General Tips to Get Started in the Elden Ring Network Test


The Elden Ring Network Test has arrived. But we won’t be able to play it for long. From November 12 to 15, access to the Network Test is limited to a few three-hour windows. So if you want to see everything it has to offer, you’ll have to act quickly. The vast world invites exploration and wandering, and there’s a lot to discover.

Here are the tips to get started in the Elden Ring Network Test.

Start as the Enchanted Knight or Prophet Class

In the network exam, there are five Elden Ring classes to pick from. And we’re telling you, you want to be a part of this magic enterprise. Even after putting points into strength, we discovered that magic damage surpassed physical damage against practically every boss. And ordinary monster we encountered when playing as the Prophet and employing faith spells.

Even in this little section of Elden Ring, there are a variety of spells to discover. And miracles, in particular, are a welcome change from most Souls games’ standard opening skills.

Moreover, the Enchanted Knight is a powerful, simple beginner class with high armour and plenty of strength and intellect points. If you want to use sorcery as your primary source of damage this is the class to choose.

Because of its shoddy initial armour, the Prophet is squishier. However, you may quickly obtain greater armour. And you begin with a tremendous faith attack, Beast Claw, as well as a Heal spell, which will make your life easier and help you win battles as easily as if you were playing some online casino games.

Get the Top Armor in the Network Test

Furthermore, within the first hour of playing Elden Ring, you can easily obtain the heaviest armour in this location. Heavy armour may make you believe you’ll be obese rolling all over the place.  But Elden Ring’s equipment load is liberal and scales on strength.

Therefore, you’ll be able to outfit heavy armour and still have a medium equip load after just a few level-ups.

However, the Crucible set is the top armour in the Network Test. With better defensive stats than any of the starting gear. It’s also simple to obtain once you’ve obtained your spectral mount.

You Must Learn to Use the Guard Counter Early

The Guard Counter is a new skill in the Elden Ring that once learned, makes fighting basic enemies much easier. It’s considerably easier and less risky than a parry. And while it’s not as forceful as a parry, it still allows you to smash your enemies.

The Guard Counter is simple to execute. You simply raise your shield to stop an attack and instantly press R2 to strike a devastating counterblow.  Wait until an enemy’s assault sequence is completed before using the Guard Counter.

The Guard Counter will not interrupt their attack. Therefore, if they’re launching a three-hit combination at you, wait until the third strike before countering. Otherwise, you might still be able to get in.

Two Weapons to Use Their Weapon Arts

If you speed through the tutorial, you can miss how you two-hand a weapon differs from past FromSoftware titles. To switch to a two-handed grip, you used to simply press Y/Triangle. But now you have to hold Y/Triangle and press L1 or R1 to do so.

There many new game mechanics in Elden Ring when you compare it to other FromSoftware games, so even if you’re an experienced Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro player, don’t think you will cruise through this new amazing game as if you were playing online pokies, because that would be a bad mistake.



The biggest difference in Elden Ring when you compare it to other souls games is the vast open world with tons of enemies, camps, hidden dungeons and roaming minibosses which will allow you to level up, gear up and get accustomed to your character before moving on towards your first legacy dungeon and main boss encounter, so your best bet is to explore the open world as much as possible before you do anything else!

In conclusion, these are our first general tips to get started in the Elden Ring Network Test. There will be more advanced tips coming up soon and a full Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough as well!


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