[Gold Making] Uldaman Farming Guide


Uldaman Farming Guide

The age old question: “What’s the best way to farm gold?” Well, it all depends on who you ask. With Silithus open now, there are lots of business ventures selling drops there for eager reputation-seekers, however I stumbled upon a very great place to farm gold. Unfotunately, only Rogues and perhaps Druids can farm it. Uldaman.

There are several bosses, chests and other loot you can grab in this instance. Personally farming this place even now, I can tell you I have a Dagger specced Rogue, with Preparation, Cold Blood and Improved Backstab/Ambush as well as Improved Sap. It is a great build for farming because you have Preparation to kill your timers and Improved Sap to stay in Stealth. There are numerous bosses as mentioned, with varying degrees of difficulty. The beauty of Uldaman farming is that you can choose what bosses you want to tackle, and which you don’t. This guide helps you with the ones that give you the most buck for your bang.

* Note: The objectives numbered here do not necessarily match the numbers listed on the Atlas Mod map. Cross-reference with the map’s list to be sure you’re in the right place.*

Without further ado, let’s get started.


  • Get the Atlas Mod. It gives you a map of Uldaman in-game so you’re never lost. If you don’t care to add a mod, we’ve included the map for you here
  • Use Crippling Poison. I use Rank 1 as it is very cheap and still gets the job done. Using Rank 2 seems to kill profit margins.
  • Bring Blind Powder, Flash Powder for Vanish, and if you are Rank 6 or higher, purchase Combat Healing Potions from your faction’s PvP hall.
  • Try to use conjured mage food instead of real food to save money, and bring heavy runecloth bandages.
  • AutoBindOnPickup mod from Cosmos helps loot all stuff off the monsters quickly without the Binds when Picked Up dialogue box popping up.
  • Level 60. I have not tested this out with anything lower but level 60 is a sure bet not to aggro anything in the dungeon.
  • Enchanting. You can still do this if you don’t have enchanting but you can score big money off disenchanting the blue items and selling them in the Auction House (Even level one enchanting can disenchant the stuff that drops.)
  • The Defiler’s Talisman (trinket) absorbs 400-600 physical damage. This is very useful with a very low timer so it can help out if you need an extra edge against a boss. I use this pretty liberally since the timer is low.

*NOTE: There is a map of Uldaman printed out at the bottom of this guide courtesy of the Atlas Mod through As mentioned above it is highly recommended to download Atlas mod so you can access an in-game map of the instance until you are familiar with it, however you can use the map on this guide at the bottom as a guide as well.

Objective 1: The Three Dwarves (Atlas #1)

Easiest encounter in the game. I don’t use any timers for this. Not Cold Blood, not Evasion, nor Vanish. Walk to their location and kill Baelog first, then Olaf, then Eric the Swift. Don’t even need a run-down of this since it’s so easy. However since I had above-average gear (nothing insane though), you can blow an evasion or something if you have trouble, but it’s pretty easy. You can also just do runs for the Three Dwarves since Eric the Swift drops Swiftness Potions 100% of the time. I did a bunch of solo runs jut for the Dwarves because we needed Swiftness Potions for Warsong Gulch.

*NOTE: Alliance players have the three Dwarves as Friendly NPC’s, so you guys sort-of miss out on their drops, but you still need to get loot Baelog’s Chest on the table.*

The Loot:




Lots of times you will get nothing but their usual junk, but I have had some nice blue Bind on Equip’s and Bind on Pickup’s drop. Loot Baelog’s Chest on the table for Gni’Kiv Medallion (you’ll need this later). Read his book on the lore of how to summon Ironaya, or just read on with the guide!


Objective 2: Revelosh (Atlas #3)

Another easy boss. Revelosh doesn’t drop any great items, but he does drop Staff of Tsol which combines with the Gni’Kiv Medallion from Three Dwarves to summon Ironaya. But anyways, let’s get to it.

The Fight: He’s got two adds – Stonevault Rockchewer and Oracle. Also, some dinky Ambushers run in and out of the room every 10 seconds so just time it right and you can pull Revelosh to a corner and not aggro extra things (but the Ambushers are non-elite and have very low health, so just burn ‘em down in a few hits if you aggro one or two of them). Sap the Rockchewer, and then start beating on Revelosh. A few seconds into the fight he will start casting lightning. Kick him when that happens and then pull him to a corner so you don’t aggro more things. Oracle will try to heal him at some point – either try to burn Revelosh down before the heal lands or switch targets and Kick or Gouge the Oracle and finish off Revelosh. Kill the Oracle quickly as well, and then take down the Rockchewer as soon as he is out of Sap.


The Loot:

The Shaft of Tsol, which combined with the Gni’Kiv Medallion is used in the Map Room to open the door and summon Ironaya, is your main purpose with Revelosh. He’s got an extremely small chance to drop some really nice epic and blue BoEs, but after months of farming I have yet to see anything good drop off him (but you still need the Shaft from him).


Objective 3: Ironaya (Atlas #4)

Ironaya is a moderate boss in a room off of the Map Room . In order to open her chamber, you have to kill Revelosh (Objective 2) and loot the Shaft of Tsol as well as kill the Three Dwarves (Objective 1) and loot the Medallion from Baelog’s Chest. Once you have both items, right click either of them to create the Staff of Prehistoria.

Enter the Map Room east of Ironaya’s chamber (East of the #4 labelled on Atlas Map)and you will find the Keystone. You can freely stealth up to it and right click the Keystone. A fun event unfolds as the staff shines a beam on the door which opens and Ironaya stomps out. You may want to clear out a couple troggs before you summon her to give you more room to fight, but if you’re close enough to the door when you attack Ironaya it isn’t necessary.

The Fight: As soon as you stick the staff into the keystone, haul butt up to the door. Stealth as soon as you can. You can tab-target Ironaya even before the doors open. As soon as the doors open try to target her ASAP and Cheap-shot her. Cheap-shot and Kidney shot work, but Blind and Gouge she is immune to. When she’s moving again draw her back into her chamber where there’s no chance of adds. I usually hit Evasion early and use Cold Blood, Eviscerate, and then next 5 combo points I Kidney shot and Bandage up. I finish her off with Eviscerate again (use potions, Defiler’s trinket if necessary) and she goes down without too many problems.


The Loot:

Lots of blue BoP’s that I usually disenchant. Fiery War Axe (epic) has a chance to drop, and that thing can go for a lot on the AH.


Objective 4: Chest #1/Annora Master Enchanter (Atlas #6)

There are two chests in Uldaman that can spawn. This first chest is very easy to get to, and it’s a 100% spawn. Atlas map number six, or labeled as Master Enchanter Annora – this spot is filled with little silithid buggers. Fortunately, they’re not elites. The main thing here is to pop Evasion right at the start and make sure you’re always auto-attacking someone. I use right-click to change targets every time I kill one of them, and only use 1 Sinister Strike per mob. However, if your build allows you to kill them without evasion, then just an extra timer you can use later.

Once all of the little buggers have died, there is a chest in a crevice in the wall, and the Master Enchanter (friendly) comes out of hiding. You also need lockpicking to open the chest.


The Loot: You will mostly get Bind on Equip green items, sometimes blues, schematics/plans/recipes, some money and an occasional bag. However, the occasional blue item or rare schematic that sell for 50-150g on the AH make it very worth it to do this easy encounter, as well as the greens that always sell for a couple of gold.


Objective 5: Chest #2 (South-West Green Room of #7 On Atlas)

This chest is the room in the middle of the instance. It is not a 100% spawn, so always check if it is there before clearing the mobs in that room. If you look on your Atlas Map #7, there is a green rectangle-ish room south-west that is connected to the #7 room. This is where the chest potentially spawns.

This chest is tricky, but once mastered it’s easy to get to. There is a Stone Steward who patrols the room. He exits the room at both ends, however he spends a much longer time at one end than the other. When he is at the doorway of the west exit of the room, distract him there so he spends a few more seconds staring into open space before continuing to exit the room. As soon as you distract him, start clearing the adds.

The Fight: There are six adds in total. Two casters called Earthen Sculptors (they are white, easy to spot) and four melee called Earthen Rocksmashers (black). As soon as you distract the big Stone Steward, Ambush the white Sculptors (or any other kind of damage, they have little health so Cheap Shot and Garrote are somewhat useless). Take out the two Sculptors and then pull the rest of the Rocksmashers into a corner of the room. Now even when the Steward walks by, he won’t aggro you.

Take down the Rocksmashers one by one. Try not to burn Evasion, but if you are having difficulty with this encounter and feel the need to use it, use it right at the beginning when all four adds are still alive. You will evade more attacks and make full use of Evasion. Just spam Sinister Strike and Eviscerate and take them down one by one. This chest is locked, so you need Lockpicking fairly high (200’s or so) to open it.


The Loot: Pretty much the same as the chest near the Master Enchanter. Mostly green BOE’s, occasional blues, recipes/plans and sometimes bags.


Objective 6: Galgann Firehammer (Atlas #8)

Galgann is probably the toughest boss to farm in Uldaman (with my Rogue, at least). He has two adds with him which you need to Sap and Blind and then work on Galgann. I can take him down if I use Blind on the second add, and use Evasion + Cold Blood on him, but I don’t like wasting so many reagents and timers on one boss, especially if he doesn’t drop anything amazing. However, with different builds and weapons, Sword/Mace Rogues may find many fights harder or easier depending on how they do damage.

The Fight: As mentioned, Sap one and Blind the other. Get to work on Galgann. He can’t be Cheap-Shot or Kidney Shot, so your best bet is to open with Garrote or Ambush and spam SS until you can do an Eviscerate. The key is to down him before the adds can recover to hit you.


The Loot:
Galgann’s most common items are four BoP’s, 2 green and 2 blue, including a very nice gun for hunters. Has a chance to drop blue BoE’s as well, and a plethora of other green BoE’s.


Objective 7: Grimlok (Atlas #9)

Grimlok is a very easy boss encounter even though you may first think otherwise. Use Atlas mod to find him, or refer to the screenshot of the Atlas Map provided. Now, before you reach him, you must take out three sets of guards. There is one Stonevault Brawler that sits at the entry-way of Grimlok’s little room. He will stand at this doorway for a minute or so and then proceed to patrol to Grimlok and back to his post very slowly. The best thing is just to wait it out until he returns to his spot. After killing this first guy, you have four mobs to go – 2 groups of two.

Sap one, eliminate the other. Kill the sapped one. Rinse and repeat on the next pair. Once all the adds are gone, you are left with Grimlok, his two Stonevault adds and the Basilisk.

The Fight: Sap the Brawler. You can choose to Blind the Geomancer but if you have decent gear and are confident, just leave him to attack (he doesn’t do much damage). I use an Ambush on Grimlok but you can Cheapshot him and Kidney Shot him. As a dagger Rogue I just Ambush, Sinister Strike a few times and Eviscerate until he’s dead. Loot his stuff and sprint + vanish out. Usually I heal up in the empty hallway before I stealth out to the next objective. You *should* sprint out because the crocodile/alligator moves fast and can (sometimes) hit you and screw up your vanish, so gain some distance and hit your vanish.


The Loot:
Always something to disenchant, vendor or AH off this guy.


Now all that’s left to do is disenchant all your blues (or vendor them if you can’t DE), vendor your grays, AH the greens and reap the gold! And then of course, come back 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. Please post any suggestions and changes, or additions you think belong in the guide. Enjoy.


Courtesy of, Atlas Mod

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