Farming and Making Gold in Warlords


Before we begin, I would like to say information in this guide can change at any given time, and the results of this guide will vary dramatically based on the server economy which you play on.

  1. Garrison Chores
  2. Advanced Garrison Manipulation
  3. Draenor Farm Spots
  4. Farming MoP Content
  5. Farming Cataclysm Content

Garrison Chores

The more characters you have, the more money you can make from your garrison. It’s important you mine and pick herbs every day. While the Ore and the Herbs may not be particularly lucrative itself, the generation of Primal Spirits will be as these can be exchanged for items that sell well such as Savage Blood

Advanced Garrison ManipulationThere are several ways you can manipulate your plot in the world, especially on alts. I would always suggest min/maxing your garrison on your main character the way that you see optimal. However there are a few strategies on alt garrisons you can use.

Always put small plots in place that suite your professions as the generation of materials will dictate how fast you can generate items within that profession.

Try to put a Enchanter’s Study in as many small spots as I can on alt accounts and level it to Tier 2 with a follower.  This allows the generation of Fractured Temporal Crystals which can be traded among characters on your realm/faction allowing quick generation ofTemporal Crystals. This can serve you in two ways, you can either sell these on the Auction House for a tidy profit, or horde onto them to save you having to buy expensive materials, thus retaining gold.  Also you can generate materials by disenchanting items looted from Salvage Crates if you have a savage yard.

Generating Garrison resources is hard at first but very quick if you set up a level 2 tavern.  By doing this you will be able to recruit followers weekly, in particular ones with that Scavenger Trait which will rapidly bring in increased “GR” from missions.  Generating a lot of “GR” will allow you to avoid paying valuable gold on your weekly raid tokens!

Constructing a Trade Post will allow you to use excess GR to buy items which you can use or post on the AH for gold. Keep an eye on the GR cost as there are daily deals where certain items become cheaper.

Another way you can manipulate your medium plot is by constructing a level 3 Barn will allow you to to trap elite beasts to generate food, cloth or leather with the additional chance of Savage Blood  You can trap beasts fast at the moment if you and some friends group up and go trapping, if you all set your traps in the same spot, you will all get a cage.  (this may be changed/fixed as some believe this to be a bug)  If you have a Balance Druid with reasonably good gear, you can actually farm beasts very quickly by yourself.

Draenor Farm Spots


I have 2 Hot Spots I enjoy farming in Draenor. The first is very horde friendly; although alliance can farm here too.

Simply kill and loot the wolves here, no professions needed. The Sumptuous Fur drops here quite heavily, and the trash and greens add up remarkably fast.  Some people like skinning here, but the rapid re spawn rate will mean you can’t possibly skin fast enough for re spawns. This spot can be heavily farmed though, and classes with big AOE abilities (such as balance druids) will generally do much better.

This spot requires skinning. What you do here is pull as many Birds and non-elite Talbuks as you can and AOE them down.  If you pull any elites, once you’ve killed your prey simply run them away until they reset, go back, loot and skin.  This is a fantastic way to also build up you reputation with Steamwheedle Preservation Society as well as looting a fair amount of Sumptuous Fur as well as Raw Beast Hide and Primal Spirits from Skinning

Farming MoP Content

To do this spot you MUST have Tailoring at MoP level to achieve optimal results as it enhances your drop rate of cloth.  The best spot is in Sra’vess, Townlong Steppes

Before you head out here you will need to have some Potion of Luck; as the tool-tip states this will give you Plundered Treasure as well as a heavy amount of Windwool Cloth and Spirits of Harmony used to make Royal Satchels which are highly profitable.  You will also get lots of ore which a miner can smelt into bars and sell reasonably well on the AH.  You will also get a nice load of greens, the odd blue and even epic item which you can either vendor or try to sell on the AH- I would avoid disenchanting as there is little gold in the materials.

All you need to do is follow the route below, kill and loot everything.  If you have a large AOE class such as a Balance Druid you can choose do one full kill lap, then do the same lap again in flight form and loot your kills.  By which time all the enemies will have re-spawned.  A handy macro you can use is /use Plundered Treasure which if hot barred can spammed to free up bag space, you will run out if you have Embersilk Bags or below and farm this spot correctly in 20minute intervals.  If you are desperate for gold, end up farming a massive excess of cloth that takes a long time to sell or Bolt of Windwool Cloth hold a market value of less than 4g each on your realm, craft and vendor off Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Drape of Prowess of Meditation and of Cruelty will be fine too if you lack the Prowess drape; however if you do this you will devalue the full potential of this farm.

If you find Royal Satchels are not selling, consider making Living Steel with your spirits of harmony on a transmute alchemist

Credit for this farm goes to Nomanis

Farming Cataclysm Content

You MUST have tailoring and enchanting (or a very patient friend with enchanting) for this to work. A very quick and nice 20-30minute farm is going into 25 Heroic Bastion of Twilight.

All you need to do is kill all of the trash in the first room up to the the first boss. DO NOT kill the first boss or you will not be able to repeat this method. If 25 Heroic is too difficult, make smaller pull. If it is still too hard or you have not unlocked it, doing 25 normal is fine, but not quite as good.

You will get a good amount of purple BoE weapons and armour that you can try to sell on the Auction House, though this may not be too successful if your realm is saturated with those items or transmog is niche. If that is the case vendor them.  Vendor off the green quality weapons only. Disenchant the armour.  You will have a large amount of Embersilk Cloth which you will turn into bolts. Use keep half of the bolts and use the other half to create Deathsilk Belts.  Disenchant these belts into Hypnotic Dusts you can then either sell the dust and bolts on the AH for a tidy profit, or do what I do and craft and sell Embersilk Bags from the cloth and the dust.

If you are disenchanting the belts yourself a really handy macro to use is

/cast Disenchant

/use Deathsilk Belt


Some people will recommend using Potion of Treasure Finding; I do NOT suggest this as the rate of reward from the production cost is poor.

If you keep your farming varied and do not over flood the auction house, using all of these methods will bring you in a nice supply of gold.  I hope you all enjoy this guide and make lots and lots of gold!

If you want to see me in action, have any suggestions, comments please visit me on Twitch! WKJezz

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