Best free online games you’ve played


It happens to everyone to get a little tired of playing WoW, so let’s use this forum to make a list of free online games we’ve played and to sort out which one are worth playing and which are not.

Let me start with a couple of examples:

Adventure Quest

Type: Web based free RPG

It’s a fairly simple web based RPG, it’s rather repetitive and easy but it’s still a little addictive because you can always improve your character and buy before equipment.

You can also buy spells, pets and do some quests and scenarios.

The best part is that you can really play it even if you just got 5 minutes, you can still make some XP and progress.

Rating: 5/10

Despite the rating, I still recommend trying this RPG because it’s quite simple, relaxing and easy-going.

Naruto Arena

Type: Web based turn by turn fight game

It’s a very well done fighting browser game. You can basically form a 3-Ninja team and fight other players team. It’s not as simple as Adventure Quest, and the interface can require a couple of games before you get used to it, but it’s very addictive and there’s actually quite a bit of strategy involved.

You can gain rankings and also take on missions to unlock other ninjas.

I recommend this game especially if you are a fan of Naruto (it’s an anime, in case you wonder).

Cons: There is of course a lot of luck involved in this game and sometimes it’s really frustrating to lose against opponents who obviously got a very bad team composition but still beat you because they get very lucky with the chakra distribution.

Rating: 8/10 if you’re a naruto fan. 6/10 if you aren’t.

A very nice web based RPG with a nice amount of strategy involved, can play it even if you only have 5-10 minutes to spare.

Ragnarok Online

Type: Free MMORPG

Ragnarok Online is a very cute MMORPG. It’s rather simple yet very addictive. It’s in my opinion one of the best free MMORPGs still available today, even though it’s been there for many years.

The game uses a double level system. One is your personal level and the other is your job level.

As you progress you can specialize in various classes, such as Knight, Wizard, Falconeer, Paladin, etc.


Very cute graphics
The community is friendly


A lot of grinding needed
The game has been out for a very long time and it’s not easy to catch up to the end-game
The gameplay could be improved a lot

Rating: 7.5/10

Despite all its flaws, Ragnarok Online is still a very decent and addictive free MMORPG. If you’ve never played it before, you’ll probably have some fun with it. If you’re into “cute” characters, I definitely recommend trying it.

That’s it for today, there are a lot of other good free MMORPGS I tried but I just don’t have the time to list them all right now. I’ll add some to the list when I find new ones.

Now it’s your turn to share your experience with free MMOs!

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