Fishing and Cooking 1-450 (Horde and Alliance)


Fishing and Cooking 1 – 450
(Horde + Alliance)
This guide is designed to level Fishing and Cooking together. I recommend being a high level character (at least 70) when using this guide, but you can use it in stages as you level up. Overall, Cooking will level faster than Fishing, so after 225 we will concentrate on Cooking. Fishing will still level up, but you will catch some junk if you’re not high enough level. You can also level Fishing by working on the Fishing Achievements. You can find links to the Fishing and Cooking Achievements at the end of the Trainers list.

I’m going to include both Horde and Alliance since they can follow the same paths, with just a few detours.
Trainers, Vendors and locations will be in RED, Alliance will be in BLUE and Neutral will be in this COLOR. I’m going to use the starting areas I think are the best, but you can start in any of them if you have a preference (all trainers are listed at the end).

Always cook every fish you catch (even when they are gray), it’s not much but cooked fish sell to Vendors for more than raw fish do. Always start at the bottom of your recipe list, you can make full use of your fish this way.

Table of Contents



Getting Started

Get the Fishing Buddy addon, it will auto-cast, auto-lure, automatically turn on the Find Fish tracking option (when you get it), and it has a counter that will tell you how many fish you need to get to your next skill point (this makes you not go crazy). It also does a lot of other stuff, but those are the important things for leveling. GatherMate is another good addon to have.

Ask an Engineer to make you 30 Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. Mats: 20 Bronze Bars, 10 Nightcrawlers, 10 Coarse Blasting Powder (or 10 Coarse Stone so they can make the powder). Have more made if you run out.

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Gone Fishin’

Horde go train at Thunder Bluff: Kah Mistrunner (Fishing), Aska Mistrunner (Cooking).
Buy all the recipes from Sewa Mistrunner (Fishing Supplies), Naal Mistrunner (Cooking Supplies).

Alliance go train at Stormwind: Arnold Leland (Fishing), Stephen Ryback (Cooking).
Buy all the recipes from Catherine Leland (Fishing Supplies), Erika Tate (Cooking Supplies).

Buy a Fishing Pole and a stack of Shiny Baubles (you can’t use the good lures until Fishing 100).

Now head to Bloodhooof Village in Mulgore or Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.

Alliance buy Recipe:Longjaw Mud Snapper from Tharynn Bouden (Trade Supplies). Horde will already have this recipe.

Go to Stonebull Lake or Crystal Lake, equip your pole, apply a lure, and start Fishing.

Until Fishing 125 you will get a skill point with almost every catch, after 125 it will take you 2 or more catches to skill up.

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1 – 75

Fish until you reach 75. Find your Fishing Trainer in the area (Uthan Stillwater or Lee Brown) and train.

Learn Recipe:Brilliant Smallfish and cook all you can. If you haven’t reached Cooking 50, fish for more.
At Cooking 50, learn Recipe:Longjaw Mud Snapper and cook all of them.

You’re probably not at Cooking 75 yet, but we’re going to move because there is a higher catch rate for Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers in these other locations.

Go to Thunder Bluff, train Cooking, and fish from the small pond on the lower rise or Stormwind, train Cooking and fish from the canals.

Cook all of your fish and make sure you have Cooking 75. Time to head to Hillsbrad Foothills.

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75 – 150

Head to Tarren Mill or Southshore and go over to the river. Fish in the Sagefish schools. Occasionally you will fish up a trunk, open it and hope you get a Weather-Beaten Journal which will teach you the Find Fish ability.

When you reach Fishing 150, cook until Cooking 150, then visit your trainers.

Horde go to Undercity: Armand Cromwell (Fishing Trainer), Eunice Burch (Cooking Trainer).
Alliance go to Ironforge: Grimnur Stonebrand (Fishing Trainer), Daryl Riknussun (Cooking Trainer).

Cook the rest of your fish.

Be sure to get all the recipes from your Cooking and Fishing Suppliers. They are near the Trainers.

If your Cooking is not 175 yet, go back to Hillsbrad Foothills until it is.

If you don’t have the Weather-Beaten Journal, don’t worry you can still get it at the next stop.

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150 – 225

Head to Altreac Mountains, to Lordmere Lake near the Dalaran Crater. Fish from the Greater Sagefish schools all along the shore. If you didn’t get the Weather-Beaten Journal, fish in the Waterlogged Wreckage pools until you get it. Don’t leave here without it!!

Get Fishing and Cooking to 225. This will allow you to get Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole (this is the best pole in the game until you get lucky on a Fishing Daily in Dalaran, get exalted with the Kalu’ak or win the Fishing Contest in Stranglethorn Vale). Click for more info on fishing poles.

Go Train in Undercity or Ironforge.

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225 – 300

Get the Aquadynamic Fish Attractors from your bank (you need them now).

Now you have to do some traveling.

Go to Dustwallow Marsh and find Nat Pagle (58,60). Pick up Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme.

Fly to Gadgetzan, run to Steamwheedle Port and buy all the recipes from Gikkix.

Back to Gadgetzan, fly to Camp Mojache or Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas and buy all the recipes from Sheendra Tallgrass or Vivianna.

Go to Verdantis River, Feralas (62,52) for Feralas Ahi

Next head to Sar’theris Strand, Desolace (25,77) for Sar’theris Striker

Get to Booty Bay however you want and find Kelsey Yance in the Old Port Authority building. Buy all of his recipes.

Go to Savage Coast, Stranglethorn Vale (33,32) for Savage Coast Blue Sailfin

Go to Misty Reed Strand, Swamp of Sorrows (90,73) for Misty Reed Mahi Mahi

Go to Dustwallow Marsh and see Nat Pagle (58,60) again. Turn in Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme and get Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole. Click for more info on fishing poles.

At this point we’re going to concentrate on Cooking since you can fish anywhere and still level. Fishing for 10-20 minutes (1-2 lures) at each location should get your cooking where it needs to be.

Go to Azshara.

Start near the shore (I like (50,50) on the ruins jutting into the water). Cook to at least 250.

Move out to The Bay of Storms (on the island with Scalebeard’s Cave (54,50) is a good spot).

Cook to 300 (You will need Refreshing Spring Water to cook the lobsters, so save them until you get to a vendor). If you want to stay here until Fishing 275, feel free.

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300 – 375

Don’t forget to get Refreshing Spring Water.
Time for Outland.

Head for Thrallmar or Honor Hold and train Cooking from Baxter or Gaston. Cook the rest of the fish from Azshara.

Horde get all the recipes from Rungor (Stonebreaker Hold, Terokkar Forest), Nula the Butcher (Garadar, Nagrand), Gambarinka (Zabra’jin, Zangermarsh), and Zurai (Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh).

Alliance get recipes from Innkeeper Biribi (Allgerean Stronghold, Terokkar Forest), Uriku (Telaar, Nagrand), and Doba (Orebor Harborage, Zangarmarsh). You need to be at least Neutral with the Kurenai to talk to the last 2 NPCs.

Now Head to Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh and buy all the recipes from Juno Dufrain. If your Fishing is 275, train it too.

Start in Umbrafen Lake (I like the island around (73,63)). After about 10 minutes (1 lure) here you can start working on your Fishing Achievements starting with Outland Angler.

Outland Angler locations:
Zangarmarsh: Brackish Mixed School, Sporefish School
Nagrand: Bluefish School, Mudfish School
Terokkar Forest: Brackish Mixed School, Highland Mixed School, School of Darter

Kylene (World’s End Tavern, Shattrath) has 3 recipes, but you have to train them. Stewed Trout is skill 320, Fisherman’s Feast and Hot Buttered Trout are 350.

Cook to at least 350.

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375 – 450

Here are the Cooking Trainers in Northrend. Get all the recipes.

Rollick MacKreel (Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra)
Brom Brewbaster (Valgarde, Howling Fjord)
Katherine Lee (A Hero’s Welcome, Dalaran)
Orn Tenderhoof (Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra)
Thomas Kolichio (Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord)
Awilo Lon’gomba (Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, Dalaran)

Make sure you do the quest Northern Cooking (there are 2 versions for each Faction), you will need the reward later for one of the Cooking Dailies. You can’t get this quest in Dalaran!!

The recipes, requiring fish, that will get you from 350 – 400 are:
Baked Manta Ray
Grilled Sculpin
Pickled Fangtooth
Poached Nettlefish
Smoked Salmon

After 400 you will need to do the Dalaran Cooking Dailies (listed below) to get new recipes and Northern Spices. You can get the dailies at Cooking 350, but the recipes require Cooking 400 to learn. Pick the one(s) you like and cook them to 450.

Here are the Fishing Trainers in Northrend.

Old Man Robert (Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra)
Byron Welwick (Valgarde, Howling Fjord)
Fishy Ser’ji (Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra)
Angelina Soren (Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord)
Marcia Chase (The Eventide, Dalaran)

In between catching fish to level Cooking, you can work on your Fishing Achievements to get some cool rewards and the “Salty” title. Catch stuff until you’re 450.

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Dalaran Cooking Dailies

Cheese for Glowergold:
Get 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses and Aged Dalaran Limburger. The wine glasses are found in your faction’s Inn, in the Legerdemain Lounge, and One More Glass, the wine & cheese shop, where you will also loot the cheese. Right click the Empty Cheese Serving Platter to create the cheese platter for Ranid Glowergold at Legendary Leathers.

Convention at the Legerdemain:
Bring 4 Northern Stew (requires 4 Chilled Meat) and a Jug of Wine (looted in Dalaran’s wine & cheese shop, One More Glass) to Arille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran. You must have completed the quest Northern Cooking (there are 2 versions for each faction) offered by a Grand Master Cooking Trainer (not the ones in Dalaran) in order to have the recipe required to complete this quest.

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf:
Get 4 Infused Mushrooms and 2 Chilled Meat, cook them in the Meatloaf Pan to make Infused Mushroom Meatloaf for Orton Bennet at Curiosities & Moore. The mushrooms are in Dalaran’s Underbelly as lootable objects. Herbalists can track the mushrooms.

Mustard Dogs!:
Get 4 Wild Mustard and 4 Rhino Dogs (requires 4 Rhino Meat). Right click on the Empty Picnic Basket to make a Mustard Dog Basket to bring to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus’ Landing. The Rhino Meat can be found on any rhino in Northrend and the Wild Mustard is a lootable plant found in grassy areas of Dalaran. Herbalists can track the mustard. This quest awards two Dalaran Cooking Awards instead of one!

Sewer Stew:
Get 4 Crystalsong Carrots and 4 Chilled Meat,cook them in the Stew Cookpot and bring it to Ajay Green behind the counter of Cantrips and Crows in Dalaran’s Underbelly. The Crystalsong Carrots can be found around the river in Crystalsong Forest and can be difficult to see, even with the sparkles. Herbalists can track the carrots.

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Fishing Trainers

Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan:
Androl Oakhand Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil
Astaia Tradesmen’s Terrace, Darnassus
Lee Brown Crystal Lake, Elwynn Forest
Arnold Leland The Canals, Stormwind
Paxton Ganter Iceflow Lake, Dun Morogh
Grimnur Stonebrand The Forlorn Cavern, Ironforge
Diktynna Ammen Ford, Azuremyst Isle
Erett The Crystal Hall, The Exodar
Gubber Blump Auberdine, Darkshore
Warg Deepwater The Loch, Loch Modan
Matthew Hooper Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
Harold Riggs Menethil Harbor, Wetlands
Donald Rabonne Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills
Brannock Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas

Clyde Kellen Brightwater Lake, Tirisfal Glades
Armand Cromwell The Magic Quarter, Undercity
Uthan Stillwater Stonebull Lake, Mulgore
Kah Mistrunner High Rise, Thunder Bluff
Lau’Tiki Darkspear Strand, Durotar
Lumak Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar
Drathen Walk of Elders, Silvermoon
Kil’Hiwana Zoram’gar Outpost, Ashenvale
Lui’Mala Shadowprey Village, Desolace
Katoom the Angler Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands
Zurjaya Zabra’jin, Zangarmarsh

Myizz Luckycatch Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Juno Dufrain Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh

Grand Master:
Old Man Robert Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Byron Welwick Valgarde, Howling Fjord
Fishy Ser’ji Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra
Angelina Soren Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord
Marcia Chase The Eventide, Dalaran

All Fishing Poles can be found here

A list of Fishing Achievements can be found here.

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Cooking Trainers

Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan:
Zarrin Dolanaar, Teldrassil
Alegorn Craftsmen’s Terrace, Darnassus
Tomas Goldshire, Elwynn Forest
Stephen Ryback Old Town, Stormwind
Gremlock Pilsnor Kharanos, Dun Morogh
Cook Ghilm Gol’Bolar Quarry, Dun Morogh
Daryl Riknussun The Great Forge, Ironforge
“Cookie” McWeaksauce Odesyus’ Landing, Azuremyst Isle
Mumman Seat of the Naaru, The Exodar
Crystal Boughman Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
Celie Steelwing Wildhammer Stronghold, Shadowmoon Valley

Eunice Burch The Trade Quarter, Undercity
Pyall Silentstride Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore
Aska Mistrunner High Rise, Thunder Bluff
Zamja The Drag, Orgrimmar
Quarelestra Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods
Sylann Wayfarer’s Rest Inn, Silvermoon
Master Chef Mouldier Tranquillien, Ghostlands
Duhng The Crossroads, The Barrens
Slagg Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands
Mudduk Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale

Gaston Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula
Baxter Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

Grand Master:
Rollick MacKreel Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Brom Brewbaster Valgarde, Howling Fjord
Katherine Lee A Hero’s Welcome, Dalaran
Orn Tenderhoof Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra
Thomas Kolichio Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord
Awilo Lon’gomba Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, Dalaran

A list of Cooking Achievements can be found here.

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    Dec 30, 2010 @ 1:01 am

    GikkixCould not find Gikkix…

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    Dec 29, 2010 @ 17:01 pm

    Unfortunately, the goblinUnfortunately, the goblin traders from Steamwheedle were removed with the flooding of Tanaris and were -not- relocated. This means winter squid (which we’re in the season for) can’t be cooked, and half or so of the fish you might catch fishing for these levels simply won’t be cookable.This is issue has been brought up, so it’s likely he’ll pop up at a later date somewhere, but for now, your best option for 225-300 is to supplement levels with the new fishing/cooking dailies since those only require level 10 and grant a cooking/fishing skill level.

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    Dec 29, 2010 @ 12:15 pm

    Need updating plzHi good people,
     As of Cataclysm, i think this fishing guide needs an over hull somewhat.Other than that it’s still helpful, just not as helpful as it was once.
    The 225 – 300 part says to go to Gadgetzan and then go to Steamwheedle Port and buy stuff from Gikkix.Sadly Steamwheedle is now under water and there are no venders there to be seen.I will try and find Gikkix and let you know what i find, if any. Bye for now.

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    Oct 11, 2009 @ 23:39 pm

    FixesFixed the minor format problems (thanks Jiyambi).

    Changed some procedures from 225-375 to reflect how fast Cooking levels as opposed to Fishing.

    Corrected my screw up in trying to get training from Kylene in Shat (I forgot you have to train from her and not just buy recipes).

    Added links to all Fishing and Cooking Achievements so people can keep them in mind while leveling. 🙂

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    Oct 11, 2009 @ 23:00 pm

    First of all, thanks for theFirst of all, thanks for the comments. Now to your questions.

    The drop rate for Brilliant Smallfish (the first fish you have to cook) is better in Stonebull Lake and Crystal Lake than in the major cities, but it may not be worth the travel time. I’ll have to consider that.

    I don’t like to rely on vendors to get the aquadynamic fish attractors because you can only get 1-3 at a time from them. Upon further testing, I have cut the number in half, so the mats won’t cost as much. On my server I don’t find them on the AH regularly. Also I say to get a stack of Shiny Baubles when you buy your first Fishing Pole.
    Captain Rumsey’s Larger is a good choice, but I find it a pain to reapply every 3 minutes.

    Your alternate strategy sounds pretty good, I’ve never tried it. Getting to the trainers from WC would be a chore for the Horde and a royal pain for the Alliance, but maybe not any worse than from Hillsbrad Foothills and Altreac Mountains (although, you need to go to those places to get the Find Fish tracking option at an early skill level).

    You’re right, a list of Fishing (and Cooking) suppliers would be nice, but just because NPCs sell Fishing or Cooking supplies and recipes doesn’t mean that is in their tag (compare Sewa Mistrunner to Gambarinka), so finding them all can be an adventure. If you would like to compile and post a list here, I will be more than happy to put a link to it in this guide and give you all the credit you deserve, I’m just not interested in doing all that research right now.

    I don’t consider dailies an integral part of leveling (with the exception of the Dalaran Cooking Dailies), but I have now included several links to all of the Fishing Achievements which include the Outland and Dalaran Fishing dailies. Now that I’m thinking about it I’ll do the same for Cooking.

    Hope that answers your questions. If you have any more just ask.

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    Oct 11, 2009 @ 21:41 pm

    I haven’t found fishing inI haven’t found fishing in the Bay of storms to be any problem since there are no casting restrictions anymore. You do get junk, but your Fishing still levels. I just did this again the other day and it took me about 45 minutes from landing in Azshara to leaving with Cooking 300. If you have your higher level Fisherman do the fishing for your cooking, then you can level Fishing anywhere. On point 2, as I state at the beginning, “This guide is designed to level Fishing and Cooking together.”, so killing things for meat to cook is not in the plan.

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    Oct 10, 2009 @ 17:51 pm

    Couple of Comments based on my own experience1) If you have another character who is already high in fishing, it may actually be easier to send that one out to the Bay of Storms to do the fishing for the others. I did this for two other characters and found it much easier than trying to figure out where they could and could not fish. There are both still in the 200s but are leveling doing KT fishing quests.

    2) If you want a break from fishing at 285, try going to Silithus and do Sharing the Knowledge for the Smoked Desert Dumplings and then get the Hellfire Peninsula Quest Smooth as Butter for Buzzard Bites. You can use those two recipes to get all the way to 340.

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    Oct 2, 2009 @ 2:47 am

    Oooo, looked over and foundOooo, looked over and found a couple places where the smaller font got overlooked. You might want to give it a once-over and fix that. Not a huge deal obviously since the guide can definitely be used as it is.

    Edit: Specifically, the table of contents and the master trainer list.

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    Oct 2, 2009 @ 2:07 am

    A couple of questions…Posted this in the wrong spot originally – opps!

    A couple of questions…
    Submitted by Alt on Fri, 2009-09-25 23:20.

    Hi all, totally new – recently found the site, love the guides. I am a profesion addict in wow and have leveled a ton of horde toons (no alliance) in various skills – all of them maxed on cooking.

    The guide looks great. I have a few questions – hopefully this is the right place to post them. It is a long post for which I am sorry.

    I am confused as to why (if the toon is 70) you start the horde in Bloodhoof Village? Fishing in Org/Tb puts you right by the trainers and the same fish come from those pools to cook.

    You mention aquadynamic attractors, but not the other lures – and suggest construction not purchase. On my servers the mats cost more than buying them from vendors/ah. New fishers may be unaware of these sources or the alternatives eg fish hooks.
    The Captain’s lager (+10 skill) stacks with lures and has no level requirement – cheaply made it is great esp. at low levels.

    An alternative strategy:
    Fishing endlessly in non lucrative low end pools to upskill can be tiresome with limited rewards. Buying mats/fishing cash crop in the begining is a viable, expedient, time saving alternative to skill both professions.

    There are cheap options to begin levelling cooking eg meaty bat wings, fish. The same time spent fishing near WC returns that cost to you quickly. With the fishing skill abolished you can start there, get some low fish to cook and Deviate fish. Deviate fish sell well – cooked or raw – on all ah’s. Only downside is a need to run to the trainer.

    Fishing Suppliers:

    Will you including a list/link of fishing suppliers? I have found when helping others skill up they are unaware that the fishing suppliers stock cooking recipes, especially those that are obscure.

    eg: Horde players frequently don’t know where to get the slitherskin mackerel pattern – Martin Trablay in Trisfal Glades just outside UC, or Zansoa in Sen’jn village .. that cooking skill oportunity is wasted if you don’t know what patterns exist or where to get them.

    That said – the intent is for a nice quick circuit and unless you detour outside UC on your way to hillsbrad the time spent obtaining the pattern may be longer than fishing those extra fish for the cooking skill.

    Outland Dailies/Northrend fishing.
    You don’t mention these. I found the outlands dailies useful – the cooking ones give both meat/fish and recipes, while the fishing one gives lures and + fishing gear. The + fishing gear, lures and lines are useful since even when you hit 450 you still want the + skill to reduce junk drops.

    I think the guide has great content – reading it I now know to go turn in my old poles for new ones with Nat!

    kudos for creating it.

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    Sep 30, 2009 @ 6:56 am

    That definitely looks likeThat definitely looks like the right size, much better, and it definitely should be added to the guide. Thanks!

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    Sep 30, 2009 @ 2:23 am

    Changed fontChanged the font to 14. If this works could you update Jame’s Guide Writing Guide with font and color suggestions. That was my reference and it rocked! 8) Just a suggestion, thanks again for the input.


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    Sep 29, 2009 @ 16:07 pm

    Looks better indead

    MaybeLooks better indead 🙂

    Maybe something was screwed up with my computer, but the size before this one, looked very large. Still, this one seems a bit smaller than normal… I apologize to you for the extra work.

    I’m uppering my score to 5/5, great job!

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    Sep 29, 2009 @ 11:01 am

    Hmm, now the font looksHmm, now the font looks small, though I checked and you’re definitely using size 12. Maybe Eric was wrong in the size that the site uses as a default? Not sure. Regardless, it’s definitely still readable and the red color looks much better 🙂

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    Sep 29, 2009 @ 7:31 am

    ChangesChanged the font and the red. You’re right, it does look better. Thanks for the input. I’ll work on further improvements as I get time. 🙂

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    Sep 21, 2009 @ 15:19 pm

    Hello Scoot!

    ExcellentHello Scoot!

    Excellent guide! The content seems good, you got alot of useful information. The layout is also pretty good, nice to see that you’re using a color code! So here is my suggestions:
    [*][color=#3333ff][b] Red color[/b][/color]. The red color is ‘killing’ my eyes, I suggest making the color abit darker, makes the whole a lot more readable. I think [color=#b20000][b]this one[/b][/color] is pretty good for that. The codes is [code]
    [ color=#b20000] your text [ /color] [/code]
    [*][b][color=#3333ff]Maps[/color][/b]. A map showing where to find the specific lakes, or oceans where you are gonna fish/cook would be great! [i][b]WARNING: [/b][/i]I doesn’t need to be big, just so it’s visible where to go.
    [*][b][color=#3333ff][color=#3333ff]Daily Circuits[/color][/color][/b]. Daily Circuits for the fishing dailies would be great too, so people can make a fast circuit taking 20 minutes or something like that.
    [*][color=#3333ff][b]Letters size[/b][/color]. Finally, I think that the guide will look better if the letters where “pixel size 12” Like all other pages on the side, in my opinion it will look better.

    This is my suggestions. Hopefully we’re gonna see more guides from you in the future 🙂
    Overall a great guide, I’m gonna vote 4/5 by now.

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    Sep 21, 2009 @ 13:05 pm

    Wonderful.Now, this is what I call a useful and well formatted guide. 5 stars! I’m going to level fishing and cooking togher on my next toon and I’ll follow your guide. I’ll be able then to give more accurate feedback. As now I can suggest to change a bit the colours because the “Cooking Trainers” paragraph killed my eyes with that red :P.

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    Sep 19, 2009 @ 11:26 am

    Alright, I think I’m done.Alright, I think I’m done. Added links and changed a few things. I’m going to think about it for a day or so before I let the public see it (looked at it long enough today). Any more comments will be appreciated.

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    Sep 15, 2009 @ 13:42 pm

    It’s quite possible I justIt’s quite possible I just overlooked it, I admit I skimmed a large portion of the guide. I looked back, and whether you changed it or it was always like this, it seems clear now, so good job 🙂

  • img
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 8:54 am

    Thanks for the input. It’sThanks for the input. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m working on the links (that’s why I posted it as a work in progress). I agree with paying attention to cooking skill, that’s why I tell you to get all recipes from the vendors. Once your Cooking gets to Northrend (350+) Fish where you want. I thought I addressed that well, but I’ll look at it again to see if it can be clearer.

    Thanks again,

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    Sep 13, 2009 @ 21:38 pm

    This is really nice!This is really nice! Excellent guide, excellent formatting and coloring system.

    A few things:
    [list][*]Wowhead links. These aren’t necessary but I always add them just in case the reader wants to see that NPC on a map, or the exact info or comments about an item. You just use the [ url=BLABLAH ] [ /url ] tags around the item/NPC to do this. Make sure the tags are OUTSIDE the color tags, though.
    [*]When I leveled these two skills together using a similar guide from WoWWiki, I noticed that my cooking leveled up much faster than my fishing. These days you can fish anywhere and still get skill ups, and you *always* have a small chance of catching something. For that reason, I would recommend people only pay attention to their cooking skill, and move from location to location based on that. That way, you can start fishing for rare fish while leveling up your skill later. This is how I ended up with my Mr. Pinchy! The Sea Turtle, Giant Rat, and other rare fish are all catchable at any level of fishing – it’s just a lot less likely for low levels. Anyway, this is completely up to you if you want to add this discussion to the guide, right now it’s very clear and concise and this might just complicate things.[/list]

    Great job overall, I’m quite impressed!

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