Brian’s Hunters guide!


This is my frist guide, ive been playing world of warcraft for abour 3 years now and i decided to make a guide so here it is.

– Hunter –

This is by far my favorit class, i tried all the class atleast to 20 but hunters my pick.

The hunter is the master of nature, beasts , and ranged combat.

This is how you play the hunter, You have to start by sending your pet first and let it rip the monster up, 75% is the best time to start shooting at your baddy. Start with a sting, i use the DoT but you can choose what ever you want. Then use some fast damage Arcane Shot is the best way to do this. Now you have to keep fireing arrows untill it is dead. You also can set a frost trap down too.

Now lets learn how to kill 2 or 3 baddies start out with healing the pet pre-battle but not too “pre” set down a frost trap. If your 30+ you should fake death if you get to much ” Hate ” towards you, are they dead yet?

Now Gear, You should really lean towards agli,stam,or attack power then look into int or it your a “munter” look at str, if your crafty you will not need that much armor.

Pets differ in three ways Dps (cats) Armor (turtle) OR Split (spiders)

Now After the newest patch 3 something lol, but pets are different now the have trees that make pets even sronger now.
Cats are my #1 choice for the leveling process but for PvP id pick a Split pet.

Professions- Eng- Damage but little money in the pocket,bombs,scopes,and gadgets. Leather Working is a good “loner” mixed with First Aid,Fishing,And Cooking you dont have to make very many trips back to town will you?

That Should get you started if i abrevated any thing i probally could not spell it! See You (Azlith Rexxar Relm )(Ally)

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    Oct 25, 2008 @ 9:08 am

    Hello BrianHello Brian,

    I have some advice.

    1) Check your [b]spelling:[/b]

    favorit to favorite, ” Hate ” – Threat, Relm – Realm,
    fireing – firing etcetra.

    2) You could [b]split your guide[/b] into several parts with this code:

    [ hr ] ( Without the spaces, of course)

    3) Please write [b]completed words[/b]. agli (?) – Agility, str – Strenght, Ally – Alliance, etcetra.


    ”You have to start by sending your pet first and let it rip the monster up, 75% is the best time to start shooting at your baddy.”

    I don’t fully agree with you:

    Well, of course you have to send your pet in first. About the 75% is the best time to start attacking, I don’t think that’s right.
    Rather let the pet have 1x or 2x [url=]Growl[/url] off. (higher level will result in higher level Growl, of course)
    then start firing off arrows.

    As for your attack pattern, I don’t agree too, but that is more play style, I guess.

    I hope this information was a bit useful to you 😉

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