Can Other Games Help You Be a Better WoW Player?


Being a good World of Warcraft player is more a state of mind than an actual ability – but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow and become better. While hours logged on the game don’t always match up to the eventual skill level, practice does indeed make perfect. But can playing other games and then coming back to WoW help you become a better player? What skills do you need to ace the game and where else could you practice using these skills?


Focusing on One Area

Some suggest you can become a better player by focusing on excelling at just one class. Sometimes decisions need to be made under high pressure very quickly – so multiclassing could end up slowing down your progress. Most games like this require you to specialize in one area and become really good at it.

To be anything near professional, it’s important to focus on one area. Those who play MMORPGs will understand how crucial it is, especially when developing a presence online, to show that you can master one specific role in the team or one area of gameplay.

Strategic Thinking

Those who don’t play won’t realize that there is quite a lot of strategic thinking required. Some people rely on guides to ascertain their stat priority, while others crunch the numbers themselves. Becoming a strong player comes down to being able to work out your stat prios to make the best moves in each situation.

Playing games like chess can help you think a few steps ahead to be better at analyzing what could happen as a result of each move. Chess is renowned for helping players hone their mental capabilities and be able to think more strategically.

Handle the Tension

It goes without saying but playing WoW can occasionally be incredibly tense. Those who play with any kind of stakes – such as those who stream on Twitch – will understand that tension and difficult moments of the game can combine. Being exposed to it often enough can help it not be all-encompassing, especially if the tension is necessary to complete a section of the game but can mar the overall progress if it becomes too overwhelming.

Playing other games that are filled with tension-inducing elements can help players understand how to handle the tension. As an example, as the range of Bingo slots at Buzz Bingo shows, there are a variety of slot games that take jaunty themes such as lucky leprechauns and Greek mythology but then layer them with the tense slot gameplay. These games benefit from the accessible themes that attract players, and then allow people to experience the adrenaline of the gameplay themselves.

Fast Thinking

While speed isn’t everything in World of Warcraft, it can actually play a part when there is little else to differentiate. Some suggest that in WoW there is a delay in the keyboard of 400m/s. These potential delays should be factored in and players should practice their dexterity. One way of doing this could be digging out an old console and playing a platform game that is renowned for needing fast thinking and faster fingers.

Something like Crash Bandicoot could help players improve their overall manual dexterity. While the games are different, these transferable skills work on improving brainpower and gaming ability in general. You’ll notice that people who are good at gaming are good at games they’ve never played before due to the transferable skills involved.

Becoming a good WoW player comes down to practice. The more you play, the better you understand the game and will be at it. But it can also help to flex the tertiary features that are required to play the game. This can be done by playing other forms of entertainment that expose you to the similar feelings you’d expect from World of Warcraft.

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