Best Web Browser Games to Play When Feeling Bored


These days, it’s not uncommon to get bored when using the internet. It’s challenging to choose the ideal time sink due to the abundance of engaging activities available on the internet, even if there are millions of them.

In light of this, a little investigation can identify some of the top online games to play when you’re bored. There should be something for everyone among the titles below, whether you’re wanting to lose hours or just a few minutes here and there. You should not forget about the slots that casinos not on GamStop in the UK offer. Today, however, we will be talking about a completely different kind of entertainment!

Before you start, bear in mind that some of the recommended games to play online when you’re bored may not work at all, depending on the title. This is due to the fact that browser games were initially developed using Macromedia Flash.

This can make access a bit challenging because Flash is no longer supported by most browsers and is now dead.

QWOP Is a Game Worth Playing if You’re Looking For Awkward Humour

The most intricate games aren’t always the greatest ones to play online when you’re bored. They’re frequently the exact opposite, in fact. This is the mindset that QWOP, which is aptly described as a racing game, has embraced.

In QWOP, the user controls the main character’s calves and thighs with the game’s named keys. This game is entertaining because the objective is to finish a brief race, especially when playing against friends.

Undoubtedly, QWOP is not a game that individuals become proficient at; rather, they only get less awful with time. One of the greatest games to play online while you’re bored is QWOP, an internet classic that may not be worth investing hours of time in.

That’s a matter for another day. As for how someone with such primitive coordination abilities found his way into a foot race or even clothe himself?

Trivia Machine: A Game to Play if You Want to Stay Mentally Active

Games may be entertaining, but they can also be helpful instruments for discovering fresh and interesting mental experiences. This is the approach taken by Trivia Machine, which assesses knowledge over a broad spectrum of subjects and specialisations.

Trivia Machine is one of the greatest games to play while you’re bored online since it has three distinct challenge levels: Elementary, Scholar, and Genius. You may even learn something new from it.

Otherwise, Trivia Machine only becomes easier and better over time, regardless of whether it is used to test someone else’s high score or to increase one’s own knowledge. Plus, the game has well-defined rules that meet the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Cookie Clicker: A Game to Play if You’re Obsessed with Food

For many players, Cookie Clicker remains the finest clicker game available. Cookie Clicker was the game that ignited the clicker game frenzy. Cookie Clicker is the ideal game to play when you’re bored online for extended periods of time since it was built on the concept of gradual growth.

The game is played by just clicking. Initially, players only have to click to get cookies and try to gather as many as they can. Cookie-making grandmothers, factories, light-bending cookie prisms, and even Elder Gods with Lovecraftian influence all contribute to this endeavour.

Players will eventually get to the stage where they can repeatedly reset their progress and begin with a bigger cookie multiplier.

Helicopter is a Game to Play if You’re Looking for a Classic Experience

A few years ago, the simple and addictive gameplay of a game called Flappy Bird made it extremely popular. Helicopter was the original game that Flappy Bird was a clone of, despite being widely considered as one of the greatest online games to play while bored at the time.

When Helicopter was originally published in 2004, it gained a lot of popularity in both high schools and businesses due to its surprising difficulty level.

Similar to Flappy Bird, Helicopter is controlled by the user by pushing to manoeuvre the titular character through a variety of vertical obstacles. It’s challenging to obtain the ideal balance since the equipment falls rapidly due to gravity.

Players typically hear accusations of injustice after accidents in Helicopter, followed by their own claims about how much better they can perform. Helicopter is one of the greatest games on the internet to play when you’re bored – just rinse and repeat thousands of times.

Hardcore Gamers Should Play Dwarf Fortress

Certain games are ready to play with a single glimpse. Others, such as Dwarf Fortress, might take a great deal of study and practice to even begin to grasp the basics.

Many people may find this immediately off-putting, however Dwarf Fortress is frequently regarded as one of the greatest games to play while you’re bored online by those who put in the work.

The original Dwarf Fortress’s use of ASCII graphics gave the game an appearance of simplicity, yet below, there lies some of the most intricate gameplay ever seen. Learning new things may take some time, but as any enthusiast will tell you, the work pays off.

Meat Boy: A Game to Play for a Challenge

Online games that you select to play while you’re bored are frequently soothing, but occasionally a challenge is what you’re looking for. Meat Boy may be a great option for these players.

This is a platform game, and it puts players through a lot of hardship without holding back.

Theoretically, beating a level in Meat Boy is easy. It’s simple to navigate out of each little screen and carry on with the game. The only obstacles the player must overcome are saws, spikes, monsters, and jumps that look insurmountably difficult at first but aren’t.

The battle isn’t quite ended for fans of Meat Boy because this game was so successful that it spawned a direct sequel, which is even more difficult.

Perfect Tower 2 is a Game Worth Playing if You’re Looking For a Niche Genre

Although the Tower Defence genre of online robot games may have lost some of its popularity, the games themselves are still rather fantastic.

If you’re bored online, superb Tower 2 is a superb example of one of the greatest games of any genre. It may appear straightforward at first, but if you persevere, the significance of the basic images will soon become apparent.

In the end, Perfect Tower 2 players will be defending their fortress and playing minigames while taking on thousands of enemies at simultaneously. Similar to Cookie Clicker, this game has an idle component, so users are free to stop playing whenever they so desire.

Arcade Games: Going Back In Time

Many players are nostalgic for past games, remembering the first consoles, Dandy and the like. This is where browser-based arcade games come to the rescue, allowing you to go back a few decades.

Speaking of which, these games have minimum system requirements for diverse browser games. This means you can play them online even on a simple button phone that supports internet access.

In the bright and entertaining online game, you take control of a snake in a neon landscape, sliding into light spheres to grow longer. Some of the people you compete against are longer than you. They have the ability to envelop you and lengthen. Naturally, you may treat lesser snakes in the same way. What is your maximum size?


A match-three game with a twist is called Gridland. You may connect and gather resources during day and night to build your community, where you can unite to fight against attacking monsters. Time is only moving when you take action, which promotes thoughtfulness and smart preparation. It’s really entertaining in addition to being quite brilliant.

Line Rider

Popular online game Line Rider has been ported to the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms. However, as they can be played directly in the browser, you don’t require such computers. Use your mouse to draw lines for the little guy to ride on. Make as many creative loops, ramps, and amazing jumps as you can.


Arcade game from the 1980s, Frogger. Even though there have been many sequels throughout the years, the original is still rather charming. The original is the basis for this online game. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never played Frogger before. Your objective in this online version of Frogger is to get your frog over the river and to safety without getting eaten by crocodiles in the river or ran over by automobiles or buses on the road.

Slime Volleyball

A timeless online game that has withstood the test of time is slime volleyball. In this game, you may compete with a buddy or the computer. You control a little glob, called slime, that looks like Jell-O as you knock a ball back and forth across a net. If the ball lands on your side of the ground, you score one point.


Use Cursors to transform your mouse pointer into a character and help you escape the maze. You’re not by yourself as you attempt to escape the maze! The game puts you and the other players in the same globe, and some of the difficulties need cooperation and collaboration.


In the game Helicopter, you steer the helicopter and dodge impending obstacles using your mouse. Use your cursor to click on the chopper to make it ascend, then to stop it from falling. This is a really addicting game that gets crazy very fast. It records your performance for each play, giving you the compulsive need to “just one more turn” as you strive to surpass your own record.


There are several ways you may play this timeless game on your computer or mobile device. Most of these games come at several levels of difficulty; some have timed play, some have limited movements, etc. It is soothing and calming to watch the dots move.


Although tag cannot be played inside a house or a tiny, congested space, it is always a fun game that gets people moving. This game gets more fun as the number of players increases. As the IT representative, one person searches for the other players. Before being chased, spread out for 10 seconds. A player becomes IT (if you wish to) when they are tagged. You might designate a safe area where participants can take a breather and little kids can run to if needed.

The Best Games According To Players

Over the years, gamers have created their own ranking of video games.  These are not browser games but full fledged Triple A games, which you should definitely play when you’re done with your idle browser gaming. Among the best video games today are:

  • Final Fantasy 16: The sixteenth main game in the Final Fantasy series, released in 2023 as a role-playing action game on the PlayStation 5 system, was created and published by Square Enix. Right now, the business is developing a Windows version. The player can access a number of significant sites in Final Fantasy XVI’s open world as they go through the narrative campaign. The mobile, bird-like Chocobo animals and summons – who are both enemies and the source of the protagonist’s power – are among the many repeating aspects from the series that are included in the game.
  • Armored Core 6: Is a 2023 mecha-based vehicle combat game that Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes and that FromSoftware created. Armoured Core: Verdict Day (2013) was the last game in the Armoured Core series before this one, which was published on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. With 1.3 million copies sold on Windows alone, Armoured Core VI became the best-selling game in the series after earning mostly positive reviews.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3: II a role-playing video game that was created and released in 2023 by Larian Studios, a Belgian game company. Based on the tabletop fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, the game is the third major entry in the Baldur’s Gate series. Early access was maintained until August 2023, when it was fully released for Windows. Later that year, versions for PlayStation 5, macOS, and Xbox Series X/S were also made available.
  • God of War: Ragnarok: Is a video game that combines action and adventure, created by Santa Monica Studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was the first cross-gen God of War game to be released globally on November 9, 2022, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is the follow-up to 2018’s God of War and the ninth game in the series overall. The game, which is set in ancient Scandinavia and is loosely based on Norse mythology, stars Kratos, the protagonist of the series, and Atreus, his now-adolescent son.
  • Elden Ring: Is an action role-playing game that FromSoftware is developing for 2022. Fantasy author George R. R. Martin created the worldbuilding, while Hidetaka Miyazaki directed it. On a mission to restore the Elden Ring and ascend to the position of Elden Lord, players take control of a customisable player character.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Is a planned action role-playing game that Square Enix is developing and publishing. It will launch on February 29, 2024 for the PlayStation 5. This game is the follow-up to the 2020 remake of Final Fantasy VII and the second of a trilogy that will recreate the PlayStation title from 1997.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Is a PlayStation 4 action role-playing game developed by Square Enix that was published in April 2020. In 2021, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an improved version, was published for Windows and PlayStation 5.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Is an action role-playing video game released in 2020 by CD Projekt Red. It is based on the tabletop game series created by video game creator Mike Pondsmith. As the story progresses, V and Johnny Silverhand (played by Keanu Reeves) must cooperate to find a way to be separated and save V’s life.
  • World of Warcraft: The game lets users create a character avatar and explore an open world in first- or third-person perspective, much like other MMORPGs. They may also engage with other players and non-player characters (NPCs) while exploring the scenery and fighting numerous enemies. While teamwork is encouraged to accomplish missions, access dungeons, and fight other players in player versus player (PvP) matches, the game may also be played alone without involving other people. Character advancement is the main emphasis of the game.

Are You Bored and Want to Play Some Online Games?

Whatever kind of games a person like to play when they’re idle online, we’ve gathered enough material here to ensure that no one is left disappointed. Better still, gamers may interact with these games through any channel they see fit because they aren’t as restricted to PC as they once were.

There are no incorrect answers while using a laptop, mobile phone, home computer, or any other device, so go ahead and try out several options and see what suits you best!

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