FF7 Rebirth Queen’s Blood: Early Game and Advanced Strategy


Queen’s Blood, the innovative card game within Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, offers players an engaging mix of strategy and storytelling. As players duel against a roster of 30 combatants, they uncover a rich narrative woven through each match. This guide aims to equip players with strategies for both beginners and advanced gamers, ensuring a victorious journey through the game.

Early Game Tips to win at Queen’s Blood

Following these tips will easily get you through the early and mid game, including the tournament aboard the Shinra-8.

Cards you must get ASAP

1. Titan. You get it very early game from a Sidequest in the Grasslands called “A Rare Card Lost“. This card is maybe the best card in the game and you’ll use it until the very late game. Not only does it has a great 5 Power, but its tiles covers 3 directions and it boosts position ranks by 2, allow you to play Rank 2 cards easily.

2. Mandragora. Purchase it immediately from the vendor in Kalm. Just buy the QB Booster Pack: Ruffians.  It’s a perfect early game card and it ensures you’ll be able to cover all corners because of its great effect when played. Put 2 of these in your deck for great stability and board control.

3. Quetzalcoatl. You’ll get it from the same booster pack as the Mandragora. It’s a Power 3 card, but its strength is in the tiles placement, it allows you to reach tiles diagonally. You’ll see why that is very useful to establish board positions.


Building your deck

To build a solid deck, you can’t just put all your most powerful cards and hope everything works out. You need a balanced mix of Rank 1 cards you can consistently draw at the start of the game to be able to establish board position and boost some tiles to play a few more powerful Rank 2 cards, and eventually 1 or 3 Rank 3 cards.

You need:

8-10 of Rank 1 Cards with good tile ranges, allowing you to move forward quickly and control as many tiles as possible in the early game.



4-5 Rank 2 Cards, preferably with Diagonal Tile ranges or with a very strong effect or very high power.


1 Rank 3 Card. It’s not easy to play more than 1 Rank 3 card in a game, so one is safer if you want to avoid having Rank 3 cards sitting in your hand the whole game. Just pick either a strong card with High Power / Tile coverage, or an effect which synergizes well with the rest of your deck.

Controlling the Battlefield

Owning lanes is crucial in Queen’s Blood. The game’s three lanes serve as battlegrounds where victory in at least two can secure your win. Dominance is achieved by outscoring opponents, turning the lane in your favor. Strategies can vary from focusing on a single lane with overwhelming force to balancing your presence across all lanes for a more versatile approach.

Expanding Your Influence

Maximizing your spatial control can significantly impact your success. Cards influence surrounding spaces, converting neutral areas or even enemy territories into your own. Early game cards mainly expand your reach, allowing for strategic placement of pawns to summon more powerful cards. Advancement rather than mere occupation becomes a pivotal tactic, urging players to push forward rather than fortify positions defensively.

Balancing Power and Position

Strategic card selection goes beyond power levels. While some cards boast high power, their directional capabilities—like the basic yet versatile Security Officer—may offer unexpected advantages. It’s essential to weigh a card’s strength against its utility in advancing your positions and capturing enemy pawns.


Mid game and late game Deck Building and Strategies

As you progress through the ranks and add more cards to your collection, you’ll be able to start crafting theme decks revolving around one mechanic. For example, the earliest you can do is build a “Buff” deck, with many cards boosting each other, and some cards which gain power whenever one of your cards gets buffed.

You can also go the opposite route and pick cards which debuff / destroy enemy cards. A great offensive card is the Archdragon, you can buy 2 of these as early as Chapter 4 from the Junon General Store.

To complement that deck, pick up the card Midgardsormr as early as possible from Chapter 4 by defeating Cameron. Midgardsormr not only has a whopping 6 Power, but it gains +1 Power whenever a card is destroyed (Ally or Foe).


Leveraging Buffs and Debuffs

Advanced gameplay introduces the strategic use of buffs and debuffs. Cards that enhance your forces or weaken opponents can turn the tide of battle. Combinations of cards like Crystalline Crab for buffs and strategic use of debuffing cards can create powerful synergies, enabling dominance across the board.

If at some point you get tired of all this chess-like strategizing and just want to play an easy game where you just need to roll the dice, you can play some easier easier games at joka room, but I digress. Let’s get back to making you a dominant Queen’s Blood player.

The Art of Offensive Play

Employing offensive cards effectively can dismantle your opponent’s strategies. Cards capable of weakening or outright eliminating enemy cards not only clear the path for your advances but can also synergize with cards like Midgardsormr, which thrives on the downfall of opponents’ cards.

The Strategic Value of Replacement Cards

Don’t overlook the tactical benefits of replacement cards. These allow for the substitution of one card for another, potentially upgrading your field presence or adapting your strategy on the fly. Cards that come into play through replacement can offer both power boosts and situational advantages, making them game-changers in tight matches.

I put 4 of these in my deck as soon as I could and never took them out. They synergize perfectly with a destruction deck, boosting your Midgardsormr every time you replace a card.

In weaving these strategies into your gameplay, you’ll navigate Queen’s Blood with expertise, from the early challenges to the most advanced duels. Engage with the community, share your strategies, and learn from others to continually refine your approach to this captivating card battler within FF7 Rebirth. And of course you can pick up many more tips and tricks and full deck builds for Queen’s Blood in my Final Fantasy 7 Platinum Walkthrough, you can’t go wrong with that route!

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