Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update: Patch notes, hidden changes & wish list



Cyberpunk 2077 just released its biggest update ever. The 2.0 Patch is here and brings a lot of much needed changes, making it the dream game it should have been at launch.

In essence, Update 2.0 introduces a slew of enhancements to the game mechanics, encompassing significant alterations to perks, cyberware, and the AI of both the police and adversaries. Additionally, it brings a host of balance tweaks, introduces 3 fresh radio channels, and bolsters vehicle combat, and also many other hidden changes.

This massive update releases just a week before the first DLC called “Phantom Liberty”. “Phantom Liberty” is an expansion priced at $30, granting players access to novel content. It showcases a narrative centered around Solomon Reed, portrayed by Idris Elba, set in the new area, Dogtown. Furthermore, this expansion packs a variety of new items from every category, such as apparel, arms, cyberware, and combat-ready vehicles equipped with machine guns or missile launchers. The update is so game changing that Jame decided he has no choice but to completely redo his Cyberpunk 2077 Platinum Walkthrough, updated for 2.0, both in video and written format. So that’s also some news to be happy about for all the completionists out there.

But let’s get back to the main topic, in this article we’ll cover:

  • The Patch Notes and what they really mean
  • The hidden changes not listed in the patch notes
  • The things that are still missing to make Cyberpunk 2077 the breathtaking adventure the fans want it to be
  • Tips to get started in CP2077 2.0


The 2.0 Patch Notes Breakdown

Here we’ll focus on the highlights, as there are many other small changes and bug fixes which are welcome, but not worth dwelling on. We’ll also give our first hand impression on all those major changes to uncover what the patch notes don’t tell you.

New Police System

  • The NCPD will chase you when you commit a crime, whether on foot or in a vehicle.
  • The types of units in pursuit and their behavior will depend on your NCPD Wanted Level. These chases can include various NCPD vehicles, roadblocks and MaxTac swooping in with AVs.
  • The NCPD will now be present in the world, actively patrolling the streets of Night City. Officers working at crime scenes will now also engage in pursuits.
  • You can now hear NCPD radio chatter through the radio.
  • It’s now possible to quickhack NCPD officers.

Enhanced Police and Opponent AI

Upon initial criminal activities, police will arrive at the location, attempting to deduce the incident, only intervening if the crime is ongoing. Escalate your actions, and the police’s reaction will similarly intensify.

During the initial stages of Heat (represented by blue stars), you’ll mainly face an increase in police presence. However, as your Heat grows, they’ll deploy specialized vehicles and eventually summon MaxTac. The MaxTac forces have received significant upgrades, offering a formidable challenge regardless of your chosen difficulty. They comprise 5 distinct types, with the 4 members confronting you being a varied mix of these 5, each showcasing their individual boss health bars.

The NCPD’s primary focus lies in neutralizing active threats and apprehending Night City’s most notorious, such as cyberpsychos. If you successfully evade their sight for an extended period, they’ll assume peace is reestablished, ceasing to pursue you. In a recent August livestream, the developers likened eluding the police to a game of “line-of-sight Pac-Man” on the minimap.

While this system might not mirror real-life precision, the developers aim to strike a harmony between genuine authenticity and granting players autonomy, ensuring that one can cease combat with the police without perishing.

Combat dynamics have also seen revamps, not just limited to the police NPCs. Foes now exhibit diverse strategies when engaging with players, with Netrunners, in particular, displaying heightened intelligence. The elite adversaries present a stiffer challenge, and to assist players, distinct enemies now have unique identifiers, differentiated UI components, and health bars.

Vehicle Combat

  • Added the option to engage in combat while driving a vehicle from either first-person or third-person perspective. While driving, you can use pistols, submachine guns and health items. Some vehicles come equipped with mounted weapons. Melee combat is possible on motorcycles.
  • Vehicle tires can now be shot or slashed.
  • Introduced new Perks that unlock a variety of vehicle-related abilities such as quickhacking vehicles, increasing collision damage, boosting vehicle weaponry, allowing the use of Sandevistan and Kerenzikov cyberware, and the ability to exit moving vehicles quickly and stylishly.
  • Vehicles vary in durability. Vehicles equipped with CrystalDome technology receive additional protection.
  • You can now encounter AI-driven and randomized chases between different factions in a given district.

Enhanced Vehicle Combat

While weapon-fitted vehicles and exclusive vehicle missions necessitate the purchase of the Phantom Liberty expansion, Update 2.0 does augment vehicular combat dynamics. Players can freely shoot from their car windows or wield melee weapons while on motorcycles.

Attributes now come with specific perks enhancing related skills:

  • With Intelligence, you can deploy Quickhacks on select vehicles.
  • Cool permits the use of Kerenzikov and Sandevistan during driving.
  • Reflex offers flair exits from cars, mimicking stunt drivers’ acrobatic moves.
  • Technical Ability improves the battle stats of vehicles, particularly emphasizing the weapon-fitted vehicles exclusive to Phantom Liberty.
  • Body increases the impact of your vehicle collisions on adversaries while minimizing the damage you incur.

Furthermore, the overhaul of police AI also permeates vehicular confrontations. During high-speed pursuits, the police utilize genuine strategies, including t-boning, forcing you off the road, and establishing blockades to halt your progress.



Combat AI Enhancements

We made numerous improvements to enemy AI, including:

  • Various enhancements to enemy netrunner AI.
  • Improved NPC reactions to grenades and their use of grenades.
  • Improved NPC reaction time when flanked.
  • Faster detection by enemies when you’re walking or sprinting.
  • Enemies equipped with Sandevistan cyberware will now activate it to counter a player who uses their own.
  • Enemies that don’t hear a silenced weapon but do notice the bullet impact will now properly investigate the source of the gunshot.
  • Made improvements for scenarios where a group of NPCs can join another group in combat against you.

Netrunning Changes

  • Added Perks to expand netrunning capabilities. For example, a new Overclock mode allows you to upload quickhacks by consuming Health if you have insufficient RAM. You can also acquire the ability to queue multiple quickhacks on a single enemy.
  • Rebalanced RAM costs.
  • Rebalanced damage and upload time. Changed the effects of some quickhacks.
  • Removed the option to use Breach Protocol on enemies.


  • Health Items and grenades now have a limited number of charges that recharge over time after being used.
  • Stamina is no longer drained outside of combat for actions like sprinting, sliding and jumping. Stamina is drained when firing ranged weapons or attacking with melee weapons. Stamina cost varies by weapon.
  • Improved the Aim Assist feature.
  • Rebalanced the base game’s main boss fights.
  • Introduced Armor Penetration for the base game’s main bosses.
  • Removed the one-hit kill protection from civilians.


  • A complete Perk tree overhaul. These trees now contain fewer perks, but impact gameplay in a more meaningful way. Progressing in a given Perk tree will allow you to unlock special abilities such as Overclock mode for netrunners, Bolt shots for Tech weapons, the Adrenaline Rush ability for Body-focused character builds, and so on. Because we introduced extensive changes to the Perk system, your spent Perk points on existing playthroughs have been refunded. You can also choose to reset your Attributes once. Feel free to redistribute these Perk and Attribute points to suit your preferred playstyle before you continue playing.
  • We merged the previous Skills into five new ones – Headhunter, Netrunner, Shinobi, Solo, Engineer. These are not restricted by their corresponding Attribute’s level. On existing playthroughs, your progression on old skills has been transferred to their new counterparts. Skills unlock new passive buffs every 5 levels, and can be leveled up to a max of 60.
  • Removed the option to reset all Perks at once. Instead, it is now possible to refund each Perk individually for free.
  • Introduced new kinds of progression shards: Attribute Shards, Carrying Capacity Shards and Cyberware Capacity Shards.

Perks Redesign

While CDPR retained the essence and several fundamental elements of each skill tree and its linked perks, they didn’t hesitate to eliminate entire trees if necessary.

The previous 2-3 tabs have been unified into a single tree, with each attribute featuring two primary branches and a smaller complementary branch. As you move up the tree, more potent perks become available, but they necessitate a higher attribute point investment to unlock.


Skill Trees Insights from Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0

Rather than solely boosting your power, the redesigned trees predominantly aim to enhance your range of abilities. However, certain stat enhancements have been incorporated where fitting.

While each attribute still harmonizes with specific weapon categories, there’s now a broader distribution of expertise based on weapon type and class. This ensures that every attribute possesses its unique flair.

Moreover, each type of arm cyberware (like Gorilla Arms, Mantis Blades, Monowire, and Projectile Launcher) draws enhancements from a particular attribute. But they also benefit from the Relic Skill Tree, exclusively accessible in the Phantom Liberty expansion.

When you fire up a saved game post the Update 2.0 installation, you’ll be prompted about an option to reallocate your Attributes and Perks – a feature previously unavailable and offered just once.


Attribute Adjustments in Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 Update

While you have the flexibility to toggle Perks on and off anytime during your game journey, following the initial complimentary reset, you won’t have the option to alter your Attributes again. This dynamic lets you tailor your character’s build on-the-fly, adapting to various in-game scenarios.



  • Armor is now provided primarily by cyberware. As a result, clothing’s purpose is mostly cosmetic. Clothing items no longer have mod slots, and only some items provide bonuses.
  • The number of cyberware implants your body can handle is now determined by your Cyberware Capacity.
  • Cyberware implants are now Attuned to specific Attributes – the higher the Attribute, the stronger the stat bonus.
  • You can now upgrade cyberware on the ripperdoc screen.
  • Some Cyberware slots can be unlocked by acquiring specific Perks.
  • Added multiple new kinds of Cyberware.
  • Visiting ripperdocs is now more immersive. When getting cyberware installed, you sit on an operating chair and experience different animations depending on the type of implant.
  • Added a side quest introducing the new cyberware system for players who load an older save on the 2.0 update.


  • Changed the unique effects of some Iconic weapons to better reflect their distinctive features.
  • The “first equip” animation can now be triggered at any time.

– PC: Hold B or double tap Alt while the weapon is holstered.

– PlayStation: double tap △ while the weapon is holstered.

– Xbox: double tap Ⓨ while the weapon is holstered.

  • Added smoke grenades.
  • Added new melee weapon Finishers.
  • You can now find a Thermal Katana in the game.
  • Added new weapon mods and reworked some existing ones. Once installed in a weapon, mods are irreplaceable.
  • All obsolete weapon mods will be removed from the game. In their place you will find new, random weapon mods in your backpack. The quality of any mods added this way depends on your level.
  • Removed the silencer slot from Revolvers.
  • Removed the scope slot from Light Machine Guns.
  • Implemented a new way to craft weapon mods. To craft a mod, you must first have 2 mods of lower quality.
  • Expanded the stash wall in V’s apartment to display all of the Iconic weapons from the base game.



  • NPC vehicles can now switch lanes to avoid obstacles.
  • Pedestrians will now try to avoid running into moving vehicles.
  • NPC drivers are now better at avoiding you when you are on foot.
  • Improved braking, acceleration and suspension of cars in traffic.
  • Some NPCs now might react aggressively when you hijack their vehicle.
  • Various improvements to traffic density depending on time of day and night, resulting in more realistic traffic behavior.
  • Driving with a quest-related NPC in your vehicle no longer disables traffic in the occupied lane, resulting in the feeling of a busier city.


  • Fixers will no longer text you about vehicles up for sale. You now purchase vehicles via the AUTOFIXER netpage on V’s computer or by using terminals located in gas stations and repair shops throughout Night City. To find these, enable the new Autofixer filter on the world map. Vehicles are sorted by manufacturer. The vehicles equipped with built-in weaponry have photos marked with a special icon. As you earn more Street Cred, you will unlock more vehicles for purchase.
  • Added new user settings to help configure vehicle camera and controls. You can now also choose between three different third-person camera distances when driving a vehicle.
  • Added a new “Driving” category and Driving Manual to the Database.

We implemented various changes and tweaks to vehicle performance and handling:

  • New speed-sensitive steering applies to most vehicles. The max turn speed and radius adapts to different vehicle speeds better than before.
  • All engines have torque curves now, which reflect the engine’s character and any power modifiers (e.g., supercharger, turbo, hybrid, etc.). Some adjustments and balancing have been made to vehicle acceleration and top speeds.
  • Conducted a full pass on adjustments to braking force. For slower vehicles it has been dramatically increased, and all stopping distances were measured and adjusted as necessary.
  • All vehicles react better to rough terrain and impacts with curbs, meridians, etc. Vehicles feel “heavier” now, as we have improved how we apply gravity as the suspension moves.
  • Many vehicles were fully retuned or their tuning was heavily revised.
  • Multiple other small improvements.



  • All NPCs now scale to your level. Enemy difficulty is no longer dependent on what area of Night City you’re in.
  • Enemies will have different tiers depending on the faction they belong to.
  • Some NPC archetypes will feature Low, Medium or High armor.
  • All resistances for regular NPCs have been removed.
  • Rebalanced game difficulty to increase the challenge at higher difficulties.


  • Weapons now scale damage based on their Tier.
  • The damage for Smart weapons has been lowered, but they now benefit from dedicated Perks.


  • Loot now scales to your level.
  • Removed excessive findable loot in the game, such as loot that distracts from scenes and quest locations.
  • NPCs no longer drop clothing.

Crafting & Upgrading

  • Crafting and upgrading now require only one type of component instead of multiple types.
  • Replaced old rarity levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) with Tiers (from Tier 1 to 5++).
  • Apart from cyberware, now only Iconic weapons can be upgraded. They gain a higher Tier with each upgrade.


  • You can now access the Wardrobe feature through clothing vendors.
  • Vendor stocks scale with your level, expanding as you reach a new Tier.
  • Updated vendor stocks so that each has a more distinctive theme and specialization.
  • Vendors no longer sell quickhack and crafting components.
  • Adjusted the prices of weapons, cyberware, apartments, clothing and more.


New Radio Stations

  • 89.7 Growl FM features songs created by our community. The DJ, Ash, is voiced by Sasha Grey.
  • Impulse 99.9 features a completely new set of songs remixed by Idris Elba.
  • 107.5 Dark Star is a new station for electronic music.


  • The Quest Journal now has a new, cleaner look. Jobs are located in separate tabs, depending on type. The distance to each quest marker is now displayed in the Journal.
  • Added the option to untrack a quest in the Journal.
  • Overhauled the phone UI to be more intuitive.
  • Revamped Perk and Cyberware menus.
  • Simplified item tooltips. The most important stats are now represented by bars to make comparison easier.
  • The minimap will now zoom out dynamically depending on your speed.
  • Updated the minimap to better serve the situation around you. Vision cones will not be visible unless a given NPC reacts to your actions or engages in combat.
  • Improved D-pad navigation in menus.
  • You can now change the HUD safe zone. This option is available in Settings → Interface.
  • Multiple UI fixes for widescreens.
  • You can now preview clothing and weapons not only at vendors, but also in your inventory.
  • The indicators that show the status of active cyberware are now displayed on your HUD.



  • Added Trauma Drama, an arcade mini game that offers a chance to win special rewards.
  • Added more secrets to be discovered in Night City.
  • Added some small scenes to the game, including some conversations with Johnny Silverhand when visiting V’s apartment in Megabuilding H10.
  • You can now change tattoos at ripperdocs.
  • You can now choose between three Control Schemes for controllers: Classic, Dynamic and Alternative.
  • Apartments will now give smaller buffs.
  • Updated the Characters tab in the Database to include more side characters.
  • Added new niches to the Columbarium.


Patch 2.0 Hidden Changes

Some of these are minor quality of life changes, and some are really cool stuff you don’t want to miss. We’ll keep this list updated as players discover new secrets in the coming days and weeks.

MaxTac is now badass

When you reach 5 Star level with the NCPD, MaxTac will show up. These elite forces just drop down on you and 4 Elite MaxTac officers will try to take you out, and they will most likely do that very quickly if you’re not prepared. These are practically minibosses. I can’t wait to see how players figure out how to kill them and what kind of rewards they will drop.


I had no idea Max Tac would be THAT Badass
byu/Laughable_Tarnished incyberpunkgame



Cats get a HUD icon

Cute, and quite useful!

Aww, cats get a HUD icon now so you don’t forget to pet it
byu/TrulyAwfulAtLife incyberpunkgame


Driving cars is a whole new experience

They went beyond adding vehicle combat and fixing the physics. It’s a leap forward.

Games like this and GTA have always kept me engrossed, especially when I’m simply goofing off and stirring up trouble. Prior to Update 2.0, one of my gripes was that I found just one car with decent handling.

But now, there’s a clear improvement in how every vehicle maneuvers. The 911, for instance, feels authentic to drive, and oh, those sound effects!

Look at the Caliburn sounds now for example:

Caliburn sounds amazing on 2.0
byu/Aarasaka incyberpunkgame


Another interesting detail: when you draw your weapon in a vehicle, the windows roll down automatically. And if you’re in a car with unique doors, they swing open in style.

For those keen to see some action, here’s an attached clip of car chases and action:



The changes to the phone are major

The old Cyberpunk phone used to be slow and unpleasant to use. Now it feels like you have a real phone in your hands!

by far the best qol change imo, having an actual phone
byu/zMustaine_ incyberpunkgame


When they said they added new finisher moves, they meant it

This is glorious

Gorilla Arms 2.0 holy shit
byu/Twizlex incyberpunkgame


What’s missing in Cyberpunk 2077 now?

Well sadly, it’s still not a perfect game. Most of the changes are good, but there are a few things I personally don’t agree with and stuff the fans were hoping for that is still not in the game.


Clothes do nothing for you in Cyberpunk 2077

Probably my biggest gripe with the 2.0 update. I understand that they needed to keep loot under control so characters don’t become godlike killing machines like it used to be. But they went a little too far with that, now clothes do absolutely nothing except change your appearance.

Sure, that’s great news for fashion, it means you can make your character look as cool as you like without having to worry about stats. But that’s already possible in other games with the transmog feature, which allows you to look exactly how you want, while still keeping your best possible gear equipped.

I’m actually okay with no more mod slots to worry about on the clothes, because it ends up being a hassle, but I’m sorry: a kevlar vest should provide some extra armor, combat boots should provide more resistances than flip-flops, pants with shin guards should provide more protection than shorts, etc.

So they still have some work to do in this field, and I hope they will.


NPCs scale with your level

Now this is something I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, being too overleveled is a problem, especially when you have a game this huge with so many side jobs. You will inevitably end up stumbling on a quest where everything is 30 levels below you and there’s no challenge at all, and worse, this means you get a lot less XP from it, sometimes even no XP at all.

But on the other hand, who doesn’t like to level up, gear up and get an unfair advantage against enemies in video games? I sure do, it’s part of the fun, you get rewarded for putting in the work into building a powerful character. They should do something in between. Some missions should be too hard for a new character. And some missions should be easy for a Night City legend.


Still no real minigame in Cyberpunk 2077

So they added a new arcade game called Trauma Drama, similar to the Roach Race arcade game they added months ago.

But when you compare this to the amazing game of Gwent that they had in The Witcher 3, there’s no contest. I mean, Gwent was so good that sometimes I was more excited about beating another player and getting his best card to complete my deck than to move forward with the main story, and that’s saying something, because The Witcher 3 is one of the best stories ever told in a video game.

Even a single gambling game in Cyberpunk 2077 could make a significant difference. There are many gambling options the developers can choose to add to the game. There is still no assurance if the future releases of Cyberpunk 2077 will include gambling, but the players are hopeful. But while the players wait, there are still a lot of enjoyable online casinos, especially the fast payout ones. 

Now I know it’s easier said than done, creating a new game as enticing as Gwent is no small feat, but in the meantime, they could do something much easier like including a Poker game for example, like they did in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s Night City we’re talking about, there should be some gambling activities in this world.

So it would be great if the developer of Cyberpunk 2077 introduced casino games. The atmosphere of the games seems very inviting for casino games. A release in the future with casino games would attract many gamblers who would like to wager in the video game, as a major part or just a minigame. Gambling is a fun activity, and its addition to video games makes them more appealing while keeping it light because it would just be with in-game currency. Online casinos have become very popular among the many types available, and fast payout casinos attract the most players because of the convenience of not waiting long to cash-out your winnings.

But in the meantime, we’ll just hope they will come up with something as great as Gwent:

Off the top of my head, they could do an augmented reality game within Cyberpunk 2077, where you end up catching monsters hidden throughout night city, and can then pit them in a virtual arena against other NPCs and players. Damn that would be a nice addition to an already great game.


And more secrets not listed in the 2.0 Patch notes

  • You can get an armored vehicle for free immediately, mounted with mounted machineguns and rocket launchers. Just steal it from the NCPD.
  • To lose heat from the NCPD you can just hide from the cops line of sight in some back alleys and wait until they forget about you
  • Cyberwares are no longer attribute dependant, which opens up tons of possibilities for builds and gear combinations. However, there are some attribute attunements which grant specific bonuses on certain implants.
  • When upgrading Cyberwares, you can gain different stats rolls. There’s a perk which allows you to choose between different rolls to customize your gear even further. So that’s nice!
  • You can find Skill shards to level up your various skills. So you won’t have to grind your skills all the way to 60.
  • There’s a new airport, and you should go there, talk to the Pharmaceutical shop guy and buy a permanent HP upgrade!

And there’s more new stuff we’re still uncovering. So stay tuned, we’ll update this article as news come pouring in.


Guide to Starting with Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0

Considering the massive overhaul brought by the update, it’s a shared sentiment between me and CDPR that beginning anew with a fresh playthrough is better than jumping directly into Phantom Liberty. The expansion will be around in a few days from this post’s publication, granting you ample time to get acquainted with the revamped Night City.

Diving into Update 2.0: New vs Old Saves

The redesigned skill trees and gameplay mechanics might feel overwhelming if you immediately dive into an old save. Expect a wave of changes the moment you do.

Gear stats and effects have seen some transformation. Notably, armor stats on clothing are a thing of the past.

Fashion and Function in Update 2.0

Post-update, armor mainly stems from your cyberware. This renders clothing largely as aesthetic choices. Fortunately, shopping for apparel won’t break the bank, letting you secure other essential upgrades. Every clothing vendor now gives you access to your wardrobe—a welcome addition.

Although high-rarity clothing like hats, outerwear, facewear, and innerwear offer minor stat enhancements, the emphasis remains largely on aesthetics.

Wardrobe and Crafting in Update 2.0

Every piece of clothing you acquire is permanently saved in your wardrobe, ensuring limitless outfit combinations. Ideally, equip items that boost stats and break down the rest to gather crafting components.

The game’s economy has seen an upswing. As a point of reference, holding 600k Eddies around level 30 in Dogtown only scratched the surface of my purchasing needs!

The balance between Eddies and crafting components will keep oscillating. While Eddies are primarily for aesthetics, components are crucial for gameplay enhancements. Yet, both remain indispensable.

Crafting components have become scarce since vendors no longer stock them. This downturn renders certain vendors nearly redundant.

Maximizing Resources in Update 2.0

Avoid selling loot from adversaries. They’re your primary resource reservoir for crafting components. It’s beneficial to dismantle items frequently to amass these components, ensuring your equipment remains upgraded.

It appears there’s a correlation between the availability of cyberware, your Street Cred, and the average tier of your existing cyberware. Although further testing is warranted, early signs indicate that once over half of your cyberware transitions from blue to purple, every Ripperdoc allows you to purchase purple-tier cyberware. The implication? Only half of your cyberware requires upgrading, though each upgrade sees a spike in cost.


How to 100% Complete Cyberpunk 2077 and get the Platinum Trophy

Best answer to that is to follow a quality walkthrough. Jame is currently working on a 2.0 version of his original CP2077 Walkthrough, so stay tuned for updates!

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