Alliance:Raise your Fishing and Cooking and then make a lot of money a day!


Ok before start reading and using this guide i wanna tell you that i used Pirox Fishbot Its really good,undetectable and you can find support on its site)

You can also do all this by fishing manually,It has the same effect.
While fishing keep all of your fish to raise your cooking later

OK lets start:

1) You have to raise your fishing level.You can earn some gold while doing this.

Go to Stormwind and learn fishing from Arnold Leland.Also buy a fishing poll and some fishing bubbles.
Start fishing in Stormwind until level 50,now back to Arnold Leland to learn the journeyman skill.
Stay and fish in Stormwind until level 70.
Now go and buy the book that will raise your skill to 225.Buy it from Old Man Herming in Booty Bay(I bought it from Auction house for about a gold more than normal price).

2) OK in this part you can start making some gold

Go to barrens in any oasis you can find there and start fishing for Deviate Fish.They sell like crazy in auction house.Stay there and fish until 225 skill(use the book you bought to do so)

Maybe you want to keep the deviate fish to cook them later with a rare recipe:Savory Deviate Delight.It has a low drop rate from mobs all over the barrens and it will double your fish price(it requires cooking level 50)

3) Raise your skill to 300.
To do that you have to do a quest starting from Nat Pagle In Theramore(you must have fishing 225 to obtain the quest)

4) Do the quest.He wants you to catch some fish from certain locations:Click on links to see their location.

Feralas Ahi
Misty Reed Mahi Mahi
Sar’theris Striker
Savage Coast Blue Sailfin

When done go back to Nat Pagle and give the quest.Now you can raise your skill till 300.

5) To level up my fishing from 225-300 i was fishing Deviate Fish
again.I made 400g doing this.You can fish any other fish you want but these sell too much.

6)OK now you have to raise your skill to 375.
To do that go to Zangarmash and buy a book from Juno Dufrain

Now stay near Juno Dufrain and start fishing till 375.

Keep all of your fish for the cooking part!

Now the cooking part.(I ll finish this later)

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