Alliance Wildhammer Dalies in Twilight Highlands


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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“TwiTwiWil”,’Dailies’, “Twilight Highlands”, “Twists”, “Alliance”)
WoWPro.Dailies:GuideFaction(guide,1174) — “Wildhammer”
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Fight Like a Wildhammer|QID|28861|PRE|28655|M|49.76,29.23|N|From Low Shaman Blundy.|
A Never Leave a Dinner Behind|QID|28862|PRE|28655|M|49.76,29.23|N|From Low Shaman Blundy.|
A Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay|QID|28860|PRE|28655|M|49.07,29.80|N|From Colin Thundermar.|
A Beer Run|QID|28864|PRE|28655|M|49.07,29.80|N|From Colin Thundermar.|
A Warlord Halthar is Back|QID|28863|PRE|28655|M|48.63,30.59|N|From Craw Macgraw.|

C Beer Run|QID|28864|M|64.49,22.70|N|This is just an escort quest. Speak to Hammelhand to start.|

C Fight Like a Wildhammer|QID|28861|S|M|53.08,27.73|
C Never Leave a Dinner Behind|QID|28862|S|M|52.55,27.99|
C Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay|QID|28860|S|M|52.55,27.99|
C Warlord Halthar is Back|QID|28863|T|Warlord Halthar|M|48.95,37.31|
C Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay|QID|28860|US|M|51.27,38.93|
C Fight Like a Wildhammer|QID|28861|US|M|53.08,27.73|N|You can go back and forth between towns. Try to pick those not fighting.|
C Never Leave a Dinner Behind|QID|28862|US|M|52.55,27.99|N|You can go back and forth between towns. Try to pick those not fighting.|

T Fight Like a Wildhammer|QID|28861|M|49.76,29.23|N|To Low Shaman Blundy.|
T Never Leave a Dinner Behind|QID|28862|M|49.76,29.23|N|To Low Shaman Blundy.|
T Beer Run|QID|28864|M|49.07,29.80|N|To Colin Thundermar.|
T Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay|QID|28860|M|49.07,29.80|N|To Colin Thundermar.|
T Warlord Halthar is Back|QID|28863|M|48.63,30.59|N|To Craw Macgraw.|
F Back to the Portal|M|79.48,77.79|N|Get Back Home|CC|



Change Log

6/30/2011 – Edit by Ludovico

    • Addon Version: v2.1.17


    • Game Version: 4.2.0


    Summary: Created a source file page

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