God of War Ragnarok 100% Walkthrough – Platinum Trophy Guide [PART 1]


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for God of War RagnarokMore than just a Platinum guide, this walkthrough will help you clear 100% of the game’s content in the most efficient way and leave no stone unturned. It is the Ultimate Guide for completionists out there who want to enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest!


Walkthrough Presentation
The Build
The Guide Format
Difficulty Setting

God of War Ragnarok 100% Walkthrough episodes – Part 1:


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On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 700+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of God of War Ragnarok as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL God of War Ragnarok Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Complete all 47 Favors
  • Obtain all 38 Artifacts
  • Obtain all 80 Lore pieces
  • Kill all 48 Odin’s Ravens
  • Open all 53 Legendary Chests
  • Open all 35 Nornir Chests
  • Clear all 15 Yggdrasil Rifts
  • Clear all 10 Berserker Gravestones
  • Clear all 6 Draugr Holes
  • Obtain all 6 Hel Tears
  • Obtain all 9 Realms Bloom Flowers
  • Defeat all 6 Lindwyrms
  • All 4 Stags of All Seasons
  • Complete all 15 Muspelheim Trials
  • Obtain all 10 Treasure Maps and Buried Treasures
  • Obtain all 14 Relics and Hilts
  • Obtain all 5 Shields
  • Obtain all 7 Jewels of Yggdrasil
  • Open every single chest in the game, so you don’t miss even one piece of Hacksilver throughout your journey

And the best part is that will organize the completion of all these collectibles in the most possible optimized route so you don’t have to revisit the same places several times and waste hours of running around!

I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips
  • Best gear to pick up and upgrade early
  • Best skills to unlock and master early
  • Best midgame gear and skills to always stay above the enemies power curve
  • Best endgame gear and skills to complete the hardest challenges in God of War Ragnarok without struggling
  • Detailed strategies for each Bosses

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The walkthrough


This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of God of War Ragnarok

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.

Basically, we’ll farm everything, every piece of Hacksilver and crafting material or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ after.

I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the Bosses and hard encounters you’ll face in God of War Ragnarok.


  • If you’ve never played a God of War game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran God of War player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.

We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in God of War Ragnarok.


The Build

We’ll start with a very simple and forgiving build focusing on high STUN potential and Health Regen after using a finisher. This will carry us through the early and mid game until we move on towards our end game build, which I won’t spoil for now, but you can rest assured: we’ll be as powerful as a one can possibly be in God of War Ragnarok.

The Guide’s format

This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained


All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be included, but if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.

The text version of my God of War Ragnarok walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.



Q: Will I get all trophies, including the Platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, gear, runic attacks, talismans, etc. Everything.


Q: What difficulty setting will you be playing on?

A: Give Me God of War. But this is entirely up to you. You can 100% the game on any difficulty setting. There’s no trophy tied to difficulty, all you get is a more challenging experience. You can lower the difficulty at any point during the game if you struggle. This walkthrough will be on Give Me God of War difficulty to show you the best way to beat every encounter.


Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same setup.


Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC?

A: Yes. This guide will also work for PC once it becomes available after the Playstation Exclusive period is over.


Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. ❇️Leave a tip:

Best God of War Ragnarok Settings

Most of those are subjective, so do whatever works best for you. But these are the settings which worked the best for me and I’ll explain why some of them are a big help and a huge quality of life upgrade.

  • Puzzle Aim Assist: On
  • Puzzle Timing: Extended +
  • Lock-on Camera: Auto-Target+
Note: some puzzles can be just downright frustrating with their short timing, so these settings help alot and will save you a lot of time and keep you sane.
  • Auto Pick Up: Full

Auto Pick-up is a huge quality of life change and it also increases your chance of survival in some close battles. Picking up health orbs automatically means you can keep your focus on the enemies and be ready to block or dodge without losing your focus by starting at the ground looking for an HP or Rage orb.

  • Interact: X  / Evade O (Swap Buttons)

Most games use O to dodge and X to interract, so it makes sense to swap these. It just feels more natural.

  • Repeated Buton Presses: Hold
Mashing buttons was fun when I was 9 years old. It’s no longer the same so I really like holding instead of mashing.
  • Swipe Up: High Contrast Display
We’ll use this shortcut to toggle High Contrast Display ON and OFF. It will be useful to see objects we can interact with when we struggle to find them.
  • Swipe Left: Quick Turn
You can also Quick Turn with the default setting (Holding L1 + D-Pad Down) but it’s not very practical. Swiping Left or Swiping down feels more natural. Up to you.
  • Target Colour: Orange
  • Interact Colour: Red
  • Background Colour: White
Note: pick any colors you like but I recommend having a very vivid color for Target and Interact and eventually a White Background to make them stand out.
  • Miniboss Checkpoints: On (Doesn’t work if you play on No Mercy or God of War difficulty)
  • Sprint: Auto (in combat there’s only advantages to sprinting, not having to press the left thumbstick everytime is a big quality of life change and it helps reduce the misuse of Spartan Range, which requires pressing L3 + R3)


Give Me God of War
Note: entirely up to you. You can 100% the game on any difficulty setting. There’s no trophy tied to difficulty, all you get is a more challenging experience. You can lower difficulty at any point during the game. I will play on Give Me God of War difficulty to show you the best way to beat every encounter.





46:40 Bronze Trophy: A Grizzly Encounter Total trophies unlocked: 1/36



31:00 Hacksilver

31:18 Hacksilver

31:30 Hacksilver

31:16 Hacksilver

34:35 1x Forged Iron Hacksilver

34:42 Hacksilver

34:55 Hacksilver

36:20 Hacksilver

36:24 Hacksilver

36:33 4x Shattered Rune

36:45 Hacksilver

37:50 Hacksilver

38:10 1x Forged Iron Hacksilver



27:22 Basic Combat Tips

27:38 Dodging

27:56 Parrying

28:07 Frost Combo

28:15 Enemy Healing

28:31 Tripping Enemies

28:42 Leviathan’s Fury

29:10 Mastering Skills

29:53 Freezing Throw

33:58 High level enemies

37:30 Parrying projectiles



23:38 High Contrast Display

26:21 Navigation Assist

27:48 Dodge Rolling

30:49 Item Checklist

36:13 Breaking Jars

36:35 Hanging Bucket



39:40 Focus on Blocking and Dodging

39:50 Attacking Bosses

40:00 Yellow Ring Attacks

40:10 Maximize Damage

40:20 Red Ring Attacks

41:19 Spartan Rage

41:53 Boss Phases

42:15 Another Move



00:00 Intro – Walkthrough Presentation

01:02 Settings

02:55 CUT SCENE: God of War Recap

04:28 DIFFICULTY: Give Me God of War

04:57 CUT SCENE: The Beginning

08:38 Sled Ride Home

09:29 Under Attack

12:12 Arriving Home

12:57 CUT SCENE: Proud Father

14:10 CUT SCENE: Fenrir

21:57 Following Faye

25:38 Tracking Atreus

27:15 FIGHT: Raiders

30:21 Mauled Bear

32:00 FIGHT: Raiders & Raider Scout

34:23 Reaching the cave

35:19 FIGHT: Raiders

36:52 FIGHT: Raiders & Scout

38:20 FIGHT: 1 Raider & Dropping on 2 Scouts

39:20 BOSS: Björn Strategy Guide

43:00 CUT SCENE: The Real Björn

47:00 Episode End



Go through the cinematics and introductions
1st Path Started: Surviving Fimbulwinter
Sled back home
Cut scenes
Follow faye
After waking up, move up towards the objective (Press R3 to be pointed in the right direction if you get lost)
Move up until we encounter our first fight with Raiders
Check the video for basic combat tips
  • Frost Awaken (Triangle) followed by R2 > R2 > R2 > R2 combo. Our go-to move to apply Frost and do a lot of damage while juggling weak enemies.
  • Blocking, Parrying
  • Dodging and Rolling
  • Tripping enemies with Axe Throws
  • Freezing Throws to neutralize one enemy
  • Spartan Kick / Shield Slam to shatter frozen enemies
Note: try to use Axe Throw and Leviathan’s Fury skills as often as possible. We want to level those skills up to the max ASAP to unlock their full potential.
Push tree aside, check bear
Vault over tree, move up throught either path
After breaking the first tree with an Axe Throw, go right to find a wooden chest:
  • 91 Hacksilver
Jump over gap, hug right wall to find corpse with pouch:
  • 91 Hacksilver
Turn left and climb up two platforms to find another wooden chest:
  • 68 Hacksilver
Keep going until you encounter 2 Raiders
Hug right wall to kill another Raider
Find corpse leaning against tree:
  • 22 Hacksilver
Go to opposite wall and hug left to kill 2 Raiders
Find Healthstone on the floor
Go under the bridge, kill 3 more Raiders
Climb up wall, loot stone chest:
  • Forged Iron
  • 121 Hacksilver
Enter cave, wooden chest near the ledge to the right:
  • 96 Hacksilver
Go inside cave, kill 2 Raiders, loot 3 pouches on the floor:
  • 26 Hacksilver
  • 26 Hacksilver
  • 26 Hacksilver
Healthstone by a corpse near the opening to the outdoor
Go towards the objective, pouch to the left on the floor:
  • 22 Hacksilver
Kill 2 raiders + 1 Raider Scout
Wooden chest to the right:
  • 95 Hacksilver
Climb up, kill more Raiders
Climb up, Healthstone to the right
Boss fight: BjörnCheck the video for detailed guide
Tips: Frost Awaken as much as possible. A hit with Frost Awaken active does a lot of Stagger damage and can potentially interrupt the Bear’s attacks, even the red circle ones.
You can try to Parry the yellow circle attacks if you feel confident, but it’s safer to just Dodge them.
Use the R2 > R2 > R2 > R2 combo after Dodging or Parrying an attack.
Achievement unlocked: A Grizzly Encounter
Total trophies unlocked: 1/36
== EPISODE 01 END ==





27:05 Bronze Trophy : Blood Debt Total Trophies Unlocked: 2/36



1:55 1x Forged Iron Hacksilver ⚔️COMBAT TIPS

1:07 Building Stun Tip #1

5:16 Building Stun Tip #2



27:30 Thor’s Tooth



16:04 Thor Strategy

6:17 Thor Phase 1 Abilities

16:52 Spartan Rage

17:27 Thor Phase 2 Abilities

17:42 Short Range Grab

19:14 Thor Phase 3 Abilities

19:28 Usable Objects

20:03 Frozen Breach

23:02 Thor Phase 4

25:03 Close one



00:00 Way back home

02:34 CUT SCENE: Repairing the Stave

04:20 FIGHT: Raiders

05:38 Finally Home

07:45 CUT SCENE: Unexpected Visitor

16:03 BOSS: Thor Phase 1 Strategy

17:27 BOSS: Thor Phase 2 Strategy

19:12 BOSS: Thor Phase 3 Strategy

22:56 BOSS: Thor Phase 4 Strategy

25:56 CUT SCENE: Blood Debt Paid

27:42 Episode End


Chop down the tree
Follow Atreus and kill 3 Raiders
Combat tips:
  • Try to use Axe Throw and Leviathan’s Fury as often as possible. We want to master those skills asap to unlock their full potential.
  • Atreus Arrows are great to build Stun and interrupt enemies when they try to heal / level up.
  • Trip enemies with Axe Throws then Sonic Arrows do extra Stun on downed enemies
Go inside cave and down the chain
Red chest to the right:
  • Forged Iron
  • 105 Hacksilver
Go back towards the house
Cut scene
More raiders towards the house, kill the Raider Scouts first if possible
Go home
Cut scene
Boss fight: Thor Check the video for full strategy guide
Tips to defeat Thor:
  • First start by keeping your distances and focus on Dodging to learn how to avoid all of Thor’s moves
  • Phase 1: build Stun meter with your fist until you get a finishing move to trigger Phase 2.
  • Phase 2: same thing as phase 1 but now use Leviathan Axe and Frost Breach followed by R2 > R2 > R2 combos until you get another finisher to trigger Phase 3.
  • Phase 3: Use the stone pillars in this arena to smash them on Thor and do high damage
  • Use Frost Awaken / Frost Breach after Dodging one of Thor’s attacks. Frost Breach will interrupt most of Thor’s moves even the red circle ones. Follow it up with an R2 > R2 > R2 combo.
  • Save your Spartan rage until you’re low on health
Achievement complete: Blood Debt
Total Trophies Unlocked: 2/36
Fun Fact: you can see Thor’s tooth on the ground
== EPISODE 02 END ==




6:41 Bronze Trophy: Knock Off the Rust Total Trophies Unlocked: 3/36


17:04 Winter-Man? Lore Pieces: 1/80



7:11 25 Hacksilver

8:59 25 Hacksilver

9:49 85 Hacksilver

9:58 35 Hacksilver

10:05 81 Hacksilver

10:45 15 Hacksilver

11:04 80 Hacksilver

12:13 26 Hacksilver



4:25 Equip Armour



6:10 Axe Skills

6:20 Blades Skills



7:17 Blades Combat Tips

7:29 Blades Secret Combo

8:28 Skill to Master

13:07 Usable Objects



14:12 Already…

17:20 Lore Pieces



00:00 Gateway back home

01:50 Cut Scene: What happened with Odin?

04:18 Gearing Up

06:07 New Skills

06:35 Into the Forest

08:17 FIGHT: Hel-Raider

09:16 Another Hunter Prowls

09:34 FIGHT: Hel-Raider

10:11 FIGHT: 2 Hel-Raiders

10:35 Through the cave

11:24 FIGHT: 2 Hel-Raiders

12:00 Way to the Temple

13:04 FIGHT: Big Battle with Raiders

16:26 FIGHT: 1 Hel-Raider -1 Hel-Raider Scout

17:30 Episode End


Follow Brok and take the portal home
Enter house
Cut scene
EQUIP Vidar’s Pauldron of Might
EQUIP The Furious Maul
          Extinguish Flames (250 XP)
          Vaporise Frost (250 XP)
          Hyperion Grapple (750 XP)
Achievement Unlocked: Knock Off the Rust
Total trophies unlocked: 3/36
Note: why not Glacial Rake? It’s a great skill, I know, but after playing this game for 500+ hours, I can tell you that there are better combos to use with the Leviathan Axe, and you’ll end up almost never using Glacial Rake. So let’s save that XP for other skills we want ASAP.
Note 2: also, if you’ve mastered any skill to “Gold” by now, don’t check them in your skill tree or the game will force you to purchase a Mod Token. I’ve got an optimized order in which to purchase all skills and mod tokens to fit our build.
Cut scene
Follow Atreus until a bunch of corpse on the right, loot pouch:
     25 Hacksilver
Keep going until you encounter a Hel-walker hanging from a tree
Shoot the branch to bring it down, kill it
Combat tips:

  • Use Scorched Sweep, it’s one of the best blades skills, we’ll use it a lot. It’s especially good against multiple enemies to hit them all at once and keep them at bay.
  • Also use Hyperion Grapple for big stun damage.

Go down and turn left, go all the way down the pit to loot a pouch:
     25 Hacksilver
Go back up and follow Atreus
At the crossroads go left first, kill Hel-Walker tied to a tree
Combat tips:

  • R2 > R2 > R1 > R1 combo gets you to do the finisher move a lot quicker than with the regular R1 full combo

Burn brambles and loot wooden chest:
     85 Hacksilver
Back to crossroads, left again, break the jars for:
Back to crossroads, check corpse lying against the wall to the left:
     35 Hacksilver
Take left path following Atreus
Kill 2 more Hel-Walkers
Squeeze through rocks
Turn left and drop down to wooden chest:
     81 Hacksilver
Get back up and drop down on the opposite side
Break hanging bucket to the right, drop down to loot it:
     15 Hacksilver
Wooden chest:
     80 Hacksilver
Get back up, enter cave to the right, kill 2 Raiders
Combat tips:

  • Open with a couple of Scorched Sweep to apply burn
  • Switch to Axe to do extra damage on burning enemies (Vaporize Frost skill)

Go in between walls, move pillar and jump over gap
Drop down, loot pouch:
     26 Hacksilver
Get back up and climb up, move pillar back to previous spot
Jump over, free the chain and pull it all the way to tighten the rope
Use rope to cross over gap
Drop down and fight 6 Raiders + 1 Raider Scout
Combat tips:

  • Use the trees to smash Raiders after unfreezing them (2 Trees to use)
  • Use Atreus Arrows to shoot the Raider Scouts up on the ledge
  • Use Scorched Sweep as much as possible. 6 Quick Taps on Triangle is enough to fully Charge Whiplash.
  • Also use Hyperion Pull and Blazing Surge.

Break jars for Healthstone and Furystones
Burn brambles to enter narrow walls
Kill 1 Hel-Raider and 1 Hel-Scout
Read Rune:
Lore Pieces: 1/80
Note: collecting lore pieces isn’t necessary for the trophies, but it is for the 100% Completion of each area. Of course, we’ll get them all in this guide.


== EPISODE 03 END ==




None this episode.



4:56 The Ashen God Lore Pieces: 2/80



3:50 Winter’s Bite

3:50 10x Bonded Leather

3:50 Frozen Flame

5:07 82 Hacksilver

5:33 11 Hacksilver

5:58 1 Forged Iron

     122 Hacksilver

6:23 90 Hacksilver

12:41 1x Rawhide

     125 Hacksilver

13:15 28 Hacksilver

13:34 1x Rawhide

     158 Hacksilver

16:33 1x Forged Iron

     115 Hacksilver



None this episode



None this episode



1:29 The Huntress Strategy

1:57 Wait and Dodge



2:13 Vaporize Frost

2:52 Frost Debuff



None this episode.



00:00 FIGHT: 2 Hel-Raiders

01:04 BOSS: The Huntress

04:41 Way to the Shrine

07:02 CUT SCENE: The Shrine’s Secret Story

10:17 CUT SCENE: Atreus’s Notes

12:31 Way back Home

14:16 FIGHT: 3 Raiders 1 Raider Chief

16:00 Finally Home

17:04 To Sindri’s House

18:28 Episode End


To the right, drop down and kill 1 Hel-Raider
Loot Wooden chest:
  • 80 Hacksilver
Loot Pouch:
  • 27 Hacksilver
Get back up
Climb up, hallfway through the climb to the right is a handhold to access a wooden chest:
  • 76 Hacksilver
Get back up and climb to the top, kill 2 Hel-Raiders
Climb up, get ambushed by Boss: The Huntress
Combat tips:
  • Use Leviathan Axe quick Throw to hit the horns and stagger her (Hold L2 to aim, Flick R-Stick up to aim for the head, R1 to Throw)
  • Move in close to use Frost Breach
  • Switch to Blades for extra fire damage while target is still frozen
Equip Light Runic attack:
  • Winter’s Bite
Also loot:
  • 6 Beast Scraps
Open menu to learn the Runic Attack tutorial
Use Winter’s Bite once
Climb up
To the left is a scroll:
The Ashen God
Lore Pieces: 2/80
Drop down to the left, wooden chest:
  • 82 Hacksilver
Get back up, enter the ruins, healthstone to the right
Move up, shoot hanging bucket, drop down and loot it:
  • 11 Hacksilver
Break jars:
  • 15 Hacksilver
  • Healthstone
Move up to the large open area
Stick to the right, squeeze through walls to access red chest:
  • 1 Forged Iron
  • 122 Hacksilver
Get back out, go to the opposite diagonal, break 2 jars
Turn around, climb up and loot wooden chest:
  • 90 Hacksilver
Move infront of the broken stairs
Move pillar, break tree, Move pillar again
Stairs up, cut scene
Drop down, to the right open door and glowing red chest:
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 125 Hacksilver
Follow atreus, climb up, loot pouch near corpse to the left:
  • 28 Hacksilver
Break the cracked ground, smash jars:
  • 37 Hacksilver
Jump over gap, open red glowing chest:
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 158 Hacksilver
Get back up and follow Atreus
Chain down and kill 2 Raiders + 1 Raider Chief
Healthstone and pouches
Follow Atreus, open red glowing chest to the right:
  • 1 Forged Iron
  • 115 Hacksilver
Follow Atreus and go home
Follow Sindri through the Mystic Gateway
1st Path complete: Surviving Fimbulwinter
== EPISODE 04 END ==




7:06 Bronze Trophy: Spit Shine Total Trophies Unlocked: 4/36



16:07 Odin’s Ravens Killed: 1/48



16:41 34 Hacksilver

17:50 1x Rawhide

17:57 46 Hacksilver

18:09 38 Hacksilver

18:21 90 Hacksilver

18:40 47 Hacksilver

18:46 47 Hacksilver

18:52 1x Rawhide

19:00 46 Hacksilver



2:55 Shield Choice

3:07 My Choice

5:13 Grip of Darkdale

5:22 Darkdale Handles

5:33 Risen Snow Breasplate

6:34 Leviathan Axe LEVEL 2

6:49 Fortified Husk Wrist Guards

7:18 Fortified Husk Girdle



7:45 Permafrost

7:54 Frozen Ascent

8:10 Watchful Protector



15:11 Wretches



4:07 Extra Rewards

4:25 Don’t Worry

6:06 Atreus’s Armour

16:46 Mystic Gateways Tip



None this episode



00:00 CUT SCENE: Sindri’s House

02:45 Crafting & Upgrading

07:45 Skills

08:31 CUT SCENE: Where to next?

11:42 CUT SCENE: Upgrading the Mystic Gateway

13:11 To Svartalfheim

15:09 FIGHT: 10 Wretches

15:57 Before taking the boat

17:14 1st Boat Trip

19:25 Episode End


Enter Sindri’s House
Cut scene
Follow the Huldra’s Shop tutorial, craft either Stone Wall Shield or Dauntless Shield. It depends on your playstyle preferences.
If you like Parrying and feel like you can be good at timing parries, the Dauntless Shield is the better option.
If you’d rather take a safer approach and block everything (except the red circle attacks, which you’ll have to dodge), then Stone Wall Shield is the way to go.
Rest assured we’ll end up crafting and maxing out all shields in the long run anyway, so this is a short-term decision. Don’t worry too much about it.
For now I’ll go with Stone Wall Shield for 2 reasons:
  1. We’re really squishy at the start, especialy on GMGoW difficulty. So this a much safer approach
  2. We’ll buy and upgrade the Fortified Husk Arm Guards and Belt, which will give us a nice bonus to blocking, which synergizes well with the Stone Wall Shield.
  • Stone Wall Shield
          CRAFT Brother’s Brand Vestment (EQUIP)
Open the “Lost and Found Chest” to get any items you might have missed and also pick up your rewards if you purchased a Deluxe Edition of the game or Pre-Ordered the game
If you did, here are the parts worth equipping:
  • Grip of Darkdale
  • Darkdale Handles
  • Risen Snow Breastplate
Open the shop again:
          CRAFT Fortified Husk Arm Guards (EQUIP)
          UPGRADE Fortified Husk Arm Guards LVL 2
          CRAFT Fortified Husk  (EQUIP)
          UPGRADE Fortified Husk Girdle LVL 2
Achievement complete: Spit Shine
Total Trophies Unlocked: 4/36
Open menu:
  • Permafrost
  • Frozen Ascent
  • Watchful Protector
Talk to Brok
Check Atreus’s room
Talk to Sindri
Talk to Brok again
Get out and take the portal
Retrieve Mimir
Travel to Svarthalfheim
Get close to the boat, Atreus will move it and trigger an ambush
Kill a dozen of Wretches
Combat tip:
  • Use Hyperion Pull to oneshot the Wretches. You’re also invincible during this combat animation.
Kill Odin’s Raven to the left up on a rock pillar
Odin’s Ravens Killed: 1/48
Break jars to the left:
  • 32 Hacksilver
  • Healthstone
Pouch near the boat:
  • 34 Hacksilver
General tip: if you lost health or fury, go interract with the Mystic Gateway, it will replenish everything to full
Take the boat, go through Shimmering Water:
  • Rawhide
At the fork go right and smash a barrel:
  • 46 Hacksilver
Turn around and go the other way, smash another barrel:
  • 38 Hacksilver
To the left, undock to open wooden chest:
  • 90 Hacksilver
Break jars:
  • 27 Hacksilver
Back on the boat
Hug left, smash a barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Smash another barrel in between 2 small rocks:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Shimmering water just a few meters further:
  • 1 Rawhide
Further up towards the objective is another barrel to the left:
  • 46 Hacksilver
Undock next to the water wheel blocking the way
== EPISODE 05 END ==




None this episode.



None this episode.



0:21 Hredimar’s Brassard Artefacts: 1/38



1:07 Idunn Apple 1/15



16:37 Horn of Blood Mead 1/15



0:46 Nornir Chest: 1/35

12:47 Nornir Chest: 2/35



8:23 Yggdrasil’s Dew of Runic Power Yggdrasil’s Dew 1/11



4:10 2x Forged Iron

     150 Hacksilver

5:08 115 Hacksilver

5:29 50 Hacksilver

5:34 47 Hacksilver

6:48 123 Hacksilver

6:56 4x Shattered Rune

7:13 40 Hacksilver

7:22 99 Hacksilver

7:33 1x Slag Deposits

7:51 35 hacksilver

7:57 2x Rawhide

     143 Hacksilver

8:07 1x Rawhide

8:43 1x Slag Deposits

11:10 135 Hacksilver

11:24 136 Hacksilver

12:20 Deadly Obsidian Handles

16:11 11 Hacksilver



12:31 Deadly Obsidian Handles



14:29 Hyperion Grapple Mod Token: STUN

14:45 Rushing Chaos



1:55 Tough Fight vs Grims

2:08 Skills Reminder

2:18 Stone Wall Shield

2:50 You Shall Not Cross

10:11 Tossing Enemies

13:26 Cursed Grim



0:54 Opening Nornir Chests



13:03 Unsafe Roads 3/80 Lore Pieces



00:00 Aurvangar Wetlands: 1st Isle

01:50 FIGHT: 7 Grims

05:22 Row to 2nd Isle

06:01 FIGHT: 2 Wretches 2 Grims

08:22 Row to 3rd Isle

08:54 FIGHT: 3 Wretches 3 Grims

10:10 FIGHT: 2 Grims

10:40 Solving 3rd Isle Riddle

10:59 Way to 4th Isle

13:21 FIGHT: 3 Grims 1 Cursed Grim

15:09 FIGHT: 3 Grims

15:44 Solving the Nornir Chest

16:55 Episode End


Open menu:
          Rushing Chaos
Freeze the geyser to cross over
Break jars
Freeze the next geyser and climb up
Loot purple pouch near corpse:
     Hredimar’s Brassard
Artefacts: 1/38
Break the 3 Seals to open our first Nornir Chest
Tip: Toggle High Contrast mode to spot the 3 statues easily
     Idunn Apple  1/15
Nornir Chests: 1/35
Cross over
Climb up and use the zip line down
Kill 2 waves of 3 Grims
Check the video for combat tips:
  • Move around and make sure you don’t end up surrounded
  • Once they all stand infront of you, use Scorched Sweeps to keep them all 3 at bay
  • Keep using Hyperion Grapple as often as possible, we want to unlock the Gold Labour and the Mod Token asap on this one
  • Stone Wall Shield
  • Frozen Ascent
  • Winter’s Bite
  • Use Rage if you get low on health
To the right, climb up to open red chest:
  • 2 Forged Iron
  • 150 Hacksilver
Jump down and cross over, climb up the chain
Pull the water wheel down
Open wooden chest:
  • 115 Hacksilver
Kick the shield down and go down, back on the boat
Go through water wheel, smash 2 barrels straight ahead:
  • 48 Hacksilver
  • 46 Hacksilver
Go under the bridge
Boat Dock to the right
Kill 2 Wretches and 2 Grims
  • 16 Beast Scraps
Smash hanging bucket:
  • 36 Hacksilver
Burn bramble and open wooden chest:
  • 123 Hacksilver
Climb up and burn brambles to open path
Loot pouch by corpse:
  • 50 Hacksilver
Cross over wooden platform and open wooden chest:
  • 84 Hacksilver
Go back to where we just looted the pouch
Turn around and burn the left brambles up on the rock:
  • 1 Slag Deposits
Burn the other brambles to the right to open up a path above
Above, burn brambles left, loot pouch:
  • 35 hacksilver
Right open chest:
  • 2 Rawhide
  • 143 Hacksilver
Shoot hanging bucket and drop down to loot contents:
  • 34 Hacksilver
Back on boat
Straight ahead to get an Yggdrasil’s Dew:
  • Yggdrasil’s Dew of Runic Power
There are a total of 11 Yggdrasil’s Dew in theNine Realms and we’ll of course grab them all
Tip: They will always be mentioned in the Checklist under each video description if you want to know exactly where they are
A few meters away is a shimmering water:
  • 1 Slag Deposits
Go to the next boat dock
Kill 2 Grims and 4 Wretches
Pull on the geyser bell
Freeze the geyser and cross over
Climb up and kill 2 Grims
From up there freeze the other geyser to activate water wheel
Go through through water wheel, break barrel to the left:
  • 136 Hacksilver
Go towards objective, barrel to the right:
  • 136 Hacksilver
Go on the other bank to find a low bridge you can glide under
Boat Dock
Climb up the left platform
Go left, kill 3 Wretches, open golden chest:
  • Deadly Obsidian Handles
Equip it
Shoot the spinning discs counter-clockwise once to reaveal the “N” rune
Drop down to the left, check the rune stone for a Lore Marker
     Unsafe Roads
3/80 Lore Pieces
Dive attack down in the pit below on the 3 Grim and 1 Cursed Grim
Combat tips:
  • Try to kill Cursed Grim first, they shoot poison from a distance
  • Use the Tree as well to damage them
Go back towards the Boat Dock and you’ll be ambushed by 2 Grims and 1 Cursed Grim
Use Tree to beat them
Note: If you’ve been using Hyperion Grapple aggressively, you should have mastered it and reach Gold status
     Hyperion Grapple
          Purchase STUN mod Token
     Rushing Chaos
Hyperion Grapple will now be our main stunner.
If you didn’t master it yet it’s fine, just keep using it at your pace and unlock the mod token as soon as possible.
Go back to the pit and climb to the other side
Turn around and shoot the spinning discs clockwise once to reveal the “B” rune
Turn around, break jars
Freeze the geyser to see last spinning discs
Shoot it once counterclockwise to reveal the “D” rune (aim for the disc before you recall the axe, then shoot through the geyser)
Turn around, shoot hanging bucket down:
  • 11 Hacksilver
Open the Nornir chest:
     Horn of Blood Mead  1/15
Nornir Chests: 2/35
Run back to the boat dock
== EPISODE 06 END ==




None this episode.



7:00 Odin’s Ravens Killed: 2/48



3:35 The Sunrise of Nothingness Artefacts: 2/38

10:17 Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance Artefacts: 3/38

12:05 Griep’s Firebomb Artefacts: 4/38



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



0:35 44 Hacksilver

0:40 44 Hacksilver

1:32 1 Slack Deposit 1 Raw Hide 4 Shattered Rune 1 Forged Iron

2:44 38 Hacksilver

3:49 2 Forged Iron 175 Hacksilver

4:45 1 Slag Deposit

7:09 116 Hacksilver

9:45 111 Hacksilver

10:33 2 Slag Deposits 140 Hacksilver

12:51 121 Hacksilver



11:17 UPGRADE Stone Wall Shield LVL2



None this episode.



9:12 Sonic Arrows



1:06 Ormr

4:00 Area Completion

10:55 Resurrection Stones

11:07 Selling Artefacts

15:19 Fun Fact

16:50 Favours



9:56 Shopping List 4/80 Lore Pieces



00:00 1st Ormr

02:05 FIGHT: 3 Cursed Grims

03:00 Opening the Water Gates

05:15 Entering Nidavellir

07:20 CUT SCENE: Sindri’s Gift

09:01 FIGHT: Wretches & Grim

10:53 Sindri’s Shop

11:36 The other side of Town

12:38 FIGHT: 3 Wretches then 1 Grim

13:51 FIGHT: 2 Grims

14:34 To the Tavern

15:18 CUT SCENE: Raeb

16:58 Episode End


Back on the boat and get out
Row towards the objective, break a barrel:
  • 64 Hacksilver
Another barrel on the way:
  • 45 Hacksilver
Enter the water wheel structure and turn right to find boat dock
We’re about to encounter our first Ormr
If they see or you get too close to them they’ll burrow
If you attack them from the front they’ll burrow as well
You have to find a way around them to attack them from behind
Climb up the 2 wooden structures behind and Axe Throw this first Ormr
Loot the Ormr:
  • 1 Slack Deposit
  • 1 Raw Hide
  • 4 Shattered Rune
  • 1 Forged Iron
Shoot the disc to break the chain
Cross over and pull down chain to lower gates
Cross over, freeze geyser, cross over, kill 3 Grims
Pull Geyser bell off, freeze other geyser
Shoot the weak point to break the chain and lower the block
Break the crates near the block, loot pouch:
  • 38 Hacksilver
Climb on the block and freeze the geyser to reach the upper platform
Loot the artifact to get one of Kvasir’s Poems:
  • The Sunrise of Nothingness
Artefacts: 2/38
Open red chest:
  • 2 Forged Iron
  • 154 Hacksilver
Pull down the chain to lower the other gates
Aurvangar Wetlands Completion:
  • Nornir Chests 2/2
  • Legendary Chests 1/1
  • Lore 1/1
  • Artefacts 2/2
  • Ordin’s Ravens 1/1
  • Undiscovered
  • Undiscovered
Get back on the boat
Go through the opened gates, find shimmering waters:
  • 1 Slag Deposit
Further up is a barrel:
  • 42 Hacksilver
Keep rowing through the caves and through the dwarven city
Until you reach the boat dock to discover Nidavellir
Follow Atreus, break jars to the left before taking the path up
  • 35 Hacksilver
Take path up, climb up straight ahead, climb up to the right
You should see an Odin’s Raven, Axe Throw to kill it:
Odin’s Ravens Killed: 2/48
Also open wooden chest on this platform:
  • 116 Hacksilver
Get back down and find Sindri
Cut scene
Sonic Arrows unlocked
Defeat 3 Wretches and 1 Grim
Combat tip:
  • Command Atreus to fire Sonic Arrows on a downed enemy, it will remained stunned on the ground for quite a while
Fire Sonic Arrow at the green cart behind Sindri’s forge
Open wooden chest:
  • 111 Hacksilver
Turn around to find a Lore Scroll:
  • Shopping List
4/80 Lore Pieces
Go back towards the docks, shoot Sonic Arrows at the green shield to access a platform
Loot the Artefact, another Kvasir’s Poems:
  • Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance
Artefacts: 3/38
Open red chest:
  • 2 Slag Deposits
  • 140 Hacksilver
Go back to Sindri and open his shops
Purchase a Simple Ressurection Stone (free)
Sell the 3 Artefacts we looted already for 800 Hacksilver total
We don’t need to keep Artefacts for the trophy, they still count even after being sold
While we are at Sindri’s Shop:
          UPGRADE Stone Wall Shield LVL2
Go through the passage we opened with Sonic Arrows to reach the other side of dwarf town
On the other side, turn left, break barrels to open up the hallway
Loot pink item on the floor:
     Griep’s Firebomb
Artefacts: 4/38
Sonic Arrow on shield to reveal chest
Kill 3 Wretches
Loot wooden chest:
  • 121 Hacksilver
Climb up on the other side
Sonic Arrow on the green pile in the middle
Kill 1 Grim
Go down the street, Sonic Arrow to the left
Kill 2 Grims
Further down to the right, shoot Sonic Arrow at cart full of green stones
Go that way, push the cart off the street
Healthstone on the right
Enter the tavern and talk to Raeb
Talk to Raeb again to get our first side quest, also know as “Favours”:
  • In Service of Asgard
Press D-Pad Up to track this favour
== EPISODE 07 END ==




None this episode.



14:03 Odin’s Ravens Killed: 3/48



None this episode.



18:31 Idunn Apple Idunn Apples Collected: 2/15



None this episode.



18:27 Nornir Chests Looted: 3/35



3:32 Yggdrasil’s Dew of Cooldown Yggdrasil’s Dew 2/11



1:37 41 Hacksilver

     36 Hacksilver

     43 Hacksilver

2:37 44 Hacksilver

2:50 45 Hacksilver

3:53 48 Hacksilver

4:02 44 Hacksilver

4:10 43 Hacksilver

4:16 1x Slag Deposits

4:30 43 Hacksilver

4:35 1x Rawhide

4:40 46 Hacksilver

4:50 45 Hacksilver

4:55 1x Forged Iron

6:16 Muspelheim Seed Half

6:40 4 Shattered Rune

     1 Slag Deposits

     1 Rawhide

     1 Forged Iron

8:05 2 Rawhide

     150 Hacksilver

10:57 2 Forged Iron

     500 Hacksilver

     1 Nidavellir Ore

12:01 4x Shattered Runes

12:33 43 Hacksilver

12:48 1x Forged Iron

13:52 41 Hacksilver

13:59 49 Hacksilver

16:21 500 Hacksilver

     2x Rawhide

     2x Nidavellir Ore

17:48 121 Hacksilver

19:00 52 Hacksilver



13:22 Nidvaellir’s Finest Plackart



8:19 Scorched Sweep Mod Token: Stun

8:33 Serpent’s Snare



9:31 Bergsra Mother tips

9:43 Help yourself

14:20 Big Fight at Radsvinn’s Rig

14:41 Nigthmares

15:10 Poison Rules

15:35 Explosive Pots

16:58 Serpent’s Snare combo

17:10 Frost Awaken First



5:12 Skills to Master

18:11 3rd Seal



7:06 Warning

     5/80 Lore Pieces

17:52 Climbing the Ladder

     6/80 Lore Pieces



00:00 CUT SCENE: Sindri’s Gift

01:27 Leaving Nidavellir

03:03 Entering Bay of Bounty

05:11 Modvitnir’s Rig Walkthrough

09:01 FIGHT: Bergsra Mother

12:20 To Sindri’s Shop

13:51 Radsvinn’s Rig Walkthrough

17:30 Solving the Nornir Chest

19:24 Episode End


Exit Raeb’s Tavern through the other door
Cut scene
Now we have a compass, which will make it easier for me to give you directions!
Go down the streets and turn left, break jars:
  • 29 Hacksilver
Enter the house nearby, loot pouches:
  • 41 Hacksilver
  • 36 Hacksilver
  • 43 Hacksilver
Down the streets break more jars to the right:
  • 47 Hacksilver
By the dock, activate a new Mystic Gateway
Get in the boat
Boating time! We’re going to explore a lot by boat to get big ugprades before going back on the main path
Barrel straight ahead:
  • 44 Hacksilver
Another barrel further up under the rock archways
  • 45 Hacksilver
Enter the Bay of Bounty area
Straight ahead is an Yggdrasil’s Dew:
  • Yggdrasil’s Dew of Cooldown
NorthWest to a barrel:
  • 48 Hacksilver
Turn around, SouthEast to a barrel:
  • 44 Hacksilver
North to a barrel:
  • 43 Hacksilver
NorthWest to Shimmering Waters:
  • 1 Slag Deposits
Turn around, West/Northwest to barrel:
  • 43 Hacksilver
Southwest under brocken bridge to shimmering waters:
  • 1 Rawhide
North/Northwest to another barrel:
  • Hacksilver
Northwest to shimmering waters:
  • 1 Forged Iron
South/Southwest to boat dock
Note: from now on try to use the following skills as much as possible to reach Gold, in this priority order:
  • Scorched Sweep
  • Frozen Ascent
  • Axe Throw
  • Leviathan’s Fury
Let’s clear the first objective of “In Service of Asgard”: Modvitnir’s Rig
== Modvitnir’s Rig Walkthrough ==
Climb up, kill 4 Wretches
Shoot hanging bucket and loot it:
  • 1 Forged Iron
Climb up, loot pouch near corpse to the left:
  • 50 Hacksilver
Shoot the disc to rotate it and open gate
Cross over, climb up and kill 4 Wretches
Open Legendary chest:
  • Muspelheim Seed Half
New favour started: The Crucible
To the right and down below is an Ormr, shoot it
Cross over the gap using the crane
Jump down to the right to loot the Ormr:
  • 4 Shattered Rune
  • 1 Slad Deposits
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 1 Forged Iron
Check the rune tablet for a new Lore Marker:
  • Warning
5/80 Lore Pieces
Climb back up
Shoot the right-side disc on the crane twice to rotate it and cross the gap
Kill 4 Wretches
Shoot the pads twice to gain to access red chest:
  • 2 Rawhide
  • 150 Hacksilver
               MOD TOKEN: STUN
Jump back and take the chain up
Miniboss ahead: Bergrsra Mother
Have Atreus shoot it to open the fight
Combat tips:
  • There are two Explosive Pots around the water wheel you can use to help you kill the miniboss faster
  • Use Scorched Sweep or Frozen Ascent to kill the Wretches in bunches
  • 12 Beast Scraps
Destroy the Rig:
  • 2 Forged Iron
  • 500 Hacksilver
  • 1 Nidavellir Ore
There is still one “Undiscovered” objective in this area but we can’t access it for now, we need to progress through the main story to get a certain item first. So we’ll come back here later to complete it 100%.
Go back down, unlock a chain shortcut to get back to the boat faster
Row east to the other side of a small island with trees to find a barrel:
  • 44 Hacksilver
Further east and to the left to another boat dock
Shoot down the hanging bucket:
  • 4 Shattered Rune
Further up Activate a new Mystic Gateway
Just next to it is Sindri’s Shop
          CRAFT Nidvaellir’s Finest Plackart (EQUIP)
It’s an amazing armor upgrade for us and the set bonus is going to be very useful with our Stun focused build
Go east, to the right is a pouch near a corpse:
  • 42 Hacksilver
Climb up, to the left is a pouch:
  • 49 Hacksilver
Look up, there’s a raven perched on a hook, kill it:
Odin’s Ravens Killed: 3/48
Climb up to enter a new area: Radvinn’s Rig
== Radvinn’s Rig Walkthrough ==
Big fight ahead with a mix of Grims, Cursed Grims and Nightmares
Combat tips:
  • Use everything at your disposal to thin their numbers at the start of the fight (2 Rocks, 2 Explosive Pots)
  • There are Healthstones in the area as well
  • Check video for more combat tips (Serpent’s Snare Combo)
Loot pouch:
  • 11 Beast Scraps
Destroy the rig, loots:
  • 500 Hacksilver
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 2 Nidavellir Ore
Now let’s solve the Nornir Chest
Ignite the first Rune just left of the chest, using Blades L2 + R2
East jump over gap, blow up the barrels with Sonic Arrows
Ignite the 2nd Rune
Further up is wooden chest:
  • 121 Hacksilver
A few steps further is a scroll:
     Climbing the Ladder
6/80 Lore Pieces
Further up climb up, Healhstone on the first plateform
Climb up the next platform to get a clear shot on the Explosive Pot below SouthWest
Blow it up to light the 3rd Rune
Open the Nornir Chest:
  • Idunn Apple
Idunn Apples Collected: 2/15
Nornir Chests Looted: 3/35
Area complete: Radsvinn’s Rig
  • Nornir Chests 1/1
  • Lore 1/1
  • Odin’s Ravens 1/1
  • Mining Rigs 1/1
Climb up the South platform, loot pouch:
  • 52 Hacksilver
Go back to the Mystic Gateway
Touch it to replenish Health and Rage
== EPISODE 08 END ==




None this episode.



13:18 Odin’s Ravens Killed: 4/48



None this episode.



11:35 Idunn Apple

          Idunn Apples Collected: 3/15



4:55 Horn of Blood Mead Horns of Blood Mead Collected: 2/15



1:06 Nornir Chest Solution: 4/35

11:02 Nornir Chest Solution: 5/35



:54 Yggdrasil’s Dew of Defence

       Yggdrasil’s Dew Collected: 3/11



0:22 43 Hacksilver

0:27 1 Slag Deposits

0:44 45 Hacksilver

4:09 33 Hacksilver

4:17 41 Hacksilver

5:20 38 Hacksilver

5:24 1 Forged Iron

         1 Slag Deposit

         1 Rawhide

         4 Shattered Rune

6:08 45 Hacksilver

6:58 40 Hacksilver

7:11 42 Hacksilver

7:18 1 Rawhide

9:25 2 Slag Deposits

         205 Hacksilver

10:19 49 Hacksilver

10:38 1 Forged Iron

11:49 46 Hacksilver

11:57 1 Slag Deposits

12:05 40 Hacksilver

12:09 42 Hacksilver

12:17 1 Forged Iron

12:22 1 Forged Iron

12:30 1 Slag Deposists

12:37 42 Hacksilver

12:53 45 Hacksilver

13:55 112 Hacksilver

14:15 40 Hacksilver

15:01 49 Hacksilver

15:50 92 Hacksilver

16:35 2 Forged Iron

          175 Hacksilver

18:26 2 Slag Deposits

          500 Hacksliver

          2 Nidavellir Ore



None this episode.



None this episode.



1:16 Cursed Tazelwurm

2:16 Tough Fight

2:37 Get them down

2:45 Stun Grab heals

15:32 Tanky Enemies

17:33 Main Fight Ahead



10:24 Ignore that dock

10:56 Timed Riddle



4:22 Don’t Breathe

          7/80 Lore Pieces

16:09 The Squasher

           8/80 Lore Pieces



00:00 Dragon Beach

06:08 Northern Lake Side

07:23 BANTER: Giant Lore

09:15 Pillaging the Coast

10:40 Alberich Island

13:04 Althjof’s Rig Walkthrough

17:42 FIGHT: Grim & Draugr Squad

19:24 Episode End


Back on the boat south
SouthEast to barrel:
  • 43 Hacksilver
Southeast to shimmering waters:
  • 1 Slag Deposits
Southeast to dragon skeleton, go behind it to find barrel:
  • 45 Hacksilver
North/Northeast to boat dock labelled Dragon Breach
Before going to the left and facing the enemies, go east and break the “R” Seal behind the dragon statue with a simple Axe Throw
New enemy:  Cursted Tatzelwurm
Combat tips:
  • Best use Leviathan Axe vs those. Axe Throw to freeze them prevents them from burrowing.
  • Launching them also does that so use Frozen Ascent.
New beast enemy: Cursed Grim
  • Try to build stun with Hyperion Grapple and Sonic Arrows for a quick kill
There are 2 rocks to use around the center pillar and 2 Healthstones to help you win this fight
Loot pouch:
  • 17 Beast Scraps
West, freeze geyser, break the “F” Seal.
To your right are a few crates with a pouch:
  • 37 Hacksilver
East at the foot of the center pillar is a corpse with a pouch:
  • 37 Hacksilver
Further east check the Runes on the wall to unlock a Rune Read:
Don’t Breathe
7/80 Lore Pieces
At the Nornir Chest, freeze geyser behind it, aim for the “Y” Seal, recall Axe and Shoot
Loot Nornir Chest:
Horn of Blood Mead
2/15 Horns of Blood Mead Collected
4/35 Nornir Chests Looted
NorthWest  climb up the chain
Loot pouch in the corner:
  • 38 Hacksilver
Turn around, use opening to shoot the Ormr down below
Get down and loot the Ormr:
  • 1 Forged Iron
  • 1 Slag Deposit
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 4 Shattered Rune
There are still 2 Undiscovered in the Dragon Breach area, we’ll come back later for those. We can’t access them for now.
West to get on the other boat
Barrel straight ahead:
  • 47 Hacksilver
West to get back to The Watchtower boat dock
Touch the Mystic Gateway to replenish
Take the North boat off this island.
Row east to a barrel:
  • 43 Hacksilver
Northeast to another barrel:
  • 49 Hacksilver
Northeast to shimmering water:
  • 1 Rawhide
Southeast to a boat dock labelled Alberich’s Hollow on the map
Chisel through the magic door to access a red chest:
  • 2 Slag Deposits
  • 205 Hacksilver
Back on the boat, East to Yggdrasil’s Dew, behind a small island:
  • Yggdrasil’s Dew of Defence
Row Northwest along the coast to a barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Ignore the Boat dock right next to it
Row North until you enter a new area called Alberich Island
Further North along the coast to your right. Find shimmering waters:
  • 1 Forged Iron
Northwest to a boat dock labelled Alberich Island
Pouch on the ground near a corpse:
  • 43 Hacksilver
To open Nornir Chest, check the video. This is a timed puzzle
Face West, shoot Sonic Arrow on the wooden crane to lower down the “R” Seal.
Don’t shoot it yet.
North shoot the the wooden panel several times to reveal the “N” Seal. Shoot it.
Sprint back to the previous “R” Seal and shoot it.
The last seal is behind and above the Nornir chest.
Open the chest:
Idunn Apple
3/15 Idunn Apples Collected
5/35 Nornir Chests Looted
Back to the boat
SouthWest to barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
West/Northwest along the coast to shimmering waters:
  • 1 Slag Deposits
2 Barrels  close to each other a few rows in the same direction:
  • 47 Hacksilver
  • 47 Hacksilver
Further in this direction along the coast, shimmering water:
  • 1 Forged Iron
Southwest closeby another shimmering waters:
  • 1 Forged Iron
West/Southwest to another shimmering waters, in a corner just under the last Rig’s smoke stack
  • 1 Slag Deposists
East/Southeast to a barrel in the middle of all the isles:
  • 47 Hacksilver
West to another barrel closer to the smoke stack:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Southwest to a boat dock labelled Althjof’s Rig
== Althojof’s Rig walkthrough ==
Chain up. Shoot Odin’s Raven through an opening on the left
Odin’s Ravens Killed: 4/48
Use the wheel to lower the bridge by 2 levels
A few steps further, use blades to bring the lift down
Jump over, grapple over
To the right, wooden chest:
  • 112 Hacksilver
Turn around, ignite the barrel to open the path
Go in, turn left and climb up
Loot pouch by corpse:
  • 40 Hacksilver
Break shield to open shortcut
Open the double vertical gates, go in
Drop down and ignite barrel down below to blow up 3 doors
Right door first to get back to the first platform with the wheel
Use wheel to lower the bridge to the lowest floor
Go back to the 3 doors we blew up, enter the NorthWest opening
To the left, loot pouch near corpse:
  • 49 Hacksilver
Break jars:
  • 24 Hacksilver
Climb up, shimmy around, drop down to break floor below
Kill 2 Draugrs
Open wooden chest:
  • 92 Hacksilver
Break jar:
  • 4 Hacksilver
Check runes on the wall to unlock a Rune Reads:
The Squasher
8/80 Lore Pieces
Grapple over using the lift we lowered to access red chest:
  • 2 Forged Iron
  • 175 Hacksilver
Grapple back, use blades to send the Lift back up
Climb out of this pit and go back to the wheel
Send the lift 2 floors up
Climb up through the shortcut we unlocked by kicking the shield
Jump over, grapple over
Kick the chain down to unlock another shortcut
Climb up and get ready for the main fight
Combat tips:
  • Use Winter’s Bite to toss an enemy off the platform
  • Try to use Serpent’s Snare and Leviathan’s Fury do push more enemies off as well
  • Kill the Cursed Grimers first to make it more manageable (alway start with ranged attackers when possible)
Loot pouch after the fight:
  • 13 Beast Scraps
Destroy rig:
  • 2 Slag Deposits
  • 500 Hacksliver
  • 2 Nidavellir Ore
Favour completed: In Favour of Asgard
== EPISODE 09 END ==




None this episode.



13:27 Don’t Attack

13:52 Lava Fissure

14:04 Axe Lunge and Flurry

14:35 Sonic Arrows

14:52 Charged Chop



16:02 Odin’s Ravens Killed: 5/48



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



None this episode.



1:26 Njörd’s Tempest

2:36 41 Hacksilver

2:48 42 Hacksilver

8:35 Watchtower Key 168 Hacksilver

9:23 47 Hacksilver 36 Hacksilver

15:31 Cursed Empress Handles

         2 Sovereign Coals

         1 Chaos Spark

         250 Hacksilver

         5 Dust of Realms

15:52 2 Slag Deposits

         250 Hacksilver



1:37 UPGRADE Winter’s Bite LVL 2

10:12 UPGRADE The Furious Maul LVL 2

          UPGRADE Stone Wall Shield to LVL 3

10:33 CRAFT & EQUIP Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards

          UPGRADE Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards LVL 3

          CRAFT & EQUIP Nidavellir’s Finest Waist Guard

          UPGRADE Nidavellir’s Finest Waist Guard LVL 3



None this episode.



3:44 Destroy Nests

5:57 Bergsra Mother

6:45 Interrupting Abilities

7:52 Save Ressurection Stone



1:34 Njörd’s Tempest



1:07 Passion 9/80 Lore Pieces



00:00 Looting Althof’s Rig

02:33 To That Big Island in the Middle

05:48 FIGHT: Bergsra Mother

09:10 Big Upgrades

11:39 The Weight of Chains: Bring Key to the Watchtower

12:32 CUT SCENE: The Lyngbakr

13:13 BOSS: The Hateful

16:00 Raven Sniping

16:28 Episode End


Sonic Arrow the two barrels to open up a path you can shimmy around
Jump down to kick a chain down for another shortcut
Use Chain down, break jars:
  • 27 Hacksilver
Back on main platform
Use wheel to send lift to the top
Go back up the chain we just took
Double Grapple over to break wall
Loot scroll on the floor:
9/80 Lore Pieces
Go around to find legendary chest:
  • Njörd’s Tempest
Don’t equip it, we prefer Winter’s Bite. It’s better overall.  Quicker Cooldown. Can throw enemies off cliffs. Does more stun.

UPGRADE Winter’s Bite TIER II (We’ll use this one for quite a long time)

Althjof’s Rig completed:

  • Legendary Chests: 1/1
  • Lore: 2/2
  • Odin’s Ravens: 1/1
  • Mining Rigs: 1/1
Get back to the boat
Get on boat, hug right for barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
East behind a rock to another barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Northeast to boat dock labeled Giant Geyser
New Favour: The Weight of Chains
Press D-Pad Up to track it
Blow up the Explosive Pot
Wretches will come at you endlessly
Move up to destroy the Wretches nest
Climb up, break jars:
  • 19 Hacksilver
Blow up Explosive Pot
Shimmy your way around and up at the first opportunity
Destroy Wretches nest
Open the gate to unlock a shortcut
Use the crank to lower the elevator all the way down, freeze it in place
Go back to the cliff whe shimmied our way from, this time go all the way right to access the elevator
Recall Axe
Break through the ground below
Defeat the Bergsra Mother
Combat tips:
    • Runic Attacks can interrupt their spawning of little wretches
    • To deal with the Wretches, use Scorched Sweep
Open red chest:
  • Watchtower Key
  • 168 Hacksilver
There are more chests on this island but we can’t access them yet, we’ll be back.
Open the door and get out, back on the boat
SouthWest to a barrel:
  • 47 Hacksilver
Get back on Watcher Island
Go to Sindri’s Shop
             UPGRADE The Furious Maul LVL 2
             UPGRADE to LVL 3
             CRAFT Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards (EQUIP)
             UPGRADE Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards LVL 3
             CRAFT Nidavellir’s Finest Waist Guard (EQUIP)
             UPGRADE Nidavellir’s Finest Waist Guard LVL 3
If you used your Resurrection Stone, purchase another one now, we’re about to face our toughest challenge so far
Touch Mystic Gate to replenish
Go west, move up and shoot the Explosive Pot
Break the jars to the left:
  • 24 Hacksilver
Pouch to the right near a corpse:
  • 36 Hacksilver
Climb up to access a new area: The Watchtower
To the right, use the key to open the locked gates
Shoot the drum
Cut scene
Kick shield to unlock shortcut, don’t go down
Go back through the gates and prepare for Boss: The Hateful
If you’re on Give me God of War difficulty, this will be our toughest challenge yet. Prepare for some deaths.
Check the video for detailed strategy
Combat tips:
  • Most important thing to do is to not let The Hateful buff up. Make sure you interrupt it. Ateus arrows are best.
  • Don’t damage The Hateful at the start. Wait for the 2 adds to spawn. Use Rage to kill both adds quickly and make this a fair fight.
  • If you damage The Hateful, he’ll probably heal up and level up while you’re dealing with the adds. If he’s unharmed, he won’t try to heal up and level up.
  • Once the 2 adds are down, it’s all about learning to dodge the red attacks. Everything else keep your shield up.
  • Use your resurrection stone if you die.
  • Cursed Empress Handles
  • 2 Sovereign Coals
  • 1 Chaos Spark
  • 250 Hacksilver
  • 5 Dust of Realms
Open the red chest nearby:
  • 2 Slag Deposits
  • 250 Hacksilver
There’s also an Odin’s Raven you can snipe from here.
Check the video to see how to shoot it.
Odin’s Ravens Killed: 5/48
== EPISODE 10 END ==

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