot the “Dark Ember” off the ground.|
T Dig-Boss Dinwhisker|QID|27964|M|68.52,53.68|N|To Jack Rockleg.|
A Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood|QID|27965|M|68.52,53.68|N|From Jack Rockleg.|
R Thorium Point|QID|27965|M|70.11,39.80;66.61,34.57;41.25,34.23|
f Thorium Point|QID|27965|M|38.01,30.67|N|At Lanie Reed.|
T Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood|QID|27965|M|38.21,26.83|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A Rasha’krak|QID|28099|M|38.21,26.83|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A Mouton Flamestar|QID|28514|M|38.21,26.83|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|37.66,27.05|N|From Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker.|
A Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|38.30,27.73|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
A Heat That Just Don’t Quit|QID|27981|M|38.30,27.73|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
A Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|36.56,27.78|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Lunk’s Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|M|36.63,36.89|N|Kill a Dark Iron Steamsmith to have Lunk appear. Get his quest.|
N |QID|27983|N|Kill Heavy War Golems, and use the “Furnace Flasks” on elementals as you go along. The “Furnace Flasks” can be used on Rasha’krak. Close this step.|
C Lunk’s Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|S|U|62826|M|38.72,49.87|N|Get the Dark Iron Steamsmiths down below 50% health. He will sit on the dwarves, when he gets up you will get a random item. Including the items needed for “Recon Essentials”.|
C Rasha’krak|QID|28099|U|62826|M|31.15,43.81;39.07,41.43;42.88,35.89|N|Rasha’krak wanders between these waypoints. Use the “Furnace Flasks” on him at the start.|
C Lunk’s Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|US|U|62826|M|38.72,49.87|N|Finish having Lunk put the Dark Iron Steamsmiths to sleep.|
C Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|36.29,47.13|
T Lunk’s Adventure: Cranky Little Dwarfs|QID|27983|M|38.72,49.87|
C Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|39.22,41.08|N|Kill however many golems you have left to kill.|
C Heat That Just Don’t Quit|QID|27981|U|62826|M|31.15,43.81;39.07,41.43;42.88,35.89|N|Wander between these 3 spots to get all your flasks.|
C The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|30.03,57.16;28.42,44.85|N|Wander between the two waypoints to get all your spider kills.|
T Curse These Fat Fingers|QID|27976|M|38.32,28.04|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Heat That Just Don’t Quit|QID|27981|M|38.32,28.04|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Rasha’krak|QID|28099|M|38.09,26.66|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
T The Spiders Have to Go|QID|27980|M|37.64,26.73|N|To Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker.|
T Recon Essentials|QID|27977|M|36.65,28.25|N|To Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Twilight Collars|QID|27982|M|36.75,28.25|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Dark Ministry|QID|27979|M|38.33,27.99|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
C Twilight Collars|QID|27982|S|M|38.68,28.71|N|Kill any Twilight mobs as you go along.|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62824|M|24.68,26.29|N|Kill Finister to get “Finister’s Spherule”.|
A Lunthistle’s Tale|QID|27984|M|29.43,26.46|N|From Zamael Lunthistle.|
C Lunthistle’s Tale|QID|27984|NC|M|29.43,26.46|N|Listen to his tale.|
T Lunthistle’s Tale|QID|27984|M|29.43,26.46|N|To Zamael Lunthistle.|
A Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|29.43,26.46|N|From Zamael Lunthistle.|
C Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|23.10,35.28|N|Head down the mountain to the waypoint.|
T Prayer to Elune|QID|27985|M|23.10,35.28|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62825|M|17.49,42.58|N|Enter the cave. Kill Kyuubi to get “Kyuubi’s Spherule”.|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|L|62823|M|14.49,37.25|N|Kill Letherio to get “Letherio’s Spherule”.|
C Dark Ministry|QID|27979|U|62824|M|14.49,37.25|
C Twilight Collars|QID|27982|US|M|13.44,42.20|N|Kill Twilight mobs to get the rest of the “Twilight Necklace”s you need.|
T Dark Ministry|QID|27979|M|38.25,28.00|N|To Hansel Heavyhands.|
A In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord|QID|27986|M|38.28,28.04|N|From Hansel Heavyhands.|
T Twilight Collars|QID|27982|M|38.48,28.65|N|To Master Smith Burninate.|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|27986|
R Iron Summit|QID|27986|M|39.59,31.28;;29.51,50.22;31.78,59.97;37.68,62.88|
f Iron Summit|QID|27986|M|40.95,68.58|N|At Doug Deepdown.|
T In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord|QID|27986|M|39.26,67.78|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Siege!|QID|28028|M|39.26,67.78|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|M|39.26,67.78|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|M|39.26,67.78|
A The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|39.00,68.83|N|From Agnes Flimshale.|
N As you go:|QID|28030|S|N|Pick up crates as you kill the Dark Iron Marksmen. Kill any Incendosaurs you come across.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Southwestern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|44.03,60.94|N|Click on the Southwestern tower brazier.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Eastern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|50.06,54.72|N|Click on the Eastern tower brazier.|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Southeastern tower ablaze: 1/1|M|35.67,60.67|N|Click on the Southeastern tower brazier.|
C The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|34.85,67.89|
C Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|QO|Western tower ablaze: 1/1|M|33.32,54.47|N|Click on the Western tower brazier.|
C Siege!|QID|28028|M|48.59,66.16|N|Kill Dark Iron Marksman near the Iron Summit.|
C They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|US|M|49.17,73.38|
T The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard|QID|28032|M|39.02,68.77|N|To Agnes Flimshale.|
T Siege!|QID|28028|M|39.32,67.71|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T Set Them Ablaze!|QID|28029|M|39.32,67.71|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T They Build a Better Bullet|QID|28030|M|39.32,67.71|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Deceit|QID|28033|M|39.32,67.71|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
T Deceit|QID|28033|M|39.74,67.93|N|Find Lunk at the base of the tower.|
A Lunk’s Adventure: Rendan’s Weakness|QID|28034|M|39.74,67.93|N|Get from Lunk.|
C Lunk’s Adventure: Rendan’s Weakness|QID|28034|M|39.74,67.93|N|Speak with three Iron Summit Guards and ask them to join your dance. |
T Lunk’s Adventure: Rendan’s Weakness|QID|28034|M|39.36,67.81|N|Go back up to Mountain-Lord Rendan to turn the quest in.|
A The Mountain-Lord’s Support|QID|28035|M|39.41,67.84|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
h Iron Summit|M|39.21,66.02|N|At Velma Rockslide.|
F Thorium Point|QID|28035|M|40.89,68.91|N|Fly to Thorium Point.|
T The Mountain-Lord’s Support|QID|28035|M|38.09,26.82|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
A Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|38.09,26.82|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
C Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|41.44,55.72|N|Talk to Lanie Reed , and choose the option to take the flying machine. Hit the 1 button and aim where you want to fire and click to fire.|
T Operation: Stir the Cauldron|QID|28052|M|40.89,51.84|N|To Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|M|40.89,51.84|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|40.89,51.84|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
A Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|40.74,51.71|N|From Mountain-Lord Rendan.|
C Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|S|M|39.19,34.30|N|Attempt to free slaves, and kill the Dark Iron Taskmasters or Dark Iron Slavers as you go along.|
C Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|41.28,25.77|N|Click on the “Altar of Suntara”.|
C Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|40.18,36.41|N|Finish attempting to free however many you have left.|
C Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|US|M|39.19,34.30|N|Finish killing any Dark Iron Taskmasters or Dark Iron Slavers that you need..|
T Slavery is Bad|QID|28054|M|43.72,28.46|N|Run up the ramp to Evonice Sootsmoker.|
T Sweet, Horrible Freedom|QID|28055|M|43.72,28.46|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
T Rise, Obsidion|QID|28056|M|43.72,28.46|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
A Kill ’em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|43.66,28.46|N|From Evonice Sootsmoker.|
N Warning: Wall of text on next step.|QID|28057|N|Close this step.|
N Kill ’em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|N|After looting the first pillow a timed event starts. After some time, a pack of Sleepy Dark Iron Workers spawns from one of the ends, after a bit more time another pack spawns, there are about 10+ but they are fairly weak and easy to kill. After some more time, a level 49 elite, Chambermaid Pillaclencher, will spawn. She likes to do knockback and silence ALOT! If you can kill her she will drop on the ground a lootable item. Close this step.|
C Kill ’em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|44.87,31.65|N|Loot pillows.|
T Kill ’em With Sleep Deprivation|QID|28057|M|42.38,34.34|N|To Taskmaster Scrange.|
A Look at the Size of It!|QID|28058|U|62933|M|45.21,30.66|N|After you kill Chambermaid Pillaclencher, loot the sparkling pillow next to her corpse. Then accept the quest.|
T Look at the Size of It!|QID|28058|M|43.73,28.58|N|To Evonice Sootsmoker.|
A Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|42.47,34.22|N|From Taskmaster Scrange.|
C Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|40.88;35.71|N|Speak with Hansel Heavyhands and help him assault Overseer Maltorius and Twilight-Lord Arkkus.|
T Twisted Twilight Ties|QID|28060|M|47.69,41.96;49.96,39.28|N|To Overseer Oilfist. Drop down at the first waypoint.|
A From Whence He Came|QID|28062|M|49.96,39.28|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
A Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|50.19,38.90|N|From Overseer Oilfist.|
C Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|43.78,27.65|N|Kill 6 Searing Flamewraiths as you head towards the waypoint.
T Minions of Calcinder|QID|28061|M|46.77,27.06|
C From Whence He Came|QID|28062|U|62925|M|43.78,27.65|
T From Whence He Came|QID|28062|M|43.78,27.65|
A Welcome to the Brotherhood|QID|28064|M|43.78,27.65|
H Iron Summit|QID|28053|N|Hearth back to Iron Summit.|
F Fly to Thorium Point.|QID|28053|M|40.89,68.91|
T Lunk Like Your Style|QID|28053|M|39.02,25.97|N|Get from Lunk up the ramp of the tower. This is a hit complete type quest, no acceptance.|
T Welcome to the Brotherhood|QID|28064|M|38.08,26.70|N|To Overseer Oilfist.|
F Stormwind City|QID|28666|M|40.89,68.91|N|Fly to Stormwind to train, visit AH, etc.|


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