[Dungeon][60-62] Felix’s Hellfire Ramparts Guide


I’m going to do ALL instances in world of warcraft for you, and i start with the heroics, to begin with Hellfire Ramparts.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar

HP: 33381/103320 (Heroic) Damage: 603-838/1882-2661 (Heroic)

SURGE: 40 yards, Charge inflicting 90 to 110 damage, as well as knocking them all back.
OVERPOWER: After the target dodges causes weapon damage plus 93. Cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried.
MORTAL WOUND: Inflicts 150% weapon damage and leaves it wounded, reduces healing by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacks multiple times. HEROIC: 10% per application
RETALLATION: At low health, counterattack any melee attack for 15 seconds.

The Strategy
Gargolmar inflicts high melee damage and can Surge the party member furthest fro him. The tank should hold Gargolmar while the rest of the group kills the two Hellfire Watchers. The Watchers heal Gargolmar if allowed to live. CC one if you have in-combat CC and kill the other. If you don’t have any in-combat CC, have someone with interrupts keep the second Hellfire Watcher ineffective while the party kills the first.

Pet classes can leave their pet at range to take the brunt of Gargolmar’s Surges. This keep the more fragile party members sae from his attention. When both of the Watchers are dead, show Gargolmar the power of Azeroth!

Heroic Mode
Things change slightly when in Heroic Mode. Watchkeeper Gargolmar’s Mortal Wound ability decreases healing by 10% per stack instead of 5%. Even just a few of these make keeping the tank alive much more difficult. This puts more pressure on the rest of the party to kill his healers quickly and bring their attention to Gargolmar

Falling behing on healing the main tank doesn’t spell absolute doom for your party if you have a secondary tank. Switch agro from one to the other and keep the secondary tank alive while the main tank’s healing debuff wears off.

Omor the Unscarred

HP: 59836/82642 (Heroic) Damage: 1110-1549/1939-2740 (Heroic)

SHADOW BOLT: Dark magic bolt, dealing approximately 1500-2000 shadow damage.
TREACHEROUS AURA: 60 yard range, dealing 360 to 440 Shadow damage every 1 sec. to nearby friends. Lasts 15 sec.
SUMMON FIENDISH HOUND: Uses Spell Lock ability. Drains life for 400 health over 5 seconds. HEROIC: Mana Burn spell.
DEMONIC SHIELD: At 20% health, use Demonic Shield, decreases physical and magical damage by 75% for 10 seconds.
ORBITAL STRIKE: Launches a player into the air.
SHADOW WHIP: Pulls the player targeted by Orbital Strike back down to the ground.

The Curse of Omor
Omor has an ability called Treacherous Aura. Anyone able to remove curses should be prepared to do so. The aura causes massive Shadow damage to all members near the afflicted.

Equipping items that increase your Shadow Resistance can make this less painful, but nothing beats removal.

The Strategy
Omor isn’t someone to be taken lightly. He has reasonable Health, summons friends, and casts a curse that can affect an entire party if you aren’t careful. Your tank should charge in and hold Omor as close to the center of the platform as possible. Ranged DPS should spread out while still being in healing range.

This keeps your party out of range of the curse without reducing their effectiveness. If anyone gets cursed near you, move away from them to avoid taking damage. The Shadow damage will cause a wipe if you don’t keep track of it and reduce it when you can.

Several times throughout the fight, Omor will summon Felhounds to aid him. Burst DPS classes should destroy these before they can cause a problem for your healer. They have a Spell Lock ability that prevents casters from using any spells.

With all of this in mind, the fight will go smoothly. Keep your party healed and Omor will fall. Collect your booty

Heroic Mode
Omor has a new ability called Bane of Treachery. It functions similar to Treacherous Aura. It cannot be removed. This makes it even more important to have your party as spread out as healing allows. Should any party member be affected by Omor, it is their duty to move away from other party members.

A Rogue, Hunter pet, Warlock pet, or second Warrior should be ready to deal with the Felhounds. Omor calls them more often and they deal a great amount of damage. They also have a Mana Burn ability that is the bane of any Mana-using class. Keep these off your healer at all costs.

Vazruden and Nazan

HP: 33381/62730 (Heroic) Damage: 1085-1510/3764-5323 (Heroic)

REVENGE: Counterattacks for 115 to 125 damage. Revenge must follow a dodge, block, or parry.
SHIELD SLAM: Inflicts 144 damage, stunning it for 2 seconds.

HP: 88560 (Heroic) Damage: 904-1258/3136-4435 (Heroic)

FIREBALL: 800 points of fire damage.
CONE OF FIRE: 10 yard range. Inflicts 1388 to 1612 fire damage.
LIQUID FIRE: Nazan’s fireballs leave fire on the ground dealing 200-400 points of fire damage per second.
BELLOWING ROAR: Area of effect fear, Heroic Mode only.

The Fires From Above
Vazruden the Herald employs a number of fire atack through the fight. Consider using Fire Protection Potions and equipping items that increase your Fire Resistance to make the fight less stressful.

The Strategy
Pulling the Hellfire Sentries begins the final fight. While they aren’t of consequence, Vazruden jumps off his dragon and engages you as soon as you kill the Sentries. Vazruden does high physical damage, but he’s not your primary concern. Nazan breathes fire from the sky and small areas will burn with dragonfire for a short time. Do not stand in these flaming circles. The damage they do is immense.

Slowly kill Vazruden while dodging the breath attacks of Nazan. Hold as much of your Mana as you can as things get much worse later. When Vazruden gets low on Health, he’ll summon his dragon to land and fight with him. Finish Vazruden quickly and turn your attention to Nazan.

Even on the ground, Nazan is terribly dangerous. His physical attacks aren’t that strong, but he still uses his Liquid Fire in addition to a cone of fire attack and a single target fire attack.

The tank needs to keep Nazan facing away from the party without standing in a circle of fire. Use all your mana on your fastest damaging spells. USe any timers you have that increase your damage output. Keep the tank up as best you can with rapid fire healing. This is a race to see who can kill who first.

If your party stays out of the circles of fire, the healer will have enough Mana to keep the tank alive long enough for the party to kill the dragon. If the tank goes down, abandon all hope of healing people and switch to all out DPS. The only way to win is to kill the beast before it kills you.

Heroic Mode
The strategies for fighting the Hellfire Sentries and Vazruden remain the same. Nazan however is much more powerful in Heroic Mode.

All the damage done by his fire abilities is much greater. The initial damage of his fire circles as well as the reoccuring damage has been increased.

During the fight, he will also use Bellowing Roar to fear all party members around him before charging an individual. Use abilities that prevent or dispel fear on your main tank to avoid Nazan killing your healer during the AoE fear.

Fear Ward and Tremor Totem are excellent examples of these. Having a Beast Mastery Hunter use Bestial Wrath and Intimidation can hold Nazan for the few seconds it may take for the tank to recover. This almost ensures the death of the pet, but it’s far more recommended than a group wipe.

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