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Download Minecraft PE 2024 for free on Android: go in search of crystals in unique underground structures, meet dwarves, get new armor, and upgrade your weapons!


Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2024: Underground Survival

The game world is constantly changing. The developer Mojang is trying to add new biomes, improve the behavior of mobs, diversify vegetation and give more opportunities to players. This Minecraft 2024 update allows users to learn more about underground life and explore unique territories in search of crafting materials and resources for survival.

By the way, already in minecraft version, the authors began to develop underground biomes and structures by introducing Trial Chambers. This time, users are waiting for additional adventures in dark locations.


Almost all items, mobs, and biomes of Minecraft PE 2024 are connected in some way with a unique material – crystals. These resources can be obtained in some biomes, but to do it players need to know where to look for them. It is also possible to get them from some mobs. Crystals are beautiful because they glow in the dark. It helps to find them faster. It is also a great material for crafting various items for survival.

There is another non-obvious function of crystals. Because they glow, they should be used in dark spaces to improve visibility. By the way, players can also use these materials to make potions.

Underground City

The developers decided to continue creating mysterious locations that are difficult to find. They built an entire underground city in Minecraft 2024, which is rarely generated in Overworld. This is not just a city, but a civilization where unusual creatures live, there is trade, there are farms, and forges. By the way, in such forges, users create unique axes that will help to quickly extract resources underground.

Players can start their survival here, grow different crops, find the necessary resources and get items from traders.

Crystal Forest

One of the most picturesque places in Minecraft PE 2024 is the crystal forest. This is an area made up of giant glowing crystals. Players will also see many stalactites and stalagmites. It is easy to guess what resources a character can get here. It is worth spending time exploring the Crystal Forest, because its territory is really large.

Those who want to see in the dark should craft themselves a special crystal helmet to easily find everything they need, even in the darkest cave. Also, the new block will help to create a unique shield with excellent characteristics to avoid damage during battles.


Perhaps these are the most mystical characters created by developers for the game world in recent times. Dwarves do not pose a threat to Minecraft 2024 players or other creatures. Although, if they are very angry, they are able to stand up for themselves and protect the place where they live. These mobs spawn in Underground Cities.

Dwarves are constantly busy with something, as they work at the forge. Users can turn to these creatures to repair or upgrade their weapons.

There is also a legend that one of the dwarves became evil and out of greed turned into a creepy boss in MCPE 2024. The creature has settled in the underground depths, and there is a small chance to meet it.

Dwarf Armor

Many players remember how in minecraft 1.20.73 update they were looking for special templates in Trail Ruins to make their armor custom. And now there are completely new elements, which are not inferior in characteristics even to netherite. To get such items to protect the character from damage, Minecraft PE 2024 players need to contact the dwarves.

The texture of such armor is very different from any other in the game world. The player himself becomes somewhat like a dwarf. Combined with new weapons, users can become invincible.

Crystal Golem

Experienced players know that there are already golems in the virtual world, and several types. They perform various functions, for example, the Iron one protects villages from attacks. The Crystal Golem is also a peaceful mob of the Minecraft 2024 world. The creature can share crystals with the player.

This new inhabitant of the world looks very unusual. It also glows, so it can be immediately seen even from afar and even in the dark.

Download Minecraft PE 2024 on Android

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