Cold Turkey: Is it a Good Choice for Gamers?


The blocking applications have become popular options in the gaming industry to avoid excessive gaming. More specific blocking applications appear to prevent gamers from accessing gaming platforms. Cold Turkey is one of the website blocking software that can be downloaded on Computers, Windows, and Macs. 

As its name suggests, the users self-exclude themselves abruptly from distracting websites like social media and video sites. Recently, Cold Turkey has become a common feature of several players as it is reputed to be an effective blocking tool. So, this option is a good choice for gamers?


The gamers who want to break or quit the gaming websites and applications can block themselves easily with the features created to facilitate the process:

  • Data Storage Privately. The main concern of the customers is the privacy of their data. As the app doesn’t collect the users’ data, all their settings and statistics are stored on their computer. This means that every site they block is kept private. For those who have to share their computer, there is an app password set to protect their privacy.
  • Unlimited Block Duration. The software enables to block the entire websites and applications with few exceptions. The subscription is free and the customers are only required to purchase once and will be able to use the app in the long term. In this one product key, they can bar themselves from the websites of their choice and also receive free durable updates.

Top Cold Turkey Alternatives

Aside from Cold Turkey, other self-exclusion programmes have also been released to limit access to gaming platforms. With several names reputed among the gaming industry, some of them have built a reputation for offering more effective schemes and other options to counsel and treat gaming-related problems:


GamStop is a national self-exclusion programme launched in April 2018 to reduce gambling harm in the UK. This not-for-profit organisation is established to help gamblers who feel to develop gambling-related problems. With GamStop, they are required to register, and then after the confirmation, they can ban themselves from the websites of their choice. 


GamStop has become powerful since the UKGC’s regulation required all licensed operators to participate in this service from March 2020. With this blocking app, the players are able to choose the period of time they want to be prohibited which can be 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years. Obviously, the users cannot access their chosen online gambling site until the period has expired. Many players found several ways to get round GamStop ban described at and


As its name indicates, BetBlocker is an application dedicated to punters who feel to experience addiction. The tool was launched in 2019 and has become well-reputed for preventing gambling harm. Its popularity has boomed when the UK gambling watchdog approved this service in the country. 


To block through this well-used programme, the bettors should first download the app on their computer or mobile devices. Then, similar to other schemes, they have to choose the period of their ban which can be every weekend or on some business days depending on their choice. It deserves to mention that BetBlocker is among the six top self-exclusion apps created to help the addicted players as well as minimize gambling problems.


Gamban has been around since 2015 to block gambling sites and applications. The service was created by GambleAware, a renowned charity responsible for funding the treatment and research projects related to gambling in the UK. With this awarded application, those who want to quit gambling should download the app and then, can choose the period of their choice. 


One of the main reasons to make this software is its efficiency as it is difficult to be removed. Today, Gamban has collaborated with more gambling operators to raise awareness of this service. Aside from providing a blocking app to the consumers, this organisation is also responsible for offering treatment and support to compulsive gamblers. In these schemes, they will benefit from assistance and support from experienced advisors.


“Stop distractions and temptations” is Cold Turkey’s slogan, a free productivity service that can use to block distracting sites including the gaming platforms. The temporary ban depends on the users’ preference and the first step they have to do is to download the Cold Turkey application. One reason to make this blocking software effective is that it is very easy to install. 


Users across the world can, thus, avoid spending more time and money on playing. Similar to its alternatives, Cold Turkey has become crucial among gamers as it is a quick solution to prevent internet distractions and gaming addiction.

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