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Download Minecraft 1.22 full version on Android: explore the underwater world with its unique inhabitants, and go into the desert in search of an oasis!


Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.22: World Expansion

When it would seem that the virtual world is already beautiful and populated by different mobs, developers from Mojang add new content. Much of what appeared in MCPE 1.22 is an improvement on existing items and blocks. For example, players can compare this update to minecraft 1.20.60 apk download to see the difference.

Biomes become similar to real locations, and mobs get additional features. It is especially worth paying attention to deserts, where much has changed. There are also more underwater inhabitants in the virtual world. So it is worth exploring the seas and oceans.

It is worth noting quite a few new animals in the game, such as:

  • Owl
  • Jellyfish
  • Monkey


Those who like to dive to the bottom of the ocean and explore the underwater world should do so in Minecraft PE 1.22. Players can observe the lives of new inhabitants in this update. Jellyfish usually do not attack anyone, but they can defend themselves if they are damaged.

The developers have created beautiful pink textures that distinguish these inhabitants of the seas and oceans from the rest. In order not to be stung by a jellyfish, it is better for the character to admire this animal from a distance.

Updated deserts

As already noted, quite a few changes have occurred in the deserts of the game world in this update. Firstly, it is worth saying that before this biome consisted almost entirely of sand, and it was very difficult to find water there. This is still partly true, but Minecraft 1.22 players have a chance to see something more interesting in their usual location.

Oasis is an island with trees and plants. It is also possible to find water there, which is very valuable in the hot desert climate. This structure is often generated in Overworld, so every user can find it easily.

There is something else new in the sandy biome. This is a natural phenomenon that was taken by developers from real life and transferred to the virtual world.

Players are used to the fact that sometimes the weather in Overworld can change and it rains. If this happens in other biomes, then Sandstorm begins in the desert at this moment. Minecraft 1.22 PE users may not observe this unique phenomenon very frequently, but there is still a chance.

It is worth noting that visibility deteriorates significantly during Sandstorm, so that players in survival mode have an additional risk.

Jungle inhabitants

Experienced users have been in the jungle for a long time. This biome contains some valuable resources. For example, wood. But there is something else that many players usually look for – Jungle Pyramid. It is worth noting that this is still one of the few places in the game where such Redstone and Strings blocks are naturally generated. It is typically quite difficult to find this place, since trees grow thickly in this area.

Considering all this, it is especially valuable that new jungle inhabitants have appeared in Minecraft 1.22. Now players can meet not only parrots, ocelots, and pandas in this biome, but also monkeys. Unique animals can help the character find the very structure where the desired resources are hidden.

Any player can guess what to feed a new creature. Of course, monkeys like to eat bananas, just like in real life. Feeding an animal its favorite food is an easy way to get it to show the way to the structure. Creatures can only attack players in case of defense.

New birds

There is another animal that appeared in Minecraft PE 1.22. The owl is unique in that players can tame it. This will require some seeds. After the bird has become a friend to the player, it can help the character in some ways. If someone needs to send a message to another user, the owl will perfectly cope with this task.

Owls have other unusual abilities and animations. For example, a creature can sit on players shoulder. Of course, this is only possible with someone who has tamed the bird. Like in the real world, owls most often spawn in the game at night.

Download Minecraft 1.22 apk for Android


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    Jul 12, 2024 @ 16:57 pm

    Version 1.22 will be released only next year. That is, in the summer of 2025!

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    Jun 25, 2024 @ 5:31 am

    New features on Minecraft 1.22
    – Green fire, torches, lanterns and campfire.
    – Diorite and granite bricks.
    – Variations of iron blocks, like copper ones.
    – Updated Stronghold
    – Stronghold spawner. After defeating the mobs it spawns, it will be destroyed and give out a reward
    – New mobs – Rangers. They will spawn with chain mail armor and stone axes. They will apply a blinding effect. After defeating them, a room with a portal to the End will open
    – Rose gold. Gold armor/weapons will have similar functionality and protection, but with the durability of iron tools.
    – Flyer is a new block similar to Flotatotor.

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    Jun 25, 2024 @ 5:25 am

    I just started playing Minecraft 1.21.1 APK for mobile, can I switch to this?

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    Jun 22, 2024 @ 10:32 am

    I just started playing Minecraft 1.21 Apk here, why is version 1.22 released so quickly?

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    Apr 1, 2024 @ 2:42 am

    Is there anything that we can get thos version?

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