alliance skinning guide ( work in progress)


Skinning guide 1.01

Skinning enables your character to skin monsters you have killed
either for a quest or for fun (you crazy person) not all monsters are
skinnable below is what you will see if you have looted the corpse and
then this symbol will appear.

Skinning pointers:

Skinnable Corpse In Range Icon
In range of skinnable corpse.


Skinnable Corpse Out of Range Icon
Out of range of skinnable corpse.

The types of monsters that can possibly be skinned are beasts (some
Beast like birds cannot be skinned) dragonkin, Silithid, some Nerubians
and believe it or not some humanoids.


So you decided to choose skinning as a profession but not sure what
you can do with what you get after there’s a few things you can do
either sell a set of 20 in the Auction House, or leather working.
blacksmithing, engineering, and tailoring recipes.

Also as a added bonus from learning skinning you get a passive skill called Master of Anatomy.


Ok you know what’s skinning for and what your looking for to skin,
now your asking yourself what do I need to get to do skinning, actually
its quite simple all you need is a Skinning Knife.

These knifes are found Here.


You now decided you want skinning as one of your professions but
what isthat I here you ask where do I learn it well that a easy question
the following places you can learn them at the following places.


When you start skinning you will notice that in your chat box is
your skill in skining has increased to … ( a number will be here)

When you skill is at a certain level you will need to revisit a
skinning trainer, visit the same one as before or recheck the list and
visit the closet one to you.


You will need to revisit the trainer every so often when you skill is at a certain level see table below


Proficiency Level Required Skill range
Apprentice 1 – 75
Journeyman 50 – 150
Expert 10 125 – 225
Artisan 25 200 – 300
Master 40 275 – 375
Grand master 55 350 – 450
Illustrious 70 425

To help you know what will give you a skill advancement below is a colour code.

  • Red: Not skinnable.
  • Orange: Difficult to skin; high chance of increasing Skinning skill level.
  • Yellow: Moderately difficult to skin; moderate chance of increasing Skinning skill level.
  • Green: Easy to skin; low chance of increasing Skinning skill level.
  • Gray: Very easy to skin; no chance of increasing Skinning skill level.

There is also a formula you can use to see if a monster will give you a skill advancement divide your skill level by 5


Eg. 223 / 5 = 44.6


So in this scenario you would need to go for a 43- 44 mob to get a level up on your skinning

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