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Hello, again! I hope you liked my first guide 🙂 and you did read it… but anyway it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read it, but it would be easier to go on with this if you have read my first guide.

Anyway, should we go on?

I’ll tell you some things about this guide: my first guide was in long parts, but this is in much smaller parts. In my first guide there was lots of grinding, and there will be some in this guide too, but not so much. This guide has mostly quests but some times you will need like 400 XP. Then I used to grind that remaining XP. If you kill on your way you can skip those grinding parts. 🙂 (That’s why you should kill on your way.)

Note: In this guide I won’t ask you to kill mobs more than two levels higher than you, as some other guys expect you to kill a level 16 when you’re like, 12.

Color Code:

Dead Target

Levels 6-7

Now you should be in Falconwing Square. Go and get all quests you find from there.
You should have these:

  • [Wanted:Thaelis the Hungerer]
  • [Unstable Mana Crystals]
  • [Major Malfunction]

Got them? Now head to north, following the road, looting every Unstable Mana Crystal Crate you pass for [Unstable Mana Crystals] and killing every Arcane Patroller you see for Arcane Core. You should see a big building to the left side of the road. Go there and start looking for Thaelis the Hungerer. He is not hard to kill, so you should not have any problems with him. Go kill him and loot his head. Now if you need any Arcane Cores or Unstable Mana Crystals, go kill more Arcane Patrollers or loot more Unstable Mana Crystal Crates. After that, head back to the square and turn in all of your quests and get the follow ups. Ff you haven’t already leveled, don’t worry. You just have to grind on Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings until you do. (You can find them south of square)

Levels 7-8

From square go to the southwest in no time you discover North Sanctum turn in your quest and get follow up. only if you’re idiot or someone is escorting him you wont negotiate that Dwarf… Everyone knows that Dwarves are Alliances,so what is he doing here??? don’t crush your head by thinking about him. we deal with him later… ok so now get to the road and follow it to the south you will meet Apperentice Ralen take hes quest and continue to south until you wind his friend Apperentice Meledor turn in and get follow its up to you do want to finish it not or litle later. Now:go under that bridge and dive to water you will find Soaced Tome loot it and get back to Apperentice Meledor and get follow up. Later or after that: go back to place where road forks to west and go west until you meet Ley-Keeper Velania turn in other of your quests and take follow up of it. now move closer to sanctum you will see many Manawraiths and Mana Stalkers kill every of them for your quest while moving to west still.

(Original Author: Azse)

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    Nov 9, 2008 @ 10:43 am

    Hey. That’s a nice start andHey. That’s a nice start and you seem like you could write a very good guide, but I’m afraid this might be a waste of your time.

    See, we already have a top quality guide for the Blood Elf starting area:

    So another version wouldn’t be of any use at the moment.

    You should spend your valuable time on another guide. There are plenty of other areas of the game which still don’t have a guide, or that have a guide but of mediocre quality. And that’s where you should put your work into 🙂

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