Addon – Swamp of Sorrows (Alliance) Ready


WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘CraSwa5254’, ‘Swamp of Sorrows’, ‘Crackerhead22′, ’52’, ’54’, ‘CraBla5458’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

A Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|73.07,14.74|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
f Bogpaddle|QID|27587|M|72.09,12.05|N|At Skeezie.|
h Bogpaddle|QID|27587|M|71.75,13.98|N|At Cap’n Geech.|
A Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.58,9.36|N|From Brono Goodgroove.|
C Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|U|62795|M|86.32,14.40;73.08,4.86|N|Should find the makuras you need to kill between these two points.|
C Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|86.32,14.40;73.08,4.86|N|Should find the crabs you need to kill between these two points.|
T Drinks on the Rocks|QID|27592|M|73.75,9.03|N|To Brono Goodgroove.|
T Maliciously Delicious|QID|27587|M|73.08,14.64|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap. After turning in this quest, you can grab more swim tonics from Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|73.05,14.65|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|73.05,14.65|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|74.23,12.40|N|From Pierre Fishflay.|
C Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|S|M|81.72,24.60|N|They are all over the area, they sparkle and are fairly easy to spot. They can blow up.|
C Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|83.94,30.07|N|The Swampstriders are green.|
C Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|78.56,26.91|
C Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|US|M|81.72,24.60|N|They are all over the area, they sparkle and are fairly easy to spot. They can blow up.|
T Tastes Like Strider|QID|27663|M|74.20,12.46|N|To Pierre Fishflay.|
T Mostly Harmless|QID|27536|M|73.02,14.67|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
T Croc-Out|QID|27656|M|73.02,14.67|N|To Trade Baron Silversnap.|
A Crazy Larry|QID|27597|M|73.02,14.67|N|From Trade Baron Silversnap.|
R Sorrowmurk|QID|27597|M|72.02,19.39;76.69,31.8;82.99,39.25|N|Grab some more “Silversnap Swim Potions” from Trade Baron Silversnap, then run to Sorrowmurk.|
T Crazy Larry|QID|27597|M|83.86,39.98|N|To Crazy Larry.|
A Kill Gil|QID|27598|M|83.86,39.98|N|From Crazy Larry.|
A Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|83.86,39.98|
C Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|S|M|93.47,25.96|N|Loot the Deceased Bogpaddle Privateer corpses.|
C Kill Gil|QID|27598|M|90.56,30.70|
C Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|US|M|93.47,25.96|N|Loot the Deceased Bogpaddle Privateer corpses.|
T Kill Gil|QID|27598|M|83.86,40.04|N|To Crazy Larry.|
T Can’t Take It With Them|QID|27599|M|83.86,40.04|N|To Crazy Larry.|
A In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|83.86,40.04|N|From Crazy Larry.|
C In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|98.47,26.97|N|Talk to Lil’ Crazy Jerry just north of the camp and choose to go into the cannon. Fuse is by the mast, powder is in the captain’s cabin, and the publications are down in the hold.|
T In With a Bang|QID|27600|M|83.93,40.03|N|Click on the cannon that is on the deck to go back. Then go to Crazy Larry to turn in the quest..|
A Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|M|83.93,40.03|N|From Crazy Larry.|
T Baba Bogbrew|QID|27740|M|69.12,76.20|N|Talk to Lil’ Crazy just south of the camp, then head to Baba Bogbrew.|
A Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.12,76.20|
C Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|81.57,88.82|
T Marshfin Madness|QID|27691|M|69.18,76.35|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
A The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|69.18,76.35|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
C The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|66.61,74.55;65.69,79.38;64.34,80.39;63.45,83.23;64.55,88.19;63.26,85.56|N|Follow the waypoints to Hr’ngith.|
T Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|69.13,76.35|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
T The Darkest Depths|QID|27757|M|69.08,76.43|N|To Baba Bogbrew.|
A Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|69.08,76.43|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
C Slithering Signs|QID|27818|M|74.08,83.40;79.34,61.87|N|Head south from the camp to kill the serpents you need. If you don’t get all the hearts you need there, head north to that waypoint.|
A The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27869|M|69.13,76.35|N|From Baba Bogbrew.|
T The Dragon and the Temple|QID|27869|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|From Lord Itharius.|
C Pool of Tears|QID|27694|U|62795|M|66.99,46.98|N|Once your in the Swamp of Sorrows part of the Pool of Tears, use a swim tonic. They can be hard to find as they are small and do not sparkle.|
T Pool of Tears|QID|27694|M|53.99,79.65|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|M|53.99,79.65|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|From Lord Itharius.|
C Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|NC|M|54.27,79.03|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|Just keep going the only way you can. You will eventually end up in the Hall of Masks.|
T Legends of the Sunken Temple|QID|27704|M|54.27,79.03|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
A Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|54.27,79.03|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
C Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|54.33,79.13;54.21,79.1454.32,79.32|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|Follow the waypoints to find fin Priestess Udum’bra.|
T Step One: The Priestess|QID|27705|M|54.32,79.32|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
A Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|54.32,79.32|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
C Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|54.21,79.14;54.46,79.24;54.48,79.13|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
T Step Two: The Bloodletter|QID|27768|M|54.48,79.13|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
A Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|54.48,79.13|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
R Hall of Bones|QID|27773|M|54.47,79.29;54.45,79.30;54.58,79.4;54.65,78.09|N|Follow the waypoints to the Hall of Bones.|
C Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|54.44,78.86|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|Jump down one level at a time to get to Jammal’an.|
T Step Three: Prophet|QID|27773|M|54.49,78.86|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
A Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|
T Blessing of the Green Dragonflight|QID|27914|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|To Lord Itharius.|
A The Heart of the Temple|QID|27915|O|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|This quest takes you into the instance of the Sunken Temple. Do it if you wish, if not just skip it.|
A To Marshtide Watch|QID|27870|M|53.99,79.66|Z|The Temple of Atal’Hakkar|N|From Lord Itharius.|
R Marshtide Watch|QID|27870|M|66.02,44.06;65.91,39.3|
T To Marshtide Watch|QID|27870|M|68.04,36.39|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
A Orcs and Humans|QID|27821|M|68.04,36.39|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
A Lumbering Oafs|QID|27822|M|68.04,36.39|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
A The Lost Ones|QID|27860|M|69.87,36.71|N|From Holaaru.|
A Draenethyst Crystals|QID|27840|M|69.87,36.71|N|From Holaaru.|
f Marshtide Watch|QID|27840|M|69.98,38.34|N|At Paola Baldwin.|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|27860|M|56.96,30.16|
C The Lost Ones|QID|27860|S|M|56.88,31.66|N|Kill any Lost Ones while you gather up the crystal.|
C Draenethyst Crystals|QID|27840|M|62.45,25.54|
C The Lost Ones|QID|27860|US|M|56.88,31.66|N|Kill however many Lost Ones you need left.|
C Orcs and Humans|QID|27821|M|58.87,44.51|
C Lumbering Oafs|QID|27822|M|52.65,51.56|N|Be careful not to get too close to Stonard.|
T Orcs and Humans|QID|27821|M|68.09,36.23|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
T Lumbering Oafs|QID|27822|M|68.09,36.23|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
A Tides of Darkness|QID|27795|M|68.09,36.23|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
A Reinforcements Denied|QID|27843|M|68.09,36.23|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
A Marking the Fallen|QID|27845|M|68.09,36.23|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
T The Lost Ones|QID|27860|M|69.77,36.56|N|To Holaaru.|
T Draenethyst Crystals|QID|27840|M|69.77,36.56|N|To Holaaru.|
A The Harborage|QID|27918|M|69.77,36.56|N|From Holaaru.|
C Marking the Fallen|QID|27845|S|U|62517|M|56.80,46.96|N|Kill ogres and plant the banner at the fallen footman.|
C Reinforcements Denied|QID|27843|M|56.05,49.94|
C Tides of Darkness|QID|27795|M|56.80,46.96|N|Kill any ogres you need.|
C Marking the Fallen|QID|27845|U|62517|M|56.80,46.96|N|Mark any footman you have left to do.|
T Tides of Darkness|QID|27795|M|68.08,36.27|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
T Reinforcements Denied|QID|27843|M|68.08,36.27|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
T Marking the Fallen|QID|27845|M|68.08,36.27|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
A Assault on Stonard|QID|27849|M|68.08,36.27|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
A Cutting Supply|QID|27851|M|68.08,36.27|N|From Joanna Blueheart.|
R Stonard|QID|27849|M|49.74,51.08|N|Run to Stonard.|
C Cutting Supply|QID|27851|S|M|47.54,53.72|N|Pick up any sparkling crates you see.|
C Assault on Stonard|QID|27849|M|47.56,53.90|
C Cutting Supply|QID|27851|US|M|47.54,53.72|N|Pick up any sparkling crates you see.|
T Assault on Stonard|QID|27849|M|68.03,36.21|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
T Cutting Supply|QID|27851|M|68.03,36.21|N|To Joanna Blueheart.|
R The Harborage|QID|27918|M|26.82,33.57|N|Time to run to The Harborage.|
f The Harborage|QID|27851|M|30.78,34.74|N|At Yedrin.|
T The Harborage|QID|27918|M|26.94,33.77|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
A Prayerblossom|QID|27875|M|26.94,33.77|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
A Secrets of the Mire|QID|27876|M|26.94,33.77|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
A Onward to the Blasted Lands|QID|27919|M|26.94,33.77|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
h The Harborage|QID|27919|M|29.00,32.60|N|At Verad.|
r Sell junk, restock.|QID|27919|
C Prayerblossom|QID|27875|S|M|36.43,42.55|N|Kill the Shifting Mireglobs for the silt, while you look for the Prayerblossoms. They do sparkle, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the flowers.|
C Secrets of the Mire|QID|27876|M|36.43,42.55|N|Go around this point killing the Shifting Mireglobs, they are in the waterways.|
C Prayerblossom|QID|27875|US|M|36.05,38.39|N|Collect however many Prayerblossoms you have left to gather.|
T Prayerblossom|QID|27875|M|26.97,33.78|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
T Secrets of the Mire|QID|27876|M|26.97,33.78|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
A The Purespring|QID|27902|M|26.97,33.78|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
A Breath of Mist|QID|27904|M|26.97,33.78|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
R Misty Valley|QID|27904|M|23.65,45.3;21.32,42.58|N|Run to Misty Valley.|
C Breath of Mist|QID|27904|M|17.49,36.51|N|Kill any Grell that you see prancing about.|
R Purespring Cavern|QID|27902|M|25.87,55.06;22.13,56.43|N|Be careful as you go by Splinterspear Junction.|
C The Purespring|QID|27902|M|18.75,59.67|
H The Harborage|QID|27902|N|Hearth to The Harborage or run if your hearth is down.|
T The Purespring|QID|27902|M|27.00,33.74|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
T Breath of Mist|QID|27904|M|27.00,33.74|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
A Remember the Light|QID|24913|M|26.94,33.74|N|From Anchorite Avuun.|
C Remember the Light|QID|24913|M|27.01,33.80|N|Wait and watch the scene.|
T Remember the Light|QID|24913|M|26.89,33.76|N|To Anchorite Avuun.|
F Stormwind City|QID|27919|M|30.69,34.69|N|Fly to Stormwind to visit your trainers, the AH, sell junk and repair/restock.|
A Hero’s Call: Blasted Lands!|QID|28673|M|62.93,71.53;62.28,29.97|Z|Storwind City|N|Pick up from the Hero’s Call Board. May or may not be there depending on your level (disapears if your level is too high).|
H The Harborage|QID|27919|N|Hearth back to The Harborage, or fly from Stormwind if your hearth isn’t up.|
R Blasted Lands|QID|28673|M|37.28,63.62;36.12,73.12|N|Run to the Blasted Lands.|
R Nethergarde Keep|QID|28673|M|49.05,7.51;49.08,11.69;51.14,14.06;53,16;57.26,16.29|Z|Blasted Lands|N|Run to Nethergarde Keep.|
T Hero’s Call: Blasted Lands!|QID|28673|M|60.11,13.67|Z|Blasted Lands|N|Enter the building and go up one floor to Quartermaster Lungertz.|


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