Call of Duty Vanguard left with work to do before official launch


Call of Duty may be one of the most recognizable first-person shooter video game franchises around, but the latest title Vanguard, is working through a few issues. Of course, every game has a few bugs, and Vanguard has some glitches that need ironing out.


One problem has been audio-based, leading some fans to question the historical veracity of the game. But it isn’t the only thing that has raised concern. Apart from the troublesome audio, there is also a bright sun in the Vanguard beta. With the game being officially launched on November 5, time is fasting running out to solve the ongoing issues.


And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, then there’s a rather annoying lens flare that keeps popping up which has been blocking the Vanguard beta.


In many respects, this seems so surprising given the success of the Call of Duty franchise. Having started back in 2003, Call of Duty is fast approaching its 20th birthday. Among the ones that fans tend to levitate towards are Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Since the release of the first game, Call of Duty has raked it in on the money front, generating over $27bn in sales. The Black Ops game sold over 30 million copies, making it one of the most successful COD games of all time.


The COD franchise has continued to make waves, spreading its influence to the Esports arena, where there are teams across the United States and Canada vying for big prizes, and the league is hugely competitive.


And COD has even branched out into the casino world, where you can play the celebrated game. The gameplay is hugely immersive, and fans can take a look at a list of free spins which can be used for COD before playing for the first time.


But if we go back to the present, COD’s new game has bigger problems on their hands, and they have been unable to stop cheaters accessing the beta and selling lifetime access to cheats.


What new features will COD Vanguard have?


Vanguard’s multiplayer mode will launch with a total of 20 maps, with 4 of which will have a brand new game mode called “Champion Hill”, which will be a last man standing deathmatch with 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 matches. Squads will qualify in a tournament bracket system, with a twist: all perks and gear acquired through the matches will be kept, which makes for an interesting and addictive dynamic.


The Gunsmith system will also return in a more advanced form. There will also be new dstructible and reactive environments in the various maps to add more strategic options.


A new upgraded anti-cheat system is also supposed to be launched at a later date, and let’s hope this one really works.

Of course, the next few weeks or so will present a challenge for Vanguard, but if it can iron out the existing issues, then fans will fall in love with this game as they have done with all the other COD titles.


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