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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘WSWK’, ‘Winterspring’, ‘Wkjezz’, ’50’, ’55’, ‘EpicMusicDeath’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

N This Guide:|QID|99999|N|Starts where the Felwood Guide leaves off. Did not do felwood, I will let you know which quests you can ignore in the guide. You want to try and have about 40 empty bag slots as an ideal measure. (Click to continue)|
F Talonbranch Glade|QID|99999|M|60.81,25.64|Z|Felwood|N|Fly Here|
R Timbermaw Hold|QID|99999|M|62.02,10.35|Z|Felwood|N|Run into the tunnel here.|
T Speak to Salfa|QID|28521|O|M|21.09,46.23|N|To Salfa. (Optional)|
A Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.09,46.23|N|From Salfa.|
T Wintersrping!|QID|28768|O|M|25.15,58.53|N|To Donova Snowden. (Optional from Felwood)|
A Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|25.15,58.53|N|From Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
C Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|28.91,58.27|
T Doin’ De E’ko Magic|QID|28540|M|25.27,58.43|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari.|
A Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|24.43,48.13|
T Falling to Corruption|QID|28464|M|24.45,47.72|
A Mystery Goo|QID|28467|M|24.45,47.72|
C Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|23.00,48.69|
T Strange Life Forces|QID|28656|M|25.22,58.39|N|To Witch Doctor Mau’ari. Don’t worry about the rest of the beads for now, we’ll be killing pleanty more Furblogs later.|
T Threat of the Winterfall|QID|28460|M|25.09,58.56|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Mystery Goo|QID|28467|M|25.12,58.49|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.18,58.39|N|From Donova Snowden.|
A Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|25.14,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|28.89,55.08|N|They are all over the main path.|
T Winterfall Runners|QID|28469|M|25.13,58.52|N|To Donova Snowden.|
C Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|33.35,49.20|
T Scalding Signs|QID|28530|M|25.14,58.55|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|25.13,58.52|N|From Donova Snowden.|
C High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|36.63,55.88|
C Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|35.72,55.89|
T High Chief Winterfall|QID|28470|M|25.14,58.55|N|To Donova Snowden.|
A The Final Piece|QID|28471|M|25.13,58.57|
T The Final Piece|QID|28471|M|25.13,58.57|N|To Donova Snowden.|
T Winterfall Activity|QID|28522|M|21.06,46.22|N|To Salfa. After you hand this in follow the path east to the Lake.|
T The Ruins of Kel’Theril|QID|28479|O|M|50.72,54.89|N|To Kaldorei Spirit. (optional from felwood)|
A Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.72,54.89|N|From Kaldorei Spirit.|
C Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.68,52.09|
T Pride of the Highborne|QID|28513|M|50.73,54.86|N|To Kaldorei Spirit.|
A Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|M|50.73,54.86|N|From Kaldorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the Highborne|QID|28534|M|50.83,55.02|N|To Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|50.83,55.02|N|From Quel’dorei Spirit.|
C Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|53.68,57.59|
T Legacy of the High Elves|QID|28518|M|50.79,55.06|N|To Quel’dorei Spirit.|
A Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|M|50.79,55.06|N|From Quel’dorei Spirit.|
T Descendants of the High Elves|QID|28535|M|50.71,55.03|N|To Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|50.80,55.14|N|From Sin’dorei Spirit.|
C Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|49.45,57.78|
T Pain of the Blood Elves|QID|28519|M|50.68,55.11|N|To Sin’dorei Spirit.|
A The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|50.68,55.11|N|From Sin’dorei Spirit.|
T The Curse of Zin-Malor|QID|28536|M|46.83,53.83|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|
A In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|46.83,53.83|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
C In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|50.82,62.43|
T In Pursuit of Shades|QID|28537|M|46.87,53.89|N|To Kelek Skykeeper.|
A Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|M|46.87,53.89|N|From Kelek Skykeeper.|
T Trailing the Spiritspeaker|QID|28848|M|59.67,50.51|N|To Nymn.|
h Everlook|QID|28848|M|59.83,51.18|N|At Innkeeper Vizzie.|
A Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.84,49.27|N|From Lilith the Lithe.|
T Hammer Time|QID|28609|M|59.78,49.68|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|59.78,49.68|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
f Everlook|QID|28610|M|61.00,48.61|N|At Maethrya.|
C Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|58.89,57.40|
T Rubble Trouble|QID|28610|M|59.75,49.64|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|M|59.73,49.73|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Boulder Delivery|QID|28618|M|59.85,49.15|N|To Lilith the Lithe.|
A Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|M|59.81,49.19|N|From Kilram.|
T Kilram’s Boast|QID|28624|M|59.75,49.64|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|59.75,49.64|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
C Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|49.77,48.64|
T Chop Chop|QID|28625|M|59.77,49.65|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Tree Delivery|QID|28626|M|59.85,49.52|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Tree Delivery|QID|28626|M|59.82,49.14|N|To Kilram.|
A Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|M|59.79,49.25|N|From Seril Scourgebane.|
T Seril’s Boast|QID|28627|M|59.77,49.69|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|59.76,49.70|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|59.34,49.83|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|59.34,49.83|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Echo Three|QID|28630|M|59.35,49.93|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.30,46.13|N|From Burndl.|
A Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.30,46.13|N|From Tanrir.|
C Turning the Earth|QID|28615|U|64637|M|67.49,49.99|
C Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|69.05,50.67|
T Echo Three|QID|28630|M|67.03,55.11|
C The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|69.65,49.72|
C Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|68.58,54.58|N|Keep collecting Yeti furs|
C Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|66.70,56.02|
T Bearzerker|QID|28614|M|65.25,46.26|N|To Burndl.|
T Turning the Earth|QID|28615|M|65.35,46.18|N|To Tanrir.|
T Are We There, Yeti?|QID|28629|M|59.31,49.79|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
L Level 57|QID|28615|LVL|57|N|You should be around level 57 by this point.|
T The Perfect Horns|QID|28631|M|59.31,49.79|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
A Yetiphobia|QID|28722|M|59.31,49.79|N|From Umi Rumplesnicker.|
C Yetiphobia|QID|28722|U|12928|M|60.04,50.87|
T Yetiphobia|QID|28722|M|59.30,49.81|N|To Umi Rumplesnicker.|
T Fresh From The Hills|QID|28632|M|59.78,49.68|N|To Deez Rocksnitch.|
A Ice Delivery|QID|28628|M|59.81,49.66|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
T Ice Delivery|QID|28628|M|59.78,49.21|N|To Seril Scourgebane.|
A Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|59.73,49.73|N|From Deez Rocksnitch.|
A The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|M|59.63,50.50|N|From Nymn.|
T The Pursuit of Umbranse|QID|28847|M|58.01,63.77|N|To Haleh.|
A Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|58.01,63.77|N|From Haleh.|
C Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|54.28,65.73|N|The are very small mobs, even critter like at times.|
T Altered Beasts|QID|28837|M|58.02,63.83|N|To Haleh.|
A The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|58.02,63.83|N|From Haleh.|
C The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|57.15,75.50|N|From a chest under the ripped canopy.|
T The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|57.15,75.50|
C The Owlbeasts’ Defense|QID|28838|M|57.17,75.37|
A Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|57.35,75.27|
A Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.84,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
N Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|64.91,74.85|N|First totem is in this cave. (click to continue)|
N Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|65.21,76.81|N|Sencond totem is in this cave. (click to continue)|
N Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|64.33,80.35|N|Third totem is in this cave. (click to continue)|
C Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|65.21,76.81|
C Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|64.82,81.03|
T Magic Prehistoric|QID|28839|M|64.27,80.24|
A Winterwater|QID|28840|M|64.27,80.24|
T Razor Beak and Antlers Pointy|QID|28829|M|61.92,74.71|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
A Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|61.92,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
A Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|61.79,74.71|N|From Jadrag the Slicer.|
R Winterwater|QID|28840|CC|M|57.82,77.26|N|Kill Frostmaul Tumblers on the way, It’s ok if you odont get all 8, we can mop uup the rest on the way out of the gorge.|
C Winterwater|QID|28840|M|60.28,85.82|
C Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|62.72,86.26|
C Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|59.50,76.18|
T Chips off the Old Block|QID|28830|M|61.81,74.63|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Damn You, Frostilicus|QID|28831|M|61.81,74.63|N|To Jadrag the Slicer.|
T Winterwater|QID|28840|M|58.01,63.78|N|To Haleh.|
A The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|M|58.02,63.74|N|From Haleh.|
A Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|58.03,63.77|N|From Haleh.|
r Repair and Sell|QID|99999|N|One of these NPCs here will let you sell and repair|
C The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|U|66060|M|51.62,64.42|
C Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|U|66061|M|50.03,69.96|Z|Mazthoril|N|Use the ring after you kill him.|
T The Arcane Storm Within|QID|28841|M|57.97,63.72|N|To Haleh.|
T Umbranse’s Deliverance|QID|28842|M|58.02,63.80|N|To Haleh.|
H Everlook|QID|99999|N|Use your hearth stone|
T Starfall Village|QID|28674|M|48.65,40.97|N|To Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|48.65,40.97|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.65,40.97|N|From Wynd Nightchaser.|
A Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.77,40.95|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
A Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.77,40.95|N|From Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Exterminators at Work|QID|28676|M|45.77,40.95|N|To Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Spray it Forward|QID|28706|M|45.64,41.61|N|To Remma Curtainfire.|
A Spray it Again|QID|28707|M|45.64,41.61|N|From Remma Curtainfire.|
T Spray it Again|QID|28707|M|46.27,42.58|N|To Marcy Curtainfire.|
A Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|M|46.27,42.58|N|From Marcy Curtainfire.|
C Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|46.37,41.96|
C Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|48.06,41.36|
T Spray it One More Time|QID|28710|M|48.11,40.61|N|To Sana Curtainfire.|
A Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|M|48.11,40.61|N|From Sana Curtainfire.|
T Step Into My Barrow|QID|28703|M|45.79,41.03|N|To Rinno Curtainfire.|
T Out of Harm’s Way|QID|28701|M|48.68,41.02|N|To Wynd Nightchaser.|
T Where There’s Smoke, There’s Delicious Meat|QID|28718|M|55.95,28.14|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
A Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|55.95,28.14|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.96,28.16|N|From Jez Goodgrub.|
A The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|55.97,28.18|N|From Jeb Guthrie.|
A A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|55.92,28.32|N|From Francis Morcott.|
N From now on…|QID|99999|N|Collect any eggs that you see. (click to continue)|
C Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|52.00,24.84|
T Fresh Frostsabers|QID|28640|M|52.03,25.12|
A Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|52.03,25.12|
C Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|46.99,27.02|
T Pride of the Dinner Table|QID|28641|M|46.99,26.98|
A Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.99,26.98|
C Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|46.64,18.45|
A Frostsaber Provisions|QID|4970|O|M|46.69,17.72|N|From Rivern Frostwind. (optional)|
C You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.20,22.97|
N Owls and Bears.|QID|99999|M|57.11,28.57|N|Owls and Bears populate more or less the same area. Kill all you see as you make loops around the mountain. (Click to continue)|
C The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|56.55,29.38|
T The Owls Have It|QID|28638|M|56.53,29.55|
A Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|56.53,29.55|
C A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|56.45,29.69|
T A Taste for Bear|QID|28637|M|56.37,29.90|
A A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|56.37,29.90|
C Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|53.30,33.86|
T Screechy Keen|QID|28745|M|53.20,33.79|
A A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|53.20,33.79|
C A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|53.46,34.74|
C A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|53.46,40.22|
T A Little Gamy|QID|28719|M|53.56,40.39|
A Ursius|QID|28639|M|53.56,40.39|
C Ursius|QID|28639|M|59.21,40.78|
T Ursius|QID|28639|M|55.89,28.16|N|To Francis Morcott.|
T Shy-Rotam|QID|28742|M|55.95,28.10|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
T You Gotta Have Eggs|QID|28828|M|55.97,28.16|N|To Jez Goodgrub.|
T A Bird of Legend|QID|28782|M|55.98,28.20|N|To Jeb Guthrie.|
C Frostsaber Provisions|QID|4970|M|58.65,24.14|N|optional|
T Frostsaber Provisions|QID|4970|M|46.70,17.78|N|To Rivern Frostwind. (optional)|
N End of the Guide.|QID|99999|N|Brrrr… Time for a nice hot coffee! Glad you could join us in Winterspring! Good Luck with your next guide. As always visit for more great guides and community feedback. (click to continue)|


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