Eric’s Gold Making Guide




Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparetions
    • Choose Profession
    • Daily Quest Unlock
    • Addons


  3. Auctioneer
    • Tooltip
    • Search
      • Arbitrage
      • Converter
      • Disenchant
      • EnchantMats
      • General
      • Milling
      • Prospect
      • Resale
      • Snatch
      • Vendor


    • Post
    • Appraiser


  4. Daily Circuit
  5. Professions
    • Mining
    • Herbalism
    • Skinning
    • Alchemy
    • Enchanting
    • Tailoring
    • Jewelcrafting
    • Inscription
    • Engineering
    • Leatherworking
    • Fishing
    • Cooking


  6. Hotspots
    • Eternal Fire
    • Rhinos in Borean
    • Converted Heroes
    • Borean Tundra Herbalism


  7. Finding Niches
  8. Tips n’ Tricks
  9. Afterwords


Hello and welcome to my gold making guide, my name is Eric, and I’ve been posting guides on WoW-Pro for the past year. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2007, and enjoyed every aspect it has offered me. One that I really find interesting was Gold Making. Since Wrath of the Lich King was released I’ve optained infomation and strategies for the best gold output. In this guide I will tell about my experiences, how I make money.

There is thousand of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, so it would simple not be impossible to list all of them in my guide. Therefore, we will be focusing on the most rewarding ones!
in this guide I will teach you how to:

  1. Use the Auction House effiecntly. The Auction House is the key to getting your money, if you’re not working together with the Auction House, you will lose a lot of gold making in World of Warcraft. The Auction House is your friend, you must understand it and take use of it.
  2. The best daily circuit in Northrend. this will mostly be for players that don’t wanna take part of the Auction House economics and tradeskill gold making, the daily circuit I am using is suprisly fast and rewarding, you will see.
  3. Making gold with your profession.Making gold with your professions is the strategy that can make you the most gold in World of Warcraft. Of course, this one can’t be ignored. i will try to cover every profession and how you can use it to make gold.
  4. The best farming spots for the people with no professions. For the people that doesn’t have any professions can use these farming spots to make 500g/hour.
  5. And a lot of other things! I will also be covering a lot of other topics that can help you make gold in world of Warcraft.

Overall, this guide is easy to follow, and I wish you the best luck using it. If you wanna know what I do and what you can do to make gold, read on!


To my strategies of making gold in World of Warcraft, preparetions must be done. Some of them you will already have, some of them must be learned and some players might already have the all. But no worries, these will make you money too. So we’re gonna take a look on the following preparetions:

  1. Getting the right profession. That’s the most important, professions will make you a lot of gold.
  2. Daily unlock. We need to unlock a lot of daily quests, if you wanna use the daily circuit. Some of them will you might already have because you quested thorugh the zone, but there is a lot of work to do here for most players.

Preperation 1: Professions

The first is to choose your profession(s). Professions is the ones in World of Warcraft that can make you the most money. Every professions makes money, and I am briefly gonna tell about everyone of them.
If you don’t have any high level professions, I would go with should 2 gathering professions (I go with Mining/herbalism). If you already have one or more high level professions, it’s up to you if you wanna change them. Every profession can make you good money. If you’re missing a professions or have no idea at all, check out Nilz’ guide on choosing profession. It can be found here.

Leveling up the Professions:

That exists plenty of guides here on the site that will help you leveling up your profession. I will be listining them here:







Dark Fanboy’s Blacksmithing Guide







First Aid

First Aid is not really a part of gold making, but I decided to add it anyways. Some players will need it when they go on daily quest farm or any other situation like PvP or something.

Preparetion 3: Daily Quest Unlock

For the people that wanna do the daily circuit, here is the daily quests that must be unlocked in the Northrend zones:

  • Icecrown
  • Storm Peaks
  • Argent Tournament
  • Getting all these quests can take quite long, but there is already covered a lot of guides to get them. For the Argent Tournament you can use:

Preparetion 4: Addons

Addons will help you a lot in gold making, I’ll list the ones that I use.


  • Auctioneer – This is needed when you are using the Auction House, it’s possiblw without but I highly recommend you use it.
  • Lil’Sparky’s Workshop – Small but efficient mod builded on the info of Auctioneer scans. It shows you the crafting price, and the sell price of every item in your profession log.


  • Gathermate – Very smart addon that remember where you found nodes, herbs and treasures on your world map.
  • Gathermate_data – Asssists Gathermate, import data from other miners and herbalists.
  • Crap Away! – Automatically sells all your grey stuff each time you reacha vendor.


The Auction House

The Auction House of World of Warcraft is the key to gold making. Yes yes, you have heard it a lot of times and find it difficult and risky, but in this section I will teach you how to take use of the Auction House and how to use the mod called Auctioneer. A lot of people find The Auction House difficult to use because of it’s risk. But I gurantee you, this section will show you strateges for selling at The Auction House, strategies that works on all servers.

Getting Started

For the very beginners, this is a short introduction to the Auction House (without Auctioneer).
The Auction House is a place where players can trade things between each other, or sell almost every kind of stuff that you like to. It’s very important to understand the Auction House, so you can gain use of it. Everything we are farming or crafting such as herbs, skins, ores etc. are we going to sell on the Auction House.

The Auction House can be found in every racial capital city, NOT in Dalaran or Shatrath City. If you can’t find it, ask a guard that will give you a waypoint to where it is. The Auction House got three different options:

  • Browse
  • Bids
  • Auctions


“Browse”, is the place where all the Auctions that other players has made is. You can either search at the search option, or if you’re searching for something specific (like two-hand axes), in the column to the left. If you want buy something, you can either bid, or buyout. If you buyout, you will get the item directly in a mail (in the mailbox).

“Bids” is the place where you can view your own bids on other players Auctions. If you’ve bid on a item, you can see in the bed window how long time there is before the Auction runs out. If you were the highest, you will recive the item in a mail.

“Auctions” is the place where you view your own Auctions. The box on the left side allow you to create the Auction, drag your item into the little item box, and then write a bed price, and a buyout price. You can also see if anyone has bid on your Auctions or how long time they stay on the Auction House, before the time runs out and you get the Auction back in a mail.

Note: You will need to pay a fee to set an Auction up. If someone buy aout one of your Auctions, you will get a mail with the money the played payed.


If you have the Auctioneer addon you will see the ‘Scan’ button.
Scan is absolutly the most important of the using Auctioneer addon. The first button you will see when you’ve installed the addon, the the red button at the buttom of your Auction House interface. When you press the button the Auction House will automatically scan your every auction, it will usually take about ten minutes.

When you’ve scanned the Auction House you will be able to see a lot more detail on every item. First of all you can see if the price is undercutted and alot of other things we will go further into in the next part.

Auctioneer Tooltip

Well, now to some serious business. For this part and the rest, you must have Auctioneer addon installed and turned on in your addon interface. The Auctioneer is a nice addition to Auctioneer. It adds a tooltip that will show up below every item you have. This is how it looks like:


Stack of 15 Frostweave Cloth.

  1. This is just the normal item, and I can actually just be ignored because the Auctioneer tooltip shows the same jut below.
  2. This one is a part of the actually tooltip. It shows the normal item along with the item level, and the sold-to-vednor price. It also shows the items maximum stack number, Frostweave stacks in 20 as usual and if it’s sold by any vendor. Below the blue market area you will find the items category along with a “used by; [profession(s)]”.
  3. The area marked in red is the most important – the Auction House information. The first lines shows the market price for the specific item (stacks). Below is the Auctioneer’s suggestion, you can usually trust it. Below the suggestion is there some other information that I don’t find necessary for this guides purpose.

Note: You can’t trust Auctioneer the first week. I suggest you scan the Auction House once or more a day.


One of the most powerful tools of Auctioneer is the search tool. With the SearchUI you will have alot of different options to your seach criterias. This “search” tool, is used by alot of players at the Auction House. Here is the search options:


  • Arbitrage
  • Converter
  • Disenchant
  • EnchantMats
  • General
  • Milling
  • Prospect
  • Resale
  • Snatch
  • Vendor





    • Arbitage is one of the advanced searchers in my opinion. What it does it that it searchs for item that can be sold for more profit on the Neutral market (Neutral Auction House). The Neutral Auction House can found withing the city’s of Steamwheedle Cartel like gadgetzan and Booty Bay. This searchUI is pretty nice, and you will be able to make nice gold with it. Here is a a list of some of the items that usually makes profit using Arbitage:

You’ve might noticed that they’re all minipets and companions. These are great to the Neutral Auction House because hordes can’t buy them from vendor like alliance players. Some of the achievement farmers that want the minipet achievement will spend money on these for more than the vendor price, means that you will make profit.


    • Converter is one of the easist tools to use in my opinion. It will simply search for items that can be converted into more porfit, like

Greater Magic Essence

    • . This one can be turned into three

Lesser Magic Essence

    for more profit sometimes, this search will search for those items like that one. Converter is a good tool for money making, but I want go indepths with it because it won’t make enough money.




    A very simple and efficient searcher. It simply searchs for items that can be disenchanted into more profit (the mats sell higher than the item). You will usually see:

    • Rings and neck items. These are usually crafted very cheap and will then be sold cheap too, but every green rewards approx. the same dust and essences, it’s then normally possible to get some nice profit off these.
    • Craftable items that people creates when they level up their profeesion. People tend to sell the items they create when they level up their professions very cheap because they wanna get rid of them. Take use of their actings, you will usually see such items too when you use the Disenchant searcher.



    This searcher is not neccesary for gold making, I will therefore not go further into it. i don’t got the biggest experience with this one, but it’s used for people to level up their enchanting.


    • The milling searcher is one of the strongest searchers for gold making. It searchs for herbs and plants that can be milled into more pigments for profit with the Inscription profession. I am finding this searcher as one of the most useful, due to low population on Inscription (while Enchanting is pretty high). Here is a basic example: Cheap Northrend herbs can be milled into

Azure Pigment

is all usually cheap at the Auction House. Azure Pigment will normally sell for higher, and that is what the milling searcher will help you with 8also Lil’Sparks Workshop addon if you installed it).


    Prospect is also a very nice searcher.


    • Resale is probably the most used feature of the SearchUI. It works pretty simple, you enter your criterias and press search and a usually very long list will show up. Something that you will find very much is Epics, Recipies and other rare items. Trading with recipies and epics is a very difficult business, so for some people I will suggest to not try.

You will usually see some of these recipes up:




These are all recipes that drops in Trial of The Crusader 25 man, they are all one of the best items currently that people is willing to use a lot of money on.




Semi-short descriptions of what every professions have to offer to gold making.


    • Mining is a gathering professions, like every other gathering profession, it’s pure money. Mining is one of the most simple and easy tools to use for money making, go out and farm some, post them at the Auction House – that’s easy. Mining also has the bonus that it can smelt Titansteel bars (24 hours cooldown), and this will surely make you profit, it usually does atleast.

Copper Vein
4 gold per stack
1 skill
Very easy to find
The best ore to farm for low levels, I would recommend going for those if you are a lowlevel.

tin Vein
9 gold per stack
65 skill
Medium rare
Keep an eye on these, they sell for much, but are a bit harder to get hands on.

Silver Vein
20g per stack
75 skill

Iron Deposit
12 g per stack
125 skill
Easy to find

Gold Vein
15 g per stack
155 skill

Mithril Deposit
14g per stack
175 skill
Easy to find

Truesilver Deposit
26 g per stack
205 skill

Dark Iron Deposit
20 g per stack
230 skill

Small Thorium Vein
35 g per stack
245 skill
Easy to find
Thorium is pretty nice to farm because, they sell for much.

Rich Thorium Vein
35 g per stack
275 skill
Medium rare

Fel Iron Deposit
20 g per stack
275 skill
Very easy to find
Maybe it only works on my server, but I can usually sell these ores to very high prices because there is no market at all selling Fel Iron.

Adamantite Deposit
25 g per stack
325 skill
Easy to find

Rich Adamantite Deposit
25 g per stack
350 skill
Medium rare

Khorium Vein
20 g per stack
375 skill

Cobalt Deposit
40 g per stack
350 skill
Easy to find
If you decided to farm in northrend, Cobalt sells for more than than Saronite.

Rich Cobalt Deposit
40 g per stack
375 skill
Medium Rare

Saronite Deposit
20 g per stack
Very easy to find
By far the most farmed ore in World of Warcraft. Saronite always sell and there is a lot of them in Sholazar and Icecrown, i recommend going icecrown if you wanna farm these.

Titanium Vein
15 g each .
The best selling ore ingame. You will be able to se these veins in Icecrown, Stormpeaks, Winterrasp and Sholazar.

Mineral Vein Level Range Gold Skill Required Rarely Note


When making gold with mining you just go around and pick up every node you see. If you wanna go in Northrend, I found Sholazar Basin and Icecrown the best. Here is the circuit I use:
And for Icecrown:

I think mining is a good profession to make money. For every nwestarted gold makers, I would suggest picking up this profession. For the people that likes non-stop farming and a very exactly gold/hour, mining is nice. GOing mining you can make up to 400-500g an hour.



    • Herbalism is like Mining a gathering profession. Personally I think that people tends to be more Mining than Herbalism. Herbalism can make you a good bunch of money.

List of top-sellers:

      • Frost Lotus – 48g each on my server.
      • Icethorn – 16g a stack on my server.
      • Lichbloom – 20g a stackon my server-
      • Adder’s Tongue – 12g a stack on my server.
      • Tiger’s Lily – 13g a stack on my server.
      • Crystallized Life – 7g a stack (10) on my server.
      • Goldclover – 10g a stack on my server.

Note: Herbalism does NOT have any thing to craft which have a cooldown such as Titansteel Bar which makes it a bit weaker than Mining.



    Skinning is the last gathering profession (exclusive fishing). Skinning will also make you nice amount of money and is a good combo with Mining/Herbalism if you like gathering for money. Arctic Fur normally sells for good porfit on the Auction House. The smart thing about Skinning is that you don’t have to fight other farmers like Mining were there is only a limited amount of nodes, there is thousand of animals to skin and every animal/beast is profit for the skinner.







    Alchemy is a nice gold maker. There is two optimal ways, and I’ll cover both of them.

    • Transmutation. Making gold with trasnmutation will require you to have Transmutation Master. I will cover later how to optain the quests. making flasks gives more gold, so only if flasks sells bad, I would suggest picking up transmutation.
    • Flasks. This one require Elixir Master. selling flasks is one of the easist way to make gold. If you have the LilSparky’s Workshop you will be able to seewhat the crafting price is , and what they sell for. With Elixir Master you will sometimes get 2-6 extra flasks.











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