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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘TN1’, ‘Thousand Needles’, ‘Wkjezz’, ’40’, ’45’, ‘TAN1’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

A The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25486|Z|Feralas|N|From Caryssia Moonhunter.|
C The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25486|M|88.45,44.46|Z|Feralas|N|Progessing East, Kill Grimtotems.|
T The Grimtotem are Coming|QID|25488|M|88.45,44.46|Z|Feralas|N|To Rendow.|
A Two If By Boat|QID|25488|M|88.53,44.27|Z|Feralas|N|From Rendow.|
T Two If By Boat|QID|25488|M|75.93,74.59|N|To Fizzle Brassbolts.|
A Do Me a Favor?|QID|25504|M|75.93,74.59|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
T Do Me a Favor?|QID|25504|M|76.46,73.66|N|To Jinky Twizzlefixxit.|
A Down in the Deeps|QID|25515|M|76.46,73.66|N|From Jinky Twizzlefixxit.|
A Bar Fight!|QID|25517|M|77.98,73.35|N|From Rizzle Brassbolts.|
h Raceway Ruins|QID|25517|M|76.52,74.74|Z|Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|N|At Daisy. Buy a bottle of grog from her after you set your hearth.|
C Bar Fight!|QID|25517|U|54746|N|Taget a goblin and use the grog you just bought from Daisy.|
T Bar Fight!|QID|25517|M|78.02,73.36|N|To Rizzle Brassbolts.|
A In the Outhouse|QID|25524|M|79.61,75.03|N|From Rizzle Brassbolts.|
C Down in the Deeps|QID|25515|M|80.61,76.83|N|Kill Pirate Treasure Hunters until you loot a Pirate’s Crowbar.|
C In the Outhouse|QID|25524|U|54821|M|79.58,75.09|
T In the Outhouse|QID|25524|M|79.58,75.09|
f Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|QID|25524|M|79.16,71.95|N|At Tilly Topspin.|
T Down in the Deeps|QID|25515|M|76.50,73.64|N|To Jinky Twizzlefixxit.|
A Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25532|M|76.50,73.64|
R Go to Mazzer|QID|99999999|N|He is on the southern pontoon. (Manually Click this step to continue)|
C Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25532|M|77.52,77.92|
T Pirate Accuracy Increasing|QID|25532|M|80.07,75.24|
A Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25542|M|80.12,75.15|
C Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25542|M|73.91,74.03|N|Much like before, press 1 and aim’n’click. BOOM. When done, click on the Leave Vehicle button and it will parachute you back onto the boat.|
T Circle the Wagons… er, Boats|QID|25542|M|76.52,73.66|
A Quiet the Cannons|QID|25585|M|76.52,73.66|N|From Jinky Twizzlefixxit.|
A Negotiations|QID|25744|M|75.96,74.60|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
A Where’s Wizzle?|QID|25590|M|77.97,73.31|N|From Rizzle Brassbolts.|
A A Little Payback|QID|25588|M|78.04,73.13|N|From Drag Master Miglen.|
A Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp|QID|28031|M|78.12,73.12|N|From Mazzer Stripscrew.|
R Quiet the Cannons|QID|25585|CC|U|55121|M|91.45,74.91|N|Jump into the water and use your riverboat item. (Click to continue)|
C A Little Payback|QID|25588|S|M|91.61,78.01|N|As you go casually kill pirates, dont make any special efforts to do so at this point.|
T Where’s Wizzle?|QID|25590|M|91.67,78.53|N|To Wizzle Brassbolts.|
A Sunken Treasure|QID|25609|M|91.67,78.53|N|From Wizzle Brassbolts.|
C Quiet the Cannons|QID|25585|M|90.81,77.26|
C Sunken Treasure|QID|25609|M|83.38,64.95|N|Hop into the water and search for sunken treasures to the North West.|
T Sunken Treasure|QID|25609|U|55121|M|91.59,78.61|N|Swim to the surface then use your steamboat and go back to Wizzle Brassbolts.|
A Two-Tusk Takedown|QID|25627|M|91.59,78.61|N|From Wizzle Brassbolts.|
R This can be tricky…|QID|25627|U|55158|M|91.99, 81.57|N|Run here, until you see a cave. You need to bribe the ogres with the treasure to allow you safe passage thru the cave.|
N Two-Tusk Takedown|QID|25627|U|55158|N|Once in the cave head left. Following this left path to the NPC. Bribe all ogres on the way. (Click this step when you are about to fight Tony)|
C A Little Payback|QID|25588|US|M|91.61,78.01|N|Finish this should you need to.|
C A Little Payback|QID|25588|US|M|91.61,78.01|N|Finish this should you need to.|
C Two-Tusk Takedown|QID|25627|U|55158|M|95.17,79.56|
T Two-Tusk Takedown|QID|25627|M|91.67,78.67|N|To Wizzle Brassbolts.|
A Haunted|QID|25660|M|91.67,78.67|N|From Spirit of Tony Two-Tusk.|
T Haunted|QID|25660|M|96.81,72.41|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A With a Little Help…|QID|25661|M|96.81,72.41|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
C Head to the Captain’s Room on the First Boat.|QID|25661|L|55196 |M|90.53,71.45|N|Kill “Evil Dolly” and loot her heart. (Click once complete)|
R Swim to this location|QID|25661|L|55197 |M|88.45,72.86|N|Use the ladder. Kill and Loot Seadog Fajardo. (Click to continue)|
R Swim to this location|QID|25661|M|88.50,77.01|N|Use the ladder. (Click to continue)|
C With a Little Help…|QID|25661|M|87.97,76.10|
T With a Little Help…|QID|25661|M|96.84,72.41|N|Climb up the mountains and head to Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A Carcass Collection|QID|25672|M|96.84,72.41|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
C Carcass Collection|QID|25672|M|84.44,66.41|N|These are from already dead turtles and lizzards. Keep your eyes peeled bot at the surface of the water and on the floor. If you are lucky there is a ring of 5 dead turtles between the Pirates and Speedbarge hub.|
T Carcass Collection|QID|25672|M|96.81,72.36|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
A The Mad Magus|QID|25704|M|96.81,72.36|N|From Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
C The Mad Magus|QID|25704|U|55230|M|85.01,91.28|N|Take the portal there and back.|
T The Mad Magus|QID|25704|M|96.80,72.34|N|To Ajamon Ghostcaller.|
R Sail north.|QID|25762|CC|U|55121|M|90.03,60.18|N|Once you get in the water, summon your boat. Sail Here|
T Negotiations|QID|25744|M|91.33,57.74|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Get Zherin!|QID|25756|M|91.33,57.74|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|M|90.11,53.10|N|From Skycaller Vrakthris.|
C Get Zherin!|QID|25756|M|91.15,53.76|
T Get Zherin!|QID|25756|M|91.41,57.72|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Fool’s Gold|QID|25774|M|91.41,57.72|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
R Get in the water|QID|25774|CC|U|55121|M|44.93,35.25|N|Use your boat and head west.|
C Fool’s Gold|QID|25774|S|M|48.05,42.85|N|Very very big gold ore nodes. Head into the cave and collect 8 (under water)|
C The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|U|55986|M|43.93,37.52|N|This quest is tricky. This is actually in an UNDERWATER cave. Once you enter the cave follow the left path all the way around until you find the brazier. (The co-ords point to the cave mouth).|
C Fool’s Gold|QID|25774|US|M|48.05,42.85|N|Very very big gold ore nodes. Head into the cave and collect 8 (under water)|
H Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|QID|25774|N|Hearth. Do not turn in the quests on the steam barge yet.|
R Get in the water|QID|99999|CC|U|55121|M|88.19,59.79|N|Use your boat and head North East.|
T Fool’s Gold|QID|25774|M|91.38,57.70|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Fake Gold for Black Gold|QID|25778|M|91.36,57.65|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
T The Ancient Brazier|QID|25762|M|90.09,52.97|N|To Skycaller Vrakthris.|
T Fake Gold for Black Gold|QID|25778|M|91.30,53.70|N|To Khan Ablinh.|
A Back to Crazzle|QID|25790|M|91.30,53.70|N|From Khan Ablinh.|
T Back to Crazzle|QID|25790|M|91.38,57.72|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Eminent Domain|QID|25796|M|91.38,57.72|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Defend the Drill|QID|25798|M|91.38,57.72|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
C Defend the Drill|QID|25798|NC|U|56011|M|90.00,51.19|
C Eminent Domain|QID|25796|M|88.65,49.78|
T Eminent Domain|QID|25796|M|91.35,57.70|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
T Defend the Drill|QID|25798|M|91.35,57.70|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Go Blow that Horn|QID|25813|M|91.35,57.70|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
C Go Blow that Horn|QID|25813|M|88.94,47.31|
T Go Blow that Horn|QID|25813|M|91.36,57.77|N|To Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
A Deliver the Goods|QID|25825|M|91.36,57.77|N|From Crazzle Sprysprocket.|
R Get in the water|QID|99999|CC|U|55121|M|69.95,84.98|N|Use your boat and head south-west. (Click to continue)|
T Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp|QID|28031|M|69.91,85.18|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
A The Greatest Flavor in the World!|QID|28045|M|69.91,85.18|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
A We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|QID|28051|M|69.91,85.18|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
C We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|QID|28051|S|M|68.53,86.35|
C The Greatest Flavor in the World!|QID|28045|M|70.60,82.29|N|Also right click on dead gnomes as you go.|
C We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|QID|28051|US|M|68.53,86.35|
T The Greatest Flavor in the World!|QID|28045|M|69.89,85.11|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
T We All Scream for Ice Cream… and then Die!|QID|28051|M|69.89,85.11|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
A Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|M|69.89,85.11|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
A That Smart One’s Gotta Go|QID|28048|M|69.89,85.11|N|From Brivelthwerp.|
C Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|U|62912|QO|First pipe frozen: 1/1|M|65.95,86.41|N|Go to the bug tunnel under water to the east. First Pipe is here.|
C Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|U|62912|QO|Second pipe frozen: 1/1|M|65.95,86.50|N|Second Pipe is here. (click to continue)|
R Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|U|62912|QO|Third pipe frozen: 1/1|M|64.94,84.52|N|Thrid Pipe is here. (click to continue)|
C Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|U|62912|M|64.95,85.79|
C That Smart One’s Gotta Go|QID|28048|M|64.57,85.73|
T Freezing the Pipes|QID|28047|M|69.90,85.19|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
T That Smart One’s Gotta Go|QID|28048|M|69.90,85.19|N|To Brivelthwerp.|
H Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|QID|99999|N|If it is down, just sail back (Click to continue)|
T Deliver the Goods|QID|25825|M|75.97,74.65|N|To Fizzle Brassbolts.|
A Free Freewind Post|QID|25835|M|75.97,74.65|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
T Quiet the Cannons|QID|25585|M|76.48,73.67|N|To Jinky Twizzlefixxit.|
T A Little Payback|QID|25588|M|78.11,73.18|N|To Drag Master Miglen.|
A Free Freewind Post|QID|25835|M|75.88,74.65|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
R Freewind Post|QID|25835|U|55121|M|46.31,57.56|N|Use your boat and travel west.|
T Free Freewind Post|QID|25835|M|46.35,57.88|N|To Quentin.|
A Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25869|M|46.36,57.82|N|From Quentin.|
A Save the Sentinel|QID|25871|M|46.81,56.11|N|From Brienna Starglow.|
C Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25869|M|42.79,51.02|N|Once you kill 10 keep moving along to the next quest. Any Invaders fighting NPCs should not aggro you, so run past them.|
A Horn of the Traitor|QID|25873|M|44.58,49.96|N|From Montarr.|
C Save the Sentinel|QID|25871|M|45.16,50.16|
C Horn of the Traitor|QID|25873|M|45.91,50.83|N|Once completed, mount up and take a running jump in to open water to the south, then head to the turn in NPC|
T Grimtotem in the Post|QID|25869|M|46.36,57.90|N|To Quentin.|
T Horn of the Traitor|QID|25873|M|46.36,57.90|N|To Quentin.|
T Save the Sentinel|QID|25871|M|46.78,56.05|N|To Brienna Starglow.|
A Together Again|QID|27275|M|46.78,56.05|N|From Brienna Starglow.|
T Together Again|QID|27275|M|42.22,48.20|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
A No Weapons For You!|QID|27310|M|42.22,48.20|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
A Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27312|M|42.22,48.20|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27314|M|42.22,48.20|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27314|M|43.11,43.65|N|Keep burning Weapon Racks and Killing Grimtotems on the way until you complete the quests.|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe|QID|27314|M|43.33,43.63|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27318|M|43.33,43.63|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
A The Rattle of Bones|QID|27316|M|43.35,43.42|
T The Rattle of Bones|QID|27316|M|43.12,43.66|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
A The Writ of History|QID|27320|M|43.12,43.66|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
A The Drums of War|QID|27325|M|43.12,43.67|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27318|M|39.67,41.76|
C The Writ of History|QID|27320|M|38.77,41.82|N|It hangs on a nearby totem.|
T The Writ of History|QID|27320|M|38.77,41.82|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof|QID|27318|M|38.77,41.82|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27323|M|38.77,41.83|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
C Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27312|M|36.16,39.58|
T Darkcloud Grimtotem|QID|27312|M|35.36,39.37|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
C No Weapons For You!|QID|27310|M|33.74,39.23|
T No Weapons For You!|QID|27310|M|34.10,39.07|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27323|M|34.12,39.17|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud|QID|27323|M|34.10,39.33|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
C The Drums of War|QID|27325|M|33.97,37.41|
T The Drums of War|QID|27325|M|33.97,37.41|
A Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27327|M|34.08,39.31|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
C Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27327|M|38.51,27.55|
T Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs|QID|27327|M|37.99,26.69|N|To Feralas Sentinel.|
A The Captive Bride|QID|27357|M|38.86,28.44|N|From Feralas Sentinel.|
T The Captive Bride|QID|27357|M|39.15,25.84|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Invoking the Serpent|QID|27329|M|39.15,25.84|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C Invoking the Serpent|QID|27329|U|61043|M|37.79,35.15|
T Invoking the Serpent|QID|27329|M|39.13,25.84|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Trouble at Highperch|QID|28085|M|12.81,33.97|
R Get in the water|QID|28085|CC|U|55121|M|12.87,34.05|N|Mount up and take a running leap for open water. Summon your boat and head Northwest|
T Trouble at Highperch|QID|28085|M|12.84,34.02|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|M|12.84,34.02|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|M|12.84,34.02|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|M|10.20,33.86|
C Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|M|12.62,34.97|
T Free the Pridelings|QID|28086|M|12.83,34.05|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
T Death to all Trappers!|QID|28087|M|12.83,34.05|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|12.83,34.05|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|17.65,41.08|N|Head up the narrow path. Kill the 4 subduers|
T Release Heartrazor|QID|28088|M|12.87,33.97|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|12.87,33.97|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
C The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|19.00,48.02|N|Click on Heartrazor now. Once complete, go back to Heartrazor and fly back.|
T The Twilight Skymaster|QID|28098|M|12.83,34.00|N|To Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
A On to the Bulwark|QID|28124|M|12.83,34.00|N|From Pao’ka Swiftmountain.|
R On to the Bulwark|QID|28124|CC|M|30.41,48.89|N|Jump back onto Heartrazor. (Click when complete)|
T On to the Bulwark|QID|28124|M|30.38,49.27|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|30.38,49.27|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
A Break Them Out|QID|28127|M|30.38,49.27|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C Break Them Out|QID|28127|M|27.19,57.68|N|Kill guards by cages, no key looting this time.|
C Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|26.50,57.75|
T Something to Wear|QID|28125|M|30.45,49.31|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
T Break Them Out|QID|28127|M|30.45,49.31|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|M|30.45,49.31|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
A Behind You!|QID|28136|M|30.45,49.31|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
K Fastfuse|QID|28136|U|63071|QO|Commander Fastfuse assassinated: 1/1|M|30.13,54.17|N|Run up the tower at this location.|
K Elementalist Starion|QID|28136|U|63071|QO|Elementalist Starion assassinated: 1/1|M|28.02,57.11|N|Run over here and do the deed.|
C Behind You!|QID|28136|U|63071|M|31.22,59.61|
C Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|M|31.14,59.76|N|Loot the big circle articact.|
T Codemaster’s Code|QID|28139|M|30.47,49.33|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
T Behind You!|QID|28136|M|30.47,49.33|N|To Lakota Windsong.|
A The Elder Crone|QID|28140|M|30.47,49.33|N|From Lakota Windsong.|
C The Elder Crone|QID|28140|U|63071|M|35.88,60.64|
T The Elder Crone|QID|28140|M|35.88,60.64|
A To the Withering|QID|28142|M|35.88,60.64|
T To the Withering|QID|28142|M|50.16,62.58|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|50.16,62.58|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Unbound|QID|28158|M|50.16,62.58|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|QO|Twilight Element of Earth: 1/1|M|53.09,63.51|N|Earth is Here |
K Bound Fury|QID|28158|QO|Bound Fury unbound: 1/1|M|52.90,59.60|N|Fury is here|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|QO|Twilight Element of Water: 1/1|M|52.79,58.68|N|Water is Here (Click when you have looted it)|
C Unbound|QID|28158|M|56.84,61.28|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|QO|Twilight Element of Air: 1/1|M|57.53,60.00|N|Up this tower you will find air.|
C Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|60.44,64.39|
T Four Twilight Elements|QID|28157|M|50.08,62.63|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
T Unbound|QID|28158|M|50.08,62.63|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
A The Doomstone|QID|28159|M|50.08,62.63|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
C The Doomstone|QID|28159|U|63104|M|54.51,62.92|N|Beware, He likes to throw people around. Don’t get too carried away… epic music can make for an epic death.|
T The Doomstone|QID|28159|M|50.11,62.62|N|To Magatha Grimtotem.|
A Spread the Word|QID|28160|M|50.11,62.62|N|From Magatha Grimtotem.|
H Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge|QID|99999|N|Hearth to the barge.|
T Spread the Word|QID|28160|M|75.92,74.57|N|To Fizzle Brassbolts.|
A Tanaris is Calling|QID|27446|M|75.92,74.57|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
N The End|QID|99999|U|55121|N|That’s It for Thousand Needles Folks. Head on south into Tanaris and join me for Wkjezz’s Tanaris Guide!|


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