Balance druid AoE grinding


Hey,it’s my first guide.This Area of Effect can be used at level 64 with all spells that I say in this guide,of course you can do this method at level 60 without Lifebloom.


these talent are usefull when you get level 60 and do this 1rotation without Lifebloom

You can use these talents at level 64 when you get

These talents are for 2 rotation:


Spell Rotation
1Cast Starfall to pull some monsters (3-4) then summon Treants they will help you,cast Typhoon,then cast Hurricane.When Hurricane effect comes to an end then cast it once again.
2If you dont want to pull more monster than you need with StarfallYou can use this tactick:Pull monster that you want with Insect swarm then go where is no other monster and Cast Starfall then summon Treants,cast Typhoon,then cast Hurricane.When Hurricane effect comes to an end then cast it once again.

1.Heal yourself.cast BarkskinRejuvenationLifebloom(stack it 3 times)-Regrowthback to moonkin.
2.Always keep mark/gift of the wild and thorns active

Hope this will help!

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    Sep 23, 2009 @ 8:04 am

    okOk its im just too lazy to do something so maeyebe later i try work there 🙂

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    Sep 22, 2009 @ 17:39 pm

    Hey Moglos.

    If you don’tHey Moglos.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll unpublish the guide while you work on it, it’s far too unpolished to be on the main page for now.

    Looking forward to see the improved version! 🙂

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    Sep 16, 2009 @ 21:12 pm

    okies … just wondering if you had any comparison data 🙂

    Minor typo in the first line “Arena” should be “Area”

    DKs rule…others drool

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    Sep 14, 2009 @ 20:21 pm

    Im startingIm starting to work on this guide tomorrow. 😉

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    Sep 14, 2009 @ 20:19 pm

    I dont sayI dont say that this is best way to level up I just leveled and discovered this type of AoE its not perfect.Idont say that its faster than bear AoE. 😉

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    Sep 14, 2009 @ 16:52 pm

    Yes you can but
    Yes you CAN do this, but, is it actually worth the mana cost and down time? It may but it sure doesnt look like it.

    I leveled a Balanced Druid to level 68, then I discovered AOE Bear leveling, respecced, and leveled to 80 incredibly fast.

    Is AOE Balance faster then non-stop single pulls?

    DKs rule…others drool

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    Sep 13, 2009 @ 21:52 pm

    I’ll provide feedback here,I’ll provide feedback here, but please don’t be offended. These things are being said to *help* you, to improve you guide. As a first guide, this is pretty typical of what a lot of new users post. What isn’t typical is that you seem interested in revising and improving it. Since the folks who commented before didn’t give a lot of specific feedback, I’m going to.

    Hmmm, alright here goes.

    [list][*][b]It’s short.[/b] This isn’t a guide at all at this point, it’s a very short tip. You need to elaborate for this to be an effective guide – what talents are important? I know you give us a build, but be specific. What stats are best on gear? Where are some good grinding locations? Do we have to be level 66 and is that the ONLY you can use this method for? If not, how low a level can you start with? Why is this more effective than leveling Feral?
    [*][b]Formatting.[/b] There are no spaces between lines, there are few spaces between [i]words[/i]. Make sure you use your spaces! The links are good, the bold on the front of those steps is good, but you didn’t bold what I presume to be “section titles”, the words “spell rotation” and “Tip”.
    [*][b]Useful Tips.[/b] Saying to cast barkskin/rejuv is nice, but you could provide a macro which lets us do that in one button. Also I personally never used barkskin for this purpose – I used it while casting hurricane to keep my cast bar from being pushed back. But that’s a playstyle thing and I’m not going to nitpick.
    [*][b]Level Requirement.[/b] I know for a fact that this is a viable leveling option for other than just level 66. I strongly suspect your druid may have been this level when you wrote the guide, so you confined the guide to what you personally know. Unfortunately, this gives a sense of confusion to new player’s who may not know the class well. As I mentioned above, they wouldn’t know when they could start using this guide. Even if you don’t personally have experience with something, you can do research and still produce an awesome guide about it. I’ll let you in on a little secret – when I released my [url=]druid healing guide[/url], I was still leveling in Northrend. Check sites such as WoWhead and for awesome information that you can summarize in an easy-to-read format.[/list]

    Again, I’m glad you started contributing to WoW-Pro, it’s always great to have new people in the community 🙂 and I think if you work on the guide a little more, it will be something that is useful and great for leveling druids to use!

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    Sep 13, 2009 @ 17:48 pm

    RevisedI have revised guide 🙂 what do you think about it? 😕

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    Sep 10, 2009 @ 21:26 pm

    Indeed – this guide needsIndeed – this guide needs work with formatting, but the content seems pretty good.

    Check out [url=]Jame’s Guide Writing Guide[/url] for more information.

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    Sep 10, 2009 @ 2:11 am

    This guide is good…sorta.This guide is good…sorta. You need to do some coding, do a spellcheck, and maaaaaaaybe if you could.. make it a bit more clear.

    Put those together and this could be a great guide! 🙂

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