Alliance Priest Gear Guide v1.0 (1-30)


-Early Levels (1-12)
-Teens (12-19)
-Midway (20-30)

If you are just making a Priest Alliance side, don’t really want to waste money at the AH for gear then here is a guide that might interest you. I will list worthwhile quest rewards and their quest and some good instance drop stuff that you might want to aim for. I won’t cover EVERY item for Priests, just the notable ones that I feel are easy to get and a lot of people miss. All right, let’s go to the guide.


First early piece is the Sleeping Robes, but the downside is it is way out there in Teldrassil. Do I recommend as a non-night elf priest running way out there? No, but I recommend going that way for Darkshore (Best place to Level 12-16, I’d say). The quest is a bit annoying, if you are soloing it.

Other then that single robe, if you don’t have TBC, you are out of luck. Bloodmyst Isle is the best place for low-level caster greens Alliance side hands down. Not that stats matter that much these early levels, anyways. But here are some easily obtainable items from Bloodmyst: Rancher’s Trousers, Scholar’s Gloves, and Kurkenstoks.

TEENS (13-19)

Now we are starting to get somewhere. First I got to say Robe of the Keeper. Go to Loch Modan, go to the north guard tower, accept Filthy Paws and go directly east into the mines. Collect 4 boxes, run back, turn in and accept your generous reward.

Kessel’s Cinch Wrap is good, again another Bloodmyst Isle reward for a fairly simple quest.

Harvester’s Robe is a decent robe, I personally pick the Keeper one, but up to you. Anyways, go to Westfall, go to the Saldean’s Farm and accept the quest The Killing Fields. Just run around and kill the Harvest Watchers. No problem.

Moving along, Darkshore hosts two good items for a penny-pinching Priest. Timberland Armguards from WANTED: Murkdeep!, a quest you should be able to complete with a friend or wait a few levels. Then the Evergreen Gloves from killing the Den Mother is pretty good for Priests.

I highly recommend Emberstone Staff and Lavishly Jeweled Ring. both found in the Deadmines on seperate bosses. The Staff of Westfall is all right, but lacking Stamina and Intellect is just not that great. However, up to you.

MIDWAY (20-30)

Ah, now we are getting somewhere. FIrst off, Luminescent Amice is just plain wonderful for doing a few easy quests in Atraanar in Ashenvale. has the info you need if interested.

Silk Mantle of Gamn from a quest chain in the Wetlands is really good and easy to grab. Might want to consider it, if you are hurting for some good shoulders.

Robe of Arugal, Belt of Arugal, and Feline Mantle are all great drops from the short Shadowfang Keep. If you are in the Wetlands, take ten minutes of your time and head up to Southshore for the flight path and keep LFG. All three are just fantastic for any caster, despite a bit of a lack of Stamina.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Wandering Boots. Go to Stormwind, find Brother Kristoff in the Cathedral area and accept the sorta long quest chain. Good boots, I always pick them up on any casters I roll (Alliance ones, anyways).


Ah, this isn’t the end of the guide (yet), I still have plenty of stuff to list and I’m working on it now so expect it up to 50 by next Saturday.

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    Jul 25, 2008 @ 6:36 am

    Uncalled forThis was uncalled for and certainly not true. No wonder it was submitted anonymously! Checking the armory is available, but so is playing without a guide! Very useful for those who don’t mind someone giving tips and support on what gear to wear. Next time your negativity to yourself or write your own guide!

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    Feb 15, 2008 @ 1:40 am

    Quote:But here are some[quote]But here are some easily obtainable items from Bloodmyst: [item]Rancher’s Trousers[/item], [item]Scholar’s Gloves[/item], and [item]Kurkenstoks[/item].[/quote]

    [url=]Rancher’s Trousers[/url] are a quest reward from Dun Morogh and [url=]Kurkenstoks[/url] are a quest reward from Azuremyst Isle. :p

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    Nov 20, 2007 @ 19:35 pm

    ArmoryCheck the Armory, it’ll tell you what upgrades are available for your char.
    Save yourself some time writing a guide that no one needs anymore.
    Enjoy your time playing!

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