BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!!! The world easiest way to farm gold! Make 300 g n half an hour!


And even, better, only 4 requirements!

-Lvl 70
-Sharpened fish hook/Aquadynamic fish attractor
-a little bit of patience
-Max fishing skill
-Find fish (optional)

ITs easy: Fly to the elemental plateau in Nagrand behind the throne of elements
Equip your fishing pole and fish attractor/hook
Turn find fish on (this is really convenient)
Fly around in search of pure waters (ONLY that small water area)
Each Pure water yields up to 10 motes each time.
Soon, youll be a filthy rich arrogant dude in no time!!!!!
This is the secret to gold farmers.
Comment on here how much you made 😀
May edit later.
(Extra: This is akso a relatively good place to farm base motes)

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    May 22, 2008 @ 19:38 pm

    nice guide but i only gotnice guide but i only got 200 fishing but realy need to lvl up my fishing to try this guide, nice work m8 just add som maps and colur 😀

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    May 20, 2008 @ 14:45 pm

    Nice start, but this guideNice start, but this guide could use a lot of work.

    1. Make it look nicer (add colors, titles, lines)
    2. Add more information

    For example, you could draw a map of the elemental plateau and show exactly where the pure water spawn, and how long it takes for them to respawn.

    There are also more pure water spawns in Nagrand, around the other lakes, you could research that and make a map.

    You could also link to a good fishing leveling guide.

    Then your guide would be really great 😉

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    May 16, 2008 @ 13:37 pm

    Well this would be nice ifWell this would be nice if there were always pools of pure water. Unfortunately there are not. The most pools I’ve seen at one time at this locations is around 5. After fishing these pools they are gone for about 40 minutes.

    A pure water pool contains 0-8 [Motes of Water]. It is possible to fish with 475 skill without missing a catch, although 500 is best. A fresh pool will contain anywhere from 2-4 catches in availability. It is possible to catch 0 motes in a pool, however, because there is about a 10% chance for such items as [Inscribed Scrollcase] to drop, and as such you can fish out a pool with items like this. When you catch an actual mote, you have a 50% chance to get one or two motes. Therefore it is possible to get between 0 and 8, both of which have occurred. (From

    Anyway, I fish in these pools every morning. I put on a sharpened hook and fish all the pools in about 10 minutes. I usually get around 16-20 motes of water.

    It is pretty tough to fish these when the server is more populated because people are always in this area farming primals. I play on a pvp server so it is impossible to farm these for an extended length of time.

    Good try though.

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