Assault on the Dark Portal


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return [[

;Quest numbers differ on source pick-up. From Stormwind or Orgrimmar Auto-Accept, it is 34398. From Archmage Khadgar at The Dark Portal it is 36881.

A The Dark Portal |QID|34398|N|Auto-Accept on arrival in Stormwind City. If it doesn’t appear/auto-accept, just head to the Hero’s Call Board and select the quest from there.|FACTION|Alliance|Z|Stormwind City|
A The Dark Portal |QID|34398|N|Auto-Accept on arrival in Orgrimmar. If it doesn’t appear/auto-accept, just head to the Hero’s Call Board and select the quest from there.|FACTION|Horde|Z|Orgrimmar|
C The Dark Portal |QID|34398^36881|Z|Blasted Lands|M|54.94,50.29|N|Speak with Archmage Khadgar at the foot of The Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. A portal to the Blasted Lands can be found in the Mage Tower.|CHAT|FACTION|Alliance|
C The Dark Portal |QID|34398^36881|Z|Blasted Lands|M|54.94,50.29|N|Speak with Archmage Khadgar at the foot of The Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. A portal to the Blasted Lands can be found in the in the Cleft of Shadows.|CHAT|FACTION|Horde|
T The Dark Portal |QID|34398^36881|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|54.79,48.27|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Azeroth’s Last Stand |QID|35933|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|54.79,48.27|PRE|34398^36881|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Azeroth’s Last Stand |QID|35933|N|Kill an Iron Horde, and loot the Iron Horde Missive|M|53.0,48.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Azeroth’s Last Stand |QID|35933|N|Auto-Complete|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Onslaught’s End |QID|34392|N|Auto-Accept\n\nIf you’ve previously abandoned this quest, you can pick it up again from Archmage Khadgar.|PRE|35933|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Onslaught’s End |QID|34392|N|Disable the Northern Fel Spire|QO|1|NC|M|51.0, 42.0|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Onslaught’s End |QID|34392|N|Disable the Southern Fel Spire|QO|2|NC|M|51.0, 54.6|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Onslaught’s End |QID|34392|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|54.73,48.26|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|54.73,48.26|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|Enter Gul’dan’s prison, located directly underneath Archmage Khadgar. Entrances available due north and due south of Khadgar.|NC|QO|1|M|54.9,51.1|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|Mark of the Burning Blade destroyed|NC|QO|2|M|56.0,46.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|Mark of the Shattered Hand destroyed|NC|QO|3|M|57.3,48.2|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|Mark of the Blackrock destroyed|NC|QO|4|M|56.1,50.1|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|Destroy the Stasis Rune, located under Gul’dan|NC|QO|5|M|56.0,48.2|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Portal’s Power |QID|34393|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|54.73,48.26|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A The Cost of War |QID|34420|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|54.78,48.31|PRE|34393|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Cost of War |QID|34420|N|Follow Archmage Khadgar to Heartblood, then turn in quest.|M|60.25,56.33|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Blaze of Glory |QID|34422|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|60.25,56.33|PRE|34420|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35242|N|From Rephuura|M|62.2,53.0|PRE|34420|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Alliance|
A Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35241|N|From Ashka|M|62.2,53.0|PRE|34420|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Horde|

A Bled Dry |QID|35240|N|From Taag|M|62.27,52.96|PRE|34420|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Alliance|
A Bled Dry |QID|34421|N|From Korag|M|62.27,52.96|PRE|34420|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Horde|
C Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35242|N|Kill the Bleeding Hollow orcs.|S|M|65.7,54.0|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Alliance|
C Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35241|N|Kill the Bleeding Hollow orcs.|S|M|65.7,54.0|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Horde|
C Blaze of Glory |QID|34422|N|Approach the Bleeding Hollow huts, then use Lucifrium Bead’s “Inferno” to burn them.|NC|S|M|66.5,55.9|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Bled Dry |QID|35240^34421|N|Open the Southern cage.|NC|QO|1|M|61.00,62.75|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Bled Dry |QID|35240^34421|N|Open the Eastern cage.|NC|QO|2|M|65.71,54.08|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Blaze of Glory |QID|34422|N|Finish burning the Bleeding Hollow huts.|NC|US|M|63.65,50.03;66.55,55.61;61.23,62.07|CN|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35242|N|Finish killing the Bleeding Hollow orcs.|US|M|63.3,64.4|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Alliance|
C Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35241|N|Finish killing the Bleeding Hollow orcs.|US|M|63.3,64.4|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|FACTION|Horde|

T Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35242|N|To Vindicator Maraad|FACTION|Alliance|M|66.37,59.91;71.5,62.7|CS|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|;I discovered if you don’t run on the road, quest won’t be able to be turned in
T Vengeance for the Fallen |QID|35241|N|To Thrall|FACTION|Horde|M|66.37,59.91;71.92,62.06|CS|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Blaze of Glory |QID|34422|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|71.55,62.37|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Bled Dry |QID|35240^34421|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|71.55,62.37|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

;N Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|This quest sometimes does not show in the guide. If it does not, /reloadui should make it appear. It is a Blizzard bug.|
A Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|From Archmage Khadgar|PRE|35242&34422&35240|FACTION|Alliance|M|71.61,62.43|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|From Archmage Khadgar|PRE|35241&34422&34421|FACTION|Horde|M|71.61,62.43|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|Speak with Ariok and tell him “Khadgar has asked us to go distract the Eye of Kilrogg”.|QO|1|CHAT|M|72.0,62.2|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|Head to the Bleeding Altar.|QO|2|NC|M|76.4,54.8|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|Destroy the three ritual orbs (the third is up the stairs on the side). You may need to manually complete this step.|QO|3|NC|M|78.7,53.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|Head to Khadgar who is on the other side of Tar’thog Bridge.|QO|4|NC|M|71.80,40.36|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Altar Altercation |QID|34423|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|71.95,40.48|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A The Kargathar Proving Grounds |QID|34425|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|71.95,40.48|PRE|34423|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Kargathar Proving Grounds |QID|34425|N|Wait for Archmage Khadgar to deal with the bridge, then follow him to the gaggle near Kargathar Proving Grounds|NC|M|72.45,38.29|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Kargathar Proving Grounds |QID|34425|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|73.03,38.09|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A A Potential Ally |QID|34478^34427|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|73.03,38.09|PRE|34425|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C A Potential Ally |QID|34478^34427|N|Head to the Fire Ring, and use the Frostfury|NC|M|68.97,33.58|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|U|110799|
T A Potential Ally |QID|34478|N|To Exarch Maladaar once he has run back to the gaggle.|FACTION|Alliance|M|73.2,38.9|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T A Potential Ally |QID|34427|N|To Farseer Drek’Thar once he has run back to the gaggle.|FACTION|Horde|M|73.18,38.94|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Kill Your Hundred |QID|34429|N|From Archmage Khadgar|M|73.02,38.08|PRE|34427^34478|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Kill Your Hundred |QID|34429|N|Enter Kargathar Proving Grounds|QO|1|NC|M|73.6,29.0|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Kill Your Hundred |QID|34429|N|Wait until you have 100 Combatants killed (your friends will do all the killing for you if you want).|QO|2|M|73.6,27.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Kill Your Hundred |QID|34429|N|Leave the arena and head to Umbral Halls.|NC|QO|3|M|67.3,22.0|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Kill Your Hundred |QID|34429|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|81.31,50.27|Z|Umbral Halls|

A The Shadowmoon Clan |QID|34432|N|From Vindicator Maraad|FACTION|Alliance|M|80.7,45.3|PRE|34429|Z|Umbral Halls|
A The Shadowmoon Clan |QID|34739|N|From Thrall|FACTION|Horde|M|81.62,44.75|PRE|34429|Z|Umbral Halls|
A Masters of Shadow |QID|34431^34737|N|From Luuka|M|82.87,44.31|PRE|34429|Z|Umbral Halls|
C The Shadowmoon Clan |QID|34432^34739|N|Kill the Shadowmoon Voidaxe, Ritualist and Void Wolfs|S|M|60.6,51.8|Z|Umbral Halls|
C Kill Ungra|QID|34431^34737|N|Head up the first stairs, then take the next set of stairs to the left, then to the left.|QO|1|M|44.0,74.5|T|Ungra|Z|Umbral Halls|
C Kill Taskmaster Gorran|QID|34431^34737|N|Straight along the corridor behind you. Watch for the hole in the floor.|QO|2|M|56.2,19.8|T|Taskmaster Gurran|Z|Umbral Halls|
C Find Ankova|QID|34431^34737|N|Jump down the hole, then follow the corridor north-west to the corpse of Ankova|QO|3|NC|M|45.2,16.1|Z|Umbral Halls|
A Yrel|QID|34434^34740|M|45.15,15.98|N|From Yrel.|Z|Umbral Halls|PRE|34429|
C Yrel|QID|34434^34740|M|58.28,38.31|NC|N|Lead Yrel out to the main corridor, she can find her way from there.|Z|Umbral Halls|
C The Shadowmoon Clan|QID|34432^34739|N|Finish killing the Shadowmoon Voidaxe and Void Wolves|US|M|57.7,40.6|Z|Umbral Halls|
T The Shadowmoon Clan|QID|34432|N|To Qiana Moonshadow|FACTION|Alliance|M|50.7,48.5|Z|Umbral Halls|
T The Shadowmoon Clan|QID|34739|N|To Olin Umberhide|FACTION|Horde|M|51.30,46.98|Z|Umbral Halls|
T Yrel|QID|34434^34740|N|To Yrel|M|50.60,48.40|Z|Umbral Halls|
T Masters of Shadow|QID|34431|N|To Exarch Maladaar|FACTION|Alliance|M|50.27,48.20|Z|Umbral Halls|
T Masters of Shadow|QID|34737|N|To Lady Liadrin|FACTION|Horde|M|50.19,48.52|Z|Umbral Halls|

A Keli’dan the Breaker|QID|34436|N|From Exarch Maladaar|FACTION|Alliance|M|50.27,48.20|PRE|34431&34434&34432|Z|Umbral Halls|
A Keli’dan the Breaker|QID|34741|N|From Lady Liadrin|FACTION|Horde|M|50.7,48.5|PRE|34739&34740&34737|Z|Umbral Halls|
C Keli’dan the Breaker|QID|34436^34741|N|Go towards the gate, it will open. Go in and kill Keli’dan.|M|35.47,51.26|T|Keli’dan the Breaker|Z|Umbral Halls|
T Keli’dan the Breaker |QID|34436^34741|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|49.50,14.39|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Prepare for Battle|QID|35019|N|From Vindicator Maraad|FACTION|Alliance|PRE|34436|M|48.56,14.17|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Prepare for Battle|QID|35019|N|Kill and loot the Blackrock, or pick the Iron Horde Weapon from the floor.|FACTION|Alliance|M|44.9,19.5|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Prepare for Battle|QID|35019|N|To Vindicator Maraad|FACTION|Alliance|M|48.6,14.2|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Prepare for Battle|QID|35005|N|From Thrall|FACTION|Horde|PRE|34741|M|50.07,13.34|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Prepare for Battle|QID|35005|N|Kill and loot the Blackrock, or pick the Iron Horde Weapon from the floor.|FACTION|Horde|M|44.9,19.5|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Prepare for Battle|QID|35005|N|To Thrall|FACTION|Horde|M|50.07,13.34|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A The Battle of the Forge |QID|34439|N|From Cordana Felsong|PRE|35005^35019|M|49.49,14.21|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Battle of the Forge |QID|34439|N|Kill Blackrock Grunts|QO|2|S|M|44.3,21.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Battle of the Forge |QID|34439|N|Kill the Ogron Warcrusher|QO|1|M|42.9,21.4|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Battle of the Forge |QID|34439|N|Finish killing the Blackrock Grunts|QO|2|US|M|44.3,21.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Battle of the Forge |QID|34439|N|To Farseer Drek’Thar|M|43.04,26.37|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Ga’nar of the Frostwolf |QID|34442|N|From Farseer Drek’Thar|PRE|34439|M|43.04,26.37|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A The Gunpowder Plot |QID|34987|N|From Hansel Heavyhands|PRE|34439|M|44.09,29.56|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A The Shadow of the Worldbreaker |QID|34958|N|From Thaelin Darkanvil|PRE|34439|M|44.06,29.67|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Shadow of the Worldbreaker |QID|34958|N|Kill the Blackrock until one drops the Worldbreaker Schematics|S|M|43.0,35.8|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Ga’nar of the Frostwolf |QID|34442|N|To Ga’nar, who is at the other end of Blackrock Quarry|M|41.9,41.9|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A Polishing the Iron Throne |QID|34925|N|From Ga’nar|M|41.9,41.9|PRE|34442|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Polishing the Iron Throne |QID|34925|N|Go in the basement of the nearest building, kill Overseer Gotrigg, and loot the Shackle Key|M|45.62,39.82|T|Overseer Gotrigg|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Polishing the Iron Throne |QID|34925|N|To Ga’nar|M|41.89,42.12|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A The Prodigal Frostwolf |QID|34437|N|From Ga’nar|M|41.89,42.12|PRE|34925|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Gunpowder Plot |QID|34987|N|Head to the end hut and loot the Blackrock Powder Keg|NC|QO|1|M|46.9,32.1|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Shadow of the Worldbreaker |QID|34958|N|Keep killing the Blackrock, one will eventually drop the Worldbreaker Schematics|US|M|43.0,35.8|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Gunpowder Plot |QID|34987|N|Press the Makeshift Plunger between Hansel Heavyhands and Thaelin Darkanvil|NC|QO|2|M|44.0,29.7|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Gunpowder Plot |QID|34987|N|To Hansel Heavyhands|M|44.09,29.56|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T The Shadow of the Worldbreaker |QID|34958|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|M|44.06,29.67|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

T The Prodigal Frostwolf |QID|34437|N|To Farseer Drek’Thar|M|43.04,26.37|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
A Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank |QID|35747|N|From Archmage Khadgar|PRE|34958&34437&34987|M|43.13,28.73|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank |QID|35747|N|Speak with Thaelin Darkanvil and say “Yes. I need you to help me operate that enormous tank”.|QO|1|CHAT|M|44.06,29.56|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank |QID|35747|N|Head to The Path of Glory and kill Gogluk. Dont hang around; he respawns quickly.|QO|2|M|39.90,48.23|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|T|Gogluk|
C Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank |QID|35747|N|Run up one of the two chains to the top of the tank then wait for Thaelin Darkanvil to catch up.|NC|QO|3|M|40.1,48.4|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank |QID|35747|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|M|40.10,48.43|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A A Taste of Iron |QID|34445|N|From Thaelin Darkanvil|PRE|35747|M|40.10,48.43|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C A Taste of Iron |QID|34445|N|Mount the Worldbreaker Side Turret (to the top right)|NC|QO|1|M|40.1,49.1|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C A Taste of Iron |QID|34445|N|Use the Turret Blast (key 1) to kill the Iron Horde. You do not need to worry about the tanks, the carts are worth 5 Horde slain.|QO|2|M|40.1,49.1|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C A Taste of Iron |QID|34445|N|Press the Main Cannon Trigger next to Thaelin Darkanvil.|NC|QO|3|M|40.3,48.3|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
T A Taste of Iron |QID|34445|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|M|40.11,48.44|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A The Home Stretch |QID|35884^34446|N|From Thaelin Darkanvil|PRE|34445|M|40.11,48.44|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|
C The Home Stretch |QID|35884^34446|N|Run through the Iron Bastion to the Docks.\n(Note: You cannot mount at this time)|M|44.41,80.12|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|NC|
T The Home Stretch |QID|35884^34446|N|To Archmage Khadgar|M|44.41,80.70|Z|TanaanJungleIntro|

A Step Three: Prophet! |QID|34575|PRE|35884|N|Auto-Accepted when you arrive at Eventide Landing.|FACTION|Alliance|

A The Home of the Frostwolves|QID|33868|PRE|34446|N|Auto-Accepted when you arrive at Frostfire Ridge.|FACTION|Horde|



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    Jun 5, 2015 @ 0:14 am

    Re: Re: duplicate tag errorIt does not matter.   I moved the tag tables setup to a later phase in the initilialization so that this error should now be impossible. 

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    Jun 4, 2015 @ 12:21 pm

    Re: duplicate tag errorHmm. Are you getting these errors at initial logon or after hearthing or entering an instance?I think Blizzard is no longer clearing variables *sometimes* when you get the loading screen.    Sigh. 

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    Jun 4, 2015 @ 4:45 am

    duplicate tag errorDunno if something’s just gone pearshaped, but I’m getting a whole load of errors when loading this guide. It’s quite big, a snippet shows:

    WoWPro: 99: Step T [The Home Stretch] has duplicate tag |N|.
    WoWPro: 99: Step T [The Home Stretch] has duplicate tag |M|.
    WoWPro: 99: Step T [The Home Stretch] has duplicate tag |Z|.
    WoWPro: 100: Step A [Step Three: Prophet!] has duplicate tag |QID|.
    WoWPro: 100: Step A [Step Three: Prophet!] has duplicate tag |N|.
    WoWPro: 100: Step A [Step Three: Prophet!] has duplicate tag |FACTION|.

    When I go into the Debug Log, I get:

    032915.1852 ~ WoWPro: Initializing Guide EmmFluc_DarkPortal.
    032915.1853 ~ WoWPro: 1:Step A [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |QID|.
    032915.1854 ~ WoWPro: 1:Step A [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |N|.
    032915.1855 ~ WoWPro: 1:Step A [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |FACTION|.
    032915.1856 ~ WoWPro: 1:Step A [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |Z|.
    032915.1857 ~ WoWPro: 1:Step A [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |LEAD|.
    032915.1858 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |QID|.
    032915.1859 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |Z|.
    032915.1860 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |M|.
    032915.1861 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |N|.
    032915.1862 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |CHAT|.
    032915.1863 ~ WoWPro: 2:Step C [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |FACTION|.
    032915.1864 ~ WoWPro: 3:Step T [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |QID|.
    032915.1865 ~ WoWPro: 3:Step T [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |N|.
    032915.1866 ~ WoWPro: 3:Step T [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |M|.
    032915.1867 ~ WoWPro: 3:Step T [The Dark Portal] has duplicate tag |Z|.

    It doesn’t look like the guide has the duplicated tags it suggests, and it seems to be printing every line of the guide.

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    Feb 24, 2015 @ 20:38 pm

    Re: lol @ Bled DryGreat catch.How about just have some faction specific C lines?Curse those silly Blizzard people!!!!

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    Feb 24, 2015 @ 4:20 am

    lol @ Bled DryIts nice to know why we can’t get it right ;)I think the solution is to delete them as seperate steps but instead have 1 C step with both locs. 

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    Jan 28, 2015 @ 6:50 am

    Southern / Eastern cages in Bled DryI notice there’s been some changes in the changelog here for Bled Dry and the quest object for Southern / Eastern cages.Unfortunately looking at wowhead, it seems like there’s a difference here between Alliance and Horde – in the Alliance the Southern cage is 1 and Eastern is 2, and in Horde the Eastern is 1 and the Southern is 2.  I just ran through here on a Horde character, and the tracking didn’t work right until I switched them in my local copy.Not sure the best way to fix it – do you fork the guide just for that or what? but thought I’d mention it since it seems like there’s been confusion in the past and it’s not working well for Horde right now.

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    Nov 4, 2014 @ 22:59 pm

    Re: The Next Guide problemThanks 🙂

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    Nov 4, 2014 @ 19:59 pm

    The Next Guide problemI was not saving the guide faction to the right place, so the guide switcher did not know it needed to split the string on the pipe.Fixed here:

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    Nov 3, 2014 @ 2:10 am

    not just thatI have been talking to Ludo about this too. Its not just that its not reading the “|” but that is part of hte problem.  I say that because Frostfire > Gorgrond; Gorgrond > Talador… none of them load. (which being same faction to same faction doesnt involve the “|”.

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    Nov 2, 2014 @ 22:19 pm

    Not auto-loading next guideWoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘ShadowDraenor|EmmFrostfire’)Once you finish this guide, it doesn’t seem to be loading the next one.  If I change this to WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘ShadowDraenor’) then it does load up the Alliance guide, so maybe the pipe isn’t working as it should?

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    Oct 28, 2014 @ 6:37 am

    I solved it :)OK, not really, but I did realize you can proceed without the leadin quest.  so, I suggest putting the turn in step as a “t” and using the next quest ([song of frost and fire] for horde) as the QID for the note steps.  If someone comes to shadowmoon/frostfire without doing the tanaan jungle intro (mage port to ashran – long run or summoned by a warlock, queue for a dungeon and suicide/rez at angel) they won’t have that first quest.  On opening day, probably not many will be in that situation, but as time progresses it is possible.Because I get focused on this kind of stuff, I looked into it further.  It looks like to me that Exarch Malador belongs somewhere farther in the Shadowmoon Guide (its on line 254) and the place it exists at the end of the Assault on the Iron Portal is a mistake and should be step three: prophet!

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    Oct 27, 2014 @ 2:55 am

    Horde -the home of the frostwolvesI just did it today on Horde and I auto rec’d Home of the Frostwolves.  As in, I didnt even click ok.  I turned in The Home Stretch to Khadgar on the dock and then the cutscene where you get on the boat happens then you have loading screen and then finally arrive on the ground, at the waters edge  in Frostfire with [Home of the Frostwolves] in your log. (at least that is the way I remember it… its possible I accepted it upon turning in The Home Stretch)I just looked at the screenshot I sent you (re: next guide not loading) to make sure I was remembering the right quest and yes. it is Home of the Frostwolves.  Also, in one of my many iterations thru this quest, I discovered if you do NOT turn in Home of the Frostwolves before picking up Home of Fire and Ice  you can’t turn in Home of the Frostwolves until 2 stops later, it doesnt seem to affect anything else, just stress because you know you were supposed to and Drek’Thar isnt accepting it either at the waters edge or where you meet Duratan further up the hill.  The next stop (IIRC) was when you could turn it in (in the area that eventually a few quests later becomes your garrison)

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    Oct 27, 2014 @ 1:30 am

    For me it always ends on TheFor me it always ends on The Home Stretch, then I get Step Three: Prophet! automatically. No sign of Exarch Maladaar quest for me at this point, ever. 

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    Oct 26, 2014 @ 22:19 pm

    Exarch Maladaar/The Home of the FrostwolvesI just ran through this guide on an Alliance toon, and ended up in Shadowmoon without the [Exarch Maladaar].I cant remeber if the quest was never offered or if it there was an ! among all the chaos of cutscenes.Can anyone confirm getting these quests recently? 

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